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January 2021

:: [1.23-29]: Earning, Fees, Trust, Auditing, Accountability, Community ::

Earning on Voice after Beta and Transaction Fees

Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo said that Voice is built for communities like Wall Street Bets

Co-founder and CEO of Block.one Brendan Blumer talked about how users will be able to earn on Voice once tokens go live at the end of beta. Among the issues being tackled are regulation and efficient economics. Another key factor is likely the new PowerUp model. Testing seems to be going well. Aaron Cox jestingly called a recent fee test EOSIO majic:

EOSIO Little middle of the night #EOSIO magic. 

View the 0.0004 EOS transaction fee on bloks.io. B1 initially announced that Voice would be launched on the EOS public blockchain. There has been some speculation if this would remain the case. Blumer has said that the specifics of decentralization will come down to “…what regulators will tolerate”. The latest overview of how Voice tokens work was updated about a month ago. You can read about the most recent update from November here.

How the Gamestop Event Effects EOS

Among the too stories this week was the battle over Gamestop. It rocked the world of EOS as much as any other. Probably the most important aspect applicable to EOS is the manipulation of price. Comparisons were drawn to the 2008 bailouts. Blumer commented on how lotteries are allowed as a form of gambling but participation in the same markets as billionaires is restricted. Included in this discussion is what happened at Robinhood. Halting trading and price manipulation disappear with blockchain. These markets are 24/7. Additionally, transparency and the empowerment of all participants transformers conventional market concepts about what’s possible. This is as much about free speech as it is money. The issue is recognizably serious as a lawsuit has already been filed.

Trust in Social Media

Salah Zalatimo asked the community:

What do you think is most to blame for the lack of trust in social media today?

Among the poll choices were:

  • Butt armies for misinfo
  • Burner accounts for hate
  • Shadiness is for tracking

But armies seem to be the most concerning. Salah mentioned how bots wreaked havoc over the internet. They may very well be the most destructive factor for fake news agendas. Salah also called attention to a February 20th post and a specific user. He would later add censorship to the list. The final results saw not armies taking 40% of the votes and censorship in second place at 32%.

Greyscale EOS Trust

Greyscale is adding EOS to its crypto basket. The belief is that EOS will be purchased on the public network. This is a key moment for the EOS public network because Greyscale is among the most active entities in the crypto markets. It’s known to buy crypto faster than it can be mined. Beyond the money that the firm brings, there’s to be expected a certain amount of respect gained. EOS was once a top five coin. It remains in the top 20 but negative press has skewed perception. Even crypto traders who do not engage in the Eos blockchain have misconceptions about the technology. There’s a screenshot here of the new EOS trust information. Or you could do a search for grayscale on the government site. The file name is 4887243 and the entity name is GRAYSCALE EOS TRUST. The trust was listed on January 27th in Delaware.

Community Discusses Top EOS Projects

With traditional power players buying up crypto, now might be a good time to take stock of the top EOS projects. Pakkz ignited an EOS community discussion about funding, valuation, development, and contribution of various projects. The social coincides with Brendan Blumer commenting on Elon Musk being proactive about Bitcoin. Block.one owns quite a lot of Bitcoin. It’s important for the EOS community to remain aware of new connections with Bitcoin. Phillip Hamnett described the type of fish one wishes to catch. There’s a vast difference between putting bait on a hook versus dragging a net, let alone one for a whale. He believes that Block.one maybe seeking to dominate the ocean. And, as he said those larger fish require much more extensive planning than baiting a hook.

Accountability in EOS

EOS Go reiterated the concerns of EOS Israel about the big crypto exchanges. EOS Israel tweeted:

We have misplaced our center of focus by holding @block_one_ as the single entity responsible for adding value to the ecosystem while our TOP #BPs have been given a pass

When block producers also have substantial influence over tokens being exchanged, there is great potential for disaster. Maybe another community would not have survived the way EOS has. EOS Israel gives a block one some breathing room and calling out BPs to be responsible. Yes, EOS is an economic environment, but it is also a young, developing one. Maybe a good analogy is like the most active trading floor on Wall Street taking place in a partially constructed skyscraper. The whole community needs to be concerned with fundamental infrastructure. Especially those taking tens of millions of tokens per year with little or no added value. It simply makes sense.

Auditing Smart Contracts

And now more than ever of the EOS community it needs tools that promote strong fundamentals. As the new Power of model and EOS IO version 2.1 become a reality, the last thing the community needs are irresponsible projects. It’s also key for the community to establish some checks and balances because humans will make mistakes. Mitigating terrace is what makes a difference. EOS Go recently tweeted about a ImmuneBytes smart contract audit and how it helps developers safely launch dapps. The team uses both automatic and manual methods to review code. You can view a list of EOS vulnerabilities tools here.

Why Greymass

Greymass’ mission is to support development and infrastructure for distributed ledger technologies. One of the most notable ways that it plans to achieve its mission is by freeing the common user from meeting to know how to manage resources. Greymass is an educator. Use yourself learned about accounts and backups through the respected EOS block producer. Most recently, it provided an example of an easy way to recover an account. EOS Go described the organization’s contribution this way:

What @greymass has done with the Anchor wallet and how users can interact with #EOS and #EOSIO blockchains is nothing short of amazing ;D

Has been hard at work and fuel version too. He can read more about it on the forum.


Earning on Voice after Beta and Transaction Fees

Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo said that Voice is built for communities like Wall Street Bets. Co-founder and CEO of Block.one Brendan Blumer talked about how users will be able to earn on Voice once tokens go live at the end of beta. Among the issues being tackled are regulations and efficient economics. Another key factor is the new PowerUp model. Testing seems to be going well. Aaron Cox jestingly refered to a recent fee test EOSIO magic:

EOSIO Little middle of the night #EOSIO magic. 

View the 0.0004 EOS transaction fee on bloks.io. B1 initially announced that Voice would be launched on the EOS public blockchain. There has been some speculation if this would remain the case. Blumer has said that the specifics of decentralization will come down to “…what regulators will tolerate”. The latest overview of how Voice tokens work was updated last month. A few technical details from November are available here.

How the GameStop Event Effects EOS

Among the top stories this week was the battle over GameStop. It shook the world of EOS as much as any other. In terms of the manipulation of price, comparisons were drawn to the 2008 bailouts. Blumer commented on how lotteries are allowed as large-scale gambling, while participation is restricted to billionaires in highly lucrative markets. Included in this discussion is Robinhood. Halting trading and price manipulation disappear amidst 24/7 blockchain markets. Additionally, transparency and participant empowerment transforms conventional market concepts about what’s possible. It’s as much about free speech as it is money. The severity of the matter already led to the filling of a lawsuit.

Trust in Social Media

Salah Zalatimo asked the community:

What do you think is most to blame for the lack of trust in social media today?

Among the poll choices were:

  • Bot armies for misinfo
  • Burner accounts for hate
  • Shadiness for tracking
  • Censorship

Bot armies was the most concerning. Salah mentioned how bots wreaked havoc over the internet. They may very well be the most destructive factor of fake news. Salah also called attention to a February 20th post and a notorious personality. The final results saw bot armies taking 40% of the votes and censorship in second place at 32%.

Greyscale EOS Trust

Greyscale is adding EOS to its crypto basket. The belief is that EOS will be purchased on the public network. This is a key moment for the EOS public network because Greyscale is among the most active entities in crypto markets. The firm is known to buy crypto faster than it can be mined. Beyond the money and attention that Greyscale could bring, its industry respect could prove quite valuable. EOS was once a top five coin by market cap. It remains in the top 20, but negative press skewed perception. Even crypto traders who don’t participate in EOS dapps maintain misconceptions about the technology. Here’s a screenshot of the new EOS trust information. You can also search for “Grayscale” on the government site to view the listing. The file name is 4887243 and the entity name is GRAYSCALE EOS TRUST. The trust was listed on January 27th in Delaware.

Community Discusses Top EOS Projects

With traditional power players buying up crypto, now might be a good time to take stock of the top EOS projects. Pakkz ignited an EOS community discussion about funding, valuation, development, and contribution of various projects. The also coincides with Blumer comments about Elon Musk recent shift toward Bitcoin. Block.one owns quite a lot of Bitcoin. So it’s important for the EOS community to remain aware of events in the Satoshi galaxy. Phillip Hamnett described the type of fish one wishes to catch. There’s a vast difference between putting bait on a hook versus dragging a net, let alone tracking a whale. He believes that Block.one may be seeking to dominate the ocean. And, as he described, larger fish require much more extensive planning than baiting a hook.

Accountability in EOS

EOS Go reiterated the concerns of EOS Israel about the big crypto exchanges. EOS Israel tweeted:

We have misplaced our center of focus by holding @block_one_ as the single entity responsible for adding value to the ecosystem while our TOP #BPs have been given a pass

When block producers also have substantial influence over tokens being exchanged, there is great potential for disaster. Maybe another community would not have survived the way EOS has. In calling out BPs to be more responsible, EOS Israel provides some breathing room for B1. Yes, EOS is an economic environment, but it is also a young, developing one. Maybe a good analogy would be like the most active trading floor on Wall Street taking place in a partially constructed skyscraper. The whole community needs to be concerned with the fundamental infrastructure. Especially those taking tens of millions of tokens per year with little or no added value in return. It simply makes sense.

Auditing Smart Contracts

Now more than ever, the EOS community needs tools that promote strong fundamentals. As the PowerUp model and EOSIO version 2.1 become a reality, the last thing the community needs are irresponsible projects. It’s also key for the community to establish some checks and balances because humans will invariably make mistakes. Strategic quality assurance could be decisive in attracting and maintaining new users. EOS Go recently tweeted about ImmuneBytes smart contract audit and how it helps developers safely launch dapps. The team uses both automatic and manual methods to review code. You can view a list of EOS vulnerabilities tools here.

Why Greymass

Greymass’ mission is to support development and infrastructure for distributed ledger technologies. One of the most notable agendas is to free the common user from needing to manage resources. Greymass is an educator. It’s a pillar of the EOS community and aids new users learning about accounts and backups. Most recently, Greymass provided an example of easy account recovery. EOS Go described the organization’s contribution this way:

What @greymass has done with the Anchor wallet and how users can interact with #EOS and #EOSIO blockchains is nothing short of amazing ;D

In addition to its Anchor wallet, Greymass has been hard at work on the new version of Fuel.

EOSweekly [1.16-1.22]: Galaxy, B1 Tokens, WAX NS, EcoMatcher, Larimer, Upland Q1, Anchor, EOSIO Paper

The PowerUP Resource Model Reviewed

The EOS PowerUp model brings two key advancements for resource allocation. Management and relationships are at the heart of the new resource model. The first thing users will notice is the single day rental period. This frees up resources used for occasional transactions that would have otherwise been locked up for a month. Token holders get to participate in this system and generate returns on their staked tokens. Also built into the system is a stable pricing mechanism. Block.one pointed out how token-holders will enjoy the types of fee collection benefits that proof-of-work miners do. The PowerUp name is fitting. It enables the EOS public network to grow while benefiting the entire community.

B1 Transfers Millions of Tokens

Block.one has begun the process to transfer 20.2 million #EOS tokens from b1 and sub1.b1 to a new subsidiary-controlled account titled Bullish.

The above tweet from B1 comes on the heels of the PowerUp Resource Mode and EOSIOv2.1 announcements. Alone, each of these actions can prove powerful. Taken together, and a symbiotic relationship begins to form. You can view the millions of tokens for sub1.b1 on any EOS block explorer. Everything EOS called attention to the recent purchase of bullish.com. EOS Go speculated that this might indicate the start of a ProFi (programmable finance) venture. Rekkid grabbed some transaction data from January 20th where B1 discusses its vision.

Galaxy’s $300+ million VC Fund

The spending of EOS VC funds has been a hot topic for discussion. Many in the community believed that money was allocated to undeserving non-EOS related ventures. Ever since VC support was promised, existing and emerging projects proceeded as though funding would be made available. Everything EOS interviewed Galaxy Interactive about their $325 million fund. Chaney Moore took part in the Q&A. He thanked Sam Englebardt and Richard Kim for answering questions and asked the community to expand upon some topics. Everything EOS also called upon Brendan Blumer regarding EOS VC’s investment strategy. Later this week, Chaney added further insight into the state of investments within the EOS public network.

Launching the WAX Name Service and Understanding WAX Accounts 

The WAX blockchain is among the most active and fastest growing in crypto. WAXNameService is launching to provide similar services to that of EOSNameService. EOS Nation detailed the levels of WAX wallets and the processes needed to obtain an account at each level. The most basic wallet can be obtained with just an email. This first level does not come with blockchain keys. They are managed by WAX. At the second level, ‘.wam’ is the WAX ‘Cloud’ wallet. Here again, keys are managed by the WAX team. To obtain keys to a wallet, you can create a new (non-custodial) account via services like bloks.io and the Anchor wallet. Premium accounts can be bid on and won through bloks.io. These processes (and more) are discussed in the EOS Nation video.

EcoMatcher BuiltOnEOSIO

EcoMatcher seeks to balance sustainability with business profits. Key to its functioning is transparency. This is why incorporating blockchain technology is important. Businesses need to know that their efforts to “preserve revenue and cultivate biodiversity” are effective. EcoMatcher caters to a wide-range of clients by matching the needs of business with those of vetted tree-planting organizations. The goal is to plant a billion trees by 2023. The mechanism is TreeChain. Built on EOSIO, TreeChain is a private blockchain that records every planted tree. It’s a hands on project where sites are visited in person. This approach helps EcoMatcher advance the standing of the developing world in meaningful ways.

Dan Larimer Status Update

When Dan Larimer announced his retirement last week, it rocked the whole EOS community. Many wondered what had happened to get to this point. Uncertainty and shaken confidence was not hard to find. This week was more positive as Dan clarified that he’s still working toward the same goals of freedom and decentralization while helping to advance EOS. EOS Go dug into some of Dan’s tweets and provided insight about a related topic, that of the disparity in price moves between ETH and EOS. EOS Go’s tweet thanking Dan for clarifying his role seems representative of the community:

Thank you for clarifying this


!! If you can do more good both for your mission and beyond the constraints of


for #EOS and #EOSIO then that is great, all the power to you. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with to this end ;D

Upland Releases Q1 Plans, Living Roadmap and 2020 Highlights

Just last week, Upland took the top spot on DappRadar. For some time now, Upland has been among the most discussed gaming dapps in crypto. The team recently put together its road map looking forward and some key events from 2020. Here are the highlights from 2020:

  • Fiat trading 
  • UPX for cryptocurrencies
  • New cities and travel
  • Collections, badges, and treasure/scavenger hunts
  • Live events and real world data
  • Desktop (browser) play
  • Property development
  • Asset removal (burning)
  • Fair start act and Alcatraz

And some plans for Q1 of 2021:

  • Spark Token
  • Permanent property development
  • Structures as NFTs
  • Object Positioning on Properties
  • In-App NFT Management
  • Block Explorer NFT
  • The UPLOAD Token (for external NFTs)
  • NFT Portal Beta — Upland Meets Blockchain Heroes

See a lot more about plans and details here.

Greymass’ Anchor Wallet Developments

Greymass and its Anchor wallet are highly respected within the EOS community. While development remains a constant, it’s worth mentioning that Anchor 1.1 is being released. Among the improvements are connectivity with external applications (1.1.10) and Update Notifications available with 1.1.11. Greymass also discussed some of its work with libraries. Attention was called to developing JS/TS apps with EOSIO. Specifically mentioned was how the new SDK is easier to work with. Wallet development and user onboarding is key for the growth of EOS. This is just one reason why Greymass’ success is so crucial. The new Anchor version is another testament to the consistent quality delivered by Greymass.

Paper Critically Examines EOSIO

Blockchain has been making waves both in the corporate sector and at the university level. A recent paper explored the advantages of using EOS. The attention it receives might well prove to be profound. Consider how both Bitcoin and Ethereum technology like Hyperledger have made their way into the research departments of major corporations. Some, while unjustly, view the blockchain industry as Bitcoin-Ethererum vs. all other projects. When outsiders consider the history of ICO scams, it distances even the most functional technologies like EOS. Even the slightest of bad press or ill-founded commentary can maintain this status quo. A successfully defended peer-reviewed research paper would make EOS functionality undeniable. Imagine stockholders calling out company leaders over blockchain transaction costs.


Staking Option with a Per Transaction Fee Model

The new PowerUp model brings unstaked transactions to EOS. Now, occasional users can be onboarded by dapp developers at a relatively much lower cost than the initially staking only model allowed. The per transaction fee example used here is from a service offered by Greymass’ Anchor Wallet. If you visit Greymass on github, you’ll see repositories for “eosio-signing-request” and a couple for “…anchor…”. Chris Coney may have been the first to tweet about the “per transaction fee model”. He also included a link to the request. Criticism included potentially high transaction costs, especially for EOS transactions. Comparisons were even made to Ethereum. One key point brought up pertains to the options it offers dapp developers. They can now proceed freely in providing some low end services and contacting users later to encourage them to stake EOS for more intricate functions. This week, Greymass also tweeted about Anchor for iOS. Middle of December tweets, include the release of Anchor Desktop 1.1.9 and the completion of some Fuel updates

New Rocks DB Training Course

Block.one recently released a new training course detailing RocksDB for EOSIO2.1. While the course caters to developers, anyone interested in learning more about RocksDB will find the initial lessons highly informative. RocksDB is a configurable state storage; it’s the open source option to Block.one’s Chainbase, a ‘proprietary in-memory transactional database’. In terms of state storage, RocksDB provides a fast option that is easy for the developer to configure. While RocksDB is limited by available RAM, it does allow for efficient storage that can be quickly accessed. Just because it’s faster doesn’t mean that it’s the lesser option. In fact, according to developers.eos.io it may provide for ”better state storage” depending on the situations. The training course provides more specifics as to when RocksDB is most advantageous.

Dan Larimer Transitions Out of B1 CTO 

When Block.one announced the departure of CTO Dan Larimer, it shook the EOS community. Some might even say that ripples were felt across the crypto industry. Dan mentioned that while the specifics of his future might be uncertain, his mission remains the same. He particularly called attention to the challenges faced in providing “liberty as a service“. He believes in helping people secure their own freedom:

I will continue on my mission to create free market, voluntary solutions for securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all. I do not know exactly what is next, but I am leaning toward building more censorship resistant technologies. 

The Block.one team moving forward without Dan might find comfort in the words of Mark Woods:

… When I got to B1, I found an amazing team him and others built here in Blacksburg and around the world.

It’s clear that Woods (and many others) greatly appreciated working with Dan, but B1’s growing, multifaceted, global influence is a vast opportunity unto itself.

Stable Coins and CBDCs

If one merely examines daily volume, it seems that there’s competition among the various stable coins and EOS. This is a testament to EOS and its capacity to handle transactions. Still, the popularity of stable coins shouldn’t be overlooked. They offer an effective exit strategy for speculators wishing to avoid fiat regulations. More than this, stable coins that may take the form of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are thought to be capable of transforming modern financial services and commerce. It’s important to stress that while digital currencies may leverage aspects of blockchain technology, they are not necessarily cryptocurrencies. A digital currency refers to really any type of medium of exchange that employs digital technology. A fundamental aspect of being a cryptocurrency is in employing cryptography for each transaction entered on a ledger. As Bitcoin and Ethereum fees have demonstrated, this can be quite costly. It’s a factor in why the Lightning Network, Eth2.0 and blockchain-as-a-service are growing in popularity for offloading large operations. Also note that EOS is becoming more popular for its offloading potential. To learn more about the future of stable coins watch the video about Digital Dilemmas from Fintech Week.

Introducing EOSIO Webinars

EOSIO webinars are now available. Thus far, the material includes building on EOSIO as well as broad learning topics. Titles of past webinars include:

  • Build a Full-stack Web Application Using EOSIO
  • Build Your First Smart Contract on EOSIO
  • Learn about Blockchain & EOSIO

The webinar on full-stack development is presented by B1’s Luis Paris, Developer Relations Advocate. He discusses various components, tools, and libraries for cutting edge web applications and smart contracts. Rakesh “Bob” Ghatvisave, Technical Writer at Block.one, presents the smart contract webinar. He discusses the main components of EOSIO. Angus Maidment, Developer Relations Advocate at Block.one, introduces viewers to EOSIO technology with the mindset of providing the first step toward making their passionate ideas a reality. To view a webinar, simply complete a brief form with basic information and you’ll be sent the recording of your choice.

Blockchain Professor to Head the SEC

The SEC has been a central figure whenever the topic of regulating blockchain arises. The leader of the commission has been among the most widely discussed government figures within the industry. With the selection of Gary Gensler to lead the SEC, it appears that the blockchain community has found a friend. Gensler is a blockchain professor at MIT. While he’s filled several traditional roles for various administrations, his perspective on blockchain has to be considered a success. There have been times when the blockchain community merely wished for someone who could grasp the most basic fundamental concepts. In Gensler, the future of the industry seems set. Most within the community believe that blockchain is the future- it’s only the short term that’s in question. Gensler’s appointment seems to mean that the US government values blockchain. At the very least, the industry will know where regulators stand over the next 4 years. This is key because regulatory clarity has substantially staunched growth.

Free Speech: An Issue for All of Blockchain

Issues impacting free speech come to light for a variety of reasons. Money has been compared to a form of speech. Thus, Bitcoin itself has been said to be the advancement of a self-evident truth found within the US Constitution as freedom of speech. The fiasco at Capitol Hill was blamed, at least in part, incited via Twitter. Among all the dire concerns during the aftermath is that of banning social media accounts. Even beyond this, an entire site (Parler) was put squarely in the public eye as Big Tech restricted its services. Voice.com CEO Salah Zalatimo had a lot to say about this matter including the legality, consequences of easily allowing fake accounts, and other critical issues- many of which are already covered in Voice’s ground rules. Words have consequences. Freedom itself, is a God-given right that’s all too often infringed upon. Freedom of speech, when it infringes upon the rights of others, like the right to keep and bear arms, can become problematic to say the least. We must all embrace responsibility for those aspects of freedom that extend beyond our own circles.

EOSweekly: B1-Brendan-Dan on the New Year, BlockBase, EOS Recognition, WAX

BlockBase Advances Traditional Database Solutions with EOSIO

Blockchain is a database unto itself; though, limited as initially designed. What BlockBase has done is create a network of staking and side chains specific for data storage. It focuses on scalable, integrative smart contracts, seamless operation, security and accessibility for databases in an innovative new way. Data that enters the BlockBase network is immediately accessible. All data is also encrypted from the start. Leveraging the network is based on a staking mechanism. BBT (BlockBase Tokens) are produced during block productions and used for staking. Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) help ensure the system. From the user perspective, BlockBase is similar to a database server.

EOS Gaining Recognition for its Power

EOS community members have always been productive. Unfortunately, external perceptions about the community have fluctuated. Respected as a developer friendly blockchain, EOSIO’s technology is undeniable. Though, Delegated Proof of Stake is somewhat of a mystery to many crypto users. As a top blockchain, there’s no denying EOS’ power. EosHodl put it this way:

Every #blockchain strives for mass adoption…It is clear which blockchain tech is leading the way. #EOSIO…

Girl Gone Crypto gave a more specific reason:

…Banks are only going to work with crypto’s that have been completely cleared with the SEC – which isn’t many. Of that group – EOS definitely has the fastest and cheapest transactions.⚡️

Being developer friendly has profound advantages. Maybe the strongest is that of attracting new projects and talented developers. A recent tweet by pNetworkDeFi about the enormous activity pBTC brings to the EOS public blockchain illustrates this point. When all of these new projects are taken together, no other blockchain compares to the operational power of EOS.

B1 Rolling Out the New Year

Recent months saw a lot come out of Block.one. The closer one looks at EOSIO technical applications and deep potential, it becomes increasingly apparent that blockchain is a much-needed solution. A few key topics were tweeted by B1 at the beginning of 2021. For a complete overview of the most important B1 projects, visit the News section of the main site. If you’re looking to put together your own project, then you’ll want to visit the EOSIO Developers Portal. An updated Developer Portal and the BuiltOnEOSIO initiative which overviews new projects like BlockBase headline the new year. 2021 may prove to be the year that EOSIO demonstrates unparalleled potential for blockchain adoption. Community support toward this end is amazing as subtly indicated by the:

…EasterEgg gift for testers of #EOSIO 2.1 RC2…

Dan Larimer Discusses Key Topics Moving Forward

Not all influencers are in the public eye all of the time. Dan Larimer is the type of leader that when he speaks there’s often volumes to uncover. For his latest deeply thought post and to discover key issues in blockchain, economics and society, visit his blog More Equal Animals. Jabba commented on Dan’s recent blog postulating that Bitcoin is inadequate to reach the potential dreamed of by Satoshi, but that EOS offers needed solutions. EOS Go recapped some of Dan’s tweets about Bitcoin in rounding out the new year. Here’s some key questions:

What is the smallest unit of gold you can physically trade vs smallest unit of bitcoin?

What was the last thing you bought with bitcoin directly?

What are the top 5 problems #Bitcoin attempts to solve …?

Dan also had some good things to say about Brendan Blumer: 

… He has big plans and likes to do big things.

Selected Brendan Blumer Tweets Soaring into the New Year

Brendan Blumer wished the crypto community a 🎉Happy New Year. Concerning the most critical issues for the industry as a whole, he stressed the need for a more:

…transparent, equitable, and inclusive world.

Getting off the New year’s on the right foot can make all the difference. This is probably why Brendan poised an engaging question about the block producers who play a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the EOS community:

Who is your favorite #EOS BP and why? 

He also took the time to discuss a variety of important topics. They included:

WAX: A Taste of EOSIO’s Potential

When it comes to demonstrating the power of EOSIO beyond that of the EOS public network, WAX has done an incredible job. From creating robust markets to NFTs, WAX continues to push the envelope of what’s possible with blockchain. Just take a look at how much EOS Go had to cover to wrap up the new year for WAX users. The depth of products on the WAX Blockchain Developer Hive is also quite extensive. On its Twitter profile, WAX claims to be “The King of NFTs”. Hard to imagine another blockchain taking this title even with a full year ahead. Presenting three reasons why a WAX wallet is an (near) absolute necessity probably seems less overtly boastful now.

Cryptowriter to 1000 and Beyond

Access to quality information can make or break markets. Changes brought about by innovation, networking, and any number of unpredictable variables needs to be reported in a timely manner. This is more critical for those markets that are essentially highly technical. A lot can go wrong as the number of variables needed for success increases. Cryptocurrency projects, and the blockchain industry as a whole, are practices in intricate business operations and user adoption unlike anything that has been seen before. This is why it will be a big deal when the Cryptowriter community reaches 1000 members on Voice- especially as the first to reach this target. No other blockchain-based social platform has demonstrated the potential to reach users in great numbers and as meaningful as Voice has. Cryptowriter provides as high quality content as there is in the blockchain space. The community continues to become more refined, growing alongside the industry. This means that new users joining Voice will also be taking a front seat to the best content available.


EOSweekly [12.26-01.01.21]: BlockVault, Web Apps, Voting, Ultra, Uplift.Art, B1

BlockVault: An End to Missed Blocks on EOSIO

Scott Owen examined BlockVault (node clustering), a key aspect of the EOSIO 2.1 release candidate. Owen overviews and highlights developer Q&A about the benefits of BlockVault within two articles. In Part 1, he presents an initial review. Part 2 looks at horizontal scaling and goes into specifics such as issues encountered during node failure and the corresponding missed blocs. BlockVault advances fundamental aspects of EOSIO. Benefits exist for both public and private implementations. While it may take a developer to fully appreciate BlockVault, below are some key features compiled from Owen’s two articles that average users can understand:

  • uses clustering to allow multiple nodes to produce at the same time
  • the faster node wins
  • an end to miss blocks
  • it’s about flexibility
  • industry standard availability
  • disaster recovery efforts
  • nodes remain fully featured
  • immediate (.5 second) finality for enterprise solutions that mitigate single point of failure

 Look out for more in 2021 when Cryptowriter reviews responses to the community feedback.

Reviewing the Past Year of Voice Introductory Posts

VoiceHQ tweeted:

One of our most beloved Voice traditions: introducing yourself to the community in your first post #YearInReview

In the linked article, Nyesha Davis compiled some of the best introductions. Voice already has given special meaning to online communities. From user engagement to post creator ideas, Voice is a place unlike any other social platform. Members seem to feel that the content which they produce truly matters. Important news topics land in Voice communities as fast or faster than mainstream sites. Maybe it’s important news information that needs to get out quickly or a post released on a whim that proves meaningful over time. Whatever it is, Voice users know they have a stake in the content they provide. 

14 Projects Featured in B1’s BuiltOnEOSIO in 2020

After putting 2020 in the books, Block.one sent out a tweet about the list of projects it featured in its series BuiltOnEOSIO:

Take a look at the 14 #BuiltOnEOSIO projects we’ve featured this year.

The list below highlights these 14 projects. It’s an excerpt from my end-of-year article EOS 2020 –> 2021: A User’s Perspective on Growth and Development:

  • Spielworks – rewards and loyalty platform
  • Everipedia – election reports
  • EOSLIME – framework and development 
  • WordProof – SEO
  • Klevoya – bug hunting
  • Dfuse – data processing/management 
  • AdNode – digital advertising
  • PUML – fitness incentives
  • EOSIO.EVM – solidity (ETH) interoperability
  • LiquidApps – scaling dapps
  • TAIKAI – open innovation (i.e. GitHub on blockchain)
  • Smartpress – smart contracts for the cloud
  • Prospectors – economic strategy MMO
  • Ultra – network for gaming 

Block.one also asked the community which projects it would like to see featured in 2021.

Who would you like to see in 2021?

Webinar on Building a Full-stack Web Application on EOSIO

EOSIO is the future of web apps. The linked webinar takes the viewer through the various components, libraries and tools for building a full-stack application. It’s 60 minutes in duration. Leading the demo is the Developer Relations Advocate at Block.one, Luis Paris. EOSIO is about advancing web apps for use with blockchain networks. At the moment, it’s not often that a user would describe a blockchain-based app as responsive. B1 is changing this. Among the technology covered in the webinar were:

  • Nodeos Architecture
  • Reading Blockchain State
  • Sending Transactions

GenerEOS (AMA) Spotlight Series P2: Excitement over Voting Portal

Making it to the top 21 BP list didn’t slow down GenerEOS. It’s most recent GenPool spotlight advanced a previous joint AMA with the DeFis Network team. The GenerEOS team answered questions via telegram. GenerEOS members attending the meeting included Ralf Weinand, Tim Weston, and Datajunky. The AMA opened with some background about individual team members. One of the most interesting questions asked by Opa of Defis Network was: 

…What was the most exciting project you have worked on in the EOS space?

Tim fielded the question:

…I would have to say it was our open-source exchange voting tool developed alongside EOSRIO, ShEOS, and EOS Node One. …an open-sourced product with the aim of democratizing and streamlining the exchange voting process. …an end-to-end voting framework that any exchange can utilize with minimal integration efforts, and offer their users the ability to participate in the EOS block producer voting process. …

Here’s a link to the open-source-exchange-voting-portal for anyone wishing to delve deeper.

How a Diligent Member of the EOS Community Unveiled a B1 Shareholder

Secrecy and the blockchain industry often go hand-in-hand. For any given situation, there’s likely more than one reason as to why one wishes to remain anonymous. Privacy remains as critical an issue as it has ever been. There’s also concern over those harboring malicious intent as well as large organizations and government surveillance. B1’s efforts to work diligently in the background is generally well acceptable due to the developer’s string of successful open source deployments. However, unveiling a shareholder might have unforeseen impacts. The EOS community finds itself in this situation just as 2020 comes to an end. For better or worse, it was a member of EOS Korea who made cunning use of a popularly circulating tweet to unveil the B1 shareholder. Here’s the original link.

Ultra and Elrond Interoperability Expects to Boost NFT / DeFi 

Consider what the following three facts having common:

  • $13 billion dollars total value locked (TVL) in DeFi products
  • over $100 million dollar valued non-fungible token (NFT) market
  • gaming industry worth more than $170 billion dollars

What happens when the gaming world collides with a very young DeFi market and the excitement surrounding NFTs? Ultra and Elrond are about to find out. Elrond will provide the DeFi side. While Ultra maintains an NFT network. A key asset will be Ultra’s eGold and how it’s used. NFTs can be tied to DeFi in a variety of ways. Already in the works are stable coins and collateralized debt. It doesn’t take much to get involved in NFTs or DeFi for that matter. Benefiting from these markets is often relatively easy to learn but hard to conceive for those with no experience. The potential for DeFi and NFTs to radically reshape how assets move on the Internet is more apparent to active users.

Uplift.Art Ends 2020 with an Exciting Project Review

Uplift.Art connects artists with blockchain and charitable projects. It gained a 501c3 non-profit status in the US. The team’s experience extends beyond blockchain. Substantial preparation preceded the nonprofit status as well as networking with individuals in traditional and blockchain markets. This type of networking assisted Uplift.Art’s efforts to put video on blockchain. Uplift.Art creates fair solutions for artists, charities and collectors. The platform verifies artists and their content to help ensure long-term value. Maybe the most powerful aspect is in finally getting artists their fair share while simultaneous taking control of a refreshing medium for their audience. Philanthropy is bolstered as well. Funding projects are better targeted and more visible by the right community. Through Uplift Nation, donations reach across blockchains like EOS, WAX, TELOS, BEOS, Bitshares, and UX. Donated funds are set aside for development.



PowerUp if Officially Here: Counting Down the Transition

The highly anticipated PowerUP model was released this week. Block.one dedicated a few pages to the history and function of the new resource model. Code from release candidate 1.9.2 can be reviewed here. Testnets are also available on the B1 page. Congratulatory sentiments seemed unanimous throughout the community. EOS Authority outlined exciting new opportunities. Token Pocket was able to boast being the first to incorporate the PowerUP model. As has been the case thus far, implementation is seamless and easy. For Token Pocket user, all that’s needed is a restart of the wallet.

Block.one News: Hackathon, Enrolments

B1’s EOSIO Training & Certification surpassed 12,000 enrollments. Training is free through March 31. This coincides with the virtual EOSIO Hackathon running from March 2 through April 6. Google Cloud, Galaxy International and Mythical Games are also hosting the event. Developers wishing to contribute, compete for prizes or just take advantage of the extra help set aside for the event are all welcomed. B1 and the EOSIO Hackathon are really starting to make waves. Bywire News picked up the event. Michael O Sullivan interviewed B1’s Serg Metelin and Mythical Games Co-founder Rudy Koch. Going beyond blockchain and applications for gaming were among the topics discussed.

ARXUM, GenerEOS and Chintai

With a new resource model, popularity of EOSIO training, and the excitement surrounding the hackathon, one might wonder about projects with new development. ARXUM is innovating much needed supply chain solutions. A token market with the type of tracking and tracing required for manufacturing and logistics operations. GenerEOS got together with YvesLaRose to discuss EOS Nation. Among the topics where future plans and the most impressive dapps. Chintai’s CHEX is a decentralized resource exchange. Andrew Diedrich provided an early glimpse into its high performance tools. Read more about Chintai‘s intimate connection with EOS here.

Advancing Blockchain in Latin America and the World

As blockchain grows it will continues to bring the world closer together. Much of the excitement it generates stems from the price in relation to fiat currencies. One day, blockchain will be valued directly to the goods and services it helps provide. This day is a bit closer for people in Latin America and the Caribbean. LACChain uses blockchain to solve much pressing problems especially for the public sector. Block.one joined the initiative by  signing an agreement with IDB Lab. In LACCain, the region finds support through financing of essential innovation. Europe’s overall blockchain effort got some good news as well. You can read about the solutions that Cryptology Asset Group is helping to provide in an interview with its CEO, Patrick Lowry.

Voice News: NFTs, Community, Innovation

Everyday it seems that something newest being introduced with voice. Maybe it’s a new community like Money. Recently, NFTs subscribe the headlines both within voice and the greater crypto community. In fact, NFTs were recently identified as a rapidly growing search trend. Voice plans to leverage NFTs directly in support of its overall mission. Improving the online social paradigm is a key topic of  a variety (1, 2,, 3) of diligent research. Artists and their nomination are encouraged to help produce the first Voice badges.

Mainstream Gone NFT: StreetFighter 

It’s not just Voice that’s over the moon for NFTs. The technology is forging deep connections with the earliest events of social experiences online. It might be said that they’ve even already gone mainstream. NBA Top Shot is as much in the public eye as a technology can be. Premium games like StreetFighter are finding ways to leverage the technology. Incorporating crafting into NFT technology adds a deeper level to the market. A telegram channel is made available to help get started and understand some of the nuances.

EOSIO-based NFTs: CryptoFinney, dotGems, and Rarible Moon Shot

EOS and it’s greater community of providing leadership and the development of nfts and the emerging creative, digital culture. A couple of dollars every time one wishes to complete an action for bringing to life a new NFT is simply too much, let alone over $50. Whether it’s CryptoFinney, EOS Nation’s dotGems, EOS Go Cards, or building on Rarable, EOSIO makes creative freedom a reality. CryptoFinney would not have gotten this far without it. That would be have RaceForRares. For those wishing to get involved, there’s an EOS Fan Art Challenge hosted by dotGems.

DAPP and the Multi-chain DeFi Future

Discussions of a global network of blockchains has been around for years. It’s a view that replaced the single chain maximalism that drove early projects to design solutions to replace Bitcoin. This remainder theme even through the ICO craze. The question is not if and it’s not just about when, but how blockchain will become part of everyday life and potentially replace the internet itself. Expectations coming out of the DAPP camp are always high, as they should be. MaxShill explained the potential of LiquidApps in this way:

universally considered the best project on $eos …Basically it is -chainlink + -filecoin + -IBC between any blockchain – 2nd layer solution for any blockchain … I’m

EOSVC, Discussions Migration, and Telos EVM

Supporting projects built on EOSIO and the mainnet community has been identified as a neglected area. The topic was discussed on a recent Everything EOS. FinLab took the spotlight for its efforts in fostering growth and adoption. When it comes to EOSIO beyond the mainnet, Telos shines among the brightest stars. From the technology to the community, the core of the sister chain has been nothing but impressive from the start. This is why any new innovation is so exciting coming out of the camp. Douglas Horn discusses some of the multifaceted potential offered by Telos EVM. Discussions.app migration to Telos is now live. Douglas Horn discusses some of the multifaceted potential offered by Telos EVM.

EOSweekly: ProFi, NFTs, EOSIO 2.1, Regulations, Uplift, Community

#EOSIO 2.1 RC’s new Nodeos UPDATE

This week, Block.one brought the community’s attention to Nodeos. This is a failover solution with benefits for both public and private networks. The EOSIO 2.1 clustering solution brings added resiliency to block production. You can read more about Nodeos and other changes proposed by the 2.1 RC as explained by B1 back in December. The advancement of Nodeos is a welcomed feature which Dan Larimer believes will help reduce costs and improve reliability. The state of EOSIO 2.1 as described by EOS Go

…#EOSIO 2.1 is proceeding as planned, the community …proceeded to test…and @block_one_ is moving …on the various feedback…

B1 Discusses the Emerging Multi-asset Digital Marketplace and Regulation

Block.one consistently pushes for sound regulation before deploying new technologies. The team believes that compliant blockchain applications are the future. There are several reasons guiding B1’s unique approach. In a recent Chamber Member Blog, Lee A. Schneider, Block.one’s General Counsel, discussed how financial markets are on the brink of revolutionary change:

The world is moving towards an era of multi-asset digital marketplaces, which will require a rethink of market structure and regulation.

A comparison was made between the way supermarkets consolidate food supply. With massive change on the horizon, bringing compliant-ready solutions makes sense for anyone wishing to lead in the new economy. Decentralized economics may be the future. However, for a smooth transition, innovation leaders need to account for powerful regulatory entities.

The Need for ProFi

Compliant programmable finance (ProFi) is among the key factors driving EOS innovation. Among the key benefits is being ready for the emerging multi-asset marketplace. For a more specific use case consider what compliant ProFi will mean for institutional BTC holdings. This is becoming more significant by the day. Taking the lead with the big players entering crypto will bring all sorts of opportunities. Block.one’s purchase of Bullish.com seems centered around this idea. It’s a smart move for the imminent battle to lead the new marketplace. B1’s holding of 140k BTC is worth almost twice as much as the entire EOS market cap. Eyes need to be on Big Tech and regulation right now. We need leaders that are willing to help clarify the potential of and guide new propositions.


The Voice team is adamant about staying in front of innovation. Not surprising that VoiceHQ tweeted:

✨ NFTs are officially coming to Voice ✨

For more about Voice NFTs, visit the announcement post. The first NFT will be an OG Badge for Original Genesis members. And for those who are wondering, Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo made it clear:

Yes, Voice Tokens will run on EOS mainnet.

The community was asked to submit their favorite designers to create the first NFTs. You can do so directly here. Big names like Topps, Capcom, Atari have already chosen EOSIO-based technology (WAX) to launch NFTs. Crypto reaching the masses now seems like a foregone conclusion. NFTs are considered the next big thing for a variety of reasons that are both technical and human. Garvee put it nicely:

#NFT’s feel … similar to … social media .. a long and glorious road filled with … friendships

New Tech Community and the Growth of Voice

Voice has steadily grown alongside its consistent development. It’s a place for real people, not bots. Exciting new personalities and new communities are consistent additions. The most recent community, Tech for Everyone, was introduced by VoiceHQ this week:

🚨 New #VoiceCommunity alert 🚨 

Tech for Everyone by @killyourfm

It’s been described by Jason Evangelo, manager of the community, as:

… your home for fun, approachable and conversational consumer tech coverage…

You can learn more about the community in the welcome post.


Ethereum versus EOS is nothing new. Although, skyrocketing crypto prices might cause the right rivalry to heat up. For the time being, the community has been having a bit of fun:

#Ethereum is dial-up. #EOS is broadband.

Make no mistake though, there are real issues driving the jesting. Generalization of the technical aspects, again from the EOS side, illustrate both the excitement and seriousness driving crypto:

Why would you ever burn oil(#ETH) when there is unlimited renewable energy(#EOS)? Ride superfast #Tesla Model S not the ones with oily engine. 🚗🌍

Amusing commentary will probably outlive Ethereum’s “gas” being phased out the way of traditional gas guzzling automobiles. More importantly, bridges are built across blockchains:

#Ethereum stablecoin liquidity has arrived on #EOS!

Onboarding Users and Business

As Block.one continues to push for awareness, Greymass, Rekkid, and Phillip Hamnett touched upon the heart of the matter. Hamnett mentioned how EOS, like the Internet, will lower the barriers for businesses wishing to enter blockchain. He goes on to say that resource requirements are substantially reduced to the point of less than $100 monthly. This includes setting up. Blockchain continues to prove that it’s more than just a ledger and secure currency. It’s a new way of doing things and getting started is another advantage of the decentralized marketplace. Tools still need improvement and innovation. Greymass is on top of this. Over the past several weeks, it rolled out new features that directly impact onboarding new users. Rekkid attested to this as he witnessed a friend download, create/fund an account, lend to REX and proxy with minimal guidance. Blockchain does not have to be complicated to be useful.

Uplift helps with the Austin Texas relief effort

With wild market swings, blockchain’s ability to do good is often overlooked. Uplift is helping with the relief effort by donating to Austin Mutual Aid. The innovative project demonstrates how creativity can bolster real world efforts. The Austin GoFundMe surpassed $700,000 on its way to a million dollar target. The money will go to Austin residents in need of things like shelter, gas, heat, water and power.

EOSweekly: Chintai, Voice Token, PowerUp, B1+India, ProFi, Ultra, Memes

ChintaiEOS Announces Tokenized Real Estate

Crypto is about more than money. It’s about owning digital assets. Chintai is bringing this concept to EOS. Tokenized Real Estate is thought to be one of the most powerful applications of blockchain technology. Pair this with EOS functionality, and there may be a claim on Moon properties sooner than expected. Chintai Tokenized Real Estate automates aspects of real estate transactions like compliance liabilities. It offers democratized access to previously restricted markets. Chintai is mutually beneficial for investors and issuers. It’s a streamlined, simple solution that is performant enough to offer diversified advantages. From perfecting the audit trail and redundant administrative processes to easy setup and integration, Chintai has a handle on the future.

Recognizing the Need for Blockchain Skills

Block.one is aggressively pushing the envelope of quality blockchain training. B1 courses target key areas that cater to the development process. Elemental Battles is a creative, fun way to gain new blockchain skills. The tutorial centers around building a basic blockchain game. New developers  get to see how their work comes to life. Building on blockchain just seems more fun than traditional development. Part of the reasoning might be a sense of freedom. Another aspect might be that blockchain just has more applications. Exploring the possibilities is exciting. The EOSIO Hackathon illustrates this by already attracting over 460 participants from 67 countries is a testament to fun. 

Voice Token

You are here. No, this map does not have a destination. I do apologize for not have much to offer except that: 

Voice Tokens (which will be compatible with the EOS mainet)

Apparently, this information was made available to original Genesis members. Several replies reiterate EverythingEOS (the community’s longest running podcast) tweet of Voice Tokens coming to the mainnet. Voice OG Badges will be distributed as NFTs as well. The EOS Leper presented the following short video about how social media NFTs can extract value. The news comes at a time when Voice CEO, Salah Zalatimo, commented on some rather significant Facebook statistics.

PowerUp Status and Fees

The new resource model, dubbed PowerUp, is almost here. 3 proposals were executed via independent multisigs. EOS Authority is keeping a (estimated) countdown timer and proposal checklist. There are indications that the PowerUp model will be active before the time runs out in a little over 20 days. Some even estimate it being deployed before the end of the month. There will be an initial transition period. So it might take until March or April before the community feels the benefits of powering up. The difference between the PowerUP fee system and Ethereum’s was aptly described by mBluCrypto

Think of it as get out of jail fee paid to the $ETH miners.

Where EOS planned a stable fee system, ETH investors looking to take profits during peak times now pay a hefty fee. Everyone else using Ethereum suffers as well.

B1 New Financial Product and EOSIO 2.1 RC Feedback

Indian policy toward blockchain has been as erratic as any other nation. The country needs Bitcoin. It’s citizens have made that clear. Block.one is helping to address these financial issues with a dedicated Indian VC fund. Brendan Bulmer announced the venture:

The Indian market holds extraordinary promise and we remain hopeful India seizes the opportunity to be a leader of the internet of finance.

Blumer also took this opportunity to praise @balajis for his work to advance pertinent issues. Balaji S. Srinivasan is an angel investor and entrepreneur who was CTO of Coinbase. Balaji believes that India should make a dedicated effort to support crypto, both domestically and abroad. He specifically cited advantages for national security. You can read more about Balahis’ vision. This week, B1 also thanked the community for its EOSIO 2.1 RC feedback and let everyone know that comments are carefully being considered. New feedback is still encouraged.

Bullish on ProFi

Is there a difference? Yes. While programmable finance (ProFi) is not the same thing as decentralized finance (DeFi), they are connected. DeFi quickly became a force in crypto circles and has an influence on the standards for smart contracts. It was a movement that involved things like decentralized lending and cross chain applications. DeFi is a building block for the Internet of Value. ProFi is a larger scope concept. Beyond having access to financial tools outside of centralized control, ProFi will demonstrate the profound power of blockchain. It was probably ProFi, not DeFi, that motivated Block.one to invest in things like bullish.com. Branden Blumer is one of the most outspoken voices for ProFi. He stresses compliant programmable open source finance.

Ultra Update and EOSFINEX Enables UOS on EOS

Ultra is among today’s most discussed blockchains. Don’t attribute the excitement it generates only to it being a gaming enterprise. Ultra is much more than a project motivated by fans or fad. It aims to combine (in one complete solution) the best applications blockchain can offer gaming. Currently, the platform is going live with Wave 1. It’s also implementing technical and multicurrency aspects for Wave 2. What may prove to make it truly special is its Ethereum / EOSIO interoperability. Ultra tokens have been successfully audited. Seemingly forever, in-game currencies have been a part of games. Unfair, unofficial markets where digital assets can be traded have existed for decades. Blockchain will level the playing field, establish standards, and add professionalism. In contrast to the gaming world, non-gaming token solutions are mostly a unique idea.

EOS Marketplace Makes a Difference with Blockchain

Blockchain is real. It’s useful. And the world needs it. Those who’ve yet to venture into blockchain may not agree with these statements. A Reddit thread introduces the topic nicely by distinguishing fundamental services from gambling and gaming apps. EOS Marketplace is demonstrating the real world potential of blockchain. It’s helping people whose options are limited by connecting them with a powerful global network. Venezuela is already taking advantage of what EOS Marketplace has to offer. If you want to get a quick feel For what is available now, visit EOS Marketplace and type in ‘food’ in the search bar. You’ll have a few options (including delivery). If you click on a product’s ‘make an offer’ button, you’ll be taken to a screen to enter your account name (and key) or choose any of four popular EOS wallets. This is the type of solution that could quickly bring blockchain to the general public.

Interviews and Meme Competition

There were several interesting interviews this week. BP & Chill w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D interviewed EOS Detroit and Cryptowriter COO Sean Ballent. Atomic Hub Co-founder Jona Wilmsmann was interviewed by Cryptowriter Mark Bailey. There’s also an ongoing EOS Meme Competition. This is a great way to increase interest and further fuel excitement. But like anything with blockchain, there’s always a surprising functionality. NFTs are at the center of the EOS meme competition. You’re encouraged to stop by, even if not participating.

EOSweekly: Hackathon, Voice Tokens, Metaverse, Powerup, Telos, dWeb

EOSweekly [1.30-2.05]:

EOSIOHackathon Begins on March 2nd

It’s time for another EOSIOHackathon. The event is scheduled for March 2nd through April 6th. The main objective is in helping blockchain developers build and innovate with the cloud. Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games are partnering with Block.one to help make this the best hackathon yet. Participants can expect cash prizes and Google Cloud credits for their valued efforts. Google employees will also partake with two taking part in the judging. Their perspectives and expertise expects to bring a lot to the blockchain industry. Registration is open to both blockchain noobs and EOSIO veterans.

Voice Tokens Update

How far away are Voice tokens from going live? Salah Zalatimo suggests reading an article written by Voice VP of Architecture, Rick Whitner. He outlines three key issues that determine when Voice tokens can be tradeable:

  • regulatory approval by location
  • token-based incentives
  • token infrastructure

Voice is about creating an environment where real people engage in meaningful discussions. Guided by this principal, members can expect several changes in near future. Daily rewards are likely to be reduced. Creators will be rewarded with a greater share. Tokens will have new uses. Changes are expected for the ‘Voice it’ dynamic. Another token reset a schedule sometime in the coming weeks. Resets are necessary to find a sustainable and performance-driven balance for the overall token economy.

Diminishing Purchasing Power of Fiat

Bitcoin’s price continues to grab headlines. However, a more powerful indicator of the future of blockchain is the total market cap of the industry. When combined with Bitcoin closing short of its all-time high, record breaking total market cap is a very good thing. A big part of this is Ethereum. However, it’s not the only cryptocurrency that’s gaining fast. The growing purchasing power of cryptocurrencies greatly impacts the future of development. The success of crypto also cuts into the power of fiat currencies. Brendan Blumer highlighted on the diminishing purchasing power of fiat currencies. Daniel Larimer brought up how the financial system needs SmartContracts and instant settlement. Chintai believes the time is right to restructure capital markets and move forward with ProFi. Change is in the air.

EOSIO and Discussions about the Metaverse

The term Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience. Interoperability is key. So is developing game technology that delivers a competitive user experience. Mythical Games growing role as leader for building on blockchain can accelerate adoption of fair and distributed digital assets. Creating a Metaverse is a fantastic effort. CEO of Mythical Games, John Linden, took part in a Metaverse discussion with Chris Swan (Unit 2 Games), Jacob Navok (Genvid Technologies), and Wanda Meloni (M2 Insights). Blankos, the promising built-on-EOSIO game, hopes to be instrumental in helping make the Metaverse a reality.

PoweringUP: Multisigs Proposal Live

Scott Owen tweeted on February 3rd that:

The #eos multisig proposals for the new #powerup model are live…

The Multisig transaction is viewable on bloks.io. There you’ll find ‘pending’ and ‘approved’ status for the top BPs. You can also see who’s an ‘active producer’. As EOS transitions to the PowerUp model, BPs may begin altering their behavior. Active producers should be rewarded above those that may lag behind. Rekkid explained that a Mainnet eosio.reserv account is required before the new resource system can commence. Seems like the PowerUp model may be here sooner than anticipated.

More Greymass is Always Better

A lot of blockchain development caters to PC platforms. Greymass delivers dependable mobile account creation with Anchor and version 1.1.1 (available through the App Store). Anchor is expected to expand to other EOSIO-based networks soon. For its business model, Greymass is all in on blockchain as its funding mechanisms are built into the technology itself. In addition to new mobile applications and the Anchor wallet, the BP’s contribution includes a fuel service, an informative podcast, and an EOSIO signing request protocol. Co-founder of Greymass, Aaron Cox, was featured on BP&Chill. He discussed the team’s work beyond wallets and recent events. Check out how easy Greymass is making decentralized trading as illustrated by Rekkid.

Interoperability and Decentralizing the Web

EOS rapid tweeted about the soon to be launched DecentralizedWeb. Interested users are encouraged to try their HTML on the testnet. If you’re a crypto investor, then you know about Polkadot. At the moment, it’s one of the brightest stars in the industry. Polkadot is about interoperability. Among the latest to join it’s network is Bancor. For dedicated EOS users, LiquidApps is the leader of building bridges across chains. Now with its inclusion of Ethereum and Polkadot, blockchain as a whole is more powerful than ever.

Telos Recent Success

Telos may be one of the most overlooked blockchains. As a sister chain of EOS, there’s no surprise in that it gets less respect than it should. The Telos Foundation just announced that it’s T-BONDS were a massive success. Telos is a high performance blockchain. There’s a lot of potential in concentrating on EOSIO technology for transaction speeds. APPICS is a good example. User likes can be monetized in an efficient way. Blockchain was not developed for the nuance of liking a post. Still, the psychology behind consumer favorites, likes, and hearts is a proven model. Telos and APPICS are more than justified in their efforts to leverage human factors in these realms.

B1, EOS Success, and the First Useful Crypto for the Masses

With the price of cryptocurrencies remaining at record highs, Philip Hamnet posed an on point topic for discussion. He wrote an article discussing Block.one’s long-term strategy and the usage capacity of EOS. Mainstream crypto (BTC/ETH) seems to overlook transaction volume. One must wonder if these speculators believe in the long term the value of blockchain if usage is not considered vital. Philip discusses how B1’s future is tied to EOS. Interoperability is key for new innovation. The EOS mainnet provides a foundation, starting point and settlement for sister chains. Even now, as Voice continues development and B1 rolls out it’s business solutions/training, the EOS mainnet is there in support.

Sustainability and Humanity’s Transition to Blockchain

Brendan Blumer tagged Elon Musk in hopes that influencers will rally around sustainable alternatives. He offered Bitcoin as a profound resource regulator of electrical consumption. There’s a great sense of security knowing a resource is tied to blockchain economics. Phillip Hamnet offered insight into related topics such as compliance and tamper-proof private chain transactions. The fact that developers can use popular programming languages to build on EOSIO allows for global contributions. Add to this Block.one’s connection to Bitcoin and Google Cloud, and the stage is set for humanity to transition to blockchain. 


EOSweekly: Hackathon Deadline, EdenOS Roadmap, Google Cloud, Chainflux, Blankos

EOSIO Hackathon April 6 Deadline

Only a few more days left for the EOSIO Hackathon. Block.one sent out the submission deadline ALERT at the beginning of this week, as well as a testnet link. Several other useful resources are also there. The EOS community as a whole is excited, and it’s not just the recent 50% price rally. There’s chatter that the Hackathon is driving the price. Let’s also not forget Dan Larimer’s leadership, recent productivity, and engagement at eoscommunity.org. Many other developers like EOS Authority, Greymass and Chintai have facilitated connections across the ecosystem. 

Proposed Roadmap for EdenOS and the Community

The EdenOS Roadmap was proposed by Dan Larimer in Q2 2021 with the support of EOS Alliance. It brings the needed governance system for the continued growth of the ecosystem in its original vision. The proposition includes the use of 1.9 million EOS from the eosio.ramfee account once EdenOS initiates 1000 members followed by the first election. EOSGo also provided a summary this week. For those who missed the last Q&A, EdenOS telegram meeting notes from March 29 are available. Dan has also scheduled a Q&A for Monday April 5 at 10 AM. Responding to an EOS Nation (#97) discussion with Yves La Rose: 

It is great to see so much development. #EOS community is strong and growing!

How EOS Impacts Life Right Now

Dan Larimer praised the work of ecurve.finance. He also took the time to elaborate on some economic pitfalls like the 1% transaction fee. This included how savings can offer substantial leverage over earnings. Colin Talks Crypto added to the topic of microtransactions by creating a basic illustration of the dangers of Bitcoin falling into the trap of the Fractional Reserve Banking System. EOS already has positive impacts upon daily life:

…Yep, I love what I’m capable of doing with $EOS This is an oven acquired for a gourmet bakery called “Trigo Aroma” from the #EOSMarketplace community in #Venezuela Adoption is real and applicable…

Chainflux Innovates Supply Chains

Supply chains are at the heart of blockchain technology. Where the Internet put all the world’s books at our fingertips, blockchain secures virtual assets. To do so, it must forge a connection with the real world. No wonder why much of the early interest from traditional businesses was innovating supply chains. Chainflux enhances traceability and improves compliance using Proof of Authority. This is among the earliest applications of blockchain in that an increase in efficiency and management is near instant. Privacy combined with selective sharing, Chainflux inspires dynamic applications at the steady pace needed by established companies.

Google Cloud Makes its Case for Blockchain

Blockchain will undergo much innovation before it’s considered integrated into society. Hybrid applications are being looked at by staple companies like Google Cloud. It’s confident that peers will be able to synchronize more quickly to deliver higher transaction throughput. Google Cloud believes that DLT can provide strong, integrated networks for trust and coordination. EOSIO proven efficiency, speed and scalability is a model solution. The traditional resources of Google Cloud are second to none. Combined with innovation in Confidential Computing combined with AI and data analytics and exciting opportunities emerge:

…by executing DLT smart contracts within a trusted execution environment, machine learning accelerators such as Cloud TPU can be used for DLT coprocessing…

Chintai’s Automated Resource Management and EOS PowerUp Auto

The EOSPowerUp interface went live on March 28. Regular users and aspiring developers will find the auto feature and account watch lists as nice tools. Along these lines, Chintai stepped up to issue an alert. It directed the tweet at users of Coinbase, Binance and Bitfinex. Another testament to the outstanding EOS expansion currently ongoing. Users can prepare themselves via its Automated Resource Management tool. Chintai offered to help Coinbase get set up and helped solve issues for Kraken. A detailed description of the tool is provided here.

Blankos Block Party: Entering the Limelights

The team over at Blankos leaked its NFT pitch. This comes the same week it enters the breakfast cereal industry with BLANK-Os. The Blankos buzz is a constant flux of departing and arriving unique characters- next one occurs on April 7. While this week’s main focus probably should have been on the Content Creator Crew, an entrepreneurial spirit flexed some muscle. Beloved shopkeeper Chauncey took control to release a promo. PlayBlankos Security quickly responded to let the community know of the unauthorized feed. The apparent April Fools joke / advertisement stole some of the attention from the live streams on Twitch and Caffeine, as well as a spectacular Lost Souls Build Challenge run through.

Cryptowriter Status Update

EOSwriter has been an engaging and informative part of the community since 2018. The rapid growth of the Cryptowriter community, not the least of which include NFTs development, required a new dissemination structure. Follow this link to our most recent EOS content. Subscription is free and comes with NFT airdrop advantages for active community members. Don’t forget to check out new CryptoFinney stories, why you should care about NFTS, and Shift.

EOSweekly: Hackathon, Clarion/NFTs, Anchor, Boid-NFTs, Blankos, CryptoFinney

Hackathon News

The Beyond Blockchain Hackathon has quietly impacted an EOS community already undergoing the transition toward a PowerUp resource model. While innovative teams work away, NFTs have taken hold of EOS as much as any other blockchain. Block.one’s vision and Hackathon challenge are a bit clearer now. Basically, teams presenting a scalable contribution of significance that employs blockchain with the capacity for deployment on the Google Cloud Platform. The challenge and its specific requirements can be found on DevPost. Block.one also reminded the community of the previous winner, Lifebank.

Resources for EOS Hackathon

With the Hackathon coming to an end in less than two weeks (April 6), Block.one listed several resources to help with final submissions. Developers have a wide range of resource options. There’s the fundamental material at the developers portal. For tough questions there’s Stack Exchange and Telegram. Of course there’s GitHub for the technical and action oriented stuff. Webinars are also available to get a feel for key contributions. 

Dan Larimer Discusses Failure Resistance (dapps), NFT Potential, and Clarion

To be truly decentralized, a dapp must be free of the influence of centralized systems. This includes servers and web interfaces. @Dan details these pitfalls as well as what traits a dapp needs in That’s Not a Dapp! He also had made comments about DeFi this week:

#defi is about empowering individuals … True #defi has no centralized parties that are able to enforce anything.

In terms of how he’s spending his development time, NFTs are being investigated as well as ongoing ClarionOS development. Check out the interview with @lovejoy.

Boid Offers Free PowerUps

Aviation is a focus on my life. This guides me toward the connections between crypto and the flying community. While the term Boid may have first been applied to the flocking behavior of birds, it’s coming to mean much more. The team behind Boid has quietly flown under the radar to host a vibrant social network, dapp, NFTs and a game. There are some significant details available about the NFTs and the in-development BoidVoid Game. They promise to be EOS’ first NFTs with utility. Also announced this week:

Free 2x daily PowerUps for EOS accounts. To help ease the transition to the new PowerUp resource model 

Anchor for Android and Geymass Chatter

Anchor knows how to hit the sweet spot. Features are friendly to newcomers while detailed and flexible enough for the most advanced applications. By adding Android, Anchor becomes the most versatile wallet available. Greymass encourages users to upgrade integrations for an even better experience, like in-app fee-based transactions. As always, there’s no shortage of tech talk. Aaron Cox took time to share his opinions about EOSIO Reference Authenticator, UAL, and associated tools.

New Glimpses into CryptoFinney

BitBoy, CryptoStache, and Daniel Larimer all joined the CryptoFinney Universe this week! After using a random number generator, The Stache got the node to pose for this entry. Every week something new comes out of the CryptoFinney camp. Read about the possibility and monitor the countdown at Writer.io. Join the discussion and take that first step toward membership by participating in the Telegram group.

Another Spectacular Blankos, Another Build Challenge

A new Blankos and competition is available. Finder of Lost Souls Build Challenge fuels further excitement in the creative environment. You’ll find both instructions and a backstory to help with theme ideas. Also this week, the team behind Blankos, Mythical Games, participated in WonderCon. Mythical continues to expand upon its vision. It’s looking to hire several key people to help:

…build something amazing…


EOS Nation and EOS Asia Receive Funding to Boost the Community

Block.one awarded EOS Nation and EOS Asia a grant to build a community portal for crowdfunding. This sets the stage for comprehensive open-source software development. The developer community openly lobbied for an improved support dynamic in the past. EOS Nation said the project was inspired by Gitcoin

Block.one has committed to provide funds for the initial matching rounds … the bigger picture of the EOS Mainnet.

Chaney Moore has a keen awareness of new projects. He praised the new funding mechanism. 

EOSIO Hackathon Bits

Quietly, developers work to present their images of a better future. Some onlookers may have even forgotten that the EOSIO Hackathon is underway. Here are a few tidbits from the community.

Building compliant blockchain-based businesses

  • LivingEOS described it as a ground-up presentation that can save millions
  • Scatter’s Rami and Nathaniel James offered a sneak peak into their project, something called Proof of Strategy:

something totally new, totally unique, and will blow your socks off! 🙂

Voice News: Maintenance and NFT Development

Were you there the day Voice went down for maintenance for hours? Took so long we went to space. Proof-of-Caring (or of-Addiction) compiled from Voice Logo collection scores (see game image). Can’t blame one for having a bit of fun. On a serious note, NFTs. Unique blockchain tokens have a lot more applications than gaming and GIFs. Voice believes in NFTs. The team fostered community involvement through the nomination of creators of its Genesis NFT. There’s also chatter of ingraining NFTs into the platform.

Block.one News

With the EOSIO Hackathon ongoing, Block.one commented on a webinar from 2020 by Rakesh Ghatvisave. It’s an introductory course about how to build smart contracts. Topics covered include nodeos, cleos, EOSIO.cdt, and SDKs. The webinar takes aspiring developers through the process of building their first EOSIO smart contract. More specifically, there’s an introduction to the EOSIO platform; accounts and permissions; actions, transactions and communication; and data persistence; in addition to building the actual smart contract.B1 also continues to provide support and insight for EOSIO 2.1. This time the focus is on system administrators who need a data storage option (DB and Key Value APIs).

CryptoFinney Updates

Are you excited about NFTs? We are! That’s we at Cryptowriter, we at Voice, we the EOS community, and most every experienced crypto user. Heck, even non-cryptonians have heard about NFTs. don’t be surprised to meet someone who knows about Bitcoin and NFTs, but draws a blank stare when you say EOS or Ethereum. To further fuel the movement, I include the image of my latest released CryptoFinney Genesis Type (BTCminer) in addition to links of the others leaked this week:

This week also saw Cryptowriter Volume 1 sell for $132 (still in pre-launch) and the second round of the Membership Card drop. Remember, 1 Finney Coin = 1 CryptoFinney.

Dan’s Governance (continued) and More

When it comes to Dan Larimer’s in-development governance model, one thing can be said for certain, it will not resemble bureaucratic red tape. The speed of progress and community involvement has been magnificent. Dan encourages more to join the forum alongside the introduction of Eden OS and DAO governance OS roadmap. Here’s the first draft and second part (both composed last week). Powerfully puts an end to any question of him remaining a vibrant part of the EOSIO / EOS ecosystem. Here’s Dan:

Let’s show the world that the EOS community is here

Have fun. Don’t hate. Engage.

As Adrian put it:

Can anyone actually keep up with @bytemaster7 right now!? …

Also, a telegram channel was created to discuss More Equal Animals and he wrote an article about true Dapps. https://twitter.com/bytemaster7/status/1370875386851168257

Does the World Bank Value Liquid Apps?

How often is the World Bank discussed in a positive light with blockchain?

The @WorldBank and @IMFNews recognize #LiquidApps and the #DAPPNetwork middleware in their framework for blockchain interoperability report.



The link provided by Liquid app alongside their above tweet is broken (or being processed). There’s another link in the  tweet’s image. It was included in a reddit (Bitcoin Talk) and other posts (e.g. IMF/World Bank Learning Coin and BrightTALK back in 2019. The image link itself https://www.ft.com/content/1cfb6d46-5d5a-11e9-939a-341f5ada9d40 leads back to a paid section of the Financial Times.

Greymass Writing an EEP and Fuel Update Coming

In anticipation of the EOSIO Enhancement Proposal, Greymass asks for thoughts on API and call structures, as well as associated challenges. The link provided was described by Aaron Cox himself as technical. What’s really nice (beside EOSIO enhancement) is that it includes a brief history, starting with the launch of Fuel in 2019. Greymass also let slip:

Expect some updates on Fuel in the not too distant future!

Blumer on COMPLIANT ProFi

Brendan Blumer fielded questions about KYC and AML becoming an enforced standard for DeFi. He commented on the variable states of local governments. It’s essentially a point of view of learn at your own pace how much better blockchain is than current systems. Blumer further explained that current standards are redundant when paired with blockchain. Here’s what Blumer said regarding John Paul Koning’s Virtual Asset Service Provider (VCASP) commentary with this week’s FAFT draft. https://twitter.com/BrendanBlumer/status/1373275593756794883

And we enter the era of compliant programmable finance. #ProFi on #EOS

Essentially, end-to-end decentralization of each P2P transaction is required to not fall into FAFT jurisdiction.


Eeosfinex Goes Open-source on Core Infrastructure and IP

The EOS public network benefits from both private and public chains. However, it’s those open source projects that tend to really make a difference. eosfinex has been a positive influence on the community for some time. For it to go open source on its core infrastructure and intellectual property is quite profound. Control will shift from the founding team to the community:

…smart contract and the plugin which connects …services such as Bitfinex will be made available immediately…

The UI is scheduled to follow soon after. The hope is that developing next generation exchanges and bridges will quickly become more decentralized. The target date is April 2nd. 

Associated Press First NFT

You may remember blockchain making a splash during the election. The Associated Press decided to cash in it’s modest venture into blockchain voting by creating it’s first NFT. The artwork sold for over 100 ETH on OpenSea! This amounted to over 180,000 US dollars at the time. The artwork incorporates the election data that the AP published using Everpedia’s OraQle technology. You may also remember that EOS also published election data which happened to be more timely in terms of readability. The AP NFT is a win-win for all of crypto. 

EOS and Ethereum as Cloud-native Platforms

Nice to follow up a second entry this week pitting EOS and Ethereum side-by-side. Well communities tend to sustain heated exchange, they are bridges of decentralized applications that would not be possible without both.


Block.one touched upon an agenda that warrants stronger focus in a tweet about the need for blockchain applications for the cloud. Read more on Cointelegraph.

Block.one Brings together a Resource Library

Developers and projects progress at different rates and have different needs. EOS I business training provides a foundational element for blockchain education and development. However, crypto communities are more action-oriented than even some of the most vibrant areas of the Internet. This is why creating a separate space for an organized storehouse of information (Resource Library) should prove so advantageous. Among the focus areas for the new Resource Library recurring topic videos, case studies, and more. There’s not much on the site right now but one might imagine that the library will grow out of the business training content.

Greymass Together with Larimer Deliver EOScommunity.org

The beginning of this year has seen both Greymass and Dan Larimer lead I can engagements within the EOS community. They collaborated their efforts to develop a new discussion portal. EOScommunity.org is a “Civilized Place for Public Discussion”. Some might say this has been sorely missing in crypto. It makes sense to advance a platform for blockchain discussion. It’s environment of constant innovation where opinions matter and insight can make all the difference. Aaron Cox mentions that existing content was ported over; much of it categorized under the Greymass category.

Ultra on Top of EOSIO

The name Ultra already resonates positively within the crypto community. It’s blockchain approach to gaming is considered revolutionary. With EOS, it will be able to more easily attract developers. Ultra pairs single-login with game distribution, a built-in wallet, incentive program and streaming platform. The infrastructure is pre-configured and built as a layer on top of EOSIO.

Cryptowiter Interview: Dan Larimer


Brandon Lovejoy asked Daniel Larimer to discuss his new book (More Equal Animals) and ground breaking project (ClarionOS). It’s been just a couple of months since Dan moved on from his position at Block.one. He has made quite a splash in that time. The book is a model for introducing an economic model fit for our time and the technology at hand. Clarion will advance EOS at its core. In anticipation of the type of support, team and community, Dan proposed an official community governance system:

I have posted a rough draft on how I propose the formation of an official #EOS community governance system. Please join the forums and let us know what you think.

HireVibes: Innovating the Hiring Process

HireVibes leverages blockchain to uniquely connect people with hirers “…at the right price point.” The team just released a new website:

Last week we launched the new visual identity for HireVibes. Learn more via our announcement on our brand new website.

Among the key benefits are risk free hiring, variable incentives, seamless reward distribution, efficient budget allocation, branding, and an expanding global community. More information about how HireVibes works can be found within the lightpaper. It’s more than an EOS project, HireVibes has positioned itself within the community:

HireVibes is powered by utility tokens (HVT), currently hosted on the EOS blockchain and held by over 200,000 accounts.

NFT Pioneer: Bias, NOT? You Judge 🙂

Not to tout the community where you found this article, but Cryptowriter is paving a brilliant new trail for NFTs. Probably should not say that, but if it proves true, better to get the word out sooner than later. Sure I thought it rather neat, not like it has the history of a National (Basketball) Association behind it; and most everyone else int he community were impressed. I feel obligated to go on like this because others outside of the community have gone, well what almost resemble BONKERS (yes, like those kitty treats). CryptoFinney and the (lifetime) Cryptowriter NFT Membership Card have brought attention to the community and new memberships. People are looking to get more involved. All thanks to creative, fun, and brilliantly throughout distribution scheme. Maybe it’s the hype. The week’s ahead will tell. For the time being, a new discord server was just push to offload some traffic from telegram (:

EOSweekly: HACKATHON, Clarion, DAD, OIDN, ARXUM, Developer Panel

EOSIO Hackathon Underway!

The much anticipated EOSIO Hackathon began this week. It represents an effort to go Beyond Blockchain:

Build and innovate through the combined power of #blockchain and @GoogleCloudTech to create solutions that can impact the world.

Prizes range between $1,000 to $25,000 (plus hundreds of dollars in Google Cloud Credits). Block.one encourages teams to take advantage of its (currently) free training courses. Also, it’s not too late to team up. Here’s an additional join link. Deadline is April 6.

DAPP Account DAO (DAD) Creating Practical Ethereum Bridges on EOS

DAPP Network continues to push the envelope of blockchain interoperability:

…DAD can participate in yield strategies using Curve, Synthetix, and other Ethereum DeFi to allow participation on EOS …

DAPP Account DAO (DAD) has already received great praise for creating easy liquidity for Ethereum stable coins. Mark March 15th on the calendar when eCurve initiates a sort of cross-chain mining. Wesley Carmichael covered the process in detail. Ethereum users might have grown accustomed to fees, but many die hard ETHers must get frustrated when costs skyrocket while transaction times slow. This is not the case on EOS. For this reason, and for the continued growth of crypto, building bridges across blockchain is an imperative. 

ARXUM: The Future of Supply Chains

ARXUM is advancing supply chain networking. It’s not enough to put supply chains on blockchain. The nature of distribution requires a system that’s easily malleable and adaptable for bridge building. ARXUM delivers both by building on EOSIO. Block.one highlighted ARXUM’s solution and interviewed co-founder Markus Jostock. Blockchain-based supply chains are a key advancement in the overall development of the technology. The project also serves to emphasize the power of 3rd generation blockchains, the first of which can be said to be EOS.

Dan Larimer’s Introduces Project Clarion

Hackathon week saw Dan take to Twitter to announce an exciting new project called Clarion. In his tweet, Dan provides links to information and community discussion. Anticipated building (data serialization format) requirements are listed in a table. This appears to be the barebones beginnings of a thunderous layer-0 solution. EOS has been mentioned to directly benefit, but the greater goal appears to be the overall advancement of blockchain technology- clearly taking the bull by the horn. Those interested in contributing are asked to join the discussion on GitHub (and Telegram). There’s also a 100 EOS bounty for a Clarion logo.

Developer Insights

Scott Owen provided insight and experience into a recent developer panel hosted by Everything EOS’ Zack Gall. The panel was made up of:

  • Bart Wyatt, Block.one
  • Tal Muskal, LiquidApps.io
  • Raman Bindlish, BlockstartVentures.com
  • Syed Jafri, ProtonChain.com

Probably the most exciting topic was the EOSIO ProFi product proposed by Block.one. Also fueling discourse was Dan Larimer’s departure from B1. Overall, the focus was on building community and attracting developers. A key topic toward this end was the advantages and disadvantages of using C++. The idea of building bridges between more popular technologies like JavaScript garnered a lot of attention. Several other issues were discussed, including B1’s seemingly lackadaisical nature toward providing a roadmap that’s usable for community “engagement and participation”. It was a rather free-flowing discussion that even considered Ethereum Virtual Machine as a potential standard.

Ongoing PowerUp Transition

Unless you’ve been under a rock (or new to crypto), you’re aware of the EOS mainnet’s changing resource model. Termed PowerUp during its candidate phase by Block.one, the new model promises to increase efficiency and reward every token holder. What might be confusing is the ongoing transition. The old model is giving way to PowerUp at a rate of 2% per day. About a quarter of the transition phase has passed. The full transition expects to be completed by next month. Claiming rewards are as simple as using a wallet to lend EOS tokens to REX. One staked, you’ll automatically earn a portion of the fees that collect in the pool.

New Design Community on Voice

The new Design community on Voice may turn out to be something special. Here’s a tweet from Voice HQ

Calling all designers: we have a Space for you…

Beyond being interesting and likely very popular one day, the community should grow with the design field itself as well as alongside crypto. Some of the content already posted is somewhat comparable to what’s regularly seen on Mashable. Not surprising since both Voice and Mashable cater to the IoT and IoV (Internet of Value) crowds. Voice should outpace Mashable in the latter. Also, when considering things like 3D printing, elaborate automation and virtual reality, the design field might become more inclusive of everyone.

OIDN Building ProFi?

Everything EOS retweeted a job post describing an exciting opportunity involving blockchain and the future of finance. The position of Lead Java Developer was posted by OIDN. The job post specifically states an effort to:

“…revolutionize financial service in the crypto space…”

Candidates should have a strong financial background. It’s not uncommon for Everything EOS to stay on top of the emerging job market for blockchain. A day after posting the open position, OIDN published an article entitled “Thirteen reasons why EOS is the most undervalued coin“. #BullishOnEOS much?!


EOSweekly 4.30

EOSweekly: Hackathon Winners, B1 Wire, Ultra, Defibox Competition, Cryptovoxels, Weezer on WAX, CryptoFinney Auctions, Metamask

Congratulations to the Winners of the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon 


DAO Bulls took the top spot at the EOSIO Hackathon with an innovative financial solution:

…created a (DAO) platform that enables users to set up their own network in minutes….uniting people through a set of rules, Dao Bull leverages the benefits of blockchain and cloud-based systems…l will create models that empower users to manage finances, shareholders and the community’s governance structure …

DAOBull.com will hopefully have more details soon. This year’s EOSIO Hackathon attracted over 1,300 participants from 107 countries. Congratulations is also in order for EOS Costa Rica’s gGoods at the no. 2 spot. The team called on the the community for input while sharing a bit of its vision:

gGoods, an #NFT standard to help non-profits create tokens for #crowdfunding. We plan to continue developing it, hoping to impact goodwill causes worldwide through the power of #EOSIO #blockchain technology. https://ggoods.io.

Yes, this is the same team that took the top spot last year. As for 3rd and 4th place:

  • Recoverable Online Wallets (ROW) incorporates WebAuthn standards to improve upon traditional PW and email security with multisig security systems.
  • Finfluencers may be instrumental in growing the community and onboarding as novices gain a trusted network to help make informed financial decisions.

Block.one Wire

Even without the EOSIO Hackathon, B1 was busy this week. Among things to take notice of include:

  • Calling attention to the EOSIO protocol guide for things like consensus, transactions, speed, flexibility, etc.
  • Asking for feedback, testing, and review by the community to help advance its Stake-Based Voting and Rewards Proposal.
  • Encouraged Solidity developers who wish to advance their understanding of applications and smart contracts to register for training courses.
  • Detailed OmniOne’s decentralized identity solution. The project is able to relay cryptographically-protected information with a focus on securing identification. OmniOne’s global business development lead, Alex David, highlighted the advantages of marrying convenience with speed and security.

Everything EOS Talks Ultra


Ultra Gaming is a place to play games and trade assets. It’s model is the future of gaming and the online economy. Everything EOS sat down with David Hansen (Co-founder and Co-CEO of Ultra), Rami James (Product Manager) and Yves La Rose. The group discussed how Ultra reinvents what made platforms like Steam so successful. It’s a much more robust entertainment solution. Also, here’s the 12th (Ultra) Community Update.

Virtual Showcases are NOT the Future, YES They’re Here Right NOW

Cryptovoxels is a virtual (crypto) world that lets users bring their imaginations to life. Its profound potential is illustrated by dotGems creation of an art gallery. The GBK Chestahedrons – NFT Artefacts Showroom can be toured by guests and viewed from different perspectives. If this wasn’t enough, dotGems and EOS Nation are promoting a Mega Raffle via a scavenger hunt. Visitors are tasked with finding 10 hidden gems by 7pm on Sunday. Entries wer also avialable at the Dream Big Gallery. Also, explore Uplift. The word is that Finney was seen scouting out turf there. Then there are other DAPPs drawing users into their worlds which go beyond mere entertainment. Projects like rPlanets, Upland, and Alien Worlds merge investment ventures with gaming.

Defibox Writing Competition

From April 28 through May 16 entries will be accepted for the Defibox Foundation global essay contest: “Play DeFi, Build Block”. This is a chance for creative minds to share their ideas and make connections that grow the ecosystem. Defibox is looking to expand its influence and leadership in the DeFi space. It will take a serious look at the essays that meet the requirement (found at the essay link). Main prize are as follows:

  • 1 first prize of 888 USN
  • 2 second prizes at 555 USN each
  • 3 third prizes at 333 USN each
  • 6 contribution prizes, 88 USN each

Additionally, 500 USN will be shared with the remainder of the essays that meet the requirements.

An NFT Spark Unlike Any Other

Things are really heating up within the EOS-WAX ecosystem. Big names drop week after week. MLB on WAX opened eyes wide. And now, a big name band in Weezer:


Took just 30 minutes to sell out.

Connecting the Dots: Liquid Link 

Bitcoin.com recognized Liquid Link. The article discussed building bridges across blockchains, specifically for Ethereum and EOS. Initially tweeted by EOSEden, the power that EOS’ speed and functionality can bring to blockchain as a whole is sorely needed. The Bitcoin.com article detailed things like the efforts being made towards interoperability, simultaneously launching on multiple blockchains, improved efficiency from the start, and leveraging each protocol for their specific advantages. There’s also the idea of the ‘freedom to switch’. While blockchain migration is certainly not new, the implications of easy transitions are profound. Liquid Link is developed by LiqudApps, an instrumental part of what the team hopes to become in the ‘Internet of Blockchains’.

EOS Argentina’s UAL Authenticator for Metamask

Imagine bringing all the users of Metamask over to EOS. EOS Argentina just announced a Metamask Authenticator for  its Universal Authenticator Library. It’s compatible with both mobile and desktop environments. Here’s a reprint of the library’s advantages for app users:

  • a way to login to integrating apps using the authenticator of choice
  • a uniform, familiar login option that instills confidence while interacting with integrating apps

And for developers:

  • a simple way to support multiple key managers, with a few lines of code
  • increases an application’s market reach, by supporting multiple authenticators
  • reduces time to create applications, by eliminating the need to individually support authenticators
  • access to all the necessary functions to sign transactions and customize user experience

CryptoFinney (and Writer) Report


This week, CryptoFinney saw its first auctions on WAX and EOS blockchains:

Auction items are limited to themed FInneys, as well as in number. Also check out the Metaverse Roundtable (The Cryptowriter Podcast #14), find deeper insight into B1’s ProFi project, dig into an analysis of B1’s Stacking Rewards proposal, get a DAPP update, and explore government for BAAS. Finally, here are two links to amazing promo videos: 

  • 1 (the included media above) 
  • 2


Excitement Grows over EdenOS

The EdenOS twitter account commented on the project’s status:

Everything you want to know about EdenOS is here! The BIG revolution is coming to reality…

Dan Larimer said on telegram (he also held an AMA this week):

Lots of stuff going on. Team is making steady progress on Eden

Very relevant to this conversation are Brendan Blumer’s comments about China PBOC deputy recognizing BTC investment products for the first time and highlighting digital currency for future payment systems.

Block.one Wire

B1 brought attention to a January interview of BlockBase CEO, Ricardo Schiller. The topic, building a scalable data storage solution on EOSIO. Last week, B1 announced a stake-based voting and reward proposal. The conversation continued this week regarding the Prysm Group’s detailed analysis, as well as a call for developers and BPs to test, review, and provide feedback.  B1 also highlighted the creation of local test environments, meshed networking, and the BIOS Boot Sequence for full EOSIO functionality. EOSIOHackathon winners will be announced next week.

Chintai (compared to Shopify)

Chintai made Yahoo Finance headlines for its capacity to streamline the transition of regulated assets like real estate, stocks, bonds, and securities in general. The article compares Chintai’s revolutionary approach to that of Shopify (applied to regulated assets). In describing the Chintai Network, the team said:

“…a turnkey capital market solution for financial institutions to port existing assets to blockchain technology.”

The team is hiring a Marketing Director to help with strategy, brand development, communications, etc.

Cryptowriter Interview: Sean Ballent

Crypto Peter of the Moran team interviewed Sean Ballent to explain and promote Cryptowriter and the recent NFT launch. Moran is a blockchain consulting firm founded in 2018 by a team experienced in Wall Street, Chinese, and Silicon Valley markets. It’s strongly focused on EOS. In describing the attraction of investors to crypto, Sean first clarified that crypto is bigger than it’s valuation against fiat and then said:

Crypto tech has the power to lift societies and knockdown borders

He also provided insight into why NFTs are aggressively being pursued. For Finney:

…Artwork is universally relatable…. NFTs provide the tool to market our vision to everyone….

Join Finney’s journey and engage with the Cryptowriter community to earn rewards- a most intriguing employment of NFT tech.


It’s finally here. MLB Series 1 came to WAX this week. This is another signal that crypto has gone mainstream. The MLB/Topps project follows the NBA’s Top Shot. In its first week, MLB NFTs soared to the top of Atomic Hub charts. MLB and Topps appear to be targeting advanced applications of the young technology. There’s a dedicated site with all sorts of features like creating, crafting, FAQs and a marketplace that links back to Atomic Hub. All that said, complaints do seem valid in the project needing better service.

Update on LiquidApps EdgeOS Prototype

In announcing its new EdgeOS Prototype, LiquidApps said it’s:

…a new way for dApps to pay for DSP services by using $DAPP as a form of #GAS for services rendered. 

DAPP governance will determine if the new model is adopted. BlockchainZack said:

“You can run anything, just like the blockchain can run contracts…” 

It brings a dynamic functionality for DSP with variable usage costs. LiquidApps provided an illustration where conventional applications running on a cloud provider like Amazon could run an on-chain command to leverage a DSP. Tal Muskal, LiquidApps, CTO, was interviewed about the prototype in recently released EOSIO Swiss Workshop #8. Chaney Moore, Cryptowriter CBO, Maurice Vanegas, EOS Microloan CEO, and Martin Breuer, Regional Director of Asia for EOS Nation, were also interviewed.

The Birth of CryptoFinney

The burning of Genesis Finney Coins went live on April 22, giving birth to CryptoFinney. Get to know Finney and why traveling to Earth is so important to Cryptowriter’s beloved android mascot. It’s a story filled with exploration, profound discovery (both of wealth and insight), adventure, villains, and comradery.

It was exciting to see a Cryptowriter Membership card sell for $900. NFTJoe gave his perspective:

…What they just bought is lifetime membership of NFTs from artists we partner with…

Finney’s journey has just begun and already he’s been around the world. LosPiZzaDAO9 shares:

…Disguising himself into a #RedDragon while visiting China…

He’s also already networking. Slytoshi Hakamoto shares:

@CryptoFinney and the @BitcoinOrigins crew collaboration!!!

Only 10 of these custom BTCO Finneys will be minted. …

NFTs seem to be altering the status quo in business by seamlessly interconnecting disciplines. Consider Finney’s value creation loop.

EOSweekly 4.10-4.16

EOSweekly: Clarion, Voice NFTs, Dapp Network, Swiss Workshop, B1, and more NFTs

Voice Shifting to NFTs

Voice undertook the adventure of revolutionizing the online social dynamic a short year ago. This week, it announce maybe its most daring step:

  • A socially minded platform based on the minting of NFTs

Voice 2.0 was announced by Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo recent AMA:

Voice will upgrade, becoming a social platform where users can create digital arts across all formats – visual, written, audio and video – enabling them to be easily bought and sold as unique digital artifacts (NFTs)

Baylee Mozjesik followed up with information about obtaining a copy of posted content as well as how to join the launch this summer. 

Clarion Development Plans

Dan Larimer met with the Clarion team to discuss development plans. The first EdenOS smart contract for invitations and NFTs is expected by the end of the month. There was also a Clubhouse audio discussing decentralized governance across platforms, as well as an AMA this week. Dan’s plans are clearly beyond Clarion. Check out what he had to say regarding bridging old projects with recent development:

Imagine combining #EOS, Eden, and a http://Hive.blog social media platfom behind a single easy to use decentralized interface all integrated with #Clarion…moderating content and rewarding contributors…

Donations for EOSpowerup and Swiss Workshop

EOSpowerup seems to already uplifted spirits and altered the personality of the ecosystem. Consider the donation made by EOS Argentina:

We’ve just donated 100 EOS to @eospowerup.  A great service that provides accounts with free transactions!…

EOS Israel praised the act and its importance in helping users during the transition. More than most cryptocurrencies, the EOS ecosystem is about community. It’s about both infrastructure support and education. Such a focus on being that gateway from traditional economics to crypto was again illustrated this week by a coming together for a Swiss Workshop.

Dapp Network Update

EdgeOS is a significant advancement for the Dapp Network:

EdgeOS could be the ideal platform for Layer-2 solutions, oracles, p2p apps, and even new blockchains. At the same time, EdgeOS’s applications go beyond blockchain-related services.

Tal Muskal explained how the Dapp Network can connect traditional applications with crypto viA EdgeOS:

“You can have a service that supports your application, like an SQL server or things that you would run conventionally on #Amazon or a cloud provider and run a command on-chain and a DSP will run that process.”

The speed of innovation at LiquidApps is amazing considering how successful bridge building has been thus far.

Block.one Wire

A few development notices from Block.one this week:

community-led PowerUp resource system means for #EOSIO developers

Interview with the Holder of the Golden Ticket, a One-of-a-Kind Blankos

Imagine a world where not only can players run, fly, pounce, shoot, and create their world, but also own the characters. Now imagine holding that golden ticket with the keys to a one-of-a-kind NFT-based character. Keep in mind that the world in which you can fly about pouncing on your rival and create racing and shooter games is all directed by creative minds and highly-regarded artists. Watch how the Reaper and friends react to discovering the unique Blankos amidst revealing the golden foil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJhZ_uxXV10

NFT Wire

EOS has not been as fast to embrace the NFT craze as WAX. The EOS community is larger and more diverse. The need to firmly establish a new resource system took precedence. With the PowerUp complete, the first NFT packs arrived on EOS in the Dream BIG collection. dotGems congratulated GPK for selling out so quickly. Chestahedron Artefacts NFTs sold out within hours. April’s second EOS Go Card was also released. Also, a roundtable was held on the 15th to discuss artists and creating art on blockchain.

The CryptoFinney Report

Apparently, CryptoFinney has been so busy trekking the Earth that he(she?) needs his own Report. Among the aspects eyed by the Finney Innovation Team has been burning mechanics. You can find the first chapter of the story and more information about the burning drop party on the 22nd at Cryptowriter. This week it rained Genesis Finney Coins from dotGems and a themed giveaway. Did CryptoFinney more this week? You betcha. For now, just know that while the first round of NFT rewards is complete, you can still earn an Membership card by being active in the community.

EOSweekly: Hackathon Deadline, EdenOS Roadmap, Google Cloud, Chainflux, Blankos

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.



Submissions for the EOSIO Hackathon stopped being accepted on April 6. Finfluencers gave the community a sneak peek of its project. The team might have found that right mix of a financial solution alongside a social component.


Block.one let the community know that the transition to the PowerUp resource model is now complete. It impacts the whole EOS community. For a quick overview, watch the brief illustration video.


Smart Contracts and Business Logic

The endless potential for smart contracts is not often given the attention that it deserves. As more traditional businesses enter the blockchain space, smart contracts and the business logic supporting them are certain to become ingrained in a myriad of practices. Block.one tweeted about this topic and recommended a webinar from 2020. While crypto enthusiasts may be less tolerant of old resources and the average person, it’s worth revisiting smart contracts now that the transition to the PowerUp model is complete.


When it comes to innovation, the LiquidApps apps team is as good as it gets. Here’s a glimpse of the impact potential of Liquid bridges:

“This is an #Ethereum liquidity link and once the usage starts, you are basically tapping into billions of dollars… which #EOS now has access to through the bridge.”

Emerging news events will often impact emotions and have relevance for things like day trading. Long-term and truly lucrative change comes from a higher magnitude of opportunity. This is what LiquidApp’s Ethereum link (or bridge) does for EOS. Ethereum users must not fall into the trap of thinking that its billions are a scarce resource. Rather, EOS represents the opportunity to offload work that is necessary, but not cost-effective, on Ethereum. The relatively large pool of dollars on Ethereum should prove to go a long way toward helping the EOS network realize its potential. For more information, watch the half hour video discussion.

Growing the Community for ALL the World


Dan Larimer’s vision clearly involves a free and open global network that can sustain independent financial resources. He spoke about various topics in a recent interview. It was an opportunity to spread the word among the Chinese community. On a similar note, Dan thanked the Spanish community for translating his book, “More Equal Animals – The subtle art of true democracy”. By facilitating blockchain for the billions of global citizens within these communities, EOS can become the foundation of real, fulfilling social change.

EdenOS Discussions Center around a Decentralized Future

Block.one’s Brendan Blumer worked closely with Dan Larimer throughout the development of EOSIO. It’s quite meaningful for him to acknowledge that:

EdenOS has the potential to evolve public blockchain governance … one of the most important explorations happening in crypto today.

The principles for EdenOS are taken out of Dan’s More Equal Animals. Advancing democratic principle is by no means easy and certainly not a given. Still, blockchain continues to demonstrate the ability to rise above politics. Dan’s recent meeting with Chinese blockchain producers and other influential members of the region illustrates this point. Enthusiasm is through the roof. Dan also took the time to praise EOS Nation for organizing the call, a sentiment held by most everyone in the community: 

EOS nation has been a huge support for my efforts to bring decentralized governance to #EOS.

Efforts like these need to be recognized for how much they mean to the community for EOS to realize its full potential.

Sense Chat

The crypto community is social, more so than the average. Imagine if a social platform incorporated blockchain at its core. Tidbit and Yup are a good start. Sense Chat provides a more comprehensive answer. Cointelegraph examined the reward system in a recent article. The short message chat is fully decentralized and encrypted. Unlike an addon, crypto is an inescapable part of the environment

“By using Sense Chat, members are empowered to have more control over their experience, reward one another, and curate content using their $SENSE tokens as a ‘vote.’” 

Tim Draper is a key investor and Crystal Rose Pierce is CEO. Sense tokens can be traded on Newdex directly for EOS.

MLB Adds to WAX’s Exciting Future

The list below are just some of this week’s highlights coming out of the WAX community:

One reason why WAX is particularly important for EOS is because of the ease of building bridges. Projects like Prospectors and CryptoFinney already integrated both blockchains. EOS focus on core technology enable WAX to focus efforts on the NFT market. There’s also a reciprocal relationship that draws new members into the EOS ecosystem that wouldn’t otherwise have been motivation.

Blankos Marketplace and Controversy

The highly anticipated Mythical Marketplace for Blankos was announced this week for a May rollout:

The Mythical Marketplace is our web-based exchange to host the buying and selling of digital Blankos as #NFTs. 

This came as a bit of a shock. Many players/investors believe that Blankos would launch on the EOS mainnet. This belief was a driving force for the early Founders purchases. The community is just in raising its voice since Mythical rode a tide of:


Help was even offered to realize the dream. There’s also the issue of the extensive EOSVC fund.

Prospector news on the way

When it comes to games on EOS, Prospectors might prove to be the granddaddy of them all. Maybe it won’t become the most influential or impressive, but laying those early railroad tracks? Hard to deny Prospectors its claim to the Hall of EOS. It reigned for months in top spots in users, all the while adding new features and new world. Many implementations were the first of their kind. Consider the combined EOS and WAX transactions alone. Prospectors demonstrated the spirit of blockchain in the creation of bridges. The core user base knows this is only the beginning. Skills have not even been implemented yet. Then there’s the whole moss and horse thing. You judge if the team took liberty in calling the following a “gamechanger”:

Plots will not be rented in the Grand Land. The plots will be distributed in the form of #NFTs

A Medium article targets July 2021 for the Grand Land Sale.

CryptoFinney Report: The Burn

Is burning a big deal? For some cryptocurrencies it is. A few are founded on the principle. Often taking a back seat in discussions, burning can be a powerful inflationary tool. CryptoFinney decided it was time to gamify The Burn. For the EOS community, burning NFTs to mine new ones is an opportunity to really show off the technology

“Yo, I’m a CryptoFinney, and my compadres and I are about to take over the #WAX and #EOS blockchains.”

Here’s a link to a good conversation on the potential of NFTs, where it rained CryptoFinney Shift Gold Coins.


EOSweekly: Art Battles, TelePowerBot, Blankos, Liquid, Chintai, Lots of Eden, B1

was composing a tweet with summary 😎🤠instead hears the header for those who can’t pull away from Tele now that we’ve been PoweredUp

From Street.gems’ virtual art battles to Blankos’ marketplace, the NFT gaming space is starting to heat up. As a community, EOS achieved a level of maturity in EdenOS, B1 support, and the recognition of interoperability from projects like LiquidApps. Real world application, as those already happening in Venezuela, find hope in Chintai. Then there are new projects like ROW coming out of the Hackathon that hope to provide non-tech users comfort.


The internet added fun to people’s lives. Imagine what it was like transitioning from merely receiving information via television to interacting with words and eventually video on a computer screen. Online environments I’ve always been about more than communication. They allow for expression. It’s this liberation of confinement through expression that’s found in street art and associated cultures. This is why dotGems StreetDotgGems NFTs are a big deal. EOS Nation covered this topic and described activities like competitive art battles in virtual reality.

Blankos Update

June 7th, that’s right, and for those digital minds 06.07.2021, is the day. If you need to ask for what, then I’d bet you’ll be scrambling to buy with greater resolve. How long will it take for those mischievous Blankos to cause a ruckus for visitors? Alpha Marketplace will have enough to deal with. As big as it is for the Blankos universe to have its first marketplace for trade, the looming update is far greater. Angel Abreu covered the update in “The Mother of All Blankos Updates”. He highlights skills, skin mashups, seasonal events, and grade-ups.  For more intricate details, visit Blankos Junction.

PowerUp Lands on Telegram

The community felt a slight rumble first recognized by eospowerup. Using Telegram for PowerUps is something that should prove quite useful. Ops completed quickly and reliably out of the gate. Onboarding and time management are enough to make the effort worthwhile. Ventures like NFT drops now have one less thing to be concerned with. Veteran crypto users know about tip bots and side games leading to crypto rewards. Hard to imagine the Telegram PowerUp bot not expanding upon these engagement-driven activities. 

Prospectors announcement

WECAN released more information about the new land dynamic for Prospectors. Termed The Grand Land, players will have the opportunity to own their own land for the first time. The renting dynamic will remain in place for the old lands. A rail system will connect the lands allowing for the transportation of goods. New land will occur in stages. A long way to update expects to be integrated along the way. October 2021 is a target for the culmination of this next stage in the prospectors world. Sales of the first Grand Land will occur in mid June. https://prospectors.medium.com/the-grand-land-the-map-resources-plot-nfts-and-the-roadmap-816b309fd3d7

LiquidApps Development Update

EOSIO has already offloaded larger chains like Ethereum. These opportunities are only possible by developers who create bridges across chains. LiquidApps’ key focus is on this very dynamic. No easy task, the team demonstrates brilliance as it continues to move forward with placing EOS at the center of functional blockchain technology. The latest news involves interoperability for BinanceChain using LiquidBridge technology. Support for multiple EVM chains is among the highlights. Visit the LiquidApps gitbook for more details on both the latest version and specifics on Binance development.

EOS Solving Real Problems Now

Once again EOScauses a stir over its real world applications. This time, it was EdenOS calling attention to crypto in Venezuela. There’s a sense of an unstoppable movement occurring. More than 700 Venezuelan vendors now accept EOS as payment. The daily turnover rate has also been quite impressive. EOS is uniquely capable of delivering real world solutions in fast-paced environments.

Chintai CTO Philip Hamnet interviewed by Cryptowriter’s Brandon Lovejoy

From barcodes to QR codes to blockchain ledgers, the digitization of real world goods is finally coming to maturity. Regulatory compliant blockchain applications is a sensible course of action for the peaceful transition of new ledger technologies. Chintai is at the forefront of both of these efforts. The team,  led in part by CTO Philip Hamnet, puts EOSIO squarely at the center of the future of blockchain. Brandon Lovejoy interviewed Hamnet about Chintai’s ability to tokenize real world goods as well as discuss topics like the intent of code is law. The interview comes on the heels of news of the CHEX token being listed on Bitfinex.


Block.one Wire

B1 is as integral to EOS as any other member. EdenOS brought a much needed expanded spectrum of influence. Instead of fostering conflict or indifference, B1 has shown support for some Eden endeavors. With that in mind, here are a few things released this week out of the B1 camp:

Cryptowriter (CryptoFinney) Report

Seems like every week the Cryptowriter community adds something new. Likely to see wide use is a Drop and Project Update Calendar (more next week). Even small changes like the recent Telegram PowerUp Bot can have a great impact upon the community, its use of time, and interactions. Some stuff from around the community:

In addition to the BloxPopuli interview of Chintai CTO, this week’sThe Cryptowriter Podcast coverage included:

  • My Lotto Coin (on The Shift)
  • CoinBurp (on Blockpunks)
  • Eden on EOS (on Roundtable Live)
  • Lotus’ NFT Drops (on Behind the Pixel)
  • FIO Protocol (on The Shift)

Follow the link in the footer for the latest articles.

Around the EdenOS Community

Hard to imagine that in addition to weekly overviews for Block.one and Cryptowriter, that chatter across the EOSIO ecosystem won’t warrant a dedicated EdenOS section. Here goes the first one:

Please leave a comment if your struck by a way to improve or notice something missing.

EOSweekly: Voice 2.0 Beta, Green Crypto, vault.sx timeline, EOSIO 2.1, Newdex Whitepaper V2.0, B1 Wire, EdenOS NFTs

EdenOS Membership and NFTs

The first EdenOS memberships were minted as NFTs. The process also serves as a fund raising mechanism for the community. Chris Barnes won the Alpha Test. He announced the deposit of the 1000 EOS and reiterated the promise that it would be used for its stated purpose. Here’s what Chris said about the overall election process:


To delve deeper into Chris’ thought process as well as engage the community, visit the forums at EOSCommunity.org.

Voice Beta Test set to go out next week?

Maybe just a week later than scheduled, Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo announced that beta testers can expect an invite within the coming week. Visit Voice Blog for the latest on why NFTs are part of “social as it should be”. Freely minting NFTs on a top tier social media platform will be game changing. Salah also responded to questions from the community. Hopefully the Voice team has found the right mix of creator-friendly tools that flow well within a native blockchain architecture. It’s also crucial to point out that EOS expects to be at the core of the tokenomics. Genesis members who participated in the first version of Voice can feel confident knowing that their content remains accessible via download.

Green Crypto

Up until recently, Bitcoin’s power consumption was more a matter of pride than consumption. Using more than some small countries demonstrated significance on a global scale. Brendan Blumer led the ‘green crypto’ discussion this week.He pointed to the importance of a level playing field. Brendan also commented with Elon Musk and pointed out that green solutions are nowhere near perfect. Financial freedom doesn’t have the ring it should with respect to networking technology. Everyone would grasp how “Bitcoin mining is a free market bidding system”. Anyway that crypto is perceived, it’s the greener solution when in the leadership role of global finance.

Timeline of EOSX Vault Hack

As possibly the community’s favorite block producer, EOS Nation really stepped up this week. In response to the vaults.sx hack, the BP was able to both work a solution while informing the community the way one should following such an incident. Not only was detailed information provided, but it was done so in a way that is undeniably clear and easily accessible. This was a textbook response, not one of mere business protocol, but of foundational fortitude. You’re encouraged to visit the timeline of the hack and resolution proudly displayed at EOS Nation. Brendon Ross of rewired.one may have been the first to share a Reddit link to where “a hacker” apologized for exposing the vaults.sx vulnerability. Here’s the Twitter feed of Brendon Ross’ comment. In the apology, hacker bigcat1777, specifically mentions EOS nation and Yves La Rose. Visit the Reddit link to view the 40 or so comments delving into the mindset of both the hacker and the community.

Nodeos: Stable EOSIO 2.1 Release 

EOSIO v2.1.0 found a stable release this week. Block.one updated its release candidate last week and engaged the greater community on twitter. When asked to explain its significance, Matthew Darwin, an EOS blockchain system administrator, said:


Among the updates considered significant are features, security, and stability. There’s also a note that “security updates are relevant to all nodes on EOSIO blockchain networks”. Another step toward making the EOS ecosystem a direct competitor to traditional architecture.

Newdex Whitepaper V2.0 with ETH and CEX Listing Focus

Newdex announced Version 2 of its whitepaper. It begins with a brief history. Maybe the most eye grabbing initiative is the launch of ETH as well as BSC, HECO among other influential chains. Swap depth and top tier integration are details being attended to right now. 11 key points are listed in the whitepaper development plan. Here are highlights:

  • aggregate DEX depth and decision-friendly token information
  • virtual order-book with premium details and low fees
  • improve PoS mining pool services
  • launch DAO governance and IDO feature
  • reduce total supply and issue on multiple chains
  • rename token 🙂 

While not listed as one of the 11 key points, Newdex takes care to point out the goal to list DEX on “top” centralized exchanges by 2021. The Annual plan is clear “List DEX on top of centralized Exchanges”. Thedevelopment roadmap slates more robust, long term considerations. There was also a Telegram AMA dedicated to the V2 whitepaper.

Block.one Wire


In terms of Block.one itself, this week’s top news is a stable EOSIO 2.1 (more details in the Nodeos section above). A key impact for the ecosystem saw B1 tag EOS Costa Rica. The included  video is of the presentation made by gGoods at the Beyond Blockchain Hackathon. The open-source NFT standard makes it easy for communities to create crowdfunding tokens. The hope is itat gGoods will connect nonprofits with charitable causes towards global impact. Other matters B1 wished to highlight included scalability when developing identity solutions as well as surpassing 25k enrollments for EOSIO Training & Certification.

CryptoFinney (Cryptowriter) Report

As much of a selling point as this tweet is, hard to argue with Cryptowriter’s approach toward valuing community engagement (Round 3):


Maybe the world needs a real good shakeup to wake from the unhealthy slumber of traditional social media. If someone developed a dApp, connected to say a reward providing Membership Card, capable of easily recording transparent engagement statistics, small communities may prove to ascend the draw of Twitter analytics. Members and administrators could actively gravitate toward best practices. Tyron Biggums sure did make a splash in the Finney4Everyone contest. Writer.io COO, Sean Ballent, discussed a future with Voice in an eight part thread. Check out more EOS/crypto articles and podcasts from Cryptowriter.


EdenOS Alpha Test Results

It didn’t take long for EdenOS to bring the community closer together. It’s part of Dan’s long-term vision and philosophy of ‘code as law’. EdenOS might very well prove to be the most profound event to impact EOS since its creation. It’s already drawing attention from mainstream influencers like Dr. Jordan Peterson. The Alpha Test successfully tested a fully representative, voiced election. The election was about more than voting. Ideas were recorded and expected to move forward as representatives were selected for successive rounds. Lower round commitments are expected to shuttle alongside each representative. For condensed robustness, here’s a list of resources with brief descriptions:


The EOSX Vault, a flash loan system, was hacked this past week. Here’s a technical write up. Apparently vaults.sx smart contract was vulnerable to a reentry attack. Figuring that a white hat was responsible for the code exploit, EOS Nation offered a modest reward of 100,000 USDT. This was a fraction of the more than 1 million EOS and nearly half a million in USDT that was grabbed. It didn’t take long for a solution to arise with reportedly all of the funds safe and set to be returned.

Is Tesla Eyeing EOS to Replace BTC?

It was big news when Elon Musk bought Bitcoin. Tesla grabbed headlines again when its vehicle could be purchased with BTC. Then came the shocking news that Tesla could no longer accept BTC in good conscience. The decision was based on environmental concerns, a situation already widely known. There had to be more to the story and it seems that EOS is part of it. Low transaction and operational costs make EOS the best choice. It’s impact on the economy is an almost unnoticeable fraction compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. EOS Arabia provided a few environmental impact stats. Blumer had a few things to say on the matter. He mentioned BTC mining at scale, comparable carbon footprints, that Elon likely didn’t initiate the move, and hinted at why EOS is possibly an option. 

Block.one’s Roshaan Khan and Blockstalks Jack Tanner Help Tackle Data Privacy

How much are Block.one and the EOS community focused on data privacy? Read The State of Blockchain Privacy announcement published on May 13 on eos.io for an overview of what’s in the works. EOSIO Data Privacy Working Group already has a roadmap and set of recommendations. Targeted agendas of the initiative include:

  • The use of cryptography in deploying blockchain for business solutions
  • Advantages of shared public ledgers to manage identities, controlling access, and improve scaling through shared ledgers
  • Variability of privacy levels and code visibility
  • Promote innovation and accelerate data migration

The full report can be downloaded from arVix, a curated sharing platform maintained by Cornel Tech.

Liquidity: Binance <-> EOS


LiquidApps continues to push the envelope toward an engulfing liquid crypto ecosystem. It wasn’t long ago that the team created an Ethereum bridge. Here’s a tutorial for the DAPP network and EOSIO bridges. With a Binance bridge supporting all the other recent action, the EOS community is truly ready to soar. Not surprising that the LiquidApps team is hiring both smart contract developers and technical writers.

Interview with Cypherglass CEO Adrianna Mendez


I very much like the name Cypherglass. Maybe it’s because Zack Gall and Rob Finch profoundly influenced my (and many others I’m sure) EOS learning curve. Adrianna Mendez has been CEO of Cypherglass for over a year now. She was on Episode 3 of The Shift (The Cryptowriter Podcast #19). Adrianna starts with a bit of a background, the pandemic, and balancing the development of new technology for new money. She also went into diversity and women in business and throughout the world. 

“Being in blockchain is powerful if you can wield it the right way.” [07:18]

EOS ventures tend to be for the long haul. Consider how just this past week, we closed out the EdenOS Alpha Test with the Everything EOS sign off “Go EOS!”

Block.one Wire

Bullish Global, a new cryptocurrency exchange, was announced this week. Block.one and several prominent investors including PeterThiel, Alan Howard, and Louis Bacon, as well as the global investment bank Nomura, raised $10 billion in funding. This was a globally recognized story carried by the Financial Times and Bloomberg, as well as blockchain focused media outlets like CoinDesk. The Bullish move is thought to be behind the mid-week price spike of EOS. This week B1 also drew attention to non-profits and NFTs and launched an EOSIO Data Privacy Working Group (more details in a previous section about data privacy). CEO Brendan Blumer mentioned first steps taken toward ProFi, EOS long-term strategy, how EOS advances blockchain, and EOS as eco-friendly

CryptoFinney (Cryptowriter) Report

Delayed by about a day, the community finally got to see Floppy, the first BTCminer drop (a pretty big deal). A CryptoFinney of Dan Larimer was auctioned this week. Stache gave away a CryptoStashe. Other auctions took place including an all but steal of a gold CryptoFinney dressed in black. There was also the rare drop of a Cowboy. CryptoFinney’s are an exciting market. Where EOS Genesis Finney Coins went for twice that of those on WAX. NFT Joe invited artists to participate in Behind the Pixel. Some of our Cryptowriter articles covering new topics  not previously mentioned include:

Don’t forget our weekly The Cryptowriter Podcast #19 (more details in the section discussing the interview with Adrianna Mendez).


EdenOS Alpha Test Election

Dan Larimer reached out to the community to announce a new smart contract testing framework:


Here’s a short video discussing some of what’s involved in testing EdenOS using this new method. Volunteers will conduct the test manually. 1000 EOS is set aside for the winner of the mock election. For more information, visit my article EdenOS Alpha and EOS’ Light Over the Horizon. Also, keep May 13th open for the Alpha test. Anyone who completes a registration, has an EOS account and joins the telegram discussion is eligible. Here’s a direct link to the instructions for the Eden Test Election.

Soaring EOS Price

Everything in crypto is up. Ethereum continues to break all time high while Bitcoin crept down along with the rest of the industry. And then EOS made an impressive move over the course of just a few days. It did not break all-time highs but did pull out of a 2-year slump breaking through 10, 11, and 12 dollar barriers in response to recent press. It was just a month ago that Citigroup’s and Inter-American Development Bank’s use of cross border payments via EOSIO-based LACChain hit mainstream media. It’s not everyday that Bitcoin makes NASDAQ news, let alone a cryptocurrency outside of the top 20. Here’s an NFT I minted to commemorate the 2 year all time high. Maybe most important is that independent blockchain ecosystems are beginning to show some personality. 

Decentralized Web Hosting via DappSurf Net.inc

Growing the crypto community means meeting needs already being serviced. Web Hosting is fundamental for a decentralized future. Net.inc recently held a poll to help choose a new name. It did so just before announcing EOS as the first public blockchain where users have access to decentralized web hosting. Net.inc achieves this at a much lower cost than traditional web hosting. Developers will also enjoy the use of block producer infrastructure for free. Look out for powerful updates in the days ahead.

Dan Larmier: The Sovereignty of Blockchains

With the growth of EOScommunity.org and recent strides toward making EdenOS and ClarionOS a reality, Dan Larimer took the time to examine the implications of EdenOS with respect to principles outlined in More Equal Animals. In a post entitled The Sovereignty of Blockchains, Dan compares blockchain environments to that of land ownership across different national regulatory regimes. He examines how to ensure true Democratic governance and funding mechanisms. Considering this discussion of sovereign blockchains, it’s worth mentioning a recent announcement by Upbit and the Korean EOS Token Holder Association. Voting rights are being returned to the community by separating cold wallets into micro accounts, among other actions (found thanks to rektkid). 

Block.one Wire

It was not long ago that EOSIO-based tech caught the eyes of the banking community (e.g. Citigroup). Add this to the attention brought by the Hackathon and staking proposal, and it becomes clear that Block.one has a lot to consider. Maybe that’s why this week Block.one focused on users. PowerUp resource automation and tools are critical to future success. Among the advantages highlighted were:

  • Chintai Network’s CHARM and the way its automatic allocation helps dapp developers
  • Community funded transitions
  • Wallets: Anchor, TokenPocket, and Bloks.io

As the ecosystem of EOSIO-based technology grows, B1 expands its influence and leadership to accommodate a more diverse user base. B1 demonstrated its leadership again by calling attention to an onboarding webinar. 

Voice Update

Voice is no more, at least in terms of long form content. Voice 2.0 introduces NFTs to social media. And yes, there will still be a native token and it will integrate with EOS. CEO Salah Zalatimo outlined the coming changes in a recent tweet. There’s a 3-month timeline to launch over the summer. A primary goal is to comply with us regulators for acceptance of the (fungible) Voice Token. The native token is designed to advance the platform’s strategic vision as a solution for many of the issues plaguing social media today. A primary reason for not building directly on the mainnet was the restrictions imposed by some US states, particularly New York. Salah also thanked the Genesis community and provided reassurance that the new beta will be launching soon.

Early Access to Anchor on Android

Early access to Anchor’s Android authenticator was announced last week. This initial stage seeks to refine and improve the user experience. Developers successfully audited the codebase in terms of security. Still, caution is recommended until a sufficient amount of feedback is generated. Only ‘minimal value’ accounts are recommended. The authenticator connects external EOS applications. Integrated apps can be found here. For those new to EOS, Anchor is developed by Greymass, a battle tested group and innovation leader.

DAO Bulls: A Refreshing Perspective on DAOs

With the announcement of the EOSIO Hackathon winners last week, DAO Bulls took the opportunity to highlight it’s top spot project. DAO Bulls explained that at its basic level is enabling users to spin up a DAO in minutes. You read that correctly- just minutes. Other key features will include redefining the online community, searchable DAOs, vote configuration, and shareholder settings. Check out the 5 minute video presentation to learn a bit more.

CryptoFinney (Cryptowriter) Report

There’s a lot going on at Cryptowriter. Maybe it’s best described by @NaroochESH:




EOSweekly: EOS Green, Chintai, Greymass, Blankos, Blumer, B1, EdenOS, and Finney

EOS Authority, Upland  and ClimateCare Offset Entire EOS Carbon Footprint

A collaboration led by EOS Authority with Upland and ClimateCare has managed to offset the entire carbon footprint of the EOS mainnet for the year. EOS Authority praised the efficiency of EOSIO tech for the successful effort. You’ll find several statistics if you visit the “Green” page at EOS Authority. Annual CO2 emissions, electricity, and BP numbers as specified on the site on July 13:

  • 21 Block Producers
  • 19 Standby Producers
  • 281 tonnes of CO2
  • 630.72 Energy MWh

 EOS is touted as “world’s first major carbon neutral blockchain” there as well. “The EOS Blockchain has gone green!

Chintai’s Solution for Capital Markets


Chintai is among the most active teams within the EOSIO ecosystem. This week’s focus is on private capital markets. It’s a more efficient solution that provides leverage for small asset managers, SMEs and individuals. Chintai compares itself to the white label solution of Shopify.

The team is building the “first regulated decentralized venue” for capital markets. The hope is to deliver the “best of both worlds”. The team is actively hiring help to build a more “fair and transparent financial system”.

Greymass Developing a Web Wallet

Greymass now has a web wallet. The team reached out to the community to help with improvements, though, it seems rather impressive already. The initial focus is on core functionality like viewing token balances, completing transfers and transaction transparency. Additional features of note include:

  • Multi sign-in options
  • Swaps 
  • Functionally on both mobile and PC
  • Dark mode
  • Account value and token prices
  • Advanced resource management tools

Greymass will also be “turning off the legacy version of Fuel on July 1st” . The new version will remain active

Blankos NFT for Watching E3 Keynote on Twitch

On June 14th Blankos Block Party is teaming up with Twitch to drop a special NFT. Those wishing to claim this NFT sporting the letters “N F T” will need to watch 15 minutes of the team at E3. E3 is among the most watched events in the gaming industry. The crowd it draws is also impressive. As for Blankenstein Blanko, they are classified as NFT. Not all Blankos are. So you own Blankenstein and may trade them if you wish. For more information and the specifics on how to claim, visit the Blankos blog. The PROMO comes days after completing series B funding. Adam Bain also chimed in on the wonder that is Blankos Block Party.

Blumer’s Warning and Envisioned Solution

Brendan Blumer does some amazing things as CEO of Block.one. He balances events happening as grand as those on a global scale with the relative microcosm within B1. Here’s his latest rumbling tweet:


For some time now, Blumer has been preparing the community to take a leadership role in crypto going mainstream. Compliant, programmable monetary solutions are seen as the best solution given regulatory interest and current technology. The CoinDesk article Blumer was responding to is entitled “DeFi Derivatives May Be Illegal: CFTC Commissioner”.

B1 Wire

Remember Block.one’s big win in D.C.? Today it has settled the class action lawsuit for just under $28 million. The settlement is pending approval but looks to go through. The statement from B1 reads as follows:

“Block.one believes this lawsuit was without merit and filled with numerous inaccuracies. However, accepting this settlement allows us to focus more time and energy on running our business and delivering new products.”

There are few within the community that believe B1 was deserving of the headache. Now, for the second time, the dedicated team of developers find some justice. Other news around B1 includes:

  • The call for developers to get involved with Stack Exchange
  • Attention placed on Nodeos clustering to help systems administrators present a better UX
  • Ultra adds to the EOSIO developer arsenal through gaming, incentives streaming, and infrastructure

Around EdenOS Community(s)


The first Eden on EOS Fractal Democracy Roundtable took place this week. Attendees include Dan Larimer, Brandon Lovejoy, Chris Barnes, and Lennie. Fractal democracy is believed to be the solution we need for governance in the age of blockchain. The discussion tookoff ‘hot’ with the discussion of who is, will be and what can be done as Satoshi. Dan is the current interim Satoshi and will be voting in elections. Chris Barnes won the first alpha election. Other events around EdenOS include:

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

As impressive as the Malfunction Finney is, this week’s image must go to the pet collection. What has our alien friend got in store for us? The world? The 3rd Behind the Pixel Membership Card drop on the EOS side was the Face Mask. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Cryptowriter, especially at FinCity. Your encourage to join the telegram community and find Finney in Uplift. Noteworthy articles for the EOS community and greater ecosystem include:

The Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week include:

  • Roundtable – Blockchain & the Environment / The Cryptowriter Podcast LIVE
  • Bulging Idiot – Behind the Pixel Drop / The Cryptowriter Podcast #34
  • Cryptowriter Community Podcast, RoloDex
  • Bonz – Staking NFTs on WAX with R-Planet / The Cryptowriter Podcast LIVE

EOSweekly: Mergers for Bullish and Chintai, Inflation Proposal, T-Starter, Ultra Launch, Hot Sauce, and the Wires

B1 Bullish on an SEC Far Point Compliant Merger 

It was not long ago that Block.one hinted at Bullish, an exciting exchange for the EOS ecosystem.  Just when official announcements began circulating, Peter Thiel grabbed the spotlight as a prominent backer. If you followed the efforts of B1 and Brendan Blumer, then you’re probably aware of the term ProFi, programmable finance. Blumer has stressed compliance as key for the mass adoption of crypto. It is this aspect that appears a clear advantage of the imminent Bullish merger with Far Point. According to an SEC filing, Far Point Acquisition Corp. is “primarily in the business of services-computer processing & data preparation”. How far will this move go toward assuring that Bullish mates regulatory compliance and is ready for launch? Thanks to Rekkid for sniping this one.

Chintai Partnership

Two partnerships in one week? Market makers must be getting ready for something big. Chintai’s partnership choice in Chimera Wealth is also focused on US compliance. PR Newswire described the motivation as: 

…remove numerous manual internal processes that are usually performed by a fund administrator…

Those few words above will likely scare some dedicated souls of traditional finance. Still, it’s hard to argue that more opportunities will be the result. The world is likely to witness something even grander than what the Internet did for stock trading. Also this week, the Chintai team retweeted the importance Mike Novigratz placed on defi compliance for major protocols. 

Proposal to Redesign Inflation to Include Token Holders

Block.one’s proposal to change how block producers are rewarded may prove quite profound. The community was encouraged to comment on Twitter. The essence of the proposal is to reward token holders. At present, voting on EOS incurs a cost that only BPs resolve. If B1’s proposal is accepted, token holders will be rewarded directly. The inflation discussion extended to EdenOS. Funding the new governance community is believed to yield great significance from a mere 0.25% adjusted allotment.

T-Starter Brings Much Needed Project and Cross-Chain Support to the Ecosystem

After already finding some success on TLOS, T-Starter gets set to build a launchpad on EOS (June 29th). T-Starter is a different project from EOSTARTER (mentioned in the last EOSweekly). Both center around crowdfunding. T-Starter’s vision is one of a cross-chain defi ecosystem where projects can self list and the DEX is fully automated. After sufficiently developing these two applications, listed projects will be able to complete their own IDO. T-Starter aims to compete with leading platforms. Some proof of the team’s commitment toward this end is the simultaneous WAX seed sale. For more information about the project visit the Medium blog.

Ultra Mainnet Ready

For many, Ultra’s Mainnet launch may very well be the most exciting thing to happen in crypto this year. The Ultra team was inspired to build a better blockchain-based solution. What developed was the promise of blockchain to improve upon traditional platforms. Ultra accomplishes what many believed to be impossible or years away, an all-in-one gaming ecosystem. Core functions include:

  • game distribution
  • developer management and publishing center
  • compliant NFT standard
  • cross-chain wallet
  • transaction manager
  • SDK (games and apps)
  • queryable history

And that’s just for starters:

We’ll be going over the details of Wave 2 in the coming weeks!

ExperimentalOS Hot Sauce

When is ever adding heat to an already fiery hot sauce a bad thing. The team at EOS Nation must be extra excited about something to concoct a new formula that enlivens some of the old flavors and introduces new sensations like:

  • Spicing up NFTs 
  • Live chats tips for things like scavenger hunts
  • Cryptovoxel after parties
  • Live Discord chats 

Tune in on Saturdays at 1600 UTC. And here’s the latest batch of ExOS Hot Sauce, less than a day old (from this publication).

Around EdenOnEoS


EdenOnEOS surpassed 100 members this week. The second trial election is now open for registration. Chris Barnes, the winner of the first trial election, spoke about EdenOS’ capacity to enact positive on chain governance as well as its application in other areas. The EdenOnEOS twitter account reawoke an ancient crypto post from 2013:


Here’s the source postl by Dan Larimer. Follow these suggestions for an invite.

B1 Wire

B1 retweeted Gimly’s  EOSIO Identity Working Group, a self-sovereign ecosystem for both industry and government. Decentralized identities and users in control of their data form the basis of the system. Block.one put the spotlight on EcoMatcher which I covered in a separate article earlier this week. B1 also brought attention to training for smart contracts, 83k in EOS paid to a contractor development, and its developer relations newsletter.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Visit Finney.World to discover the many things on the horizon for our beloved android. You’ll find a lot scrolling down on that roadmap like Volume 1 packs are on the way (July), 2.0 to follow, and a whole lot more. All the while OGC and friends diligently construct a playground inside the Uplift metaverse. Have fun hunting for coins. This week was Round 8 of our engagement winners. Here’s another way to score a coin.

Writer and UltraRare are teaming up to bring you a gruesome art collab for the ages. 

Check out all the Cryptowriter articles including these supporting a healthy ecosystem in and around EOS ecosystem:

Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week:


EOS Starter… Enough Said

Among the most heated issues around EOS discussion groups is that of project funding. Most around the community consider EOSVC a disappointment. The promise of a billion dollars in support of ecosystem development has instead often gone to non-EOS-based projects. This is why the mandate behind EOS Starter is such a big deal. Here’s part of it:

The idea behind EOSTARTER is to build a platform that is powered by …, governed by …, and for the benefit of the community… 

It’s a clear directive with core objectives centered around community. EOS Starter is one of the brightest hopes for the future of the ecosystem. Co-founder Hernan After released the official announcement this week.

Liquid Ethereum


What is it about LiquidApps that seems to foster hope? If you’ve been in EOS a while you’ve heard the name. It always accompanies respect. If you investigated LiquidApps then the rest of this entry is thought candy. You know that the team is about building bridges to leverage the full potential of EOS. My hope is that by now you understand that the recent Ethereum bridge test is merely one effort in a vast undertaking to complete the ultimate blockchain network. It’s about large scale practical applications of distributed systems.

Chintai Licensing is Now Closer with Bovil Partnership 

Chintai partnered with Bovill, an international regulatory consultancy. It’s potentially a big step toward crypto acceptance. The Chintai platform is important because it can cut compliance costs by over 50%.  Bovil was chosen because of its technical expertise in the finance industry. Support for digital assets solutions was particularly singled out. The Chintai team believe that Bovil will help reach its licencing goals.

Prospectors Land Sale Glitchy Sell Out

The Grand Land sale has finally started. 2,900 lands were sold at $150. The large sale will require PGL. To ensure distribution, every account was held at a 10 minute cooldown following each purchase. The system was almost instantly overrun. Before many could ever bid, timers had been reset. A rush of buyers was overwhelming for the account ram. This didn’t stop 500 resale properties from instantly entering the market. Lucky resellers instantly double or triple their investment. For HODLers, even grander excitement awaits as Prospectora game mechanics get an upgrade.

R-Planet New Elements


Excitement garnering around R-Planet exceeds its perceived innovative brilliance. Illustrating this point is the non-stop commotion following the third rig sale all while the community raced to invent new items. As new NFT elements’ generation slowed, the community immediately began to grow restless. Then, before the full flavor of distaste spread, new elements and staking options appeared. If there’s this much commotion during evacuation, just imagine what the launch will be like.

Voice Update

If you’re wondering about voice, rest assured that the team is actively engaged with creators and making progress towards revolutionizing social media. There’s a different flavor about a platform that embraces NFT technology at its core. Here’s some news out of the camp this week:Misan Harriman

  • “NFTs help us fulfill the promise of the internet, …”
  • Q&A with photographer, creative director and cultural commentator Misan Harriman
  • Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo praised Nicole Ruggier for an ingenious application of a glb file that responds to a viewer’s touch and can be incorporated into a 3D map for use in augmented reality.

Ultra Gets Ready to Redefine Gaming

Ultra announced its final update prior to the mainnet launch. As a complete gaming solution, Ultra is poised to transform gaming and associated digital assets as they’re known today. The Ultra platform will connected both centralized and decentralized services in at least the following areas:

  • gameplay 
  • discovery
  • purchases and sales
  • live-streaming feeds
  • interacting with influencers
  • contests and tournaments

Lead Product Owner, Martin Le Masson, expressed the team’s pride in the ease of blockchain account creation and a seamless ready-to-use wallet. For those wondering about native UOS tokens, Ultra assures that they will be easily swappable for ERC 20 tokens. Ultra means to make its platform available to various communities around the world. To help accomplish its objectives, Ultra hired 8 new colleagues. The team is still looking to fill 20 positions and expects more to open up. Among the key areas include backend and blockchain engineers, as well as a product owner and scrum master.

Proposed Standard for Music NFTs

Music is often compared to visual arts. However, there are substantial differences that the industry bears alone. Like movies, listeners expect easy, fast searchable databases. Unlike movies and shows, individual songs can be brief. cXc.world takes advantage of blockchain with users and creators in mind. It’s music NFT (schema) standard eases technical aspects and dissemination. cXc.world even developed a whole blockchain curation system.

B1 Wire and EOS at 3

This week Block.one focused on the “real-life solutions” overviewed on it’s #BuiltOnEOSIO series. There you’ll find numerous projects and the advantages they provide over traditional systems. Another important hot topic is that of the Stake-Base Voting & Rewards proposal. You’re encouraged to share your thoughts. B1 also brought attention to a video discussing the way Nodeos clustering improves network integrity and asked developers which 2.1 feature benefited them most. A couple of weeks ago, the state of the EOS mainnet turning 3 was briefly examined. A lot goes into deploying a mainnet which makes agreeing on it’s exact birthdate a bit of a quandary. B1 also retweeted EOS Authority’s ‘official birthday’ celebration of June 14, 2018.

Around EdenOS Community(s)


Real world crypto solutions are starting to get to be old news around here. OK, not really, but it’s no longer a shock. Check out the new heights reached this week:

EdenOS is about the pure concepts of democracy. Fractal governance on blockchain provides for solutions that would be otherwise impossible. As all the multifaceted elements come together people wonder if EOS should hold the top market cap position.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

While we await the CryptoFinney roadmap, we can discuss the leaked Crypto Finney Bunny image set to launch on July 10th. If you’re a Finney fan then also look into Brendan Woodward’s monthly State of CryptoFinney series. Some of the other Cryptowriter articles covering news around the EOS community and greater ecosystem include:

  • Round 7 Cryptowriter NFT Engagement Winners!
  • EOSTARTER Launches to Incubate EOS Innovation
  • Where Is All The XRP Crypto Art?
  • US Federal Reserve moves towards increase interest rates
  • NFTs and Adult Entertainment
  • Update: Nifty Gateway’s 889th Problem

Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week include:

  • Roundtable – Groundbreaking Series Art in the WAX NFT Space
  • Crypto Artist Karen Eng
  • EOSTARTER, Hernan Arber
  • Brendan Woodward, The State of Finney 2
  • Ricardo Brochado, NFTs

This week also saw a Cryptowriter Tee promo.

EOSweekly: Ultra Revenue Sharing, 2nd Mock Election Update, a blockchain DL, mobile NFT Drops app, Chainflux EdenOnEOS, and Finney

Ultra Live and Developer Revenue Sharing

When the Ultra mainnet went live it marked a new era in gaming. The team’s dedication to revolutionize a gaming ecosystem that centers around digital asset ownership is unmatched: 

Since 2018, we’ve been working hard to build an ecosystem that rewards players and game developers

While the platform is “focused on NFTs” and streaming, there’s so much more. Take revenue sharing for example, it makes promoting new games all that much easier. This feature enables game developers to mark a percentage of the initial sales for enticing new users. This is also an area where influencers expect to shine. These surely just a few of many treasured innovations to come.

Trial Election Part 2

On July 17, 2021 at 17:UTC, EdenOnEOS will hold Trial Election II. More than 2,500 EOS has been budgeted for those who are elected to see fit. Fractal democracy is among the most important things to happen to EOS. Benefits can be seen already in how well EOSPowerup works. Issues like the timely publications of interest to the community now become directly incentivized. Aspiring members and those just wanting to learn more, you can register here! This mock election is open to everyone. Existing members should take the time now to register to help ascertain the turnout and ease the efforts of volunteers. To listen to the Satoshi from the first mock election, visit the EOSIO Workshop #9 by NovaCypto. We in the community are really excited about EdenOnEOS. Don’t worry if you’re the forgetful type; there will be another reminder next week. 

Korea’s Driver’s Licence Goes Blockchain

Korea is one of the strongest national interests for the advancement of blockchain. RaonSecure added to the legacy by announcing the development of blockchain-based driver’s licenses. It’s about more than just driver’s licenses. RaonSecure led the development of a nextgen identification system based on blockchain. Initial features will include face -to-face identification, credential for a variety of services, as well as making many existing DL use cases easier. Block.one must either really have taken to the project or has some sort of vested interest to have tweeted about it this week. https://twitter.com/raonsecure/status/1408285201873080320

RAON is a publicly traded Korean-based company that directly impacts over 1,000 organizations in areas of security and authentication. 

Nifty Drops: Universal NFT Mobile App

Both collectors and creators will benefit from the Nifty Drops mobile app. The first of its kind, Nifty Drops makes searching through scheduled drops as easy and fast as can be:

…Nifty Drops app comprises a calendar of live and upcoming NFT drops where NFT collectors can quickly and easily swipe through to view the latest NFT drops and click directly through to the NFT marketplace to bid on and buy the NFTs that catch their eye.

Initial drop sharing is free by submitting a link on the telegram group. Creators will soon be able to share directly to the calendar. The owner of the app, Nifty Inc., claims to be “the first IOS and Android App to feature live NFT drops across ALL blockchains”. 

B1 Wire: Chainflux

Not much news out of Block.one this week. Chainflux was spotlighted on the blog for its promise to deliver a universal regulatory solution for supply chain traceability and verification. Is the team focused on a Bullish release? Is the focus on supporting the Voice team for Summer Launch? While B1 did tweet about Korea’s Blockchain DL, Chainflux, and the much anticipated Ultra mainnet going live, it was otherwise quiet for B1 itself. Or, maybe the staked-based voting proposal consumed efforts as EOS Detroit introduced recommendations. For developers looking for something more from B1, there was a brief announcement about installing EOSIO binaries.

Around EdenOnEOS

EdenOS and ClarionOS were introduced to the community about the same time. Clarion was actually first. This week’s Crypto Apologist Bot takes a look at Clarion as a social layer to match the governance of EdenOS. Trial Election Part 2, I know, I know, I already mentioned the EdenOnEOS second mock election above. And sure, I promised another reminder next week. Here are two compelling reasons to register from @EOSEden anyway. Learn more here

Cryptowriter (CryptoFinney) Report: RoloOut!

If you thought that either KillerFinney by Ultra Rare Collectables or WarFinnney who’s already got his own posse would be this week’s headliner, you’d be wrong, well at least for the latter half of the week. With Finney.world released last week, there was no shortage of new content. Even still, I’m sure no one will argue if Rolo takes the cover shot. Also on the NFT spectrum this week was an interesting adaptation of Finney by JNK10, also a Rolo fan. See the winners of Round 9 of the most engaged users. Check out these and all the Cryptowriter articles that support a healthy ecosystem in and around the EOS:

Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week:

EOSweekly: Pompelo, Voice, Blankos, Cryptology, ChangeNOW, and the Wires

Pomelo Crowdfunding Comes to EOS

Have you heard? Bullish (exchange), EdenOS (governance), and Voice (NFTs), all alpha stage projects committed to taking EOS even further. Pomelo? Another crowdfunding resource to complement EdenOS should provide even greater lift for dedicated community members. Pomelo is an open source approach towards crowdfunding. Mark Bailey covered Pomelo’s “democratized crowdfunding’ and its Gitcoin inspiration in an article for Cryptowriter. EOS Nation CEO, Daniel Keys, expressed the team’s excitement over the new project.

“Our new product team has been having so much fun with this…”

Voice Residency

Recognition of creators throughout history has not often been timely. Voice’s NFT Residency hopes to change the paradigm. ‘Raise Our Voice’ leverages the minting of NFTs for emerging creators. This comes at a time when NFTs grabbed the media attention and artists struggle to stake a claim. Voice CEO, Salah Zalatimo, emphasized how NFTs can complete the internet by supporting the concept of concept of 1,000 True Fans:

“NFTs help us fulfill the promise of the internet, where every creator can find their 1,000 true fans.”

William Anderson, VP of Engineering, expressed the timeliness of Voice’s efforts:

“We live at a pivotal point in history for what ownership and authorship mean,” says 

Baylee Mozjesik conducted a residency interview with Chad Knight to discuss The Future of Art. Kimberly Drew and several others are mentioned in the residency article, along with links to their expression.


Christian Angermayer, founder of Apeiron Investment Group, introduced the Cryptology Asset Group. Christian announced Cryptology’s $100 million investment strategy to support new crypto ventures. This is important for the EOS ecosystem as illustrated by this blog post:

“…Cryptology offers indirect participation in iconic crypto giant Block.one, the publishers of EOSIO, and their newly announced exchange, BULLISH.”

As big as Block.one is within the crypto space, it’s confronted by substantial challenges when paired against traditional markets. Cryptology seeks to strengthen its crypto portfolio with B1 projects in mind. This puts another organization in the spotlight in support of taking the next step. For those wondering how committed, here’s a quote from Cryptology’s homepage:

“Blockchain and crypto currencies will reshape finance just as the internet did communication.”

– Mike Novogratz

If you scroll down, you’ll notice that B1 tops its portfolio.

Limitless: ChangeNOW Touts EOS OVER Ethereum

EOSEden tweeted about ChangeNOW’s mention of EOS as:

“Lightning-fast and free to use #EOS.”

ChangeNOW offers instant crypto exchanges with support for over 200 coins (according to its blog). Accounts are free with a focus on speed and security. EOS makes the app possible. A recent blog article entitled “Lightning-fast and free to use. Discover EOS and see how you can use it”, outlined why ChangeNOW believes EOS is the best solution. Ethereum is reimagined as being ‘free of fees’. ChangeNOW also points out that even Ethereum knows it must shift in this direction as a new version of the #2 blockchain is in the works. Much of the rest of ChangeNOW’s post appears geared toward onboarding new EOS users.

Blankos Gets a Major Update

The much anticipated Blankos update is here. Experienced players may initially feel as though they’re in blockparty. Next, the tutorial thrusts players into the gameplay before finding the hub. Once there, the landscape is surprisingly less to look at than before the update. Then, you quickly find out how to unlock realms. More quests, more features, and many ideas still to manifest, Blankos Block Party does not disappoint. It’s as much about creativity as gameplay. There’s a clear, dedicated passion behind what the team hopes to accomplish. Add to this possibly the first mainstream quality game with meaningful NFTs, and the hype is proved well attributed. Blankos has also been rumored to become console gaming- Amazing! Note that this was initially an EOS project, but may no longer directly impact the community if NFTs only sell on Ethereum. Still, Mythical warrant attention considering, as rektkid put it:

How many NFT projects do you know hiring for an economist?

EOS Third Birthday: Action, Action, We Got Action


How is EOS celebrating turning 3? Glancing over this week’s preceding headlines, one gets a sense of ACTION. From funding ventures like EdenOS, B1 and Cryptology to a major Blankos update and the stir around Uplift. For individual NFT collectors, there’s R-Planet, Bitverse, Upland and CryptoFinney (actually tradeable for EOS). While EOS NFTs remain in WAX’s shadow, there is a lot of momentum gaining on Atomic Hub. Visit my effort to chart active EOS NFT projects from last week if you’re not convinced. Turning 3 didn’t rock the community as past birthdays have. EdenOS’ portrayed the mood:

3 years has passed for #EOS…18 minutes are worth spending to watch this video again: “EOS 1st Birthday Celebration!”

There’s also a timeline compiled by EOS Nation looking back on EOS’s second birthday. Overwhelming community activity seems the better gift than a celebratory pizza party, at least at this point.

Block.one Wire

Some tidbits and calls to action from B1’s sphere of influence:

Around the EdenOS Community

Chris Barnes shouted out a Go EOS and invited the community to view his membership NFT now that he’s an official Eden on EOS member. If you’re just tuning in, Chris won the first Alpha test election. He was also entrusted with some EOS to support project development. Also profoundly influencial during the first test was a representative from the Korean EOS Token Holder’s Association. The group appears to be heating up. Other news siphoned out of EdenOS and EOS Community Forums:

Please comment if you have ideas on how to improve the Around the EdenOS Community section.

Cryptowriter (CryptoFinney) Report

Following last week’s mayhem, Cryptowriter continued to churn, albeit at a slightly relaxed pace. Was OG Crackhead Finney at Bitcoin Miami 2021? Good probability considering the overall lul in EOS activity on regular Twitter chats. Or maybe it’s all the buzz around Fincity, Uplift. No worries for those maximalists secretly HODLing EOS. Whether you’re at THE CONFERENCE or at ShitCoin2021, Cryptowriter has you covered for when your brain gets back. Among the highlights this week were EOSIO Block Producers Vol. 2 on Roundtable Live, NFT Artist: Sparrow on Behind the Pixel, winners of round 5 of the NFT engagement, and the much anticipated [confidential] drop of the Red Dragon Complete. Other EOS articles published this week were:

  • What You Need to Know About Joining EdenOS
  • Why EOS and other crypto’s could shelter many from the U.S. $6 Trillion Budget Plan
  • Pomelo for Crowdfunding the EOS Ecosystem
  • EOS Could Be the Future of Blockchain

The Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes:

  • To Edge of Obscurity and Back Again… In 45 Minutes or Less
  • EOSIO Block Producers Vol. 2 (Roundtable Live)

Follow the link in the footer for all the latest articles.


EOSweekly: Bullish is Here, DAPP Vote Passes, LACChain, VR Battles, Voice

Bullish Rolls Onto the Runway and Set to Take Off

Bullish went live with its Private Pilot exchange. The program will last 7 weeks. Several of the features planned for the public release have been deployed. Mimic conditions include “product functionality, exchange operation, and customer support”. The most exciting features will undoubtedly be the proprietary Hybrid Order Book.and Bullish Liquidity Pools.  B1 and Bullish remain community focused as demonstrated by Brendan Blumer proactive inquiry into the most desired assets for trade:

What #EOS assets are you most keen to trade on an exchange?

Bullish is giving away Yubi Keys. They will be used for logging in instead of passwords. This method should prove a step up from most wallet solutions like browser based solutions. A few regular contributors of EOS chat rooms have already got the chance to try out the Bullish UI, including Everything EOS:

The UX/UI for #Bullish is *top notch*! 

Voice Update: Summer Launch Coming Soon

Outside of the Voice newsletter and select tweets, the Voice team has been quiet ever since focusing on NFTs. This saw CEO Salah Zalatimo and the Voice blog, Coming soon, NFTs made easy for everyone, eagerly announcing the new platform that promises to elevate creative expression. Artists will be able engage their audiences in profoundly meaningful ways. If you’re looking for insight into how Voice envisions the future of NFTs, read Evolution of online creation: 2006-now where Emily Drewry interviews John Zobele:

instead of making art for art’s sake, you’re making art for an algorithm.

 Zobele went on to say:

…Five to 10 years later you want to relive those moments, and want to remember those moments — things come in circles.

LACChain Deploys Compliant EOSIO Solution

Luis Diego Rojas, Content Strategist for EOS Costa Rica, reported on the testing and launch of LACChain. EOS Costa Rica recently released it’s EOSIO Blockchain Network Monitor. The goal of LACChain is to deploy an open source network that streamlines testing and development of decentralized applications for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. LACChain employs Proof-of-Authority consensus. In addition to the already successful cross-border payments, features will include:

  •  a block explorer
  • network dashboard 
  • Informative resources
  • mainnet functionality

B1’s EOS.IO delved into the establishing technical infrastructurer and the importance of compliance along with contributions from Inter-American Development Bank Group. EOS Argentina is another key partner of the initiative.

DAPP Vote for Whitelisting on Bancor Overwhelmingly Passes 

The “Vote FOR to whitelist DAPP token with a co-investment of 500k BNT” passed as a near unanimous decision. LiquidApps thanked the Bancor community and tweeted

…It is an honor to make #Bancor the liquidity hub for DAPP on Ethereum.🙏… 

The DAPP / Bancor connection has been praised for its freedom and funding external impermanent loss protection by both BlockchainZack and Colin Talks Crypto. LiquidApps quoted EOS Hot Sauce calling it:

…one of the biggest crossover events of the year…

The floodgates have opened for bridging across blockchains.

VR Graffiti Battle?


A graffiti battle for the ages, this week Street.gem launches an event spanning across platforms. VR Graffiti Battles combines art with competitive playoffs. The event commences this weekend and expects to make a prime time impact. Twitch is among the streaming platforms. The actual live freestyle battles will be on Cryptovoxels.


B1 Wire: Spotlight on Blumer


The teams that comprise B1 go beyond Bullish and Voice. Let’s not mistake B1’s modesty on the EOS mainnet for a slowdown in activity. Consider the implications behind Blumer’s recent tweet (above) about the potential for scaling Bitcoin. He focused on Bitcoin’s stable base layer towards multi-layer solutions. B1’s CEO also discussed product development in general and KYC/AML laws.

Around EdenOnEOS: Second Board Meeting

Don’t for a second think that EdenOS, or ClarionOS for that matter, will ever have a complacent week. The recent political playoffs are a launchpad not a culmination of events. Here’s a list of some open activity for the week:

  • Chris Barnes breaks down the current organizational structure in a video with EverythingEOS. He also called on the community to participate.
  • EosEden announced the date of the first official election for September and Dan Larimer’s confidence in achieving funding.
  • Join the funding discussion here.
  • Read about events that transpired during the second board meeting.
  • View the community event calendar.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report:

Grabbing eyes this week was the thrilling art of Finney X Chain Creatures. Kool Keith also gave a shoutout to Crytpowriter and Finney. Taylor Arnold provided an outline of how engagement rewards work. Don’t for get to check out the round 12 winners. The Shift PopUp sessions (12, 13, 14), a sort of game night series centered around NFTs, are running as long as nearly a work day. Amazing 😎! With DAPP bridges active, will events that transpire on Ethereum also make for EOS news (probably if it’s about ETH cats 🙄 )? Has Finney been hanging out with OG?

Other EOS-focused Cryptowriter articles

A couple more Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes not already:

EOSweekly: Web Authen, DAPP, Modihost, B1, EdenOnEOS, Finney Flexes, CHintai, WAX OIG

Web Authen Officially on the EOS Mainnet

The highly anticipated integration of Web Authen has finally arrived. The community has EOS Nation to thank as the team: 

…proposed and successfully executed a MSIG that enables WebAuthn on the #EOS Mainnet!

Testing has been ongoing for over a year on the Jungle3 Testnet with an official proposal recorded on July 20. As expected, the requisite15 block producers quickly approved the contract. View the executed transaction that went live on July 21. @EosEden called it:

A new step for #EOS public chain. …

DAPP Runs and More News about an EOS-ETH Bridge

Liquid Apps and the DAPP Network made consistent strides in recent weeks. This week culminates in a profound EOS-ETH bridge. As Wes Carmicheal put it in DAPP News and NFT Marketplace

…the whitelisting will make Bancor the liquidity hub for DAPP’s ERC20 token on Ethereum.

Wes also discussed the in-development NFT marketplace powered by the DAPP token. Princess May Amaranto also provided insight in Coming Soon: Bridge to Allow Users to Move NFT from Wax to Ethereum. Flexibility supports emerging NFT technology, especially in cross-chain applications. For more information, visit July 22 DAPP Network post, A Universal Guide to the DAPP Network. Remember that July 26 is the final day of the Bancor DAO voter snapshot. There’s also a DAPP meme contest to celebrate the occasion.

EOS for Hotel Management

Beyond Bitcoin, one of the earliest business applications of blockchain technology involved areas of logistics and supply chain management. One would be hard pressed to find operations more dependent upon ledgers. Blockchain both secures and allows for the ultimate in efficiency through decentralized ledger. For the hospitality industry, all parties that contribute to the successes experienced by consumers derive benefits. In “How EOS Blockchain is Backing the Future of Hotel Management Systems”,  Jillian Godsil covers vendor and inventory management, data collection and loyalty programmes. Modihost and industry experts provide insight into blockchain for hotel management and why EOS.

WAX Office of Inspector General Report

Among the many things that stand out on the WAX blockchain is the Office of the Inspector General. This is an elected position. When first implemented, it was well received and considered to be a key aspect of the chain’s overall success. EOS Nation covered OIG recent events. This includes updated guidelines and Guild inquiries concerning community engagement, technical and development matters, as well as overall ecosystem aspects. Monthly OIG Reports and the official Github repository will be published on EOS Hot Sauce.

Chintai’s Co-Founder Focuses on Mission

Block.one’s influence and the excitement around Bullish can overshadow advances made by the Chintai Network. Nice to know that B1 and Chintai are working together as Chintai continues to produce week in and week out. This week the Co-Founder/CO, Ryan Bethem, thanked Hackernoon for fostering discussion about the teams mission of:

…creating a financial system that has no operational bias towards social status, monetary wealth or position of power.”

Where B1 takes the bull by the horns to trade prime time punches, Chintai seeks to uphold the core tenets of blockchain. Besides B1, Chintai recently partnered with Chimera Wealth, Cryptology Asset Group, and Bovill.

B1 Wire

The Bullish exchange has yet to launch and already it’s the subject of primetime discourse. FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo was the latest to inquire about what B1 and the rest of the Bullish team have in store. In related news, B1 continues to pave the way for the rest of crypto through legal and regulatory advancements. Brendan Blumer reached out to the community to discuss B1’s public commitments. He called it:

…an industry-first report of such nature.

@EOSIO tweeted that the report found:

…no evidence that Block.one either intentionally purchased tokens by any means during the token sale or entered into any arrangements with third parties to do so on their behalf…

Dan Larimer applauded the audit’s publishing as a way to answer baseless claims.

Here’s a link to the full report by Clifford Chance LLP.

Around the EdenOnEOS Community


For a status report on where EdenOS and ClarionOS are at the moment, watch (video) the Q&A with Brandon Fancher and Chris Barnes. There was also a fractal democracy fireside chat this week. Chris Barnes also joined Jimmy D, Corey, Myra Wang, and Joshua Seymor in a roundtable recap of trial election #2. A summary of the first meeting of the new board is provided in written form here. If you missed last week’s results, view this briefing. @EdenOS provided some additional information. I also presented a perspective in Eden Test Election #2: We Have a New Satoshi.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report


Last week Finney took his first selfie. This week Origin Finney and Finney Short 2 stormed WAX, while Illuminated Finney and Finney Short 1 quietly took their position in EOS’ history. Could have posted the family shot (image above) last week, but , you know. You’ll find several Cryptowriter articles and podcasts throughout this week’s edition of EOSweekly. Other Cryptowriter articles not already sourced, but with an impact on the greater EOS ecosystem include:

In terms of other Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week there was:

Erick Stow, NFT Drop

Edge of Obscurity #6

The Shift, Pop-Up Session 11

This week also saw a Finney art contest and Shift City’s own Sean featured on The Uplift Worlds BLDRZ. Taylor Arnold  released the Week 11 engagement winners and let slip how to find some obscure Finney 2.0 secrets.

EOSweekly: Vote#2 LiquidApps, Bullish, Pomelo Seeds, Chintai Beta, EOSTARTER Tartiers, EOSIO 2.2 and Welcome Finney 

LiquidApps’ Restlessness

One of the most exciting projects within the EOS IO ecosystem, the LiquidApps team sent a strong message this week. July 26th was selected as the Bancor DAO voting date by the DAPPNetwork community. The objective is to whitelist DAPP “for single sided LP staking with a 500K BNT co-investment!”. The LiquidApps team also flexed its financial muscle by allocating a 750,000 DAPP grant to Blockstart. The grant is for developing and deploying an advanced Ethereum bridge. For more information about its open source solution visit the DAPP Network blog on Medium.

More from Bullish


Surprise. No lul this week out of the Bullish camp. Former NYSE president and current CEO of Bullish discussed Bullish’s 9 million deal with Frank Chaparro on The Scoop. He had this to say:

Bullish…use of liquidity pools and automated market makers … so each pair …will be underpinned by the liquidity pool, … [and yet] will look much like a traditional CeFi. [centralized finance]”

Christian Angermayer also chimed in this week:

Coming from competition that operates in the shadows of regulatory grey zones (to phrase it friendly 😉), it is a big compliment to Bullish’s compliant value proposition. We love free market competition …

For greater clarity, here’s Brendan Blumer explaining Bullish: 

…not a standard exchange. We pass 50-75% of all pair-specific revenue streams to depositors in corresponding liquidity pools … compared to exchange-takes-all fee models.

Brendan further elaborates on Cheddar News

Pomelo Grows Seeds

PomeloFinney made quite the splash within the Cryptowriter community. Initial NFT prices remained well above average. Maybe due to the intrigue as much as the animation, PomeloFinney continues to mystify the community. EOS Nation announced the dropping of Pomelo Seeds “to highlight the origin story”. Also explored was the name’s origin. For some very insightful and creative adoptions of the Pomelo name origin, view Hot Sauce #109. You’ll find plausible (even likely) explanations for Pomelo’s connection to grapefruit and quadratic voting.

Chintai Selective Beta

Seems like every week Chintai grabs a headline or two. This week, it announced its beta will open to institutional partners on July 31. Chintai, alongside B1 and Cryptology Asset Group, found recognition by Hacker Noon. A compliant DeFi solution backed by $7.5 million is nothing to sneeze at. Neither is modernizing commercial real estate. Also note that Chintai is actively seeking to hire a Compliance Officer in Singapore.

EOSTARTER Lets Lose the Tartiers


EOSTARTER was introduced to the community less than a month ago as the first community-powered incubator. It already caused a bit of a stir with the potential to propel promising, creative ideas. Now with the launching of NFTs, it appears that EOSTARTER is taking root within the EOS ecosystem, something that many other projects have only flashed. What else might one expect from a team feature on Hot Sauce. The video states that the Tartiers will be functional and are set to launch in August.

EOSIO 2.2 On the Way

There’s a sense around the EOS community that B1 is listening (Jack and the Blockstalk). EOSIO 2.2 deploys around a much more uplifting feel than past versions. Keys to watch for are increased developer usability, improved resource management, and better control of the data flow. Specifically mentioned within the EOS.IO blog are:

  • Read-Only Queries 
  • Resource Payer
  • Network Access Control

Around the EdenOnEOS Community: Election Test #2 @1700 UTC on July 17

This week is all about the second election. By the time you read this registration will likely have been closed. Even so, stay up to date with community because election #2 is open to all, not just members. The @EOSEden Twitter handle also brought attention to EOSRate.io, a respected tool for rating BPs.


Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: HELLO FINNEY!

FINNEY WINS!!! What a way to make an entrance! Mark Bailey got into the specifics of the Bullish deal in Bullish EOSIO Exchange Going Public. Crypto Apologist Bot also produced a video on the topic. Maybe you hear that Wyoming legalized DAOs, but for more and some highlights from the bill, read EOSIO DAO Legal in Wyoming, 49 to Go. EOS, more than most other blockchains, is about interoperability. Ruma Das discussed Darwinia bridges (maybe visualize EOS under “other chains”) in The Future Of Interoperability – How To Use Darwinia Bridges. For some real fun, watch Roundtable – Blockchain Comics. Also don’t forget to check out round 10 engagement winners.


For more Cryptowriter articles that help support a healthy EOS ecosystem, check out:

Other Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week:

EOSweekly: B1 bullish, Wyoming DAO, Chintai’s $7.5 million, EdenOS Test #2, Cryptowriter for Collect.Social

@B1 Makeover

Block.one (now @EOSIO) gets a makeover and is now @B1first tweets? Bullish of course. Finally the announcement so many have been waiting for, Bullish exchange going public. It’s already gone mainstream. More information can be found on the investor relations page of the Bullish.com site. The revolutionary platform will be the first to securely execute and immutably record all financial movements with a cross-hassed audit trail to EOS. B1 also redesigned its main site. The values that drive the company’s vision are leadership, integrity, progress, and alignment. Over a hundred projects are listed on the portfolio page, including The Writer Company. Several game projects are there as well (including Mythical). No B1wire this week.


The state of Wyoming has been a strong, independent support of cryptocurrencies. Some crypto diehards (e.g. miners) have flocked there seeing it as a safe haven. With the decentralized autonomous organization finding legal ground, Wyoming sets an undeniable precedent to which the rest of the United States cannot ignore. 

American CryptoFed DAO, which uses the EOS blockchain platform, is the first DAO to gain approval in Wyoming.

The bill was passed on April 21, 2021… and became effective on July 1. It reads:

AN ACT relating to corporations; providing for the formation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations; providing definitions; and providing for an effective date.

With that, American Cryptofed DAO became the first legally recognized DAO in the US.

Chintai’s Massive Seed to Funding

Singapore-based Chintai received $7.5 million in funding from a group of investors led by Block.one. The company is said to modernize capital markets through asset tokenization. Chintai focuses on efficiency, liquidity, and fractional ownership. Liquidity in particular has been a key concern for the EOS ecosystem. The funding follows last month’s partnership announcement with Chimera Wealth. Mark Bailey covered the story in greater detail early this week.

ETH and other Cross-chain Bridges

With Bullish’s expected imminent release, it’s time to focus on cross-blockchain bridges like those linking Ethereum dapps. The DAPP network offers a world of opportunity but is significantly limited by the lack of liquidity on EOS. This is something that Bancor can help solve. Dapp tokens would become available without having to purchase EOS. It’s an opportunity to indirectly infuse the ecosystem with more liquidity. Unlike Etthereum, there are many more opportunities to think outside the box. More than this, imagine the Best of both worlds. What would the EOS ecosystem be like if an Ethereum virtual machine functioned at a high level and became standard practice?

A lot of Flair around EOS these Days, Including an Apple App

Part talent show, part social media, the Flair app for Apple is a brilliant concept, especially for the social dynamic that exists today. There’s just so much talent seeking to demonstrate creativity and it’s worth. The app itself is about head-to-head video competition. Videos I received the most votes compete for daily prizes of $100 to $1,000.  Here’s what @cryptoPicasso had to say:


Thanks to @EOSEden for putting the spotlight on Flair. Get

GenerEOS and EOS Nation on Lost Key Extension

Recovering lost EOS genesis keys has been a lingering issue. GenerEOS found strong demand behind lost key recovery. An initial automated system was put in place in 2019 with a caveat of an account being unused and holding less than 100k EOS. to qualify for an automated key swap. GenerEOS proposes another extension, this time for 5 years through June 2026. EOS Nation reviewed and approved the GenerEOS proposed MSIG.

Around the EdenOnEOS Community: ELECTION 2 JULY 17 @ 1700 UTC


The new EverythingEOS commences with the first EdenOnEOS Satoshi, Chris Barnes. You may have heard rumors of an EdenOnEOS sponsored block producer. It’s now a reality. The BP is quickly climbing up the ranks. Both moves are efforts in becoming independent through self-funding. Remember the second mock election is less than a week away. Register here. For those new to the process, here’s an overview of what to expect and some links and descriptions to what happened during the first test election. 

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Collect.Social Listing

Win a Caveman Finney or multiple Finney Coins for supporting Cryptowriter in its endeavor to get listed on Collect.Social. Are Adam Carswell’s pop-ups on SHIFT Live becoming a thing? There was  also a pizza party to celebrate 1K subscribers. Getting your Cryptowriter membership NFT is something special. @Albeit_j is our latest member. Joining the writer team this week was Mike Difeo with ArtVndngMchn 2 – Art Breakdown. ArtVndngMchn 2 had a drop on Julu 10th with 25% going to charity. Want more Cryptowriter articles that help support a healthy EOS ecosystem? Check out:

Some of the other Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week:



!EOS Foundation!


What else needs to be said?  [pause for effect] Like Finney’s Chestahedron (the inspirational symbol of EOS), the core mainnet community hold action close to heart. EdenEOS asks:

  1. How should we start firing the first gun?
  2. Do you have EOS Projects in Need of Funding?

To fully grasp what’s going on, one must familiarize oneself with the current mindset of Yves La Rose. He had much to say this week. Here’s the guiding principle:

Building upon tried and tested models, the #EOSFoundation will be a gateway for funding blockchain technology projects that meet the needs of the EOS ecosystem. At launch, grants will be directed to developers, businesses and individuals that have kept EOS running…

Yves went on to discuss how the EOS Foundation will take a balanced approach toward uplifting the mainnet as a whole. In addition to grant funding, he acknowledges the need for marketing and project coordination. More than this, Yves touched upon the sentiment weighing on the heart of developers and dedicated community members alike:

The #EOSFoundation will strive to understand the fundamental needs of the ecosystem, and look for great projects who respond to those needs by enabling others to build on their developments. 

Dive deeper in Yves’ post Introducing the Pillars of the EOS Foundation.

The Tartiers by EOSTARTER

Just a few more days before Tartier Genesis NFTs land on EOS. The first NFT, POP TART, will be limited to 500. This is the first of the Genesis NFTs. Holding one of these is the only way to participate in launchpad projects. Yield farming will also be an intimate part of the metaverse. For more about what the EOSTARTER team has in store as a platform and NFT series, read Introducing THE TARTIERS. Here’s how the team describes its mission:

We are …committed to delivering not only an amazing launchpad platform for new projects building on EOS, but also a compelling gaming narrative …

Join the battle between Master Tarter and the merry Tartiers vs. the greedy Dr. Fiat and the mini-bankers. You can also enter a chance to win one of 10 Genesis NFTs.

WAX on Binance Draws Attention to the Greater Ecosystem

Many outside of the WAX (and EOS) community are likely to be shocked about the ease, low-cost, and innumerable ways that blockchain transactions are applied. This becomes even more impressive as a ‘layer-1’ solution, as Binance describes WAX. Upon listing on Binance, the price of WAX surgeded, settling down to more than twice its prior value. Here’s the link to the Binance announcement. This month’s WAX Report put together by EOS Nation is sure to stand apart. Subjects discussed in the report like streaming services, community engagement and overall development of the ecosystem illustrate how undervalued WAX remains. Objectively speaking, cryptocurrency, as mandated by the Bitcoin whitepaper, was always meant for robust use cases. Transaction limitations and bottlenecks caused by operational fees can be considered a direct contradiction to the philosophical underpinnings of Satoshi’s vision. WAX shows us it IS possible- not some day, but today! The listing on Binance makes WAX (and EOSIO technology) much harder to ignore. Oh yeah, also this week, the GenerEOS team tweeted out that WAX accounts surpassed 6 million

B1 Wire: Voice Roadmap and Public Beta (September 1)

Beginning with Residency artists, Voice 2.0 opened to a private group a few weeks ago. The public beta launches on September 1:


Voice will initially be a private blockchain. As artists’ NFT needs are understood, the team plans to move toward decentralization. Portability is key to the vision as well. The road to decentralizing the Voice blockchain is determined by achieving specific milestones. Early stages include publishing an NFT standard, transparency on a public block explored, making private keys accessible, and exporting and importing NFTs from a variety of chains including EOS and Ethereum. Read more about Voice milestones in What is Voice’s blockchain roadmap? Also this week from the B1 camp, Bullish Game 2 comes to an end on the 30th and Blumer drew attention to EOS’ performance.

Around EdenOnEOS: Election Date to be Set Next Week

Beyond the deafening roar announcing the birth of the EOS Foundation’s, is the quiet rumblings of the first official election via fractile democracy on a public blockchain. With a successful demo, a date for the first (non-test) EdenOS election is expected to be set this coming week. This keeps it on schedule for mid-September. Other happenings around our blossoming community include:

Also be aware of Dan Larimer interview by Bywire News. The full video will be broadcast on Sunday. Here’s a clip:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hace4rd-kVA

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

With Volume 1 out in the world, the focus now shifts to completing sets. Rewards are set aside for collecting all 21 of a set. Higher rarity will receive the comparable rewards. Never a dull moment at Finney.world. The telegram channel just surpassed 2,000 members. Cryptowriter twitter is 5,000+ and growing. And now the team has its sights set on Discord to help manage a growing community. Beyond mere cryptonews, you’ll find events and contents at each of these platforms. Learn more with Finney Vol. 1 Airdrop Rewards & Raffles. As for this week’s EOS relevant Cryptowriter articles:

And from the Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

There were so many spectacular Finney Out in the World photos. Included image is a bullish one by Sezgin. Here’s another, artistic one by YURY CRYPTOHUNTER.


LiquidApps #TALAMA 

The much anticipated AMA with CTO Tal Muskal took place this past week. For those new to the ecosystem, the LiquidApps team dedication to cross chain functionality mave prove to be unmatch. It’s about more than dapps tied to more than one token. The team sets its sights far beyond Ethereum. Read a detailed account of what Tal had to say to the community in DAPP Network blog or listen to the session EdgeOS, Immortal dApps, Interoperability, DAPP Network on EVM, and LiquidChains. Here’s my eye-fav-share (from the blog):

…any service that you could imagine…Facebook or a search engine… that would normally need servers.

…EdgeOS, you could probably use it without even knowing…

…would really want to see EVM mini chains.


EOS Mainnet on Metamask

EOS Go wrote a couple of articles leading up to Metamask going active on the mainnet. The latest post, EOS Mainnet Available on Metamask, praises EOS Argentina for its role in the construction of a new bridge. There you’ll also find reasonable gas fees displayed in EOS. It brings the ETH and EOS ecosystems that much closer. Who knows what the future may hold when blockchain work together. Visit EOS Community forums for step -by-step instructions on how to add the wallet to Metamask and learn about deposits/withdrawals. 

AlgoTrader Releases EOSIO Market Data Oracle

Smart contract development just got a boost. AlgoTrader released the EOSIO Market Data Oracle, an open source solution. Developers gain free access to market information (e.g. prices) in real time. Algo Trader touts this as support for “the creation of crypto derivatives, synthetic instruments and stablecoins”. The Oracles is compared to Ethereum’s Chainlink for its advantages in linking on- and off-chain data. Customization gets a boost with live front end visualization of the market.

Anchor Update: Soaring Beyond Authentication

The Greymass team is a pillar of the EOS community. There’s no doubt without its support the EOS mainnet would not be where it is today. As the community prepares to advance the crypto industry in terms of fractal governance, funding, and overall functionality, Greymass has plans to:

  • help lead the charge

Visit the EOS community forums to read about the ideas behind the presentation being prepared for the vision of what the EOSIO ecosystem can become. Expect a tentative, yeah technically oriented, roadmap soon. At the moment, the team has broken down it’s Vision into three primary categories. Join the form discussion to find out more. FYI, there’s an early access Android testing phase.

Integration of .crypto Domains

Seems to be the week of crossing applications. Not to be out done, Wombat integrated .crypto domains. This means more users who are familiar with EOS, ETH, and TLOS. Read about the collaboration in The ultimate guide to Unstoppable Domains. The post answers questions like why use Unstoppable Domains, how to obtain one, and tethering the name to your account.

B1 Wire: Voice Insight and Status

Image https://twitter.com/VoiceHQ/status/1428053880181608455

Voice maintains a mission of empowering users on an environmentally (and user) friendly experience. CEO Salah Zalatimo had a lot to say this week. He commented on integration (e.g. Metamask and Instagram), staying focused, and core platform dynamics (decentralized, robust, and portable). Salah also took the time to join in on artist appreciaciation by sharing one of his favorite VR paintings and the creative process. On the subject, @Arinabbart stressed the importance for artists to learn how to tell their stories and Federico Clapis pushed the envelope for NFT adoption:


For insight into the team’s vision, read So you want to get into NFTs? Sign up for the newsletter for latest updates. In other B1 news, Bullish Game 2 is underway. Also note that Coinbase CEO announced intention to follow Bullish lead in regards to recycling liquidity. 

Around the EdenOnEOS Community: Coming Out of the Fire- The EOS Foundation 

Amist the chatter, the top story remains the 2% inflation allocation for the Yves led EOS Foundation. EosEden put a spotlight on the BP’s (characteristics) that have yet to approve “setinflation”. This twitter account regularly engages the community within a  mainstream environment. Another example of its persistence was inquiring what individually each of us would do with 10% control over the mainnet. A story likely to gain interest in the weeks ahead is the pool of tokens only claimable by Eden members. Currently available for claim are:

  • BOID
  • CETF

A brief summary is available on the consortium.vote claim page. In an exchange with Vitalik Buterin, Daniel Larimer discussed fractal democracy in what I heard for the first time as “proof of person”. There was apparent agreement of moving beyond mere coin voting.


Finally, and certainly lastly, like clockwork, the 5th (trial) board meeting and roadmap / progress report settle down each week.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Finney V1 Comic

Were you there the day that the first Genesis Finney Coin was discovered? Are you aware of lifetime membership benefits? BTC miners? Finney 2.0? Well today you have the pleasure of witnessing Finney’s arrival. In Finney’s own words: 


Hopefully, by the time you read this, Volume 1: Immutable Journey will still be available for purchase at the Finney.World Shop. If not, you can explore the secondary market. Get an overview of the drop and how the community took to the streets with Finney Vol. 1 Pack Sale. Don’t let the brevity misguide from the excitement. An entertaining, engaging and detail oriented educational tool expressly for the purpose of raising awareness about crypto is of critical importance. With that, here are this weeks articles that support EOS and the greater ecosystem:

As for Cryptowriter Podcasts with EOS in mind:

Don’t forget about this week’s engagement winners (Round 15).


People are at the heart of the EOS Marketplace and the Foundation grants. Pomelo hopes to uplift our tree friends. Extending further out into the ecosystem see’s Voice’s partnership with Circle growing in influence and B1 spotlighting Greenback recycling. As for the community, EdenOnEOS is taking a lead role with it’s second BP interview (Aaron Cox of Greymass). Relax, Finney packs were moved to next week.

EOS Marketplace, Foundation Grants, Pomelo NFT Mining, Voice-Circle, Greenback, Greymass

EOS Marketplace Makes its Presence Known

EOS Marketplace and EOS Microloan are complementary projects that support local P2P networks. EOS is as central to the mission as much as any other. This week, the Cryptowriter telegram group, as well as other channels (e.g. EOS Project), were graced with a taste of the profound impacts. It’s about people helping people. One of the biggest focuses right now are phones. As fast as funding is able to acquire phones, users are being onboarded. Not only does this grow the EOS economy, but it does so in the most meaningful way possible. Places like Venezuela that were robbed of economic liberties now know an advantage privy to few other areas of the world. “Unlike Bitcoin”, high speed blockchain, unnoticeable transaction costs, and the freedom of a decentralized economy all come together to provide a bright future. Like building an island infrastructure around an aviation economy where roads cannot reach, EOS can transform third world economies into first world powerhouses overnight.

Won Up on the EOS Foundation: Grants to Come


The EOS Foundation would have been the headline for sure if not for images of real people sharing their story alongside EOS symbols. Have you heard of the EOS Foundation but are unsure of why there’s so much excitement? Does chatter of a centralized financial distributor ring in your ears? (If you just want a link to the multisig, go here.)When it comes to a trusted face for EOS news Zack Gall (and for many months Rob Finch) gave the community Everything EOS. By Wire News said:

  • Best video and news we have seen from the #EOSIO community in quite some time!

For a deeper dive into what the EOS Foundation can mean for the community check out the video with Zack Gall and Chris Barnes. A key point Zack presents in the video is how Yves has always taken a lead role in transparency. We expect the same with the EOS Foundation. For some play-by-play, check out that Everything EOS telegram channel. Zack also graciously mentioned our micro-team, Cryptowriter. On that note, let it be known that Cryptowriter acknowledges the need and support of the Foundation. Our own Kenny Lienhard was among those that took the news running when it broke on the 6th:

  • This is huge!!! Yves has my full support, let’s make the #EOSFoundation a reality and get the show on the road …

And as Mark Bailey put it:

  • Centralized Efficiency with Decentralized Community

If you want a very good overview of the EOS Foundation with tasty morsels in detail, I encourage you to read his article Founding the EOS Foundation. Starting with the type of support initially expected back during DAWN, eosio.grants from leverage a couple of percentage points off of inflation, not a bad start indeed.

Pomelo NFT Mining Comes to EOS

You’ve heard of Pomelo, right? Zack Gall enthusiastically discusses the project. The team has their own Finney. In case you haven’t, Pomelo supports stuff like real life trees. You can do just that by taking part in Juicy Pomelo NFT yield! 🌳 Just released, Pomelo brilliantly gamifies a better world by supporting life itself, beloved nature. And with resounding approval from EOS Nation, you just know there’s something truly special on the horizon. Read or watch EOS Hot Sauce (#114) to learn about harvesting details.

Voice-Circle’s Partnership and a Growing Influence

To say that Circle is ambitious is an understatement. The company ventures to achieve something similar that led to Mark Zuckerberg’s grilling on Capitol Hill, a national digital currency bank. Through Voice and Bullish, B1 shares Circle’s aggressive pursuit of innovation. Working together, they may very well introduce something special on a mass scale. Consider how Bullish almost places EOS on equal footing with Bitcoin and Ethereum (via trading pairs). Many exchanges have shunned EOS or diminished its influence. This week, Voice was active in other ways as it preps for a summer launch. The team cited the Center for Art Law in regards to “artist resale royalty rights and ART Act Open book”. This coincided with an onpoint article entitled, It’s Not That Easy: Artist Resale Royalty Rights and The ART Act, illustrating Voice’s cautionary journey to bring quality NFTs to the masses. In Voice Makes NFTs Easy With New Carbon Neutral Platform the team discusses the challenges in developing a platform that acts as an ‘easy button’ for minting NFTs. Combining ‘zero gas fees’, an efficient blockchain, and a user friendly platform brings creators and audiences together. Check out another recent Voice post to experience the mindset of artists venturing into the NFT space.

B1 Wire

Voice’s partnership with Circle seemed a bit too much to squeeze into this section. Other B1 news this week included:

  • A call back of attention to EOSIO release 2.2 and Network Access Control. A key aspect is administratively controlled privacy groups. It improves networking while upholding security expected in enterprise systems.
  • Visit an EOS Go article to dig into the recently launched EOSIO Enhancement Proposal (EEPs) program. This is an open source solution that improves upon current technology while again maintaining security. B1 promotes the program as a community-centric venture.
  • Quietly making an introduction was Greenback. The plastic recycling project was featured Built on EOSIO. In addition to advancing the space, Greenback believes it can provide new avenues for compliance and innovative payments.

Around EdenOnEOS


The EOS Foundation dominated the conversation this week around the EdenOnEOS community. Only the likes of Greymass and Aaron Cox could steal the spotlight. He was interviewed by Chris Barnes for Everything EOS in Block Producers Interview #2. Greymass continues to push innovation, especially for the Anchor wallet. There’s a bright vision for Anchor that will be as influential as any other dapp. The current goal is to grow Anchor’s technology stack into a balanced user friendly and robust solution that ties in interacting with the EOS mainnet and ecosystem. Once Anchor ships off, we can expect Aaron and Greymass to deliver some fun dapps that users can more easily grasp. Learn about the origins of Greymass and the team’s history as way back as the Steem ecosystem and those early wallets by watching the interview. Also this week was the fourth meeting of the unofficial 2nd Trial Eden Board.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

The Finney Marketing Company has enough influence over the weekly happenings around crypto- this is all the space you get Mr. Shift:


“Read more about our beloved alien Gold friend here.” If you prefer video format, check out the Roundtable – Finney Vol 1 Pre-FOMO. A round table was As for Finney himself, he could be found enthusiastically attentive to Round 14 engagement winners and eagerly learning more about blockchain by reading Cryptowriter articles:

What kind of movies does Finney unwind to at the end of the day? Beyond documentaries, some think Earth Sci Fi reminds him of home. Of course there’s the movie Crypto and the show Start Up. He’s believed to be past the fence straddling of Silicon Valley, but not the Idea of a decentralized internet. Not surprisingly, he also mixes in some surprisingly entertaining content from Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

EOSweekly: Voice Partners with Circle, Chintai, Bullish, Tartiers, and the EOS Foundation

A quiet week around EOS- or was it. Voice, Chintai and Bullish are all in beta. Bullish is set to launch in September. Voice should launch sooner to hit its mysterious Summer target. EOStarter is another potentially impactful project that’s near ready. Recently announced and a bit further out is the EOS Foundation. B1 remains active and attentive to decentralized projects. The first official EdenOS vote is a little over a month away. Finney is working behind the scenes to get packs out a prep for 2.0. 

Voice Update and Partnership

Voice is making its presence felt as it prepares for an end of Summer launch. CEO Salah Zalatimo  announced a partnership with Circle. This instantly makes Voice tokens a cross-chain event based around USDC. For those concerned about Voice becoming another overpriced and sluggish dApp clogged by exorbitant Ether price, Salah reassured that EOS is an essential focus, both financially and as the ledger of choice. https://twitter.com/Salafel/status/1423291978213691392

Salah also noted that the team is looking for a payment processor who can handle EOS


Amidst astute focus on promoting art and ideas, it’s easy to miss the effort that the Voice team is putting into legal aspects of NFTs.Keep tabs on the launch and get regular info by signing up for the newsletter

Yves La Rose and the EOS Foundation

Former EOS Nation CEO, Yves La Rose, looks to strengthen the EOS ecosystem by attending to core needs. Termed the EOS Foundation, Yves is determined to complement the renewed push for decentralization with much needed structure. Key area he’s targeting are:

  • grants 
  • sponsorships
  • infrastructure support

With the help of respected community members and dedicated Block Producers, the EOS Foundation plans to grow into a steward for resources towards these ends. Proposed funding is in the form of “increasing the inflation of the network by 2%”. The effort appears to be a step in the right direction for a stronger ecosystem. While modeling a traditional centralized system in totality is probably unadvised, utilizing the lessons of the past as we build a better tomorrow remains the wisest course. EOS has always focused on function. The EOS Foundation appears to harbor a similar vision. Dan Larimer shared his take on the Foundation in Maturing to Decentralization and as did Sean Balent in A New Dawn.

Upcoming AMA with LiquidApps Tal Muskal

Tal Muskal is one of the foremost thinkers and developers of cross-chain technology. The CTO of LiquidApps will be hosting an AMA on Telegram on August 9 at 1400 UTC. He’ll be fielding questions about anything related to the DAPP Network such as immortal dApps and EdgeOS. If you’re looking for ideas or gauge the status of the network, check out  Immortal dApp Series: Part 2 — Web 3.0 + The DAPP Network by DAPP Labs. The article discusses:

  • Enduring the move to decentralized servers
  • How blockchain is already providing use cases for new models
  • Fully decentralized solutions with “the same seamless experience as traditional applications” 

There’s a lot going on around the DAPP Network, like a “… Zeus SDK git repo [that] contains 118k+ lines of code.” and ERC-20 Token integration. Also, Zack Gall commented on Web 3.0 running on DAPP and the announcement of meme contest winners.

EOStarter: Taking that Next Step in the Crypto Dream

EOStarter continues to demonstrate a passion for the pure vision of blockchain. How Satoshi dreamed the world could become. The team is:

building a platform that moves away from First-Come First-Serve token distribution.

It’s doing so while maintaining a focus on compliance. EOStater is about harnessing the power of community:


What community-driven project would be worth its weight in Bitcoin (EOS-wrapped of course) if it didn’t connect with EdenOnEOS. To what degree remains to be seen. Hopefully, other projects will follow EOStarter’s lead and look to EdenoOS and ClarionOS early in development. Be on the lookout for the Tartiers, 12 days and counting.

Chintai Opens Private Beta

A few weeks ago, the Chintai team announced its private beta. It opened as scheduled on the 31st. Chintai was founded with the expressed purpose of creating:

… a fair, efficient and transparent financial system that offers equal opportunity to all market participants. The team has sound financing as it looks to gain MAS licensing.


Next on the roadmap are:

  • Launching a P2P Exchange
  • Chintai 3.0 Launch (Beta Platform / Institutional Portal)
  • First Enterprise Clients Pilot Full Beta Platform

Other milestones are listed on Chintai Roadmap. There’s no expectations for deployment outside of the ordered list. If Chintai’s history is any measure, then the EOS community can rest assured that the team will deliver. Watch and interview of David Packham, CEO of Chintai by Jillian Godsil.

B1 Wire: Bullish, Community Insight, and a Bit of Focus on Open Source

B1 has its hands full with Bullish coming into the spotlight. EOS community members are encouraged to sign up for the private pilot. There’s monetary incentive to do so with successive 2-week long competitions awarding substantial sums to the top three finishers. At this early stage, Bullish trading pairs are limited. That still did not stop the community from calling on B1 to set up a direct BTC-EOS trade. One currently exists for ETH. For the time being, the community will need to make due with an EOS-USD pair. Hard to imagine trading will remain this limited when the platform launches for real in September. Also this week, B1 called attention to the new EOSIO Enhancement Program. The open source initiative was revamped to provide better stability, performance, innovation, and security. Developers are encouraged to share their ideas. I shared personal experiences and insight in My Experience with Bullish.com and the Potential of a Liquid EOS.

Around the EdenOnEOS Community


If you read through other aspects of this newsletter then you know how active EdenOnEOS is becoming. We have yet to see the first official election and already developers like EOStarter are planned with EdenOnEOS in mind. You’re also sure to notice chatter around influential projects (e.g. Dan Larimer discussing the EOS Foundation). For hard core EdneOS stuff, check out:

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

The community was recently treated to something truly special, personal background from the founder. Give it a good read to understand the motivation behind Cryptowriter and Finney and where we’re heading. Behind the Pixel brought the community another amazing artwork (#6). Here’s the list of this week’s drops:

  • Alvin Kelly (EOS and WAX)
  • Parvus De Caelo Pax (WAX)
  • Graffiti Kings HODL Warriors (WAX)
  • Mihi Vindicta (EOS)

On point Cryptowriter articles:

Die hards looking for more community and EOS info, check out these other Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

Remember, Sunday August 8th is the final day to submit entries to the Kool Keith contest. close end of day Sunday August 8th 2021 (GMT-12) 



First Wave of Recognition Grants Distributed

Through thick and thin some teams remained true to developing on the EOS mainnet. In recognition for their faith and service, the EOS Foundation is distributing recognition grants. In total, 34 projects were selected. The first six were announced this week:

  • EOS Go
  • ByWire News
  • Atomic Assets
  • Finney.World
  • Koreos
  • EOS Microloan

Even occasional EOS user are sure to recognize some of the names on this list, including our own Finney team.



EOSIO blog spotlighted Chintai this week. The post is an on topic overview of a venture closely connected to the issues concerning crypto regulation within the proposed US Infrastructure bill. Chintai hit the ground running as one of those few blockchain attempts at real-world solutions. Like it’s co-founder Philip hamnett, chintai creates the playing field and seems never reactionary. It’s about solving existing problems such as scalability, resource allocation, and compliance. Its CHEX token is being built around an exchange that will is the burdens of compliance for financial services overall. Companies can look forward to a full audit trail without the need for expensive manual checks.

EOS Costa Rica


EOS Costa Rica is among the most active developers within EOS. You can explore it’s many projects here. EOS Rate has been gardening a lot of attention lately.

EOS Rate gathers ratings to help capture a global collective opinion, or “wisdom of the crowd”, and measure if voting patterns truly reflect voter sentiment.

The EdenOnEOS election and the attention crypto has been getting from the US government, the above statement (from eosrate.io) will likely be read by many more influential minds. What specifically caught the community’s attention this week was a certificate presented by the Technical University of Costa Rica. It was a show of appreciation for contributing to a student workshop on blockchain and EOSIO. 

American Crypto Fed DAO

EOS Eden presented to the community with a few quotes from American CryptoFed’s SEC filing. Sure to be eye-opening to some, the key points are expected by EOS users. Among the advantages EOS Eden cited were scalability and energy consumption. The first is one of the most pressing concerns for blockchain developers, especially those pushing for mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latter has almost taken a national spotlight, even forcing some to characterize blockchain as eco unfriendly. Of course this obviously not the case one considering the total input and output of financial systems. Nevertheless, we are at a crucial point where emotional issues can have dire consequences for a technology that can transform the world. You can explore SEC filing here.

Test Driving Violet.Garden

EOS needs its own chat. Social media and messaging platforms are simply powerful to leave to the hands of traditional server-based systems. Voice was supposed to solve this for the community. Luckily, this week, Violet.garden made its way to a handful of people, I among them. Still in an early stage, Violet was able to pull up my profile picture, login, comment, and claim tokens with ease. Though I initially failed at swapping EOS for Violet tokens, it’s a built-in feature right from the start. This is something that Voice promised and has yet to deliver even on its new, dedicated NFT platform. You’re encouraged to test drive Violet for yourself and be in the process of moving conversations on to blockchain. For now, you may also wish to join the team’s telegram channel.

EOS Network Foundation (ENF) Inspires the Community

Unsubstantiated hype, the EOS Foundation is not. Starting and basing an entry into EOSweekly with the follow quotes fueled of excitement servers to illustrate how much of a relief and breath of fresh air the Foundation’s funds, commitment, development, and leadership means to a community battle weary from years of disappointment:

There’s a genuine sense that things are moving in a positive direction in the $EOS community. 📈 It’s been a very long time since the stars seem to be aligned…

“Trust is earned when actions meet words, and the #EOSFoundation’s actions are screaming to the world that the genesis of #EOS is now.”

For a deeper look into what recent events have meant to the EOS community, read Has the EOS Foundation Finally Propelled EOS to the Big Time? By ByWire News. Of course there’s some tangible news (even beyond distribution of the Recognition Grants); there’s always something out of the Yves camp. Yves La Rose took time to congratulate the recipients, touch on the EdenOnEOS election, discuss Pomelo going live “at some point” soon, scaling ENF, and presenting a roadmap in his latest post The Current State of EOS and Where We Go Next.

Around EdenOnEOS: Prepping for the Inaugural Election on October 9th


Why so quiet? If your head just spun a bit rather than a giggle in the heart, then you need a reminder that the inaugural election is happening on October 9th. No doubt that stuff is happening in the background even as we prepare. There’s currently over 100 confirmed participants among more than 250 members. While the significance number emphasize early on by Dan Larimer will likely be available for the first time at the inaugural election, 50% attendance is not something to brag about. For an insightful look into our community purpose, watch the novacrypta video with Brandon Fancher. Also note that Dan held an AMA this week.

Crytpowriter (Finney) Report


Jeremy Torman dropped Dreaming of Tokyo onto EOS wallet this week. You’re probably already aware that Finney.World was recognized among the first six recipients of the ENF grants. Check out CryptoFinney Ranked by Rarity on Ethereum. Just Dontaskme about the account that holds both the #1 and #5 spot. Wondering about that UnicorFinney above? It’s the Ethereum version of BTC Miners; that is, burn BareMetals to mint one. This week’s EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles include:

Check out the videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

Don’t forget to check Round 18 engagement winners.

EOS Weekly

Introducing the EOS Power Network

Quietly finding respect this week was the EOS Power Network. This is a new DeFi platform that promises to advance pull requests for more elaborate applications and projects. Successful software engineer James Mart has dedicated his full attention to the network. GenerEOS came out to support the new project. The EOS Power Network team believes that the EOS mainnet is necessary for DeFi and pull requests are the key to advancing traditional finance.

Decentralizing Justice


Dan Larimer has always pushed the envelope for the advancement of blockchain technology. With his book More Equal Animals, he takes blockchain to another level; one that will impact various aspects of the human condition to a great degree. Like his approach to development, Dan does not stop there. This week he outlined a modern, blockchain-based justice system in Decentralized Dispute Resolution. I reviewed it and provided comments on points that stood out, as well as inspired ideas and vision.

EOSTARTER: Veronica Diaz Creamy Vanilla

Key to the growth of the EOS mainnet is funding new projects. This is EOSTARTER’s mission. Veronica Diaz’s Creamy Vanilla is a new NFT project designed to grow alongside a real life smoothie shop. One of the most exciting aspects of Veronica’s NFTs is how they benefit education in Venezuela. It’s one of the first projects sponsored by EOSTARTER and serves as an example for the new environment surrounding EOS.

WAX OIG Report for September

WAX and EOS are intimately connected in so many ways. The most important is sharing EOSIO technology. Thus, EOS Nation’s interest in WAX should be no surprise. WAX’s Office of Inspector General tasked EOS Nation with providing monthly reports. You probably already know about Heidi Taillefer’s Frogs. Other key events in September include new nodeos public monitoring tools, Ocean Defenders NFTs, educational initiatives, live metaverse events, the .gems marketplace and the promotion of musical events (e.g. Yoshi Drops).

Uplift Continues to Churn Along

As you’ve seen how easily the discussion can turn from EOS to WAX, allow me to mention a few words about Uplift. For starters, the development team is preparing a move to AWS. This will improve the overall environment and prepare for a vibrant future. Quick recap: Upliftium Crystallized NFTs have been active for a few weeks now. Upliftium swapping is live. A dedicated market on the Alcor exchange seems imminent. Note that Alcor services both WAX and EOS mainnets. To illustrate how engaged the team is with its community, as well as ongoing development, consider the surprise drop and mystery behind a three-tiered Upliftium accumulation NFT. There are several other imminent releases, like P2P kiosks. The Uplift World is one of the most exciting projects with seemingly limitless potential. 

dotGems Surprise NFT Drop

Another surprise NFT drop landed on the .gems community. GBK Evangelist were airdropped to all holders of the GBK.gems collection. These accounts were also whitelisted to claim a mooncake ingredient. Dream Big collection holders also found a surprise in their wallets and were also able to claim an ingredient. The team also announced Frog drops from Heidi, the same artist promoted by EOS Nation.

EOS Foundation

The EOS Foundation is not EdenOS and EdenOS is not the EOS Foundation. Even if, they both presented themselves ready to make a difference at the same time. Furthermore, you’ll find few (if anyone) who don’t support both. That said, the Foundation really deserves its own weekly coverage. The closer you look, the more one investigates the clearer their unique horizons become, albeit with similar constitutions. Follow Yves La Rose, Everything EOS, and Zach Gall to learn more and stay up to date.

Around EdenOnEOS

If you are an EdenOnEOS member, don’t forget to sign up for the October 9th election- takes like 8 seconds. B1 didn’t have much going on this week, but what’s worth reporting is significant. It’s voting adjustment also fits in with this roundup. Voting is not just the basis of EdenOS technology, it’s also a key concern for the mainnet. As reported by Chris Barnes, the treasury now has an excess of 203,000 EOS.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Finney is now on Ethereum. Take the brevity of this report to mint a new ETH Finney, explore OpenSea, and join discord. This week’s EOS relevant t Cryptowriter articles include:

Check out the videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

EOSweekly: Pomelo, pNetwork, .gems, Google Cloud, Foundation, EdenOS, GenDrops


Pomelo’s connection with EOS Nation makes it one of the most anticipated projects coming to EOS this year. Not many details have been revealed. However, EOS Foundation founder Yves La Rose discussed a profound and potentially lucrative use case. Central to both ventures are getting new projects off the ground. The Foundation would stretch itself thin trying to carefully tend to each new request. This is where Pomelo expects to help out the Foundation in a big way. Modeled after Gitcoin, Pomelo can streamline the process for grant applications without missing a beat. Developers will have their voices heard and funding can be best utilized with Pomelo and the Foundation doing what each does best.


One of the quietest ground shaking applications of cross-chain technology, pNetwork warrants the attention of everyone interested in crypto. Over 10 supported blockchains , pNetwork is about “composable liquidity. Dapps gain access to a suite of open source tools. The pNetwork team understands that not everyone is an expert blockchain developer. With an increasing number of eyes on the crypto space and the importance of liquidity for new projects, pNetwork tools are designed to be user friendly. The network continues to break records, most recently with an all-time high with over $200 million locked in pTokens. However, that’s not what puts it in the spotlight today. It’s the new incentives program and collaboration with another hot ticket in Defibox.


Quality is what distinguishes a .gems project. The team’s creative partnerships include Pomelo, Dream Big, Spicy Rares, Street.gems, and now Frogs. Canadian artist Heidi Taillefer is behind the Frogs series which premiers on WAX on September 19th. She has an impressive resume that includes Cirque du Soleil. In Frogs, Heidi paints miniature mechanical frogs. Her original intent was to criticize PoW systems that are thought to have an adverse environmental impact. As she continued to explore all the possibilities of NFTs along with discussions with .gems, Heidi repositioned her target. Mechanical frogs remain the theme. They are a powerful representation of biomarkers and early warning signs of environmental catastrophe.

EOS an Operating System for Enterprises: Google Cloud and  J.P. Morgan


Months ago, Google Cloud surprised the community with it’s interest as a block producer. This past week Google Cloud headed a charge of corporate interest in the EOS mainnet. Here’s what Brendan Blumer had to say on the matter:


He also commented on J.P. Morgan’s role:


EOSEden reiterated the corporate interest and welcomed anyone willing to make a significant contribution for a better EOS. Also know that Google Cloud encourages discussion about its standing as a BP.

EOS Foundation

In the coming weeks, the EOS Foundation expects to name over 30 projects as recipients of its recognition grants. The Foundation plans to distribute funds in bi-weekly waves. As previously mentioned, Pomelo will play a major role in determining grant recipients. Additionally, Zack Gall took to telegram to announce the multi-signature for over 200,000 EOS distributed to the genesis.eden account. Note that there is an automated 72-hour window for BP’s to review. This comes in anticipation of the first election to be held on October 9th.

B1 Wire

A quiet week around B1. The team is allowed brief down times especially following public beta tests of both Voice and Bullish. Even so, Salah Zalatimo took time to discuss a major meetup in NYC where he will be speaking, as well as NFTs and taxes. Voice again brought attention to environmental impacts in an article by the Gothamist that looks at the implications of so many NFTs existing on Ethereum. Brendan Blumer posted a thread about how miners and block producers have maintained EOS and Bitcoin decentralized from the start. This is a fact that the US government recognizes as well. It’s something that few cryptocurrencies can claim.

Around EdenOnEOS

Now and again, Daniel Larmier touches upon EdenOnEOS membership numbers. While certainly not satisfied, Dan had to be at least a bit happy that we surpassed 200 members and grew by 25% this past week! Each new member that signs up for the October 9th election brings in another 200 EOS. Governing the EOS mainnet is a key mandate of EdenOnEOS. No other blockchain comes close to what’s happening here. For more about funding and fractal democracy, become a member and visit the Eden Member’s telegram. Sometimes, and certainly as the community grows, maintaining a handle on all that transpires can become overwhelming. Once you find a BP and/or group you trust, you may wish to proxy your vote. EOS Rate provides unparalleled quick analysis diagrams to this end. For those wishing to start or directly fund a project, those needed funding are listed on EOS Community Forums

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report


Finney’s Ethereum release was pushed back to the 25th. The reason for the delay was to ensure that Finney is the first project launched on GenDrops. UNDRGRD is being developed alongside GenDrops and expects to lay the foundation for groundbreaking NFT initiatives. Sean was on NFT Gamer TV discussing Finney this week. Check out what he had to say and how Finney is being received by other communities. Remember to join Finney discord to keep up with a growing community. This week’s EOSIO relevant Cryptowriter articles:

Check out the videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


EOS Foundation: Board Meeting #1

On the first of this month, Yves La Rose eagerly let the community know of the successful discourse and expectations following the first board meeting of the foundation. Details of the meeting or overviewed in EOS Foundations #1: Laying the Foundation. The post begins with celebration and a bit of history of what has led us to this moment. Yves goes into  the need to recruit quality minds with a passion for building the future. This includes an advisory board seat and Core team members. Legal processes and grantees were also discussed. How quickly an intoxicating feeling of promise transformed into an air of COREporate professionalism dedicated to fulfilling a mission of such high order!

EOSTARTER: Tartier Claim the Top Spot

Getting new projects off the ground has long been considered the EOS mainnet’s achilles heel. Chief among the concerns is funding. Sources of financing that were thought to support the mainnet’s growth never panned anywhere near what was expected. This is why the early success of EOSTARTER is such a blessing. The team’s innovative and creative approach to startup dapps has caught the eyes of investors. The Tartiers, EOSTARTER’s genesis NFTs, took the top spot on Atomic Hub (EOS) on day 1. Visit the site to view NFT backstories and the unique dynamics of the drop. Unlike other projects, Tartier rarities are sold independently. Price goes up as mint numbers decrease. You’ll also notice the most dedicated artwork in the highest rarity, Chocolate Tart.

DeFi Box Now Tracked by DeFi Llama

DeFi Box is a one-stop, multichain DeFi solution. It brought new options to the EOS mainnet and greater networking to the larger ecosystem. DeFi Llama describes its service as:

…committed to accurate data without ads or sponsored content and transparency. We list DeFi projects from all chains.

DeFi Box swaps are incredibly useful. However, its multifaceted defi solution stands apart. DeFi Llama’s tracking of the Box token across EOS and BSC illustrates of things to come. The team behind DeFi Box is focused on user experiences and believes that it:

…can achieve Swap, Stable coin and Lending.😄😄

Emanate 2.0 on the Way

Visual artists dominate the NFT space. YoshiDrops and Emanate will usher in musicians. It’s about connecting musicians more intimately with their audiences. Networking with NFTs means that both, producers and consumers, stand to profit. This makes for an atmosphere ready to blossom in the, as Emanate describes in its blog:  

exponential age of innovation, we are seeing a dramatic surge in the creator economy and the global digital marketplace

As Emanate Alpha comes to a close after two years of development, 2.0 already has the support of thousands of artists and users sign-up. A clean beta is set for the end of this year. Learn what to expect in terms of features and the play to earn dynamic in Buckle Up for Emanate 2.0. The post elaborates on an Stockhead interview of cofounders Sean Gardner and Jimi Frew entitled Let’s get loud: EOS-based Aussie music platform Emanate coming live to Ethereum soon.

LiquidApps New Bounties


Developing a standard for cross-chain applications is as big as any venture in crypto. Many even believe this the next step for a blockchain-based digital world. LiquidApps doesn’t skimp on development, going all in on revolutionary solutions. Consider the new bounties offered and the 1 million plus in DAPPs. The team aims to attract entrepreneurs and developers alike through a grants and bounties program. LiquidApps continues to develop the DAPP Network alongside a healthy ecosystem that’s growing in awareness and use cases while continuing to refine new and existing services.

B1 Wire: In the Game with Voice and Bullish

https://twitter.com/VoiceHQ/status/1433125543357071370  https://twitter.com/Bullish/status/1432636303590428673

B1 is making a profound statement by launching both Bullish and Voice at the same time. How long before Voice tokens are available on Bullish? How fast will development progress? Has the B1 legal team answered all pertinent regulatory concerns? There’s always going to be questions with projects of this magnitude, let alone launching two side-by-side. Bullish swag can be won by participating in the Bullish Power Hour on September 7th and 9th. Brendan Blumer was again the voice of reason in the Bitcoin energy consumption discussion.

Around EdenOnEOS


First thing first, a date for the first official EdenOS election has yet to circulate around the community. This week saw the seventh board meeting of the unofficial/trial Satoshi 2.0. The group continues to build on the initial mission of scaling, iterating, fostering collaboration, and promoting transparency throughout the EOS community. The above video spotlights CryptoLions and is number four in the EOS Block Producer Interviews. Here’s a link to the full Bywire News interview with Dan Larimer that was announced last week. Also, Chris Barnes was interviewed for a second round by  Crypto Dunker.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Finney Global Winners were announced on the first of this month. Does this tower remind Finney of home? It’s central to why @charlie81915460 took home the first place prize? The next bit of news was sort of a surprise, or at least sooner than expected:

CryptoFinney is coming to Ethereum.

Don’t forget about round 16 engagement winners. And this week’s EOSIO relevant Cryptowriter articles:

For visual and auditory stimulus, here’s some Cryptowriter Podcast Network:



ENF Matches Pomelo Up to $500K

What’s sure to be many more to come, the EOS Network Foundation pledged $500K to become the first Pomelo fund matching partner. ENF co-Founder Yves La Rose reiterated a prevailing thought within the community:

…Contributing to the funding of public goods that benefit the wider #EOS ecosystem is one of the core pillars of the #EOSFoundation…

Pomelo and the ENF have worked together from day one. The ENF’s mission involves coordinating funding sources, guiding the community, and marketing. Pomelo provides the tools (mechanism) for selecting the most worthwhile ventures. Following in the footsteps of EOS Nation, both the ENF and Pomelo work toward the public good. Is it any wonder why these three organizations work so well together

Third Wave of Recognition Grants Announced: Social and Gaming

Team Finney and several other diehard projects already upped their activity with the help of the First Wave Recognition Grants. This past week, the Second Wave of DeFi R.Grants were distributed. Also this week, the ENF announced the planned recipients for the Third Wave of Social and Gaming R.Grants:

  • Liquid
  • Crypto Dynasty
  • Prospectors
  • Bounty Blok
  • Challenge
  • Emanate

Rounding up ENF news for this week, EosEden brought attention to the need for USDT and EOS-alts getting listed across more exchanges. USDT alone would do wonders for adding liquidity.

Join the EOS Community on Discord

Growing communities tend to gravitate to Discord. It’s about time the EOS community advanced its communication medium. Hopefully one day, either EOS Community Forums, Violet.Garden, or some other blockchain-based communication medium will handle all discussion. For now, join EOS on Discord and inquire about role assignments. We recognize that organization is key to success. Now more than ever, EOS has reason to mobilize. https://twitter.com/EOS_Nation/status/1451933934405791752



To say that a lot is happening on EOS this month would be an understatement. Let’s not forget the inspiration that HallowEOS has brought over the years. From Everything EOS and Cypherglass to EOS Nation and GirlGoneCrypto, HallowEOS is a time for fun, comradery and preparation for the holiday season. Events have been a bit low key this year. Here are a few treats:

Have You Been to the Master Tarter’s Bakery?

Another funding source? Yes indeed. EOSTARTER that is. Hard to tell which the team enjoys more, playing games or helping launch new projects off the ground. Wonderful how they’ve found a happy medium and symbiotic relationship led by the Master Tarter. Help the Master Tarter cook up a storm by holding any Tart NFT and be “…eligible for benefits and rewards”. Want more? Blend ingredients to bake your very own Tart. Tokens will be eligible to claim once the Bakery opens. Find comfort knowing that TART tokens benefit the EOS community by supporting new projects. Playfulness aside, EOSTARTER tokenomics (see the chart in article) are impressive with the Community Airdrop receiving 50% of the distribution.

Check Out the Latest from EOS Support

Imagine if this were your first EOS day. Maybe you have a wallet, but still feel a bit lost your first couple of weeks. You love what you’ve read so far but don’t feel as confident as you’d like. EOS Support is here to help onboard new users as well as the understanding of the EOS ecosystem. Go from fiat user to EOS community member in a couple of minutes (Thanks Randall for the inspiration). Is that even possible? Maybe you’ve visited Bitcoin.org and seen a helpful design, but harbor doubts about such a fast onboarding process. If you’ve tried the EOSIO sister chain WAX.io, hovered over Getting Started and clicked on WAX Cloud Wallet- then you know it’s possible. EOS Support adds live people. Visit EOS Support for:

  • Account creation
  • Direct chat Q & A
  • Peruse FAQs
  • Get started with projects outlined in EOSweekly
  • And much more

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS


Dan Larimer interviewed Aaron Cox this week. It was as much a mind meld as a Q&A. I highlighted key points in Aaron Cox and Daniel Larimer on the Future of EdenOS and EOS. Don’t let the seemingly slow newsweek fool you- a lot happened this week. Maybe not much newsworthy, but progress across projects rampantly progresses. Consider the distribution of Second Wave and subsequent announcement of Third Wave Recognition Grants. Stay up to date each week with the EdenOS Roadmap & Progress Report. If you’re really short on time, there’s always Eden Member’s recaps channel and the Event Calendar.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

If you were around last week then you know that Finney has some new friends in The Crunks. Maybe you weren’t aware of just how young the Terra blockchain (where The Crunks live) is. Characteristic of the team Writer, uplifting new projects and support regardless of blockchain, The Crunks are the 6th project to launch on Terra. This week’s Edge of Obscurity with Jimmy D and Sean took place on Twitch. A Palladium Finney was given away. Sean wanted the community to know:

If you’d like to see any specific traits in 2.0, now is the time to get your requests in

EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Other videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


EOS MicroLoans / Marketplace Growing Stronger


Chris Barnes hosted EOS Block Producer Interview #8 in honor of EOS MicroLoans (Marketplace). He highlighted the direct impact upon individual lives. Often nowhere needed more than at this time in Venezuela’s history. The team responded with a thank you for allowing their story to be heard and some images. EOS Marketplace / Microloan is a growing community with productive members including agro-industrial engineers. Som benefits already provided include:

  • Fully backed loans
  • Providing credit
  • Needed equipment

EOS Marketplace / Microloan (bppgl.mlt) believes that it can do more as a higher ranking BP and asks for your vote.

EOS Marketplace Times first publication was found here

“…EOS account holders have united to empower another business owner…”

The team has termed its efforts as Human Finance.

EOS Hot Sauce Even Spicier (and Monthly WAX Report)


Staying on toes and refusing to lose flavor over time, EOS Hot Sauce now has Clips. What better way to start a series than with Dan Larimer kicking off the first official Eden Election (see video). EOS Nation’s monthly WAX report posted this week. Two events the team wished to bring attention to were:

  • .gems Discovery TV
  • WAX Audio NFTs on the Metaverse Music Festival

Also briefly discussed was BluDAC:

“…the newest addition to the WAX DeFi Toolkit comes from the BluDAC, in a recent EOS Hot Sauce Live Stream.”

Liquidity Pool tokens are the focus here. More about BluDAC in the next section…

Uplift’s New Economy: Shops Replace Villagers

It’s getting hard to talk about WAX without running into members of the Uplift community. From the several independent worlds within Uplift to Shippletopia and BluDAC, Uplifters are not bound by a single Dapp. Uplift is a place to create, play, express, interact and network. Shippletopia is a combination theme park and entertainment venue. BluDAC (note I maintain a small stake) appears to be throttling hard toward asset staking for both tokens and NFTs. Did I mention that Uplift replaced its Minecraft Villagers with human run shops. If you were around for the Sign Punching event on the Genesis server, then you’d appreciate the activity that in-game shops have already inspired. Don’t forget Uplift player/owner rewards (even if they were late this week. BTW, the featured shop, Sadisty’s Addictive at the Rainbow of Death (on Upluft server), was chosen (even if they spelled the Aviators’ Lounge wrong) because ol’ Sadisty compiled a list of shop locations [updated].

Unicove Web-wallet by Greymass (and Progress Report)


Greymass’ focus has been on reliability. It’s needed to provide not just an Anchor for community operations, but stability. With its headman now Head Chief, Greymass can finally glide toward its expansionary toolkit plans. This week it introduced Unicove. The new web wallet is poised to provide comparable service to that of MyEtherWallet for EOSIO. Those who use the WAX Cloud wallet understand the advantage. For details about Unicove including why Greymass proioritized it, as well as early features, visit the forum post Unicove — Your Portal to EOSIO Blockchains. Greymass also released its October progress report this week.

Yves La Rose on the Second Wave DeFi Grants

Yves La Rose and the EOS Network Foundation roared onto the scene but weeks ago. Its presence was such as to cast a deep, dark shadow over the rest of the news coming out of the community. No one said anything because of the inspiration and hope of real change and network growth. This week illustrates how fast the community is growing and new applications are getting out-of-the-box. Yves’ post In Support of the EOS DeFi Ecosystem on the second wave of Recognition Grants settles into an ecosystem already much stronger with gazes much softer on any one single project. Still, let’s not lose sight of the greatness of Yves through his comments about the second wave DeFi grants:

#EOS was built to be a financial machine …architected with decentralized finance at its core… #DeFi Recognition Grants …are only the beginning.

DeFi Box: A lot of Stuff Popped Out this Week

Quietly Defibox provides powerful staking and liquidity tools. It’ll be hard to keep its secrets moving forward. The Defibox Foundation officially launched this week. The vision is:

to become a decentralized project, open proposal right to the community and realize community autonomy. 

DefiboxDAO Board and Professional Committees members undergo elections via BOX DAO. Defibox is also vested in the EOS node campaign as well as ecological construction. Information about income distribution for participating can be found here. Dual rewards of  BOX and DAPP will be available for a limited time. The team is seeking comments to expand its influence. Why? Like EOS MicroLoan (mentioned previously), the team wants to move up the rankings. Currently at 23, just two places away from active block production. For more information check out Earn DAPP on Defibox in 6 Steps.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS


It’d been worth your time if the only news you found  this week was the tidbit posted by @EOSEden (vi twitter) regarding EOS’ ranking of #3 by the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (for a time in the future on October 28, 2021). This forces, yes forces, investors with fiduciary responsibility to notice EOS. We live in a world where Bitcoin is Bicoin and altcoins find little comparison with Ethereum (also Proof-of-Work). So who’s next? EOS, that’s who! But of course, you know there’s more new out of EOS every week; but this is a section on Eden community, soon to be a galaxy unto its own:

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Crunks! Sell Out!

If you’ve yet to align yourself with Finney’s mission, know that extending a cross-chain reach is only the beginning. Communities on EOS and WAX saw the birth. The Ethereum launch seems like yesterday and now our rapidly growing community finds itself on the Terra blockchain with The Crunks. 10,000 mints on Random Earth sold out in a day. Congratulations team. Maybe the best way to describe The Crunks relationship with Finney is by reading what our gold android tweeted:

…finding that cryptocurrency’s true strength lies in the communities and friendships made along the way. 

Also newsworthy this week was Finney’s first place finish in the Allies of Warsaken contest. BYou can check the status of Round 20 Engagement Reward Winners here. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

New videos on the Cryptowriter Podcast Network include:


Head Chief Aaron Cox Poised for Change

Aaron Cox, if truly successful, will have faced the greatest challenge of any Head Chief for EdenOS Genesis community. A dedicated developer, Aaron holds the most powerful administrative signatory for deciding the future of the community. He recently revealed some of his thoughts and future prospects. Visit EOS Community Forums for details of the projects he’s considering, including: 

  • Web Wallet  
  • App Discovery 
  • Application Developer Toolkit
  • Anchor 2.0 – The Authenticator
  • Core Client Technologies 

The community is undeniably behind him- it always has been. Even still, quite the far reaching vision for a first, first term. Don’t get me wrong, it’s achievable when considering the talent and dedication within the community. Nice to know that Aaron still encourages people to get in touch with him

…As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am excited to see what the future hold. Thanks to everyone involved!

Second Wave of Recognition Grants

Yves La Rose:

#EOSFoundation is proud to announce the 2nd wave of recognition grants totaling $1.1m in support of the #EOS DeFi ecosystem! 🚀

Starting with heartfelt operations upholding the EOS ecosystem, the EOS Network Foundation now presses forward with DeFi. Releasing Recognition Grants that further supports finance should prove to be the final nail in the coffin that puts to rest strains upon development. Here’s the list of the second wave of grants:

  • Defibox
  • EOSDT 
  • SOV
  • Vigor 
  • DFSn
  • Newdex
  • Organix
  • Pizza
  • DAPP Network
  • pNetwork
  • DAPP Account DAO

Each project adds to core resources. Expect tangible and intangible impacts to overall mainnet development, dapps, and user outreach. Transformation will happen very quickly. It’s unlikely that any single person will be able to keep up with all the transpires. Hence, the brilliance of Yves La Rose and ENF to fund DeFi this early. Yves’ commented about the “…new era $EOS DeFi”:

Decentralized ecosystems require many entrepreneurs building independent businesses to make them more robust and antifragile

First DAPP Network Community Call and Defibox Rewards


Among the most promising projects to come out of EOS with crosschain applications, the Dapp Network appears ready to hit the ground running. This comes as Eden jumpstarts the ecosystem and DAPP LP rewards are made available on Defibox. As an impact venture, the DAPP Network held its first official community call (see video). Wes Carmichael discusses the rewards system in detail in DAPP Spotlight: DAD Token, Earn DAPP & BOX LP Rewards and DAPP & DAD Awarded Grants. Topics include liquidity, yield opportunities, staking portals, airdrops, and the most recent governance proposal. Liquidity mining for Defibox LP rewards starts on October 19th. As usually, look for additional BOX rewards.

EOS Support

Everybody in crypto knows someone who’s not. Quite often, discussing important, yet solvable problems can be challenging. Sure, there’s an air of opposition. For those that can look past mainstream media opinions, challenges still arise trying to merely understand the technology let alone use it. EOS User Support Service exists to bridge this gap and make onboarding easier. The team thanked the community for its recent funding and announced its first customers the same week. If you or someone you know need help, contact EOS Support. I overviewed the project pre-election in With Funding Solved New Users Find Solace in EOS Support.

EOS Costa Rica

Very quickly, the EOS ecosystem has a membership class. The good news is that EdenOS is dedicated as decentralized technology and membership in the Genesis community is reachable for any upstanding participant. To this end, EOS Costa Rica provides an open source resource for developers wishing to include membership features in their smart contracts. Visit the GitHub for details. The team has made its Eden Member Check toolkit easy and quick to use. It’s the same code Incorporated by EOS Rate.

B1 Wire

While awaiting the SEC to approve its SPAC merger, B1 can look fondly upon the likelihood of Bitcoin Futures ETFs. Sure, B1 has fallen out of the spotlight within the EOS community. However, a successful Bullish exchange and Voice integrating EOS would be huge. Not that they’re needed, but how much faster it’d be to scale the market cap rankings. Heck, success from all major ventures coalescing at one point would undoubtedly raise the roof for all of crypto. Voice in Times Square… doesn’t get any bigger than this. It’s a partnership with DorDor Gallery NYC as the lead presenter at NFT.NYC. Maliha Abidi curates the showing of 25 pieces from Voice NFT artists. More information about the Voice NYC (sold out) event can be found at Eventbrite.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS


So we’ve got money flowing under foot, respected individuals elected into leadership positions with the capacity to act, and an inspired community continues to aggressively innovate. Now what? Need a quick check point, flyby Eden Member Recaps. Go deeper by watching the first meeting of Chief Delegates. Brandon Fancher completed another weekly progress report while taking Q&A. The one person most responsible for making EOS what it is today dropped the clutch, jettisoning inspiration with throttle full-out in challenging the community to go even further in the wake of our first election and freed funding via inflation:

  • If the network really wanted to jump start it would commit 2% inflation to Eden and then B1 would be irrelevant

Thanks to EOSEden for helping me catch this one. Contrary to what some believe, Dan and B1 don’t work closely together:

  • I honestly thought B1 was going to support open sourcing bullish on eos and building out governance and social media

Enough focus on single-brain emanation- hopefully more next week. EOS Nation, your veteran (that means old) news source has somehow managed to continue its live coverage following:

  •  …so much fun streaming the Eden Elections last week.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report 


The highly anticipated Ethereum barmetal burn mechanics went live this week. Unicorn Finney is the Ethereum version of BTC Miner Finney. 14 Unicorn Finneys and 44 baremetals have already been minted. Remember, Finney is also live on Rarity.Tools. We’re at round 19 of the weekly engagement winners rewards. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Other videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:

EOSweekly: First Chief Delegates, 

EdenOnEOS First Official Election


Performing beyond the hype. That’s what good tech demonstrates out of the box. That’s EdenOnEOS on its first official election. Your Chief Delegates, starting with the Head honcho, are:

  • Aaron Cox
  • Chris Barnes
  • Jesse Jaffe
  • Brandon Lovejoy
  • Randall Roland
  • John Williamson

182 of the more than 300 members participated. Yves La Rose linked the transfer of an additional 59,000 EOS to bring the genesis.eden total to over 263,000 EOS. In honor of the occasion, EOS Hotsauce streamed the event live (see video- skip to around the 3 hour mark for Chief Delegate intros and community Q&A). Dan Larimer participated and earlier in the week praised Violet.Garden for its application aligned with EdenOnEOS. The ‘social media network’ quietly deployed last week and seems to pick up where Voice left off prior to transforming to an NFT dedicated platform.

EdenOnEOS Funds for Broad Project Development

The community saw a plethora of new ideas and even some ready to launch products. Chief Delegate Chris Barnes vowed to provide a database that recognizes worthwhile ventures and is accessible to the community. Below you’ll find a few presentations circulating around the community beyond election discussion. Note that none of the Chief Delegate projects are on this list:

EOS Rate Improves Efficiency

EOS Costa Rica added efficiency to its block producer rating tool, EOS Rate. The tool is highly effective for gauging BP effectiveness in community, development, infrastructure, transparency, and trustiness. Both Eden and non-Eden members will notice a decrease in RAM consumption. Initially, Eden members paid twice that of non-members due to what was termed “duplication of the value required”. The improvements returned more than 70% efficiency for Eden members and around 30% for non-members. The updated tool now considers both parties rateproducers with the inclusion of a specific eden scope fore recording ratings and other stats.

EOS Costa Rica concludes with:

We trust Eden members will not try to harm the transparency purpose of EOS Rate.

Greymass: New Feature 

Widely regarded as the most important dapp on EOS, Greymass’ Anchor is the rock that provides access for all other EOS dapps. Head Chief Delegate (Satoshi) is discussed synonymously with Greymass. He and the rest of the Greymass team are as consistently productive at delivering relevant solutions as any other developer. This week TeamGreymass announced their account creator link. Users can now buy new accounts for themselves or someone else as simply as using a credit card to pay the dollar or two fee. Currently available blockchains include EOS, WAX, 

Status Updates: EOS Foundation, Pomelo, Bullish, Voice

Truly a metamorphic week for the EOS community. It’s one that could prove to awaken the world to the potential of blockchain. Not surprising that EOS news was either quiet or centered around the election. More than just filling space, a few words on some high profile projects. The Foundation should quickly grow into something more than a mere project and into a network as in the way it already leverages Pomelo’s decision tools. The Foundation also sent out funds to Eden as well as Recognition Grants. Voice continues to feature artists with one recent NFT price tag exceeding $6,000. The team will help host NFT.NYC in Time Square beginning November 1-4. It’s already a sold out event. While Bullish seemingly treads water on the heels of completing a private pilot, the team did release a tweet this week, albeit of a July promo video. Still, it’s the first tweet in weeks.

Around EdenOnEOS: Producing During Election Week


Aaron Cox provided as much leadership as anyone else in EOS throughout the years. More than a developer, Aaron maintains a consistent dialog with the community both in telegram chat and EOS forum updates. As a Chief Delegate he brought reassurance and even comfort to the community. A Head Chief Delegate, Aaron is sure to inspire a Fort Knox like effort from EOS hearts. There’s a reason the community backed Chris Barnes in the preseason. He hit the ground running on election day all while hosting #EOS Block Producer Interviews #7 – EOS Argentina this past week. I think within an hour following the election, Ami Heines published that EOS in a Box video. Aaron (see Greymass section), Chis and Ami all produced this week. Exemplary efforts that all future Satoshis will be pressured to follow. Good going guys! 

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

The image above was made by @TrentDavis78 for NFT Gamer TV. Like everyone else, this was a quiet week for Cryptowriter and Finney beyond new article publications, regular podcasts and Finney activity. There’s also a whole lot in development, so a deserved solemn media week. Oh yeah, the Aussies got together in a first ever podcast. That caused a bit of a rumble in chat. Also this week, Chief Delegate Brandon Lovejoy hosted a special Blox Populi with Will Ruddick. This week’s EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles include:

Other videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:



Defibox Allows EOS to Reinvent NFTs

You may have heard the rustles of NFTs heading EOS way. Last week it was BountyBlok, this week it’s Defibox. It wasn’t long ago that Defibox became an EOS staple to complement Newdex. NFTs like those many WAX users have grown accustomed to don’t seem to fit the Defibox style. An NFT stand is a different matter. Staking, DeFi Box’s specialty, tied to NFTs is a rapidly growing trend. Here are some advantages as compared by the team to Ethereum’s ERC721:



  • attribute on-chain alongside decentralized storage
  • accessible attributes with the ability for fragmentation and reorganization
  • Low-cost transactions and reduced asset insurance
  • Compressed data optimizes RAM consumption

Here’s the Github link uploaded a few days ago.

Recognition Grants Wave 5: Reinvent the Wallet Ecosystem

This week at ENF HQ saw Recognition Grants Wave 4 distributed and Wave 5 announced. Wave 4 included:

  • EOS PowerUp
  • SlowMist
  • Sentnl.io
  • Jungle Testnet
  • Obsidian Labs
  • Aloha EOS
  • EOS Authority

When Anchor wallet runs out to hit a wave you know a nice swell is in its sights. Yves’ most recent blog post went into how crucial wallets are for the user experience. Wave 5 RG recipients will be:

  • Anchor Wallet 
  • MyKey 
  • Token Pocket
  • Starteos Wallet
  • EOS Argentina (MetaMask)

Note that wave 5 marks the final week of Recognition Grants. Wallet functionality is crucial for any blockchain. Even more so for high performance EOSIO chains. As well as a job as Anchor does, having other wallet options can really open up EOS. Especially if each contributes something special. Looking forward to knowing more:

Each working group will deliver a blue paper paper in Q1 that covers research deeply related to one aspect of EOS. The blue papers will each serve as roadmaps based on the recommendations based on the R&D of each working group.

Calling Developers


What better way to follow up the announcement of ENF Working Groups+ than co-found Zack Gall’s call for developers. Others, like Mathew Darwin, joined in supporting and promoting the new ENF WG+. Matt focused on API development, funding and community input. Remember Scatter? Will this old, somewhat departed wallet find new life. Making it on an Yves thread is a way to start.

EOS Power Network


 Few blockchains have the capacity of moving at the speed of EOS. Pull transactions are coming to the mainnet. The EOS Power Network proposed solutions centering around pull transactions in a Pomelo pitch. According to Version1.0 of the team’s Technical whitepaper, the initial application will be for:

  • Subscriptions and Donations

Future applications could include:

  • Preauthenticated transfers
  • Utility payments
  • Streaming payments
  • Pubscriptions

The proposal is for:

A set of open-source smart contracts and a nodeos plugin that empower businesses on EOS to use pull transactions (like recurring subscriptions or donations).

Pull transactions are a way for DeFi applications to not have to rely on the token sender to maintain a contract. The EPN’s proposal brings blockchain closer to the capacity of traditional internet services by allowing smart contract developers to bear even more of the operational weight. Users should expect more robust applications. By pushing innovation this way, the EPN helps quicken the pace of Web 3.0. Watch the interview by Chris Barnes for James Mart’s insight and other planned contributions by the EPN. 

Pomelo Approaches the First Finish Line

It’s almost here, the end of Round_01, Season_01. All those dedicated projects will soon be fueled up and ready to take off. Those who honestly believe and commit to the mainnet will be revealed. To say that mainnet growth is happening fast would be an understatement. Pomelo alone is standing out with its recognition in a wider audience alongside Gitcoin Grants. Reasons are simple- real, lasting results. The latest Pitch Deck episode discussed Antifragile Education and EnergEOS. Also creating waves this week was TipBit. For those wishing to make a last minute donation and need help completing a transaction, visit How to donate on Pomelo.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

In a Bywire News interview Brock Pierce said about Helios:

If the ENF is the treasury department, if Eden is what’s looking like the… government electing process for executive offices, we’re the investment arm.

The twitter handle @EOSEden now redirects to EdenCapt. This week, Eden Capital closed its Pomelo grant and refunded contributors. The team has instead chosen to focus on undervalued projects. Inspiring the move was a well received audience on twitter with a lackluster Pomelo performance. This means that its mission to:

…focus on spreading useful information for EOS mainnet, ecosystem and holders. 

will be supplanted by its twitter profile, a:

…focus on undervalued #blockchain projects investment.

Potentially a win, win for the community who besides information found here in EOSweekly, can rely and expect new contributions from the following sources:

With the dedication Eden Capital has demonstrated, EOSTARTER, Pomelo, Helios, and the ENF, no promising mainnet project should go unnoticed.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

What’s Finney been up to you wonder? Getting that building anticipation right before a swell ushers in a beautiful set? Maybe the tingling exhilaration right before the crisp air brought on by a perfect Autumn storm- movie night! Let’s start with the UNDRGRND (yes on EOS too); check out discord for info about an exploding, cross-chain art community. Fleenzy was kind enough to link us an Election Update– for that comic-by-the-community, you know… Need to find your center amidst the breadth of activity, visit Finney World and maybe check the Road Map to bug the founders about those ‘can’t wait’ next release and 2.0. And as always, EOS/Finney relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Of interest Cryptowriter Podcast Network on YT and Twitch for this week:


BountyBlok Shuttles NFTs to EOS

It wasn’t that long ago that WAX stood quietly in EOS’ shadow. Today, few within our community would be shocked if WAX passed EOS in market cap over the near term. Household names release NFTs on WAX seemingly each passing week. NFTs on EOS, they actually do exist. Check the dropdown box on Atomic Hub. But why such a disparity between EOS and WAX NFTs. It can’t go on. BountyBlok’s new distribution tool will see to that! More than 300 projects already use this tool (on WAX). You can read up about BountyBlok’s new EOS distribution tool here.

ENF Sponsored Working Groups

The ENF produces week in and week out. From deploying rounds of Recognition Grants to matching Pomelo funds, Yves La Rose and Zack Gall stepped on the gas as soon as they took their new positions. This week it’s about overhauling, better yet, introducing a new paradigm for, EOS working group. In his latest post, Yves outlined the expected 4 pronged makeup. Initial organization structure looks something like this:

  • Core+: Zaisan (EOS Amsterdam, EOS Dublin, EOS Barcelona, and Cryptolions)
  • Audit+: Sentnl, Slowmist
  • Wallet+: Greymass, others
  • API+: Greymass, EOS Nation, EOS Rio

Aaron Cox was named lead project manager in an oversight role.

Yves summed up the new climate perfectly in a tweet:

For the first time since genesis, we’ve got the greatest minds funded to work together to consolidate knowledge, collaborate, research, and innovate towards a unified vision to enable $EOS to deliver on its full potential! 📈

Chintai Powering Up

With Bitcoin ETF Futures a reality, it didn’t take long for interest to grow in other areas. Local lawmakers began asking why aren’t spot ETF included. Hard to imagine that this won’t eventually be the case. Still, it seems that blockchain is moving a bit too quickly for those firmly entrenched in decision making circles. Among the next logical sectors influenced by blockchain is real estate. Integrating here will certainly heat things up further. Chintai has been nothing but professional about its approach. Bywire News reported that its platform is beta ready. Specifically, Chintai:

will help businesses, create, issue, and tokenise traditional assets in the capital and real-estate markets.

Pomelo Progress Report

Pomelo is about much more than funding. It’s crowdfunding the way it was intended. Community at the heart of the matter, that’s what Pomelo has infused upon the EOS mainnet. Consider Pomelo Pitch Sessions. This is an ideal opportunity for new projects to showcase their efforts and plans for core community members. Much gets lost in popup discussions whether via Telegram or Discord. More importantly, a pitch session allows active community members to come together and support a new project. No more passing rumors that get lost in translation. With Pomelo Pitch Session, projects like EOS ChatBot can clearly outline the benefits of AI powered conversation. Other projects involved in the first session were infeos and EOS Game Development. This week also saw Pomelo release halftime stats.

B1 Wire: Bullish Launch and Voice Insights 

Brock Pierce tweeted on the 16th that:

Main focus of B1 at this point is the exchange market. Bullish launches with major institutions this week.

He also discussed EOS as a settlement layer:

Bullish has the potential to make EOS the settlement layer for BTC and USDT. If that becomes even partially true it’ll be huge.

Exciting news indeed. When will Bullish launch for everyone and at what point will EOS feel the impact? Seems like the answer will come sooner than later. Though last checked, the board needed to approve the merger. Listen to Bullish’s Head of Risk and Compliance discuss why a Gibraltar license was chosen to get a feel for the current environment. Voice tackles the tough questions and looks deep at NFTs. This week the team tweeted a quote from an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “How NFTs Create Value”. Here’s the Voice tweet quote:

“NFTs have fundamentally changed the market for digital assets.”

NFTs certainly aren’t lost on the mainnet community.  What’s nice is how the Voice team provides a forum on Twitter Spaces for the whole #NFTCommunity. And to think, the first blockchain destination promises to be EOS.


Steve Kaczynski and Scott Duke Kominers

Around Eden

The above graphic is courtesy of EosEden’s praise of EOS collaboration. EosEden has made valuable contributions every week since the first Eden election. The team graciously asks for your Pomelo donation to take it to the next level. Success by EosEden standards, beyond adding value and bringing in more mainnet members, looks like 1000k followers. Both the ENF and B1 wish to settle their differences. Bywire News covered the issues in a bit of detail. Buzzy EOS Bees can still benefit from added incentives. The team thanked Node One to this end. Head Chief Aaron Cox had some insight to share regarding ENF working groups and Pomelo. Might be worth checking out HyphaDAO, Go Smart Contracts Development Kit, and eospyo.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

In a binary world, writers still matter. Cryptowriter Pomelo grant went live this week with the primary focus to:

directly pay for the production of high-quality EOS content to be published on the Cryptowriter publication.

UNDRGRND splashed onto the scene last week. Join the discussion on Discord to find out how to get your own UNDRGRND card on yet another chain, Telos. Be sure to check out the roundtable discussion on the state of EOS. Participants include Chris Barnes, Jimmy D, Luke Stokes, Daniel Keys, Crypto Blood, and Chaney Moore. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Cryptowriter Podcast Network and other relevant videos for this week:


Pomelo is Now Live!

Pomelo went live on November 11, 2021. This is quite possibly the start of something special for all of blockchain. Through quadratic crowdfunding, Pomelo enables funding to match community needs. The largest investors may not have the same power to choose new projects. However, they find comfort in knowing that the community is behind projects unlike anything that has previously transpired. It’s a trend that’s likely to catch on considering how it advances the success already found by kickstarts. The EOS Network Foundation did not only recognize Pomelo with $500k as matching funds. The ENF’s (Zack Gall) calls Pomelo a:

core pillar of the ENF

ENF Grants for Social and Gaming

When it comes to a single point of splash, there’s no doubt that ripples most felt still emanate out of the EOS Network Foundation. That said, it’s likely to get hard to distinguish from where the ENF ends and Pomelo begins. I mentioned above, the ENF called Pomelo a core pillar in its plan moving forward. Zack Gall went on to say:

…Pomelo will be a very powerful tool …anyone …is able to request funding for any kind of public goods including marketing, open source code, community building, education, hosting events, hackathons, …

To stay in the Foundation’s loop, visit Discord to join the conversation and Telegram for announcements.

Enter the Mighty Brock Pierce with Helios

If you don’t know just how mighty Brock Pierce is, I encourage you to visit his International Movie Database actor entry. You also need to read about his early adoption of crypto and blockchain advocacy. A true pioneer… even to the point of Presidential. This week, Brock and Helios were at the center of 45 million EOS tokens promised by B1. Alfredo de Candia tracked down an initial transaction. There’s more to the Brock story for this week. Check out a few quotes about Helios:

“Led by Brock Pierce, Helios takes aim at serving the $EOS community through several high ambitions, including creating an EOS Venture Capital fund, facilitating the creation of institutional-grade EOS financial products…”

About CBDCs:

“From cryptocurrencies to central bank digital currencies, here’s what will ‘lead to the demise of cash,’ economist says… cryptocurrencies will help make payment systems more efficient.”

About millennials:

“More than a third of millennials and half of Generation Z [surveyed] would be happy to receive 50% of their salary in #Bitcoin and/or other #cryptocurrencies,…

Brock also wanted the world to know that Helios is hiring. EOS to $1000 captured more of Brock’s chatter stir on Telegram.

ZEOS: Untraceable (and Efficient) Transactions 

Privacy. Bitcoin and Ethereum succeed without this as a primary focus. However, as one digs deeper into crypto, there’s a tendency for privacy. pEOS was well accepted in the EOS community. Unfortunately, running the need protocol wasn’t a realistic option at the time. Even as pEOS drifted out of the spotlight, inspired discussion remains ongoing. This time around, ZEOS can see a viable privacy solution. By leveraging DAPP Network technology for VCPU and VRAM, the team believes it has a solution, and multichain one at that. If you decide to read up on the ZEOS project, you’ll find a rather deep roadmap. An excellent addition in support of a mainnet coming into its own.

B1 Wire: Bullish Licence and Voice Mints

B1 gets a lot of heat. From within the community, there’s (justified) dissent considering the company’s early expectations and promises. Outside the community, many still see B1 as the overriding influence of the mainnet. The recent licensing announcement did not make as much noise as it might of in the past

#Bullish obtains regulatory license from Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

You can read the press release here. Blumer mentions “compliance” and “wider adoption of digital assets”. Also within the release:

… the merger is anticipated to close in the fourth quarter of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022.

B1 seeks to forge deeper connections with the core community while demonstrating to regulators that it doesn’t maintain the influence that some believe it has. In a press release from HQ:

Our role has been to inspire and challenge…promoting compliance and …ensure EOS and other EOSIO-based assets remain accurately classified as decentralized commodities.

On the Voice front, NFTs are starting to take off. Just check out this UNIIQU3 Party Pass Trading Card that bestows the owner with exclusive IRL privileges. Voice also target the mainnet for trading NFTs

…integrate with EOS mainnet in the coming months…\

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS


The ENF, Pomelo, and the Eden community all work together to make EOS what blockchain is meant to be- an empowered global digital network. Key things to keep your eyes on week in and week out are:

Each of the above information sources are prepared by battle tested EOS members. You’ll gain insight and what you need to join in on mainnet conversations. There are a couple other sources out there dedicated to EOS as well. And there’s more on the horizon. Check out projects on Pomelo to see the community’s funding choices. Now, if you’ve read EOSweekly before, then you’re accustomed to a fly intel update. This one approaches mach speed:)

  • EOS Support will rate dapps
  • Multilingual support tools
  • Developing background onboard tools
  • Election videos being transferred to YT
  • Violet.Garden may be emerging as an official social  medium

More stuff happened this week, but maybe you hadn’t heard, some fruit invaded the community.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Development is always ongoing within and around Cryptowriter. The much-anticipated UNDRGRND platform is nearly complete. Membership cards should be arriving within a week. In addition to the UNDRGRND, there’s a virtual studio in Shift City within Uplift. Gets ready for an even more amazing experience. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


ENF Founders Hold First Virtual Event


Yves La Rose’s first public appearance gently caused a stir that rippled across the world. The invite-only virtual event targeted Chinese press outlets and opinion leaders. Both CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph covered the story. His message started with a recurring central theme during the brief time it took to get the EOS Network Foundation off the ground, that of rebuilding. Unlike most organizational efforts toward these ends, what’s made clear is that EOS is a powerhouse with strong assets. A focal point, leadership, and yes, even a funnel, or centralization point, is deemed essential for making the most of what’s available now. Yves is as trusted and visionary as you’ll find dedicated to the mainnet’s growth. Few if anyone doubts that he’ll do the right thing in guiding the community closer to the true spirit of blockchain. And speaking of inspiration, Zack Gall also spoke. The voice and news head of EOS from its birth, Zack is another with who’s influence the mainnet can find rest.

Pomelo Crowdfunding Going Live!


The day many of us have been waiting for is finally here. Pomelo expects to elevate community engagement and responsible crowdfunding beyond current conventions. The key to success is quadratic funding on the nimble EOS mainnet. Applications will start being accepted on the 7th and run through the 28 of this month. Donations open on the 11th. Read $500,000 for Public Goods on EOS for more information.  If you need help understanding the advantages of quadratic funding, Daniel Keyes posted a 60 second video by Gitcoin Media. Note that Pomelo’s game plan is often compared to Gitcoin where VitalikButerin’s contribution cannot be denied. Truly innovation on a grand scale. Can’t wait to see how Pomelo elevates the field!

DFuse Running on Testnet

Sometimes those rustlings in the wind emanate from the entity known to some as dfuse:

Build your project reliably on EOSIO or Ethereum with dfuse — a massively scalable open-source platform for searching and processing blockchain data.

Ethereum in EOS circles, there was a time when the roar of the crowd would make it hard to hear any propositions. How times have changed. Today we can thank Mathew Darwin for sharing insight about dfuse being “up and running” on the Jungle Testnet. Mathew went on to say that:

… (nodeos) updates will be included in whatever new builds B1 creates. (if any).

On discord, Anthony | StreamingFast.io, comments on on StreamingFast.io (where dfuse.io redirects) being:

…built in The Graph… looking at DEX or account on-chain, then you can fetch that data through …APIs…

Upland’s Impressive Valuation

By no means a quiet rustle, Upland has time and again roared through the ecosystem seemingly from its inception. News and press releases echo across EOS micro communities. There’s good reason for this, of which recognition was found this week. Venture Beat reported on Uplands $300 million valuation and deserved $18 million in deployable funds. So maybe you’re one of the community’s newer members and wondering about the hype surrounding Upland. At its core, Upland is founded in real life real estate infrastructure. It drew primetime attention in September with NFLPA Legits. The team even got B1’s attention.

Hypha Quietly Adding Scalable Value


Hypha’s blockchain ventures center around uplifting humanity. The next thing to know is probably how focused the community is on macroscopic, top level solutions guided for real localized change. Before blockchain, it’s doubtful that many would support Hypha’s process. With the advent of blockchain, Hypha’s ambition lends to greater potential change:

Hypha’s building tools and conducting practical experiments in Web3 that are helping us coordinate and scale our efforts to solve systemic challenges like climate breakdown, political instability, depression, and poverty….

 Impacts may take longer to be felt than other projects. However, a proven tean develops solutions for Hypha. This is nowhere more demonstrated than on EOSIO:

…@HyphaDAO been building DAO’s on eosio since the start!…

Why the attention this week? Chris Banres tweeted that Pomelo will be sending funds over to HyphaDAO.

B1 Wire: Voice in NYC and S4 Filed

How quiet can a large, globally influential entity remain? This week both B1’s Bullish, and especially Voice, thundered with a sonic boom. Voice echoes throughout NYC as locals and onlookers absorbed insights about NFTs for the art world and beyond. In NFTs & intellectual property–what creators need to know Emily Drewry tackled tough questions like:

What should creators know about minting, from a legal perspective?

The article goes on:

But as the space evolves…projects aim to empower …by giving collectors certain rights which previously weren’t granted … we’re in an era of no one size fits all. Much remains to be explored

On the Bullish front, an investor relations press release announced the filing of a Registration Statement with the SEC. Brendan Blumer asked the community to prepare itself for what’s to come in the days ahead. 

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Violet.Garden has heated up a tiny bit. Maybe it will one day soon become that EOS mainnet chat haven. Dan touched upon its importance Chris Barnes posted Chief Delegate Meeting #3, and EOSweekly briefs started appearing there as well. Did you find this past week quiet on the Eden front? Maybe it was Pomelo revving its engine; the ENF stands close to this project. Speaking of the ENF, remember to check out the video in ENF Founders Hold First Virtual Event (above). As usual, Aaron Cox and Randal Roland were spotted in EOS chats. Is there an EdenDAC in the works with the help of Hypha (again, see above- Hypha Quietly Adding Scalable Value)? EOS NFTs are creating a buzz. EOS Bees published an EOS Beginners Guide (hey, that’s on Violet.Garden too).

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Even with all the chatter surrounding The Crunks, BTC Miner Finneys took the spotlight this week. The wonderfully expressive and timeless piece by @galeria_nft dropped to all WAX BTC Miner holders. There’s still a whole lot of commotion over in Crunk neighborhood. Visit discord to join the discussion. For an overview on how the RandomEarth mint went, read the article below by brian_. Don’t forget to check Round 21 engagement reward winners. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Other videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:



Mandel 3.0: Yes, Forking EOSIO

Dan Larimer concluded last week’s tweet with with “More coming…”. He didn’t disappoint on the promise. Mandel 3.0 was introduced to the community on December 19. It’ll be the third major upgrade of EOSIO software. The name Mandel exists as a placeholder until a more suitable one can be chosen. The EOS Network Foundation listed notable upgrades as:

  • Configurable WASM Limits
  • Contract Pays
  • Enhanced Configurable Blockchain Params
  • Backport valuable 2.1 features

With “*Future Releases*” as:

  • 3-second finality
  • Intrinsics to accelerate EVM and privacy support

For more detailed commentary, you can read my article A NEW DAWN: Overview of Third Generation EOS Mainnet Software. Feel the exciting potential in the words of bytemaster7 himself:

With the latest Mandel road map and Contract Pays hard fork, it should be possible for EOS to mirror the Bitcoin RPC API and transaction structure and thereby open the world of BTC infrastructure and Lightning network to #EOS, similar RPC compatibility to #ETH is also in dev.

ZEOS: EOS Privacy


All holders of PEOS received ZEOS in an airdrop this week. No claim was necessary. The snapshot was taken on December 24th and dropped on the 25th. This marks the beginning of sustainable privacy coins and defi within the EOS ecosystem. Privacy coins are a big deal especially in mindful communities like EOS. Freedom does not exist without the right to privacy. It’s also an essential part of a free market. The ZEOS team has a short-term plan in 1.0, as well as longer term outlook in 2.0. The above image was taken from a November 7th informative tweet by Eden Capital.

Yves Recent Bywire News Interview


Yves began the interview answering questions about the Token Freeze. He tied in the perspective that everyone is supposed to have ‘skin in the game’. He points to June 2020 as when EOSIO code development began to deteriorate. This coincides with the exodus of Dan and other developers from B1. Yves goes into some detail about specific areas where post EOSIO 2.0 code requires substantial corrections. Additionally, it seems pretty clear that many of the remaining developers who were once dedicated to developing EOSIO are now rededicated to Bullish. Yves essentially lays out how the mainnet essentially ‘fired’ B1 for underperformance. Block producer characteristics and issues are another key piece in this discussion. You’re sure to find the second part of the interview of interest as well. 

Taking Action

Why is this “Taking Action” warranted? Read Aaron Cox’s comment…:

We’re done waiting and it’s time to rally the entire #EOSIO family.

…and the snippet from bytemaster7:

#EOS has been a ship adrift with no captain … it has now taken responsibility for its future and … about to unleash unprecedented decentralized funded … development…

Strong words from two of the most influential personalities in EOS. If you listened to the Yves interview, then you know his words are equally as strong as Aaron’s and Dan’s. Characteristic of all their opinions is the word ‘action’… “We want action!” These words ring louder with every new release. Doubters simply need to reference EdenOS, implementation of a fee structure, ClarionOS, and Mandel 3.0. That’s just core mainnet development. If you really want to gauge the excitement of the community, review the first round of Pomelo’s quadratic funding and ENF recognition grants. Some of these projects like EOS support are already up and running.

Gamebox: Incoming Info 

Gamebox is positioning itself to be a leader in the gaming, nft, and defi space. They’re all very much related. Aptly termed an incubator, Gamebox will support both players and game developers. It’s a network that makes learning new games easy as well as understanding that GameFi, like DeFi, is a symbiotic ecosystem. The whitepaper is linked on the landing page. There’s also a game, a Bit Star Wars, already being promoted on site. Look out for a lot more to come from this team, and soon.

Bullish Now Live for Individuals

Bullish went live in more than 40 jurisdictions throughout the world. Up until this point, only select institutions were able to take advantage of Bullish’s innovative solution. Just because the mainnet community decided to move on with development without B1, should we ignore innovations like Bullish? Of course not. Bullish may very well prove the standard for institutionally backed exchanges. Dan congratulated the team. So did Defibox. For more details, check out the Finance Feeds article tweeted by Maldito that puts the Bullish launch and NYSE listing in perspective.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

The spirit of Christmas echoes across the Eden community (image above is from EOS Support). In addition to the Yves interview, Bywire News also interviewed Dan Larimer this week. Among the topics he discussed this week were ideas about fractal democracy. A “democracy of DAOs” seems likely to manifest as EdenOS and the ENF mature. This is where independent community tokens come into play. Dan also took to twitter this week to comment on true defi and his forthcoming white paper on decentralized governance.The community wants to see more core development teams. The ENF was vocal in supporting crypto as a whole by critiquing Jack Dorsey’s pessimistic view regarding Web3:

“The #EOS community has recently demonstrated the full power of #Web3…”

Don’t forget to check out Eden 1 – Chief Delegate Meeting #10 and EOS Nation’s weekly Fireside Chat. Also be aware that EOS Support is looking to hire new support agents.



Wombat’s New Staking Dungeon

When it comes to competitive user interfaces, Wombat tries to break the mold for crypto and EOS. The experience needs to mature as Wombat combines traditional play-to-earn with groundbreaking crypto technology. This week may prove to be the difference. Wombat Dungeon enables holders of EOS and WAX NFTs to stake their assets and earn rewards. Participant draw from a pool based on the mining power of the NFTs the ‘hide’ within the Dungeon. dotGems tabbed it as the first NFT staking for EOS. Still early in its development, however, the app appears to present a new twist on NFT staking.


The people at Newdex and Defibox are relentless. They produce the kind of stuff that would draw competition across military departments. The Newdex exchange is robust, effective, and user friendly all while providing a wealth of data on screen. Defibox is newer and thus a more excusable UX, but it works just fine. More than this Defibox immensely amplifies the power of Newdex via swaps, mining and more. But that’s not why you started reading. Gamebox? Really? That’s just plain aggressive pursuit of asset exchanges. All we know now is that the ‘BoxDex’ are a playful sort and the community prefers “blue”. The Gambox twitter account went live just hours ago. Nope, no site listed there yet. Did you notice the little joystick… told you… they’re gamers…

Resolving a Hacked Pizza

Last week’s Pizza Lend hack found resolution. The Pizza team started by requesting return of tokens scattered throughout community accounts. The situation was described this way: 

Regathering tokens from a millions accounts back to one account is 10x more difficult than sending them from one account to one million accounts. …

Since many of the tokens were not returned, compensation was determined best via a snapshot and equivalent value in USDT. The platform would only reopen once much of the value was restored. To honor the events that transpired, the people that helped, and token holders, Pizza Lend will mint NFTs. The community is encouraged to share their ideas.

Bullish, Helios, and Their Growing Influence

Chris Barnes found a new role this week. It’s one unconventional for someone known as a primary coordinator for information disseminated around the EOS mainnet community. For starters, Chris retweeted Fred Krueger’s Bullish analysis. He described a decisive factor for the success of Bullish and the mainnet could be a:

…a “record” function as opposed to a DEX function…prove that the bones of EOSIO are as good as any other hi performance chain out there.

As for Chris himself, he changed his twitter profile to:

…Guardian of @helios_rising_…

Please note that B1 popularized the term “EOS VC”. It became a point of contention around the mainnet community for some time. B1’s EOS VC is described in an independent ‘About’ section here. Seemingly its own department within B1, it even had its own dedicated website vc.eos.io (which currently redirects to b1.com).

The above is mentioned for viewer clarity of a recent Brock Pierce interview. Ending on maybe the most powerful note with a comment by Thomas Farley about what Bullish brings to the table:

… will explode when they see what retail pays to buy crypto…

Eva Steps Out of the Shadows

Eva announced successfully securing $1.2 million via its September seed funding.  The company was established in 2017 as a socially conscious ride sharing venture. The apps was launched in 2019 around Montreal. Eva core team’s primary objective is developing software that empowers drivers. Also key is a locally focused mindset. Eva’s recent activities are outlined in a BetaKit article discussing the seed funding. It’s the first step toward expanding Eva ridsharing across the North East. Termed “social franchising” by co-founder and COO Dardan Isufi, team EVA believes it can solve many of the issues faced by companies like Uber. 

A Networking Token Vision by bytemaster7 

For a while there, bytemaster7 mainnet commentary would include or end in something to the extent, well back to the ClarionOS thing. His most recent community engagement feels reminiscent of those explosive times akin to a new DAWN, mainnet, and governance model. Does this mean that Clarion is near ready. Independent community tokens are among the recent chatter:

Proposal for multiple @EdenOnEOS communities each with their own token (f) and allocated by weekly 1 hr meetings on zoom.  EOS grows in value as communities grow in value. Communities incentivized to get people to stake EOS.  More coming…

This week, he also gave us a glimpse of free accounts for a “DAO of DAOs”. This comes on the heals of last week’s “safe margin lending system”, something implemented by Bullish.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS


The ENF is not the EOS mainnet, nor does it solely determine Eden decisions. It is however as strong an influence as exists around these entangled communities. This is why when head ENF Samurai tweets that EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility is a top priority, the whole community needs to listen. EOS Argentina thanked the EOS Network Foundation for tasking it with the venture. Regular schedules upheld this week with Chief Delegate meetings #8 and #9 as well as EdenOS Roadmap & Progress Report – With Brandon Fancher and Mike Manfredi. Not that Eden NFTs stake very well in Wombat Dungeon.



This week was exciting to say the least. It even requires a bit of a different presentation. The token freeze is considered  from both the mainnet community’s perspective and the group behind B1. For those not aware of the situation, B1 planned to use tokens to fund Helios. However, the ownership status was called into question by the mainnet community. There’s some consensus (as presented by EOS Nation) that the matter could have been resolved if B1 transferred its claim to a copyright of EOSIO to the EOS Network Foundation. At the time of this writing, discussions on EdenOnEOS telegram were running hot, mostly surrounding a late night call between Brock and Yves. Among the best questions of the day: https://twitter.com/EOS_Bees/status/1468960583823233036

The B1 Group Perspective

Brendan Blumer and Brock Pierce were the two most vocal parties out of the B1 group. Brock is in the spotlight with Helios. He maintains that he’ll support and help fund the mainnet. Brendan leads an entity that attempts to revolutionize how the world sees exchanges in Bullish and NFTs with Voice. Parent company B1 also promotes enterprise blockchain services riding on EOSIO. Brock has pointed out that B1 voted with these tokens. Brendan has enjoyed the power of said tokens throughout his tenure. B1 is a lead developer of EOSIO. It also actively lobbies governments for EOS and EOSIO. Some more words from Brock:

That is uncertain now. I’m a man of principal. Hard to trust a system where the BPs chose a nuclear option over a peaceful outcome. That is not the future I want to live in. There is still hope.

From Brendan:

B1’s deal with Helios didn’t guarantee any tokens – only if they were available at the time they were to be transferred. This was also made clear during negotiations.

The Mainnet Community Perspective

Heading the mainnet activities is the ENF. While it was the BPs that ultimately froze the tokens, the ENF was crucial as an entity to fill what B1 left behind. Eden community, the ENF, and community members like EOS Nation (Pomelo) have, in a short time, delivered on promises that B1 has been delaying for years. The tokens in questions were to be distributed over time and not for B1 to use as it pleased. 

Aaron Cox on B1 getting Brock involved:

As an alternative view, @B1 fired the first bullet with you in its path as they made a promise to you for an asset they didn’t own…

The ENF, Greymass, and EOS Nation all released their own independent official statements. Here again is James Mart adding clarity:

This is false. If 20 BPs signed the msig, we know that is what 20 BPs wanted.

DPOS is about improving stakeholder alignment with BP action. But they are not synonymous.

Be sure to visit the latest edition of Popcorn by our very own THE SEAN for a deep scape into the chatter and insightful commentary. 

ENF Ongoing Development and Grant Framework

If you were not aware of the ENF’s leadership role for the mainnet before this week, you certainty got a taste of it reading the above. And we’re just getting started. Here’s the tweet the ENF released to demonstrate how independent of B1 that the mainnet has already become:

As representatives of the largest DAO in the world, #EOS, the #ENF welcomes new investors, developers, businesses and individuals with open arms as we enter a new era…

Grant Framework Towards a Stronger Future is the most recent post by Yves. He goes beyond what the community has placed its hopes in Pomelo grants and discusses broad value adds and alternative funding. Polkadot’s Web3 Foundation is given particular attention. A dynamic, evergreen, adaptable solution envisioned by the ENF would be able to:

…evolve alongside EOS as its ecosystem grows and matures.

Innovation and developmental balance were also touted as key this week.

Cross-chain Hack Involving eCurve


Just prior to the B1-Brock-mainnet saga, another event had caused rumbles throughout the community. EOS Support was among the first to report on the issue. Timeliness-in-action is a testament to the spectacular contributions EOS Support has made out of the gate. In terms of the hack, it involved an elaborate scheme of transferring and lending tokens. Ultimately, the cross chain bridge was shut down on the EOS side. It was also found that the hacker exploit occurred primarily on eCurve without compromising the bridge. I covered the topic in more detail in The Good and Bad of EOS Disruptive Turbulence. Do note that the freezing of B1’s tokens had been rumored for some time.

Bullish Roaring

We must still consider B1 as an important community member. Well, at least until it demonstrated no longer holding a vested interest in the value of the many EOS tokens it holds. Bullish went live for select institutions on November 30.  The image above was tweeted by @BBACKMAL. Not much appears to have changed since I took part in the beta. What is impressive is the relentless exponential growth in daily trading volumes by select institutions chosen to take part in the early launch phase:


On december 10th, Bullish tweeted:

3/ ~$1B additional hydration is now complete.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS


The B1 token freeze saga should serve as this week’s Eden coverage. But, as with any good community, there’s much more. And since the most prolific EOS member was not spotlighted…Welcome again to the ByteMaster7 Show:


This is what my safe margin lending system does and in theory is what bullish has implemented. It’s impossible to have an under collateralized loan with this algorithm.


Those that use the end to justify or condemn a process will forever divide us.  The means must justify themselves…


Remember to check the latest Eden Members recap post, and the Chief Delegate Meeting #7 video (above)., and weekly discord community fireside chat.



Pomelo Season 1 Concluded 

The first season of Pomelo’s community driven (quadratic) funding has come to its conclusion. Initial public goods from the most dedicated developers should impact the mainnet soon. Be on the lookout for Pomelo related NFTs. Setting the pace was the .gems team. The group transferred all their Pomelo NFT sales revenue to the matching pool. The next round is sure to take us higher. Then once Pomelo funded projects begin to mature, who knows what blessed things await on the horizon.

The Port Solution: “1 Person 1 EOS Account”

EOS is not your average blockchain. It was never meant to be Port’s “1 Person 1 EOS Account” can help ensure this. Port leverages the power of traditional passports with moden mobile technologies to build a “global trust-chain”. The solution is a private one that offers substantial sybil attack protection. Only an individual citizenship country needs to be revealed. The rest remains anonymous within the trust-chain. The venture gained high respect from EOS Nation. A 60k grant was dedicated to be spread across Seasons 1 and 2.

ENF on Wallets and UX

Here’s what the EOS Network Foundation had to say about the importance of wallets for the EOS ecosystem:

As the first touch point into the #EOS ecosystem, wallets serve as one of the most critical pieces in the UX.

Two ways in which the ENF is helping to improve this area of the mainnet and greater ecosystem are Wallet+ and through Recognition Grants. Wallet+ is part of the new Working Group (WG+) initiative. It’s an integral part of a system that will guide future development. Wave 5 was the last of the Recognition Grants with the objective of funding the most dedicated wallet providers. WG+ accounted for $1.1 million of the more than $4 million distributed by the ENF for recognized projects, Pomelo matching grants, EdenOnEOS, and ClarionOS.

EOS Nation WAX Report

EOS’ influence extends beyond the mainnet. EOSIO sister chain WAX has several projects either actively on both chains or in development. Our beloved mascot Finney is among them. EOS nation provides a monthly WAX report. NFTs taking the spotlight this month include provinz.digital and Sk8coin. This month also marks the distribution of 3 million WAX NFTs. It took 312 collections to achieve the milestone.

Helios Fills a Long-standing, Needed Role

Brock Pierce is never at a loss for providing wisdom and insight. His words from a recent Fox Business interview hits home for both EOS fractal governance (EdenOS) and global political challenges:

You’ve got the old economy and the new economy, the question is where do people vote with their wallets?⚡️

EOS has been ranked among the top 5 cryptocurrencies. However, it never had comparable infrastructure or financial support. B1 was supposed to greatly assist in such development. Led by Brock Pierce, Helios plans to file the role of the EOS investment arm. You can read more about that on Helios Rises.

Newdex is 100% Focused on EOS

EOS would be amiss without Newdex, to say the least. Want to know how committed the team is to the mainnet? The latest announcement should make it clear that Newdex is as tied to EOS as any other developer. Newdex’s Binance Smart Chain proved successful compared to competing products. However, due to lack of overall industry interest and other issues, the Newdex team has chosen to focus on EOS and shut down its BSC-Beta. The announcement is almost perfectly timed by Pomelo completing its fist funding round. No wonder why the EOS Alliance awarded the team $100,000 in October.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Eden continues to expand its influence, doing so in logical, orderly, and harmonious fashion. Surely much is owed to the wisdom, dedication, and of course, lead architectural effort of Daniel Larimer. Here’s an example of his distant gaze into the horizon:

Everyone is so focused on the freedom to speak, but what about the right to hear or right to know? …Forced ignorance cannot be good.

He goes on:

Spam (a form of speech) is censorship in the same way a signal jammer prevents people from hearing a message …

As its name suggests, EOS Support is more than your average mainnet developer. Hard to imagine being all-in on EOS and not supportive Eden. This week, EOS Support took hold of scams by issuing a couple of warnings about poser Telegram group and a nefarious Shiba Inu token. Remember to check the latest Eden Members recap post, this week’s Chief Delegates AMA, and a community fireside chat.