June 21, 2018
Life, Liberty, and Property from the Beginning

101 Blockchains interviews captures Dan Larimer’s perspective on “limiting government control” and identifying “3 key elements of demand…”, that of how “Life, liberty, and property” are considered in guiding “his projects in the quest to improve the standard of living.”

January 15, 2021
Dan Larimer Publishes Political Consensus Process

More Equal Animals published by Dan Larimer.


April 2021
First Mention of EdenOS


Eden Alpha and Eden on EOS discussion starts.

First mention of EdenOS smart contract by Clarion team. The idea is to combine socials into an easy-to-use decentralized interface.

Oct 9, 2021
February 2022
Fractally Whitepaper

Fractally announcement and whitepaper reveal.

Jan 2020
Another Step Forward


Genesis Fractal Contributor Agreement published on Hive blockchain.

April 2022
Enter Fractally Teams


Fractally Teams enter the discussion

June 2022
The eden.fractal Story Begins

June 8, 2022

Smart contract for eden.fractal created and funded by eden.creators.

June 9, 2022

First eden.fractal game (consensus via rankings) and eden tokens minted and distributed.

July 23, 2022...
Team Eden on Fractally

Team Eden officially recognized by Fractally.

Genesis Fractal ceases meetings

eden.fracal meetings ongoing