EOS -> Eden -> Fractally

Fractal governance meetings were born out of EdenOS, an attempt to bring real, user governance to the EOS blockchain.

While I’ve yet explored all that the Aqua fractal has to offer, I can vouch for one of the founding minds behind the venture and his blockchain-based musical efforts via cXc.world

  1. About Me / Contact

  1. I’m being Reborn in / Rebirthing: 

  • In the action phase of rebirthing. I’m a Christian upholding the life of Jesus Christ. I live a life committed (in-part) to aviation, with a fascination and modest (scientific) education in space ops.
  1. For this to be reborn, I’m letting go of: 

  • Inefficiencies of outdated and disproven mechanisms of modern living.
  1. I’ll know I’ve fully let go when: 

  • Independent via a P2P economy that closely resembles fly-in General Aviation community.
  1. I’ll know there’s new growth when I see the following completed:

  • I’m regularly flying into events while contributing value via aerial photography/movies/stories/pomos alongside running over mountain treks upon immediate landing.