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January 2022

:: Fractally, Ecosystem Chart, Ultra, ENF, PowerUP, EOS Support, Eco Study ::

Finally! EOS Dapp Ecosystem Chart 

The EOS mainnet hosts a robust dapp ecosystem. Keeping track of all that’s available for users and developers can be challenging. This is why the chart presented by EOS Bees is such a big deal. Check out the team’s discord to learn more about Plan BEE marketing initiative. The EOS dApp Ecosystem chart replaces one from a couple of years ago (rarely used anymore). Credit for constructing the chart goes to Bishop Creations and Charles Arroyo-Bishop of the French (BEE) Hive with motivation from Master Tarter Hernan Arber and support from Chief Delegate Jesse Jaffe. I was able to catch Charles for a few brief words:

“…Larimer’s book opened my eyes on the good we can achieve here and i’ll probably never stop working to that end…”

Chart content expects quarterly updates with input from the community.

Clarionos Goes Fractally

“The Next Generation of DAOs”


“Decentralized exchange + social media network on a high-performance smart contract platform #eos w/the most advanced fractal governance process…”

This is what’s posted on Fractally’s twitter; this is Carionos rebranded. On Linkedin, the company categorizes as IT services and consulting. The About Us section specifically mentions social media, dex, and governance. Check out the Fracatally website for sweet visuals, or dive deeper into Dan Larimer’s recent post Introducing Fractally — The next generation of DAOs. The rebranding announcement video (above) sets February 22 as the whitepaper public release date. In regards to the Medium post, you’ll find Dan upholding a promise to include Bitshares, align with More Equal Animals and Eden on EOS, as well as building out the foundation with Mandel/EOSIO 3.0.

ENF Quarterly Report, BigBeardSamarai and Bytemaster7

Why was BigBeardSamurai on a rant and what else was Beytemaster7 up to this week? Maybe start with Part 3 of the January 23 Everything EOS interview entitled DAO of DAOs with Protocol Owned Liquidity… Indeed, Bytemaster7, BigBeardSamurai and the ENF support each other‘s ideas, projects and visions. To better connect with the community, BigBeardSamurai calls attention to cultural distinctions and wishing to engage in free flowing audio discourse in a new series /rant with Yves La Rose. He also took time to comment on the ENF’s Quarterly Report. We’re seeing some real heat generated here, maybe even approaching stardust intensity:

“I would love to have a public conversation with @VitalikButerin… “

From the CoinDesk:

New Energy Study

Jean Carrière is a metaverse researcher and “technologist for passive buildings” working towards sustainability. With an ENF matched Pomelo grant, Jean embarks on a research project to study how EOS can improve energy sustainability over Proof-of-Work blockchains. The key is ‘at scale’. Even if Ethereum 2.0 and the Bitcoin Lightning network find comparable success to EOS’ current speeds, how much will it cost? This is a question not of just money, but also the environment. The world shouldn’t settle for bruteforce innovation when EOSIO/Mandel exists, is battle tested, and boasts numerous use cases. There’s no telling of where a dedicated, professional, and heartfelt analysis of the current landscape can take us.

Ultra Roadmap

The Ultra blockchain is founded on EOSIO. For users, Ultra is designed for mainstream adoption, is eco-friendly and carbon neutral. For developers, it boasts better game discovery, reduced development time/costs, leveraged secondary market, and ease of getting started. Ultra just released its 2022+ roadmap. Key target milestones include:

  • Updated wallet
  • Tournament platform
  • Uniq Marketplace
  • AAA games

Interview with the Director of EOS Support

For new users, the day may come when EOS Support is the commonality interwoven into daily discourse.  The brainchild of Randall Roland, the support network is unlike any other within the blockchain space. Key to the service are live agents that can connect with the broad spectrum of mainnet needs. Also integral is the growing body of content within the Learning Center. In a recent interview with NovaCrypto LTD, Randall discussed the challenges users face when discovering the differences between traditional blockchains and EOS:

“…Create an account… learn how to … stake… vote …buy ram… power up…For the average user, these things are a little bit difficult…”

Motivated by the lack of support while investigating actions into his own account, Randall said:

“There should be a place where they can go… human touch… explain … or at least point them in the right direction.”

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Outside of Fractally rebranding and the EOS Dapp Ecosystem Chart, maybe the most exciting news this week came out of EOS PowerUp. If you recall, the PowerUp team announced rewards for donations to help make resources more available. The first of those rewards were delivered to qualifying wallets this week. Rarer mints can be obtained by competing for high donation ranks. Chief Delegate Meeting #14 and the weekly fireside chat continue to inspire and lead the community. For convenience, here’s a link to the latest Eden Members recap.

:: Everything EOS, Audit+, Defibox, Dan, Eden Games, Pomelo Final Tally::

Everything EOS becomes Official ENF YouTube

The video above is the first of three showcasing Zack Gall, Dan Larimer, and Yves La Rose. If you’re unfamiliar with Everything EOS, venture back a few old episodes to get a feel for from where EOS came. The meeting of minds discussed EOS past and future. Comparison lent to single-thread development under B1 versus multi-thread currently gaining momentum. I dig into some changes in The New EOS Paradigm: Creativity and Networking Inspired by Multi-threaded Development. A list of topics from the second part of the interview can be found here.

Dan’s Growing Mainstream Presence

How much do those outside of the EOS community know? Is there common knowledge regarding the founding of the ENF, Pomelo quadratic funding, EdenOS, ClarionOS, Mandel 3.0? Probably not. This week’s news coverage saw Dan Larimer steel a bit of spotlight in the following stories:

Sure, these are all crypto sites. And yes, the topic is nearly identical across articles. Still, there’s hope that the effort dedicated to the mainnet is ready to pay off. For perspective about the enduring dedication of the core community, consider Dan’s recent comment:

“I’ve been working to build the #EOS community since the day I left B1”

He’s also had our support from day 1.

ENF: Audit+

Aggressive expansion alone won’t foster mainnet success. There’s other factors that need to be solidified- security among them. This is where the Audit+ working group fits in. Audit+ expects to reassure app developers of the network’s safety. Primary objectives include:

  • Automated open source tools
  • Trustless contract upgrades
  • Software libraries specific for smart contract security
  • Knowledge repository specific for security
  • Bug bounties

The Audit+ blue paper expects to be released very soon. This marks the beginning of coordinated coalescing of the “self perpetuating knowledge within developer communities”.

Defibox on WAX

Defibox success with EOS swaps and dynamic staking finally comes to WAX. Expect high APY yields from well-known WAX tokens. It’s a great start that should serve to bring the two blockchains closer. Gamebox expects to launch soon as well. Also note the recent launch of the Korean version. Like EOS in recent months, team Defibox aggressively pursues expansion. Combine all these resources with the explosion of GameFi, and who knows where we’ll be at this time next year. Maybe the easiest way to access the WAX version of Defibox is through Token Pocket. An airdrop of 2000 BOX tokens begins the distribution.

Pomelo Season 1 Distribution and Analysis

Outstanding! That’s what’ll be said of Pomelo’s first season. Professionalism to the core was a key contributor to success. Consider the team’s analysis of Season 1. They meticulously went through the details to find which projects were colluding. The team noted that those identified weren’t necessarily bad players. As a final solution, Pomelo considered colluding projects as single grant owners. The result is higher matching pools for some. In all:

  • $132,989 was raised for 75 grants supported by 1022 contributors
  • Matching pools of $500,000 (EOS Network Foundation) and 1,000 EOS (.gems Pomelo NFT series)

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Game night! Chances are you’re already familiar with Finney contests and nightly poker win-aways. Get ready for the same kind of atmosphere around the Eden community. The ENF added EOSIO+ to its list of Discord channels. Rami James tweeted a recording explaining EOSIO+ as well as answered a few questions about the working group’s current status. Don‘t forget to check Chief Delegate Meeting #13 and the most recent post from the Eden Members Recap Channel. If you need that little bit of inspiration to join Eden, check out a recent article by EOS Support.

:: EOSweekly: Everything EOS, Name Service, EVM+, WAX Swaps, Greymass, UNDRGRND::

Account Name Service

You may have noticed the systematic developmental approach to EOS 3.0. Eden governance got the ball rolling. The ENF and Pomelo followed with funding. All the while Clarion worked on communications. Now, users have become the focus of attention. This week, Dan Larimer proposed a “pretty-name system” mapped alongside ‘“random”’ account numbers. It’s a rather straightforward proposal. This comes a week after Dan wrote an article about how to prevent name squatting and front running. Feels like we’re getting closer to EOS 3.0, doesn’t it?

Latest from ENF Camp: EVM+

The lead headline out of the ENF camp is the Ethereum Virtual Machine working group. As much heated debate occurs between EOS and ETH communities, it’s clear that working together can derive benefits. EVM+ is among six sponsored working groups. The team is led by EOS Argentina. Key areas of compatibility listed by the  ENF are:

  • Incorporate Solidity contracts on EOS
  • Add speed via ETH precompiles as EOS intrinsics
  • Full RPC compatibility
  • Deterministic gas usage/billing
  • VM runtime support with MetaMask

EVM+ illustrates a more complex and mature EOS mainnet. It’s potentially a pivotal breakout point. Be aware that the ENF camp continues its aggressive pursuit for premium talent. This week it officially brought on Brandon Lovejoy and Tim Weston. Also, this week marks the 10,000 twitter followers milestone.

Welcome Back Everything EOS

What would EOS be without Everything EOS? From the very begining, Zack Gall and company kept the community informed week after week. Never wavering, the material was presented such that both developers and new community members could absorb something useful. Zack is now the ENF’s Director of Communications. He’s had his hands full as the community continues to grow and mature. This (revival) first issue is much more than a weekly report. It highlights key events that transpired since the ENF was founded. This include:

  • Alfredo’s 2021 Rewind
  • EOS Bees whitepaper
  • Gamebox
  • Mandel 3.0
  • WG+
  • Dan’s proposals
  • Bywire News interviews of Dan and Yves

As the mainnet grows stronger, the ENF does more than just create new opportunities; there’s real support and prosperity for diehard OGs. If nothing else, the presence of Everything EOS uplifts spirits.

Greymass Progress Report

It’s time again for a Greymass update. The wallet provider is as integral to the EOS mainnet as anything. Not many are aware that Greymass develops other, vital, non-wallet components that helping propel the mainnet to the next level. Team Anchor advances areas like “…development, management, support, and marketing”. Active projects include WG+ contributions, Anchor for Android, and Unicove. Other key takeaways include:

  • Renaming (and further developing) the custom API for EOS and WAX APIs- Robo (Roborovski).
  • New (d)App to “…service all EOSIO networks … as both a source of verifiable truth and a discovery engine for applications”.
  • New SDKs “… that will bring web app development for these platforms to the next level”.
  • New APIs “…to establish new standards and software for applications … and bring the blockchain to the masses”.
  • New EOSIO Standards

More information about several of the items listed above expects to be released in the Wallet+ paper. 

Defibox Integrates WAX Swaps

Defibox’s venture into GameFi, aka Gamebox, isn’t the only multi-chain move the team has planned. WAX developers are already making contributions. Defibox’s plan extends beyond Gamebox to incorporate core EOSIO (Mandel 3.0) functionality. This was made clear by discontinuing the BSC bridge. The plan is outlined in the blog post DefiboxDAO officially launched the DIP41 proposal. EOSIO side chain advantages include development similarities and low deployment costs. A multi-chain issuance expects to overtake the cross-chain token mechanism. DIP41 passed with overwhelming support.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

This week marks the 12th Eden Chief Delegate Meeting. James Mart called attention to an excellent overview on sub second finality (read the Github post). Finality, not mere transaction times, expects to add to the mainnet’s power. In case you missed it, EOS Hot Sauce #133 discussed key issues like DAO of DAOs, working groups, Bees 2.0, Gamebox, and recent interviews. EOS Support’s blog goes beyond the basics in How to create a proposal for an MSIG transaction. Pomelo will implement KYC for Grant Owners. Don’t forget to check Eden Member’s Recap Channel.

:: EOSweekly: DAC Tokens, EOS on Web 3.0, API+, Wallets, Helios ::  

DAC Tokens

Dan Larimer’s recent article entitled Token Creation & Liquidity for DACs on EOS outlines an ecosystem of DAO of DAOs (or DAC of DACs). It comes at a time when the whole mainnet is aggressively innovating. Many are on the verge of delivering next step applications. Crypto markets may be down, but developers continue to flock to EOSIO. Traditional metrics won’t hold up as increasingly powerful partnerships continue to form. As for Dan’s article, it takes off introducing cost-effective token usage (not just creation). Also included is a centralized registry to inhibit scammers from running amok on the network. These are by no means easy endeavors. The EdenOS governance model and ClarionOS lay a solid foundation for an ecosystem of DAC tokens. This week Dan also shared his thoughts on the system that assigns names and tokens.

Wallets Recommended by EOS Support

EOS Support isn’t just about fielding calls for onboarding new cryptonians. A dedicated group of writers tackles frequently asked questions and provides fundamentals for navigating the mainnet. Articles are more than ‘how -tos’. They cover application overviews, broad interest topics, and ease mainnet usage. EOS Support is the place to begin weighing your options. On that note, check out a recent article that overviews EOS wallets. Advantages and basic features are listed. The article goes on to explain that wallets are authenticators and what this means. The list of wallets recommended are:

  • Anchor
  • Token Pocket
  • Wombat

Features for mobile vs. desktop are touched up, as are block explorers.

EOS Draws Mainstream Attention

As Web 3.0 draws near, eyes are looking toward EOS. Sister chains like WAX already provide homes for household brands. Soon all marketing departments will explore the potential of NFTs. From mainstream movies and personalities to globally recognized competitors like the NFL Players Association and the Miss Universe Pageant, EOSIO technology proves its worth. Gamebox prepares to take the next step for GameFi by developing protocols specific for EOSIO. Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and EOS were the focus of a recent Crypto Bulls Club article discussing Web 3.0. This was some of the best light to shine mainnet’s way in some time.

API+ Working Group

The EOS Network Foundation’s working groups combine to deliver on what some may consider impossible. The API+ working group leverages visibility. Consider how the Internet never ever, under any circumstance, gets harder or worse to use. Over time, it’s always more more informative, profitable, more powerful, more inclusive and easier to use. So why is blockchain such a challenge? Outdated software and methodology needs to be supplanted. APIs are that next step toward connecting everyday users. API+ introduced after other working groups is not surprising. EOS is after all a developer-centric network. Like the ugly duckling, API+ comes in its own  fullness. The ENF described APIs this way:  

“… allow dApps to leverage core infrastructure … connect with other applications…”

Latest Out of the ENF Camp

How long will it take for the EOS mainnet community to say in unison that we’ve arrived (in good order)? No rigid timeline has been set. Rather, it’s about completing a set plan to establish fundamentals. ENF Working Groups+ and team Clarion lead the way. Our resident Samurai called attention to the overdue nature. WG+ go beyond the EOS mainnet to encourage all EOSIO chains to work together and reinvent the future. EOSIO+ already met twice to further this end. Another WG that’s gained momentum is Recover+. This team tackles security and insurance issues among other things. Keep an eye on EOS Costa Rica’s soon-to-be-published blue paper and its work with the Core+ team. In case you’re wondering, the ENF hosts the Mandel Github repository. Don’t forget about the API+ highlights mentioned in the previous section. 

Helios Rising: Incubator and Supply Supply Supply Chains!                             

Supply chains. If nothing else, blockchain improves global supply chains. Mighty Ducks star Brock Pierce tweeted about Walmart Canada innovating blockchain to improve efficiency among its many freight carriers. I’m actually currently taking notes waiting in line at my local Walmart. Innovating supply chain management also helps level the playing field with Amazon’s Managed Blockchain. Remember Walmart began experimenting with Bitcoin ATMs at select locations last fall. Also remember that Croatia’s largest supermarket now accepts several cryptocurrencies, including EOS. Certainly EOS’ low-cost and fast transaction times make more sense for the types of micro purchases conducted at Walmart. Team Helios maintains a macroscopic view on uplifting EOS. This falls in line with targeting Walmart’s (or other) supply chains. So too would the new incubator light program. Note that new Helios member Chris Barnes joined the Telos Foundation board.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Being the first week of the New Year didn’t slow down Eden community. Serious chatter is directed at buying real estate to support the development community. You’ll find this and other topics (like Eden Members AMA with Brandon Fancher and Mike Manfredi) on the Eden Member’s Recap channel. This week marks Chief Delegate Meetings #11 and #12. James Mart summed up sentiment in a tweet

“I’m excited for the impending crypto narrative shift to DAOs, rather than DeFi, NFTs, etc. DAOs are what it’s always been about. Besides BTC, blockchain tech is coordination tech.”

You’ll want to note the new start time of EOS Community Fireside chats at 20:00 UTC. Dan welcomed John Williamson and his leadership in developing Violet Garden to the Clarion team: 

“…He is working with us to build the next-generation of #DAC (#DAO) on #EOS. The combined power of @VioletGardenEOS and @EdenOnEOS with enhanced core #EOSIO system contracts will be unstoppable. More to come!”

:: Dan’s Whitepaper Circulating, Yves’ WG+, Year in Review, Community Togetherness, Bullish, Chintai ::

Bytemaster7’s EOS Whitepaper

Dan Larimer is a visionary. None would argue that. He’s also attuned to echoes of days past. Dan demonstrated such attention to detail in a New Year’s tweet thanking all who contributed to BitShares, Steem, Hive, and of course, EOS. In this same tweet he introduced future plans outlined in a paper and roadmap. A white paper and new branding are due out soon. Dan described what’s coming this way:

“…deploy *the* killer application that will make #EOS the platform for viral community #DAO creation, growth, and engagement.”

Careful planning remains the order of the day. Dan presented the paper for “peer review” and added that he:

“…made a major breakthrough…”

EOS: A Year in Review by Alfredo de Candia 

With 2021 coming to an end, you may want a recap of key EOS mainnet milestones. Alfredo de Candia is Author of Mastering EOS and Mastering DeFi. He’s an Android developer with a specialty in blockchain. Alfredo published 2021 – One Year in EOS in Hackernoon. The article is a month by month playback of the events that transpired on the mainnet. Alfredo begins the year with Bullish and ends with ZEOS. There’s all sorts of goodies in there like Yves’ path to (greater) stardom and Dan’s “DAO of DAOs”. Alfredo ends the article by drawing attention on what’s to come like EOS 3.0 and more from Pomelo quadratic funding.

EOS Support’s List of EOS-based Applications

A nice compliment to an EOY recap comes in the form of a comprehensive list of respected EOS applications. The list is provided by EOS Support writers. Not only does the community have a one stop location to check trusted dapps, but a concise summary accompanies each. Contributing writers include Dario Cesaro, sy.jeong, and Peter Valenčič. From staples like Newdex and EosNameService to new comers like ZEOS and Violet Gardern, EOS Support maintains a current list of respected projects. The team invited all EOS-based apps to Contact@eossupport.io for a listing.

CORE+ Working Group

What is the Core+ Working Group? According to the latest ENF post it’s about :

“Better tooling, documentation, SDKs, and libraries for simplifying and improving the developer experience on EOSIO.”

The ENF sponsored groups will provide the EOS mainnet with what it lacks. Core+ is considered an integral part of the roadmap moving forward. Other WG+ include:

  • Audit+
  • Wallet+
  • API+
  • EVM+

Remember that all recognition grants have been distributed. ENF will continue to fund new and existing projects. The most recent funding action took the form of a stewardship in transferring 6.5m EOS to eosio.grants.

On the Horizon for Bullish

Bullish touts itself to be unlike most crypto exchanges. A quick quick word on where Bullish is now was provided by Anthony Smith, Bullish’s Head of Risk and Compliance. Bullish was planned to be:

“…regulated from the word ‘go’.”

For Bullish to achieve its objectives, licenses need to be acquired for each jurisdiction in which it operates. Bullish expects to help propel EOS into the spotlight. Good spirits are growing around the exchange. EOS Foundation (daily news) tweeted:

“Bullish will utilize #EOSIO & #EOS Blockchain…it’s the first to bring verifiable state integrity to a high-performance trading & asset management platform.”

Nice that the mainnet and B1 continue to work for the overall good of EOS. More good news came in response to winners of the pilot program who couldn’t claim their prizes because of jurisdiction rules. Save the Children became the overwhelming donation of choice.

Chintai Making Waves

Chintai resides among the most respected teams within the EOS ecosystem. It often shares headlines with B1. After all, B1 is among its partners. Chintai’s CHEX token responded positively to the team’s recent activity. We will need to wait and see how Bullish, Chintai and Newdex coexist in the same ecosystem. A bright future appears on first glance. Bullish is of course a centralized exchange. Both Chintai and Newdex expect to remain decentralized. An example of Chintai’s potential can be found in powering the JustCarbon marketplace. Chintai is also involved in broad crypto applications, tokenized real estate among them.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

To kick off the year on the right foot, check out Eden Members Recap channel. Here’s highlights of things not covered within this newsletter:

  • new Eden NFTs to show appreciation for participating in elections
  • EOS support reports on a new scam

Already discussed and present within the final recap of the year was Dan (whitepaper/roadmap) and Yves (WG+) discussing the future of the mainnet. Also, EOS Support maintains a list of active project teams. Alfredo’s year in review was not on the Eden recap but worth a glance. EOS Nation held its own fireside chat and look back on the year. The community spent the New Year together. It’s worth mentioning that Helios BP votes now more closely align with the community.

February 2022


EOSweekly: Fractally Whitepaper, Earn EOS with Feedback on Blue Papers, and more

Feb 26


Fractally Whitepaper Released

Here’s (video) the much awaited TWOSDAY presentation of the Fractally whitepaper. You can read the document in full here. Maybe you’d rather get started with the FAQs. For those who aren’t Eden members or engaged in regular EOS chat, Fractally, as taken directly from the whitepaper, is:

Is a framework for the next generation of DAOs

There are seemingly many different approaches to DAOs. Rarely does an effort seek to uphold the essence for which a decentralized, autonomous organization is meant- that is, cooperation. Central to Fractally is the RESPECT token. RESPECT will be earned through contributions like attending meetings, engagement, funding, recruitment, and collaboration. Skip to page 17 of the whitepaper to view the Respect Flow Diagram. fractally LLC exists to develop open source technology. It extends the purity of the blockchain movement to uplift the spirit of a particular community, i.e. fractals.

Earn EOS with Your Feedback on Blue Papers 

The EOS mainnet is a community. If you’re a veteran, you probably hear that a lot. For those new to the community, what better example is there than a meaningful initiative where your voices are seriously considered. Thanks to the EOS Network Foundation, you can earn money for critiquing blue papers. These papers are the guides for core working groups that are building the next generation mainnet. Areas to format your ideas include funding, alternatives, enhancements, and additions. The first deadline is March 12. You’ll find specifications for submission on the ENF blog post entitled Blue Paper Community Feedback Initiative

An EOS Champion: Brock Pierce is More than Helios

Brock Pierce @brockpierce

Great to join @FoxBusiness this a.m. to discuss #crypto at this year’s @SuperBowl 🏈⚡ ▶️Watch in full at: youtu.be/HO2ERndWH #bitcoin #EOS

February 16th 2022

37 Retweets174 Likes

Brock Pierce elegantly navigates in and around the EOS ecosystem. Maybe no one else has done more to spread the word about EOS on mainstream media. The FOX news clip (above) is just another example in a string of Brock’s positive exposure. But Brock is more than a Hollywood face. He connects with the core community. He’s been an inspiration for blockchain as one of it’s early adopters. It says a lot that he chose EOS to focus his attention and push innovation with Helios. Community members will be glad to know that he and the Helios team supports Fractally. With the Incubator Light (week 6) program, there’s innumerable ways that the mainnet can benefit. Have an idea? Check out the post about recruiting a startup team.

Recover+ Working Group

EOS continues to push the envelope of what’s possible on a public blockchain. Recover+ working group illustrates this by breaking the mold of conventional approaches to decentralized ledger management. More specifically, Recover+:

…aims to create a crisis management framework…

Included in the plan are:

…emergency contracts, protocols, guides…, FAQs, and advice…

The blog post (from last week) proposes use cases such as DAO insurance and more efficient recovery initiatives. The lead team is PIZZA.FINANCE. The community will also be happy to know that a web-based, user friendly interface is in the works.

Dan Discusses the Future with Fractally and Mandel

Being the leader that Dan is, he rarely releases anything significant without following up with community engagement. Maybe you read or skimmed through the Fractally whitepaper. Check out the above interview for a deeper understanding. It’ll provide insight into how Fractally is:

  • A framework for community consensus
  • Provides tools to build an economy and work together
  • Overcome tendencies toward centralization

Dan also pointed out that it’s the first system that intrinsically empowers people to: 

…reach consensus on their vision…  

And that Fractally is specifically:

 …solving the public goods problem…

It’s also a rewards based system. Dan discusses the RESPECT token dynamic along with the power to selectively provide liquidity to a fractal. He concludes with a better development environment in terms of compensation, as well as weekly ‘accounting’ for Eden governance and nurturing the best ideas. Check out this twitter thread and the Go Fractally blog for more. Fractally is where Dan’s heart has been even before Bitshares- that is, improving (replacing) traditional governance.

Around the (fractally governed?) EdenOS Genesis Community on the EOS Mainnet

If you’ve not heard yet, Fractally will likely change the process of Eden elections. This means inclusion for those that deserve the most RESPECT (token distribution on page 17). The community continues full steam ahead with the weekly Fireside Chat and Chief Delegate meeting #19. This week also saw the second EOS Mandel meeting. For those on the go, there’s Eden Clips:

As well as on topic rants:

Meta Finney Report

UNDRGRND appears to have gained some real momentum. Check out the latest UNDRGRND Digs and featured artist drop. The whole Meta Collect community feels more vibrant. The Metaverse is coming and in anticipation, the team purchased an apartment for Finney and a larger space for Meta Collect. The Mongs also had something to say this week with assets growing in value. Be sure to check out the new EOSwriter Podcast episodes (1 & 2). As always, there’s giveaways and weekly engagement rewards for community members who inspire through their feedback (e.g. articles and videos on YT and Twitch).

EOSweekly: Pomelo, Upland, ENF vs. B1, Dan, Pomelo, GenPool Spotlights Core+

Feb 20

ENF eases community concerns. Dan guides community brainstorming. Is Pomelo taking EOS mainstream? GenPool looks deeper into the motivation behind the Core+ blue paper. Upland introduced P2P transaction and a player ambassador.


ENF’s B1 Statement and Yves La Rose Rants

The community found clarity from comments by ENF head Yves regarding the $4+ billion legal filing against Block.one. In a Bywire exclusive, he stated the following: 

The exact value of any potential claim against Block.one is yet to be determined. The purpose…is to let EOS community members know that we are aware of their concerns…

Eden Capital determined that the key to winning is:

…distinguish the difference between #EOS and #EOSIO…

Zack Gall dug up the 4 year old Steemit article where B1 clearly identifies EOS.IO and the EOS ecosystem as independent entities with distinct objectives. Also this week from Yves, where the following rants:

Daniel Larimer Inspires Constructive Brainstorming

Dan discussed smart contracts and DAOs this week. He emphasized how promises and reputation are connected: 

…The only consequence for broken “promises” should be reputation, otherwise we are building on unbacked and unbackable promises.  #DAO

Are they (reputable promises) essential building blocks of DAOs? Dan also pointed out that all ‘true’ DAOs can be recovered via forking. He extended the DAO to EdenOnEOS saying:

…imagine #Bitcoin (a DAO) claiming it needs a “foundation” to operate. The whole point of a DAO is to facilitate the spontaneous interactions of individuals creating value.

Inspiring further, Dan asked the community:

What are your top reasons for building on #EOS?

Instead of rallying around well known EOS advantages like transaction speeds and ‘readable’ account names, the community spewed off a wide variety of reasons over 128 replies:

The included image was found in a twitter reply by omido.

Buy EOS NFTs via Shopify

Shopify is recognized on the NYSE. It’s annual revenue approaches $3 billion. Pomelo’s quadratic funding roared onto the scene in its first season. Some might say that Pomelo had a better launch than Gitcoin- albeit with a rough path to follow. This week the Pomelo team announced it’s NFTs on Shopify. It’s another example of core EOS development pushing the envelope. Innovation had been limited under B1. Shopify introduces several easy payment methods, among other advantages. Interweaving EOS into everyday online life can only be good. It makes it easier to showcase what the mainnet has to offer. Pomelo values contributions. The team identified 95 early supporters who held a Golden Pomelo or S01 Pomelo Badge. Each received a limited supply Grant Collectible Pack.

Core+ Blue Paper Followup

Are you a dedicated EOS community member but a bit busy? Maybe check out GenPool Spotlight: The EOS Core+ Blue Paper with Jimmy, Adam, Sharif, Daniel and Stan. The video will not only give you an idea of what Core+ is all about, but also illuminate the motivation behind the team. It’s a superb example of the mainnet’s spirit and what it hopes to achieve. Here’s the Core+ blue paper again to read in full. 

Upland P2P Transfers

Upland ranks among the most respected NFT projects. It’s viewed as both a game and metaverse with commercial advantages. More than this, the Upland world is based on real life properties. It’s a game chasing the same feel as Pokemon Go. Including one’s neighborhood into augmented reality has obvious advantages. Add peer-to-peer UPX transfers, and player connectivity becomes all the more ingrained. It’s a bigger deal than one might expect considering the potential Upland has for small business. Consider also the NFL Players Association’s interest. Football hits at the heart of neighborhoods. How much more meaningful is Upland’s P2P implementation with the announcement of an official player ambassador

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Check out EdenOnEOS for the latest Chief Delegate meeting (#18) and Eden Clips. With the second election drawing near, here’s a really good recap of key topics for this week. A community member (@IgnoreRonPaul) condensed  #16 for convenience. Hopefully Eden community continues to meet needs pertaining to both the operational flow of the network and that of individuals. Make no mistake, Eden members have already surpassed expectations for the average blockchain community. Still, there’s no measuring stick that tops out blockchain networking effeciency and the like. If clips, rants (see above), and more recaps improve member networking, stick with it. We must also maintain vigilance to align with the more complex infrastructure catering to information dissemination and intelligence gathering in support of community initiatives. EOS Game Night (on Discord) adds value to this end. So does the weekly Fireside Chat now present on both Discord and Twitter.

MetaFinney Report

With the launch of Meta Collect, Finney runs hotter than ever. This new approach to the weekly Finney community report will try to make it a bit easier to keep track of our favorite android’s impact and his friends. UNDRGRND Digs 012 is available. For those with a Tezos membership, you have a drop. Check out what Bitcoin Madame had to say:

Seems like every time I check my $Tezos wallet there’s a new NFT in there. Like this #airdrop from @UNDRGRND_NFT by @mekikobra ❤️ #UNDRGRND is the best NFT membership club ever!

As always, there’s giveaways and weekly engagement rewards for community members who inspire through their feedback (e.g. articles and videos on YT and Twitch).

EOSweekly: ENF vs. B1, Blue Core+, Pomelo Kimberlite, Mandel, Finney Meta Discord

Feb 13

To the courts with you: ENF vs. B1! Blue to the Core+. Pomelo farmers discover Kimberlite. Road to Mandel is fractally stronger together. Rant’n Samurai ushers in a quiet storm. Fractal forums- will that be a thing? Finney mothership detected…


Crypto Court: ENF vs.B1

The EOS mainnet continues to demonstrate a gung ho disposition in 2022. Legal drama was tackeled by Crypto Briefing (EOS Foundation Seeks $4.1B in Damages From Block.one) and CoinDesk (EOS Community Weighs Legal Action Against Block.one Seeking $4.1B), just to name two mainstream (crypto) outlets. However, the best place to start your own investigation might the ENF’s blog post ENF Instituting Formal Litigation Proceedings Against Block.one. While the EOS mainnet as a DAO cannot seek damages, the EOS Network Foundation can. The foundation already found legal counsel. Seeking $4.1 billion in damages is about holding B1 responsible. Also noteworthy is Ted Cahall joining the foundation as COO (yes, the former B1 exec). In Ted’s own words:

I joined the @EosNFoundation specifically to continue the mission of scaling out #EOSIO….#EOS can be an absolute game-changer, …

As more new projects launch on the mainnet, EOS is sure to continue to cast its wake across the crypto space.

EOS Core+ Blue Paper

Teeing off on a dead center fastball, that’s the EOS Core+ Blue Paper. The ENF described objectives as:

  • Stabilize
  • Liftoff
  • Propel

Developers spend a lot of time in chairs, so excuse how the foundation follows up its liftoff. Core+ is about soaring, not just the mainnet, but blockchain. It’s about soaring the way only EOSIO/Mandel can. Hence, ENF words:

… a global leader in blockchain technology…

It’s wonderful to see the “EOS mainnet” specifically included in plans from the very beginning (see clip above). Check out the NovaCrypto clips with EOS Costa Rica that credit B1 for instituting developer tutorials and how Core+ will advance education and tackle tough elements like language barriers. Find the full Core+ blue paper at the ENF blog.

Pomelo Season 2 Introduces Kimberlite

With Pomelo season 2 imminent, the team unveiled Kimberlite to compliment season 1’s fruit bearing NFTs. Get some to find diamonds. A total of 5,000 will be dropped. A portion of those will go to badge holders of both golden and regular pomelos. The rest will be available on the market/drop. The snapshot for the badge drop is Monday the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Primary sales will help fund the season 2 matching pool.

Mandel Consensus and Dan on DAOs and Fractally

The road to Mandel (EOSIO 3.0) is about true mainnet sovereignty. As the ENF put it following the consensus kickoff meeting:

…#EOS is taking its codebase into its own hands and away from @B1. #RoadToMandel

Dan broke down Mandel’s “nature” within a fractal democracy in a NovaCrypto interview (above). By the way, a recent Dan tweet inspired my earlier comment in the Crypto Court section about “DAOs cannot seek legal damages”. Along this logic consider Dan’s treasury comment:

…A #DAO cannot have a treasury other than its own token. End of Story.

If you’ve followed Dan closely in recent months then you know he’s got plans for ‘old’ tech like Bitshares and Steemit (Hive). Val is a UI developer from those days and has joined Fractally. Also worth mentioning is an Eden Capital tweet about reviving resources:

…A large number of EOS ecosystem resources that disappeared in 2019, could be restarted in 2022! https://freedomproxy.org

Rant’n EOS: Big Beard Samurai Heats Up

They’re few who can keep up with Yves La Rose when it comes to dishing out a feel for the current temperature around the mainnet. If something moves him, it’s worth taking notice. This week he touched upon a few topics including:

EOS rants add value to the community’s perception and understanding of the issues surrounding the mainnet and its direction. It’s only been a couple of weeks and we’ve only seen rants from a few members. Hopefully more key figures will contribute.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

If you’ve enjoyed some of the recent rants by community leaders, then check out Eden Clips. EdenOnEOS introduced them on YT this past week. There’s some core informative stuff like EOSIO name change, exchange BP voting, and Eden next steps (above). Brandon Lovejoy responded to DogmanLabs’ polling idea of what someone else characterized as “fractal forums”. He pretty much supports the idea. Brandon pointed out that many contributors have other things going on in EOS. Overriding the innovative forums idea is improving mainnet organization and an efficient reward/acknowledgement mechanism. As per weekly schedule, there’s Chief Delegate meeting #17, a Fireside Chat and EOS Community Gaming.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

This week saw Volume 1 burning go live as well as the combined discord of Finney, UNDRGRND, Crunks and Mongs. The multichain community comes together under the Meta Collect brand. As one might expect, a COLLECT token is in the works. Well worth the wait through an otherwise somber few weeks. A lot of action this week, particularly out of the UNDRGRND both on twitter and discord. This includes a Valentine’s Day drop and new twitter spaces:

hot new twitter spaces series starting tonight! Discussing Underground art & @UNDRGRND_NFT

Remember to check out weekly engagement rewards, articles and videos on YT and Twitch.

EOSweekly: Mandel 3.0, Audit+ Paper, Pomelo Season 2, Interviews, Eden Gaming

Feb 6

Mainnet 3.0 is on the runway. Audit+ blue paper is live. Rumbling of a Multi-chainVerse taking storm in the ENF’s vicinity. Pomelo comes back stronger for season 2. A couple of hot interviews boost community support. Gaming becoming more popular around Eden.


Mandel (EOSIO) 3.0 Release Candidate

Mandel (EOSIO) 3.0 release candidate is here. Dan Larimer outlined the path to a new EOS age in Fractally Releases Mandel 3.0 RC 1 to replace EOSIO. The release candidate is the first step in the roadmap toward activating the mainnet 3.0 hardfork. Deployment is targeted for May, but first the community will come together for the second Eden on EOS election (April 19). Fractally will provide support during the test network phase. Completion time is estimated around a month. For a deeper look, check out Hot Sauce and Fractally’s Mandel 3.0 overview videos.

Building the Multi-chainVerse

What good is a multiverse that’s not multichain? A large blockchain like Ethereum might be able to pull it off, but at substantial tradeoffs. Creativity is limited among single-chain minded maximalists. EOSIO doesn’t just foster creativity through sister chains. It also easily integrates other core technology. The EOS Network Foundation put it this way:

In true #web3 fashion, the future of #EOSIO is open and collaborative. Everyone is welcome…#ENF has initiated what should have happened years ago.

Multichain is coming. James Mart brought attention to Mandel 3.0 VSCode now up for tinkering. James also ranted on exchange voting pertaining to surplus. While Ives La Rose ranted on staffing the ENF. Both are relevant to the Multi-chainVerse discussion. Keeping in the spirit, how about Chex on Binance and Ethereum.

Pomelo Season 2 on the Horizon

Pomelo Season 2 runway is in sight. The matching pool is 77% larger this time around. At $888,888 USD, the EOS Network Foundation contribution sets a solid pace for ongoing development. It’s a well coordinated initiative timed to support both Mandel 3.0 and the second official election of Eden on EOS. EOS Nation, the team behind Pomelo, and the ENF are as integral to the mainnet community as any organization. Their leadership is immeasurable in providing the resources the community needs to rally around promising projects.

EOS Interviews: Hot Sauce Nation and User Support

These days, EOS Nation makes its presence felt in different ways. Always involved in developing and maintaining the mainnet, team Hot Sauce wields potentially great power via Pomelo. The first season of quadratic funding was a resounding success. Daniel Keys was interviewed by Bywire News to discuss what looms on the horizon. Among Pomelo’s key successes has been EOS Support. Chief Delegate and CEO of EOS Support, Roland Randall, was also interviewed by Bywire News this week. He went into details about what the community can expect moving forward.

Audit+ Blue Paper

The Audit+ blue paper is here. Audit+ will become instrumental for using EOSIO as a revolutionary approach to security architecture. The paper was researched and authored by two companies, auditing specialist Sentnl and security specialist Slowmist. They begin the paper’s abstract with a succinct objective statement:

In this paper we provide our research and initiatives around improving the overall security of EOSIO blockchains.

An overriding tone is the untapped potential of EOSIO security. More than a feature, EOSIO can provide industry leadership given the right tools. Such tools have mostly been ignored, or at best, lacked support. With the ENF now in a position of influence, security core developments become a no-brainer. A total of 4 working group papers expect to be released in the coming month. The Audit+ paper can be read and downloaded in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

Eden as a community continues to grow with each passing week. Fireside chats take place on Wednesday. More recently, EOS game nights have sprung up on Fridays. Blankos Block Party provides an excellent venue for creative minds. Imagine how the community might be nurtured through regular, meaningful discourse and game play. Credit to Rami James for reporting the contributions of representatives from Voice and Bullish during this week’s EOSIO group call. Don’t forget to check Chief Delegate meetings #15 and #16.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

Change and innovation looms on the horizon for Finney, UNDRGRND, and Cryptowriter. It’s an across the board effort focused on new features, coordination, and multichain dynamics. Finney OG (crypto)CharlieQ summed up a recent Edge of Obscurity:

Sean talks about a new coin and bringing all finneys under one roof in discord…

Join Finney social media (especially Finney discord). If nothing for just what Sean said on the Edge:

…we’re just going to make it rain NFTs because you got all these people that are coming in. They might not know what Crunks are or what Finneys are… [10:01] (image from [40:00])

Small giveaways and other opportunities are ongoing during restructuring. Ethereum Finney holders be aware that you need to fill out a form to receive unique rewards. This week saw the first episode of the EOSWriter Podcast. Remember to check out weekly engagement rewards, articles and videos on YT and Twitch.

MARCH 2022

EOSweekly: BSN on EOS, Defibox, Account Recovery, Pomelo, Wallet+

Mar 26

Pomelo Season 2: Living Up to Expectations

Grant proposals are now being accepted on Pomelo. Daniel Keys went on Everything EOS to discuss what’s new for Season 2. Here’s part of his opening statement describing the EOSIO crowdfunding platform:

Democratically allocated public funds to public goods based on basically the wisdom of the crowd.

Anyone who has an idea for a public good can submit a grant application. Here he describes Season 2’s new trust bonus feature:

By increasing your trust bonus, whenever you make a donation our quadratic formula basically just treats you as if you donated more than you actually did.

Eden members do not currently enjoy a Pomelo trust bonus. That may change as Eden matures. Daniel discussed other topics like future bounties to ease the workflow. Exciting proposals out of the gate include: 

The EOS PowerUp team would like to move away from a centralized service to a community owned DAO. EOS Quest’s mandate is twofold. Make it easy to create and complete quests. Ease the learning curve for new EOS users. 

China’s Blockchain-based Service Network Eyes EOS

Let’s get this out of the way:

  • When it comes to cryptoChina, there’s a lot of controversy over open networks.

So why is EOS consistently ranked high on some eastern rankings? Well, there’s those stubborn eastern block producers holding tightly to short-term profits. Another factor is EOS practical use cases. Western developers (and users) may begin flocking to EOS alongside new development tools like EVM+. For now the headline is China’s Blockchain-based Service Network. According to forkfast, this service:

…allows NFT issuance in China without involving cryptocurrency transactions.

BSN is a permissioned (i.e. limited participation) blockchain, so it’s not ideal for a community focused on open source public goods like Pomelo, but it does offer mainnet recognition. Also note the success of the first Eden CN (China) trial election. There are a lot of reasons to choose EOS. Being able to meet the requirements of a Chinese government that’s often openly hostile to Bitcoin (and other open source tech) is another reason to be optimistic. Keep in mind that Chinese regulators have submitted to the need for a blockchain-based future. Also noteworthy is that even free enterprise networks have been cautious to adopt the more open development of blockchain.

Defibox Annual Report

Defibox remains a core component of the EOS ecosystem. WAX integration stands out in recent weeks. The release of Defibox’s annual report also serves as a sort of litmus test for the mainnet. This year’s swap trade volume totalled just under 15 million EOS. BOX token holders will also be glad to hear about a new airdrop. However, the year’s biggest news from the Defibox team is Gamebox. That means defi for NFTs, MMOs, gaming consoles, and creativity in general. Online gaming without blockchain was already an industry worth billions of dollars and growing. Imagine the magniture of an even greater (metaverse) explosion.

EOS Account Recovery via Eden

If you’ve been an active member of the mainnet community you may remember a dynamic proposal for account recovery. The concept was simple, something like allocating backup permissions to multiple family members or close friends for the purpose of reinstating one’s account. It’s made possible through Eden. Chris Barnes led us in thanking Dan Larimer and his Fractally team for making account recovery a reality. For details on how the process works, check out this Notion post. The first step is to reach out to a Chief Delegate. The process is live in preparation for the second Eden election on April 9th.

Aaron Cox on Wallet+

When it comes to wallets on EOS, Anchor is the thing. It’s arguably the most trusted, dependable, and thoughtful application on the mainnet. And it’s lead developer? Well, he’s also the first Head Chief Delegate of EdenOnEOS. Makes sense that Aaron Cox is also a director of sorts for the Wallet+ working group. Here’s some choice words he let fly (see video above):

They have the tools they need on these other ecosystems just handed to them and they can just focus on the app. We need to get to that point with EOSIO. [00:16]…the first full SDK will be focused on web technologies [01:36]

Aaron noted that focusing on the web invariably transfers to other development areas like mobile, metaverse, or any emerging web-based demands. According to the ENF, Wallet+ establishes easily accessible and organized software development tools that support programming languages for all major platforms. Included in its suite are:

  • EOSIO Starter Kit
  • Client Library + Plugins
  • Core Library + Extensions

Fractally Taking Shape

In case you missed it, Helios interviewed Dan Larimer about Fractally. As with any revolutionary technology, it takes some understanding. The interview (overviewed last week) is a good place to start. You may also wish to check out what NovaCrypto has going on with Collaborative Circles and a Mind Web specific to Fractally. Fractally is about positive impacts. NovaCrypto got off running as strong as anyone in providing public goods (see video above). With Dan handing over the hosting sessions to Joshua Seymour, another dedicated superstar, the community can expect 30 minute orientation meetings for new members.  Also note that the domain was shortened to gofractally.com in preparation for the community site.

Around EdenOnEOS

Edenia (EOS Costa Rica) caught the attention of the community in recent weeks. The team really is in accord with what the mainnet is building. Compare how its open source developer learning portal coincides with Wallet+ (discussed in an above section). Helios put its Spotlight on the UX Network bridge as an IBC (inter-blockchain communication) solution. ZEOS is still developing quietly in the background. Take a sneak peak at the privacy focused wallet. Eden Clips #21 is especially interesting as Dan joined the CDs to discuss fractal governance. Remember, in addition Chief Delegate meetings (#22), there’s a weekly Fireside Chat, Mandel meeting (#6), and Eden Members recap. There’s more, like a GenPool Spotlight and EOS Bees second Rants competition. BTW, have you noticed that TrimBot provides a lot of timely information like B1 talent joining the ENF. Lastly (certainly not least), Samurai’s Big Beard rants on

EOSweekly: Wallet+, Fractally, Pomelo, EVM+, Edenia

Mar 19

Wallet+ BluePaper

No one argued the community’s choice in its first EdenOnEOS Head Chief Delegate Aaron Cox. Sure, he’s among the most personable and engaging developers within the ecosystem. What really stands out is his leadership developing Anchor, the community’s most trusted wallet. Crypto wallets hold definite valued. Hense the importance of the recently released blue paper for the Wallet+ working group. Key to helping EOS reach that next level is connecting with users. The following areas were identified for development:

  • Broad functionality
  • SDKs
  • Application registry
  • Ricardian Contracts

Additionally, features that catch the eyes of everyday users are at the heart of Wallet+. For example:

  • Hardware wallet integration
  • Account recovery
  • Web Authen
  • Profile and Avatar System

These and other topics can be found within the Wallet+ Blue Paper available for download in English, Korean, and Chinese at the ENF Medium blog.

Dan Discusses Fractally with Helios

Dan does so many interviews one might think he’s a Hollywood guy like that Helios guy. Or maybe an aspiring spotlight MC like so many in crypto. Maintaining a developer’s persona while conducting trending interviews based on months (even years) old tech- that’s not Dan Larimer. Ever heard of ClarionOS, EdenOS, Mandel- your task, find the release dates on these projects. Anyway, Dan’s latest interview is about even newer tech: fractally. In an interview this week, Helios’ Gavriel Shaw emphasized Dan’s words about Fractally’s universal design:

Absolutely… Fractally can completely eliminate the capture by exchanges or by Proof of Work or by any creator distributed wealth. [source]

Here’s Dan on why Fractally is needed:

…all users, all token holders benefit from that action and should be recognized as such… the challenge is how do you recognize these contributions in a way that is credibly fair… and that’s the problem that Fractally solves. [00:03:46]

On participation:

Anyone can form a team…willing to attend multiple meetings… can even submit the same article… to multiple fractals… it’s all on IPFS, it’s all transparent… in order to participate in the governance process you have to do so at least once a month…so that’s the first thing, you’re inviting people to participate…to have a say in your community… [1:07:05]

Pumping EOS: EVM+

The ENF announced the EVM+ working group in January. Before that, B1 challenged the community to code in Solidity. An EOS EVM becomes even more significant with Fractally and EdenOS taking shape. Fractally can be used for platform agnostic consensus. EdenOS plans to become a governance protocol that other blockchains can adopt. EVM+ could provide support by bridging EOSIO/Mandel sister chain applications. Rumor has it that an EOS EVM is just weeks away. The degree of its alpha application remains to be seen. Beyond the excitement of leveraging new tools and expanding user networks is the tendency for prices to explode upon EVM deployment. A final word this week from the ENF goes beyond public goods in support for EVM-based apps like:

  • Wallet
  • DEX
  • Launchpad

More Goodies From Edenia Web3 Builders

The mainnet community is probably more familiar with EOS Costa Rica than with Edenia. That’s because the Edenia team focuses on EOS and develops on sister chains like WAX. Through EOS Costa Rica, the team deployed powerful dapps like:

🔹EOS Rate

🔹EOS Dashboard


Edenia develops infrastructure for Web 3.0. Of course, this means a blockchain-based solution. However, as more developers are realizing, getting Web3 off the ground is as much about integrating applications that showcase the potential of blockchain and crypto. It’s as much about innovative brilliance as it is about understanding what users, regulators, and traditionalists are ready to accept. Team Edenia seems to understand these factors better than most in the blockchain space. Thankfully, as the EOS mainnet grows to incorporate EVM+, EdenOS, and Fractally, there’ll be dedicated Web3 tools at the ready. For a complete list of Edenia tools for EOS, visit the website and join the team’s Discord.

Pomelo Update: PowerUp Another $125k

Pomelo’s second season hasn’t even started and already $1 million dollars is up for grabs. The seven figure mark was surpassed when the EOS Network Foundation made its latest contribution (as reported by Bywire). Remember, NFT sales and seasonal donation have yet to be tabulated. Through the amazing allocation of quadratic funding, the projects most highly valued by the community get funded to the greatest degree. Find out more about Pomelo or dig deeper into the Grants Policy Wiki. For a detailed overview of the benefits and workings of quadratic funding, visit the Gitcoin (WTF is QF) project which Pomelo was modeled after.   

Fractally: Weekly Standup Meetings

Fractally weekly standup meetings test the technology’s current operational dynamics. The process, as well as membership, is open for anyone with a Hive account to join. Read the white paper at fractally.com. Gregory Wexler posted an updated outline for weekly preparation:

  • Sign the Fractally Contributor Agreement (FCA) as posted by Dan on Hive less than 24 hrs prior to this week’s newsletter posting
  • A change from last week is the move toward Hive accounts for participation since EOS accounts cannot sign the FCA
  • Participants are asked to change Zoom display names to match Hive accounts
  • Rank and RESPECT will be available via a Fractally post
  • Check the current meeting’s Agenda and Process document

So far there have been 3 meetings. I participated last week. You can join here. Fractally is about providing actionable consensus for any blockchain, or as Dan said during an interview this week:

…by any creator distributed wealth.

Around EdenOnEOS

In addition to the ENF increasing matching funds for Pomelo, the foundation will match an additional 1000 EOS for Eden China’s trial election. That brings the possible total for EdenCN to 25,000 EOS. Follow up with EOS Bees for the latest on the Rants competition. You’ll find mindmaps for EOS Rants and Fractally among the Bees’ links. When Head Chief Delegate Aaron Cox runs quiet for a few weeks, it probably means he’s got something brewing. So when Everything EOS revived the iconic podcast with a focus on Wallet+, guess who joined. Holding heading and horizon, this week saw regularly scheduled Chief Delegates meeting #22, Wendsdays’ Fireside Chat, EOS Mandel meeting #5, and Helios’ weekly top 5 EOS moments.

EOSweekly: Edenia Web3, Pomelo S2, Fractally News

Mar 11

Edenia and Web3

What is Web3? If the internet got off the ground with email and came into it’s own with media applications (e.g. smartphone videos), Web3 must be something special. Indeed, what blockchain technology has to offer the world can transform how we live. Edenia backs EOS Costa Rica, among the most respected developers within the ecosystem. It’s mission:

Let’s build a more efficient and reliable web3.

Introduced just last week, it’s already working with the Proton blockchain. For more information check out Edenia Discord. To stay current with the team’s latest development, follow @EdeniaWeb3

Pomelo Season 2: Improvements and Stuff

Excusable only if you’ve been under a kimberlite, are you aware that Pomelo crowdfunding on EOS kicks off season 2 in a couple of weeks? By the way, ‘kimberlite’ is among the new NFTs whose sales will contribute to the matching pool. Daniel Keyes gave an overview of some new stuff during this week’s fireside chat. He discussed improvements for:

  • Social logins
  • Sharing
  • The approval process

In addition, Daniel introduced Trust Bonuses, and the opt-in feature for proposal continuation across seasons. If you like to know more about Pomelo NFTs, visit the EOS Nation blog post Pomelo NFT Series – Season 2. The opening dates are March 22 for applications and March 30 for donations.

Introducing the Fractally News Channel

It’d be an understatement to say that Fractally hit the ground running- more like the community has the Moon in its sights. Over the past couple of weeks, Fractally held its first couple of meetings. In this short time, the technology demonstrated substantial improvement over what EdenOS used for past elections. The new Fractally news channel further illustrates excitement around the fast growing community. Note that while EdenOS will eventually extend to applications beyond EOS governance, Fractally takes off as blockchain agnostic from the start. Everyone who wishes to know more and contribute is welcomed to join the Weekly Standup Meetings.

Eden Capital Blue Paper Feedback

A couple of weeks ago the EOS Network Foundation announced a community feedback initiative for the working group blue papers. Qualifying entries can earn anywhere from 100 to 2000 EOS. Eden Capital stands out this week. The team proposed three ideas:

The first, encourages long-term staking and targets strengthening the “ecological development” of the mainnet by making it more reasonable for new block producers to enter the top 21. The second tackles the disparity between the linear 1% inflation rate rewarded to BPs. This proposed solution determines:

In order to enhance the overall ecosystem value, the reward of BPs should be a curve relationship with the EOS price.

The title of the third feedback proposal speaks volumes as it revives the idea of ‘one EOS, one vote’ through the addition of 2+% inflation. Also note that Jess Jaffe (of EOS Bees) published a feedback proposal: An Onboarding and Referral System for EOS.

EOS Second Quarter Boost from Bullish Public Launch?

OK, so hold your horse. Yes, B1 has fallen out of favor (to put it mildly) with the mainnet community. And yes, the ENF has a legal action against B1. Does this mean that B1 will let all its EOS holdings rot? Or will Bullish cater to opportunism (maybe even greed) toward greater valuation? Bloomberg is as mainstream as it gets. While the article merely mentions EOS among Bullish’s basket of currency, there’s still a lot to be hopeful about. B1 is intimate with EOSIO. It used the tech to build Bullish. The team recognizes the potential of low cost, fast transaction speeds alongside a U.S. regulator recognized cryptocurrency. If nothing else, it demonstrates the type of PR deserving of a once top 5 crypto.

LIVE (Real Person) Support

One’s introduction to blockchain technology can be challenging in many ways. EOS and EOSIO sister chains offer real applications that are relatively easy to use. Still, sometimes having someone by your side to help you get over even mere perceptual challenges can be a godsend. This is one of the reasons why EOS Support was created. In the team’s latest post, How to get EOS support from a real person, the reader is introduced to the team’s mission. Getting started links are on this post as well. While still rather new, there’s already some good information for those starting their EOS journey, as well as a one-stop resource. Also, check out what Bywire News presented this week as ‘must have’ EOS dapps.

EdenOnEOS Chatter

Wow! We have come a long way. This is the fractally realization as the second EdenOnEOS election approaches and Pomelo Season 2 gets underway. Imagine, if a single election can lead and inspire all that’s transpired over a few short months, what a second election running on fractally tech might yield. Macroscopic vision… yes, the ENF demonstrates that by introducing International EOS News:

The above excerpts are from Everything EOS Weekly Report. (Note: the veteran team’s report has been included in past weeks COMMUNITY CHATTER sections.) The ENF head samurai fielded ideas for Fractally during a recent fireside chat. Have you liked the weekly rants? Here’s your chance to record one and win some EOS to boot. In an interview, Jesse Jaffe on NovaCrypto discussed the importance of rants to inform as well as for marketing. Stay up to date with Eden members recaps channel and visit EdenOnEOS for Chief Delegate meetings and EDEN Clips like:

EOSweekly: API+ Paper, Fractally, Pomelo Season 2, ENF

Mar 6

API+ Blue Paper

The API+ Blue Paper (available for download on the ENF blog) is integral to solving persistent mainnet problems. One of the need areas that B1 never got around to is that of an API that can scale to meet transaction volume. Teams that develop specialized API infrastructure have relied upon Block Producer Rewards. The inherent variability of this funding stream isn’t conducive for a stable development environment. With new funding from the ENF and other sources (e.g. Pomelo), API issues can be reasonably addressed, such as:

  • Software Maintenance
  • Support Existing Operations
  • Increase Availability
  • Feature Development

Those directly affected by improved mainnet APIs include developers of apps, smart contracts, protocols, and tools, as well as data analysts, exchanges, and administrators. Proposed salaries and team assignments are listed on page 21.

ENF vs. B1 Legal Drama and Weekly Rants

This time it was HackerNoon picking on the legal drama festering since B1 shifted its focus to Bullish and Voice. Yves is quoted as:

“We have been disappointed with Block.one’s reaction to our attempts to negotiate a solution following its failure to fulfill its commitments…”

In a blog post entitled B1 Litigation Update, the ENF announced a call to action:

EOS Network Foundation is requesting more information from the EOS community related to your personal or business experiences with Block.One, EOS or EOS VC.

Also out of the ENF camp this week was:

Pomelo Season 2 Date Set

Official dates have been announced for Pomelo Season 2. Grant applications are open from March 2 through April 11. Donations begin being accepted on March 30 and end on April 23. Remember, applications must demonstrate a public good. As for season 2 NFTs, detailed information can be found at EOS Nation. Blending starts Tuesday. The ultimate goal is to blend a “stunningly clear Diamond Pomelo”. All primary sales go to the matching fund pool. This week also saw the release of EOS Nation’s February 2022 WAX Report.

Fractally Gains Momentum

Introduced on February 22, fractally has already completed two tests. The framework for next generation DAOs has various applications. Excitement continues to grow around fractally’s potential for Eden elections. As an NFT standard, James Mart illustrated how: 

…Fractally is not in competition with AtomicAssets. Rather, it allows other NFT standards to opt into a common base infra, making them cheaper & more interoperable. It’s more of a standard for NFT standards.

Dan Larimer invited anyone interested in helping:

bring fractal governance to the world

to register for this week’s meeting. More than 50 participants found fractally to be more enjoyable (and quicker) than what has been expected of Eden elections. Fractally meetings are scheduled for Saturdays. You’re encouraged to attend.

EOS Finds the Spotlight Again

Market Wire News @MarketWN

JUST IN: $EOS MATIC, NEAR, FTM, XTZ, EOS and KDA are the best smart contracts platform tokens you can buy for under $10 marketwirenews.com/news-releases/… #MWN #Stocks @BBACKMAL @EOS_Bees @uptickAlerts $VLOWY $FTCH $NXGB $ISPOMATIC, NEAR, FTM, XTZ, EOS and KDA are the best smart contracts platform tokens you can buy forIf you have interest in buying tokens under $10, Polygon MATIC/USD , Near NEAR/USD , Fantom FTM/USD , Tezos XTZ/USD , EOS EOS/USD , and Kadena KDA/USD.marketwirenews.com

February 28th 2022

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EOS found itself in the spotlight again on the second to last day in February. If you recall, just a couple of weeks prior, Brock Pierce discussed EOS on FOX Business. This time it was Market Wire News praising EOS. More people are finding that cryptocurrency transactions need not be costly. Tabbed as a “smart contracts platform” token by Market Wire News, EOS was among five others considered the best in class purchasable for under $10. EOS once held a top four position by market cap. With the ENF’s successful takeover of duties from B1, it appears that the EOS mainnet is regaining respect. Market Wire News is a resource for traditional stock investors. This illustrates the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, a reality that will need low cost, fast transactions like EOS.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on the EOS Mainnet

Helios seems to be making good on its promise to support EOSIO. This week’s Top 5 EOSIO Moments of the Week (hosted by Chris Barnes) is a good example. More EOSIO details are presented by Chris in a recent Helios Spotlight. For an overview of weekly events specific to Eden and the mainnet, check out the members’ Recaps Channel. With the second Eden election quickly approaching, Chief Delegate meeting #20 opened with refining the voting process, and of course, the implementation of fractally. Among this week’s Eden Clips were:

Remember that there’s also weekly Fireside Chats and game nights.

APRIL 2022

EOSweekly: TrustEVM, ZEOS, ENF Milestones, Voice, Bullish, fractally Eden

Apr 24

EOS EVM: A Trusted Network

In preparation this week, I nearly collected as many EVM links as all others. Bit of an exaggeration, but take it as the kind of impact EVM could have for EOS. EVM forces crypto masses to acknowledge EOS. I won’t go into how I was just triple charged by another ETH app (first rejecting my transaction, then requiring I pay again to ‘claim’ onto the app). Not surprising that Solidity doesn’t do microtransactions well. After all, it did follow a Bitcoin-type philosophy. In contrast, EOS was founded as a function, nimble chain. Maybe the best way to introduce the new EVM info is through bullet points:

If you want an outsider’s perspective, check out the article by CryptoSlate. In somewhat related news, Helios tweeted about an all-inclusive EOS EFT and the ENF about the return of CWC reports.

ZEOS: Next Level Privacy

Remember Monero? The standard for privacy coins rarely makes headlines these days. Probably a good thing for a private community. Thing is, the ZEOS team believes that it can do privacy better for:

…ALL assets on EOS…

Seems too good to be true… Consider though that this isn’t the first attempt at an EOS privacy coin. Remember pEOS? ZEOS examined those early concepts, weighed the pros and cons and is ready to help take the EOS mainnet to the next level. Imagine securing your privacy:

…without having to own an EOS account…

This becomes a reality when ZEOS is used to pay transaction fees. More details available on that last twitter link (see thread), like proxy accounts and navigating legal issues through the:

… ‘user space’ of EOS and not at the blockchain protocol level…

Here’s the telegram channel for those interested in joining the discussion. [Image adapted from the ZEOS Wallet tweet.]

Pomelo Donations Closed on April 23

Well, Pomelo Season 2 donations are finally closed. According to the ENF, the final tally is:

  • 140 proposals
  • $1,059,130 
  • 1790 contributors

Of that more than one million USD, $100,000+ comes from contributor donations and $900,000+ from the matching pool. What really stands out is the nearly 1,800 contributors. Team Pomelo demonstrates consistent success and growth. From new NFTs, to adding website functionality and partnerships, Team Pomelo exhibits a steady hand on the control stick (yoke). Adding the second half of Port to boost Trust Bonus illustrates their commitment. If one were to look at the current horizon from the vantage point of season 1, we’d see how high Pomelo soars today- even given dome distance illusion. Pomelo has been that good. When weighing the achievements of the Pomelo team, remember to factor in the impacts upon the mainnet of all proposals.

ENF Milestones Achieved

Trust EVM wouldn’t be possible without the ENF. Neither would a lot of other fundamental mainnet technology. The team certainly warrants a unique measurement metric. Check out a bit of boasting in an ENF tweet:

We’re only 3 weeks into Q2 and the #ENF has already achieved some of its Q2 milestones…

✅ Direct Grant Framework

✅ EVM Testnet Deployment

Notice in the ‘What’s Ahead’ graphic (above) that the ENF plans through Pomelo Season 4. No, I didn’t make a mistake in the previous post listing the closing of Pomelo’s second season. Maybe the mainnet should consider judging the success of ENF by its leadership and planning as well as deliverables. Maybe the community should reconsider its expectation now that we’re flying with Class A leadership. BTW, the other part of that tweet goes:

We’re like the #EOS postal service… always pushing the envelope and always delivering! 📬

Maybe you’re not an aviator and don’t fully grasp “pushing the envelope”… there’s a lot of ways to look at that flight terminology; and I know a trek’n samurai wouldn’t always want to pack for a jumbo jet. That last part:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift…

Well, even if Cliff Claven is in the room, and you’re not a child on a snow day, RESPECT is deserved- across the board.

Voice NFTs on EOS

How does one follow up an ENF story with one about the B1 company? For starters, B1 maintained that EOS would remain in its long term plans. Mainnet community members harbored feelings of skepticism and distrust. The mood may change following Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo’s recent announcement:

Voice NFTs can now be wrapped on #EOS for self-custody in @greymass’s Anchor wallet and EOS-to-EOS trading on @AtomicHub. Multichain is finally a reality.

In layman terms:

That means: 🔗 Ability to send #VoiceNFTs to your Anchor wallet (@greymass) on EOS + sell on @AtomicHub

(royalties go with 🤝)

That last part, “royalties go with” seems interesting. Is Voice using AtomicHub in a new way? Maybe it was worth the wait. Bywire News went into more detail mentioning that EOS is not Voice’s only option:

… export NFTs from Voice to EOS, Polygon, Solana and other…

That seems about right. Guess it’s a wait and see as for what Voice (built on EOSIO) means for the mainnet. In other B1 news, Bullish announced the listing of Chainlink and Litecoin. 

Let’s Talk fractally

Fractally is the newest among mainnet tech. What might seem low key and progressing slowly, I assure you, as a regular attendee of weekly meetings, isn’t. By comparison to other tech in development, fractally is an F1 race car. If you’re into governance and joining in on development conversations, you’re encouraged to join now. Otherwise, you can join as fractally becomes more easily accessible. What is fractally? Know that the team rebranded from ClarionOS and that the platform is multidimensional. Fractally improves the communication standard and rewards RESPECT tokens based on fair community consensus. In addition to weekly Standup Meetings, here are a few recent posts and events for non-attending members to gauge where the community stands now:

BTW, the image was adopted from Fractally Genesis telegram.

Around EdenOnEOS

View the Chief Delegate Meeting #2 on Odysee. Eden and fractaly, while symbiotic, are not synonymous. Eden’s mandate is to govern the mainnet. That’s why there’s an enduring grilling process in selecting Chief Delegates. For more laid back, small (fractal) teams, fractally is your answer. While the new set of CDs settle in, you may wish to monitor EdenOnEOS YT channel for future meetings. As of today, only the first meeting is posted there. CDs met out of the gate, so maybe they’ve chosen Odysee as the new dissemination medium for future meetings. Also, last week Eden Members Recaps were delayed. There’s a lot to catch up on. April 18 recap is where we left off. Election week sure was something. Good thing Jesse Jaffe is helping CDs with communications and Dan Sinjoy plans to empower Eden creators. Bugs even at Mandel meetings with last week’s tweet including a link to #8, not the listed #9 (this link goes directly to YT). Here’s the link to Mandel meeting X (recorded on April 13). For those less-technically inclined or wanting a laid back way to interact with the mainnet community, join the weekly Fireside Chat. While I tab both fractally and Fireside Chats as ‘laid back’, know that fractally is action oriented. It’s the innovative team dynamic and overall fractal design that enables fractally to execute so nimbly. 

EOSweekly: Eden, ENF Coalition, Anchor, EVM+ Test, EOS Nation on Telos

EdenOnEOS Election Results (April 9, 2022)

Another election in the books. Just kidding, EdenOnEOS is just getting started. Still, there’s something to all which transpired under the first Chief Delegates’ leadership. The mainnet also owes much to ENF for sure. EOS community as a whole delivered truly superior blockchain development. The future looks even brighter as nearly 100 members took part in the second election. Departing Head Chief Delegate Aaron Cox leaves big shoes to fill. The new board includes:

  • New Head Chief Delegate Edgar Fernandez is co-founder of EOS Costa Rica, one of the most influential producers on the mainnet. 
  • Brock Pierce brings primetime spotlight, a trusted reputation, and so much more. 
  • Gracie Lau is Co-founder of JBB.ONE and recently led an EdenCN trial. 
  • Chuck MacDonald is a staple of the community focused on a Eden Election initiative. 
  • Fresh crypto blood comes in the form of ByWire News founder Michael O’Sullivan . 

If you’re a member, you can check out the complete election results on edeneos.org. Watch the first Chief Delegate meeting or the full stream of the breakout room on EdenOnEOS YT.

Testing EOS EVM+

Talk about powerful change, EVM+ might prove to be that final hurdle taking EOS to the masses. Yves La Rose was spotted by palmar.tez predicting EVM audits by the end of April. Lookout for the EOS EVM launch event on April 19 at 13:00 UTC. Does this mean EVM will be ready for all EOS dapps on the 19th? Not likely. There’s a schedule of things that must transpire in succession, including those audits. A lot will be uncovered at the launch party. Why is EVM such a big deal? Well, there’s the tendency for favorable price swings upon implementation. And then there’s what the ENF tweeted:

…Your public key will also be able to be used on native #EOS using MetaMask w/ the same web3 provider, so no need to switch endpoints between chains. …

Read the ENF’s January post about what’s in store for the mainnet once EVM+ goes active. It’s about building on success and attracting developer talent. Here’s a recent article about the EVM+ testnet. There you’ll find:

…EOS EVM launch event, …detailed information regarding the future … EVM and its technological advantages …DeFi and GameFi, ecosystem development timeline, …and much more.

ENF 2022 Q1 Report

Professionalism and responsibility has been at the heart of the EOS Network Foundation from its inception. Voluntarily holding itself to high standards is a testament to the core team that’s more than doubled in recent weeks. ENF 2022 first quarter report reads a bit like a storybook of accomplishments. Shining brightest are those blue papers. The first of them were only recently published. Through blue papers and associated working groups, the entire mainnet is being reshaped with as bright an outlook as ever. The ENF also began funding new projects. New ENF initiatives support the ecosystem alongside Pomelo’s public goods. The most notable is that of ENF massive matching funds for Pomelo Season 2. ENF gives preference to projects that maintain a public good focus. Read an abbreviated version of the Q1 report at the ENF blog or in full here. Also note that the charismatic leader of the ENF, Big Beard Samurai, continues to champion for EOS; catch his latest escapade on Chain Catcher Twitter Space.

EOS Nation Now a Telos BP, April WAX Report

EOS, WAX, and now, Telos, EOS Nation holds together the core fabric of the mainnet and greater ecosystem. If you’re new to the ecosystem, your perceptions about blockchain have probably been altered. EOSIO tech is fast, functional, economical, and relatively easy for developers. Sure, as the ENF pointed out, EOS doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Ethereum when it comes to developer kits. What it does offer nets to something far superior, that is a blockchain experience which more closely resembles traditional apps. All the while Telos, and other EOS sister chains, broaden what account holders can own. EOS Nation joining Telos (Nation.tlos) represents the next stage in the young blockchain’s maturity. Collaboration has already begun through the EOSIO+ working group. Hard to deny that the mainnet owes much of its success to EOS Nation, a top EOS BP. Read about what the team also does for WAX in monthly reports. The April report goes into stuff like:

… we’ve completed our WAX Cloud Wallet & Shopify integration which will allow our collectors to purchase NFTs directly from well-known payment processors such as: credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.

Only good things for Telos on the horizon.

Anchor Update

Just a quick update here letting the community know that:

Anchor Desktop version 1.3.4 released today, a combination of fixes and improvements primarily focused on account creation.

Download at greymass.com. A number of improvements are still needed before the mainnet sees the kind of account creation suitable for mass adoption. In the interim, Team Anchor created a link to help ease onboarding. In case you weren’t aware, there’s a Season 2 Pomelo grant to aid in Anchor development. Anyone interested in the long term health of the mainnet and greater ecosystem should take note, if not seek to contribute.

EOSIO Coalition

The ENF is certainly holding to its mandate of elevating EOS’ game. Sure there’s been all the planning and early development. That was sort of expected though; not, not to be appreciated. Just that, the ENF found early support because the mainnet community believed it would deliver where B1 failed. Elevating the mainnet became clearer in recent weeks with growing media attention. Now an EOSIO Coalition officially enters the mix. Consider the amount of popularity Ethereum garners from its alleyways. Probably more than it should. In contrast, the EOS mainnet takes a lot more blame than deserved. The status quo is radically shifting as:

Four EOSIO protocol-based blockchains: EOS, Telos, WAX and UX Network have combined …resources …This coalition has committed a combined $8 million annual budget for core development and developer outreach in 2022.

Read more at the ENF blog:

Development is set to begin immediately with priorities … defined in the four “Blue Papers”… more than seventy-five proposals to enhance the protocol. Coalition members will determine the exact priority proposals to fund and will provide… development roadmap for the first time in the history of the protocol.

Around EdenOnEOS

Results of the Second Eden election were discussed above. These are exciting times in the EOS mainnet. See the video of the first meeting of our second group of Chief Delegates for what’s in store for the mainnet. You’re encouraged to visit Eden and Eden Members Telegram chats for insight into the minds of the new board. There’s also a poll circulating for Edem Member to choose a meeting date and time to: 

… gather in small groups via Zoom Breakout Rooms to decide what we believe are the next logical steps to achieve to move Eden forward and work together to ultimately include those deliverables in a properly formatted grant proposal to the ENF…

The weekly Member’s Recap channel was delayed until Monday. Note that there’s a plan to expand recapped info. EOS plays on a much larger field than it did a few short months ago. That’s why we find the ENF going along with it’s mainnet business as usual in holding the Wednesday Fireside Chat, as did the Mandel team with meeting #9. Don’t forget about fractally just because we took a week off to hold some election.

EOSweekly: Eden Election #2, ENF New Funding Paradigm, Fractally, Finney Contest

EdenOnEOS Election #2

Following the resounding success of the first EdenOnEOS election, the second group of Chief Delegates have their sights on reestablishing EOS as a premiere blockchain. The Treasury was stocked with 200k EOS. As the EDEN on EOS twitter handle said:

It’s no joke… …What are you waiting for?!

Proposed bylaw (Google doc) for Eden’s second batch of CDs to ratify. Specifics were discussed by Dan Larimer about a month ago. Proposed changes include: 

  • overall community size as well as group-round size
  • establishing regularly scheduled elections
  • adjusting the Head Chief Delegate funding allotment
  • Requiring 3 EOS for new members and a few other things

BTW, if you visit Dan Larimer’s Twitter profile, notice the date on the pinned post. Eden’s second official election logged just 5 days following the second anniversary of the More Equal Animals post. WOW! Things certainly happen fast on EOS.

ENF Establishes a New Funding Paradigm

In support of its mandate, the ENF announced the commencement of the EOS Network Foundation Grant Framework. Grants are central to the foundation’s mission of empowering developers. It’s been doing just that by funding Blue Paper working groups. Now that core mainnet need areas have been addressed, the new framework can lead development into a “new era”. Funding is available for both profit focus ventures and those building public goods; though, favor is granted the latter. New grants are: 

…open to individuals, small teams, and companies alike, with grants scaled to fit the scope of each initiative. All forms of projects are encouraged to apply for grants however preference will be given to those with strong technical projects that clearly add to the public good.

ENF incorporates efficient and transparent milestones. In these ways the ENF Grant Framework compliments Polemo’s public goods funding. Read more at ENF Grant Framework: A New Era of Development on EOS or on github

ENF Ventures Making Waves

‘EOS is Back!’ That’s the theme of the April 4 Venture Beat article entitled, EOS Network Foundation battles on the frontlines of the blockchain revolution.  Unfortunately, at the time of this writing the article was removed for an unspecified reason. Try reading at the WayBack Machine archive (tip: scroll down). Venture Beat tweeted the article at 1 pm. The ENF quoted:

“The foundation that was formed by the community for the sole purpose of reviving #EOS… expanding $EOS’ strategic partnerships with new investors, devs, businesses and users.”

EOS Nation quoted:

“It’s an exciting and inspiring tale about conviction winning over greed… EOS’s history is nothing short of a Hollywood masterpiece.”

Head of ENF, Yves La Rose, also made news scheduling a Finance Mars Twitter Space on April 8 (the day before the second EdenOnEOS election). BTW, EOS also made NASDAQ news.

ENF + Object Computing: Great Expectations

The ENF / Object Computing partnership from last week continues to make waves. Everything EOS published a clip digging deepering into what the partnership means. Object Computing proudly boasted how it’s been a part of making EOSIO what it is today. Mathew Darwin confirmed this in a discussion saying:

“OCI has built a lot of the blockchain tech stack that we use today.”

Later in the same clip, Zack Gall’s discussed the importance of how this is a scalable partnership:

“OCI can scale with us, they’re a team of over 200 engineers. As our needs & demands scale, …OCI can step right in.”

Seemingly very quickly, the ENF, with support from Pomelo and other new ventures, felt strong enough to replace B1. That is, not just the trivial contributions B1 made at the end (leading up to Bullish and Voice), but all that Block.One was meant to be. Now throw in Object Computing, and that circulating superhero meme really does tell a tale.

Unsung Heros Spotlight: Call for Fractally Hindi Translation

It’s human nature to let things die off. While we may not run ‘as a people’ any more, having access to a car is a necessary reality for many. Our feeding grounds (grocery stores) miles away, a distance few travel on foot on any given day. Enter Fractally! I took part for the third time last week. Attendance makes a big difference. Weekly Standup Meeting are like taking live pitching opposed to watching from the bleachers. For example, within my group was an individual calling for a Hindi Translation of the Fractally Whitepaper. He took the time to navigate through the Fractally white paper and present a more readable web version for the Hindi target market. I found his initiative quite valuable. It should help reach a new market and boost Fractally as well as blockchain tech overall. Visit gokulnk on hive.blog, Hindi Translation of the Fractally Whitepaper. His more readable web version can be found here.

Fractally Weekly Meeting Gives Way to Eden Election

Joshua Seymore announced the cancellation of last Saturday’s Fractally meeting. If you’re not a member yet, you’re encouraged to join. Stay up to date with Fractally telegram chat and news. Other participants in my Fractally group this past week included the person behind NovaCrypto. He’s as active as anyone among EOS Telegram insiders. A diehard with his workshops, NovaCrypto continues to evolve content. Mind maps are among my favorite investigative tools. Often a pricey database that few have access to online, NovaCrypto’s MindWeb makes it easy to get up to speed. Community members are encouraged to contribute (i.e. through video rants).


In case you missed it, the SECOND EDEN ELECTION happened on April 9. Remember, new bylaws will be there for second gen Chief Delegates. There’s also a wealth of new funding. Both were already mentioned in the lead post. Mainnet development continues to move quickly. Though, dedicated Eden teams like those on Eden Members Telegram focused on preparation. While Eden news was relatively slow, take solace in the final CD meeting (see video), weekly Fireside Chat, and Mandel meeting #8. If you’re a member, you’ll probably want to check out the Member’s Recap channel. BTW, the recap team’s Pomelo grant was approved.

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EOSweekly: ETP, La Rose, Pierce, Object Computing, Feedback+, Pomelo, Eden Election on April 9

Apr 1

Developer Commitment, Loyalty, and Follow Through

The Dawn of EOS was exciting. Block.One centralized development and in turn stifled mainnet growth? B1 seems long gone. Helios and co-founder Brock Pierce remain in its wake. The ENF takes over much of B1’s early responsibilities. Commitment and loyalty is unquestioned in Big Beard Samurai:

…make this your profile pic until EOS hits $10 like @brockpierce?

That’s where we are now heading into the second EdenOnEOS election on April 9. In development news:

Note that the Object Computing team tweeted about its belief that EOS smart contracts can stand apart as the world’s best. *Coordinating short-term plans does NOT mean the ENF is willing to sacrifice long-term plans of needed product releases. Still, the mainnet gets to show its networking power:

“There Is A Superhero In All Of Us, We Just Need The Courage To Put On The Cape.”

Few so powerful and valiant indeed. Mainnet just topped 5 million accounts too.

TrimBot @Trim_Bot

Want your own #EOSReturns profile pic? You can use this template to build one yourself, or “like” the @BigBeardSamurai tweet and leave a comment with the #EOSReturns hashtag and we’ll make you one!

March 29th 2022

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More About ENF / Object Computing Partnership

OCI is a modern consulting company whose technology team offers a comprehensive set of skills ranging from machine learning to blockchain with technology partners including technology giants, such as Google, Intel, and AWS.

The above was taken from EOS Network Foundation Enlists OCI To Implement Transaction Lifecycle Features on EOS. OCI’s Principle Blockchain Engineer pointed out:

“OCI has been contributing to the development of EOSIO since the very beginning; …”

In regards to advancing the Transaction Lifecycle, the partnership tackles the critical user experience of knowing if a transaction will succeed:

As such an ubiquitous part of the EOSIO experience, these enhancements should be applied directly to the core API software and made available via a software upgrade (no forking required) for all operators.

Visit the ENF blog post for an outline of some challenges and solutions specific to the new OCI partnership.


EOS now has its own exchange traded product. That is, a security that tracks financial instruments (i.e. other securities or indexes). It expands the market without private keys. Iconic is the team behind “the world’s first physically backed EOS ETP”. As Nova Crypto explained:

This benefits every community by the creation of an $EOS liquidity off-ramp… collateralized by coins held in a regulated, institutional-grade custody solution…

From the Iconic press release:

“Iconic’s vision is to embrace investors accessing the crypto market through our traditional investment vehicles…” … The physically backed ETP offers investors access to EOS through a liquid, regulated vehicle without the technical challenges of setting up private keys or crypto wallets. They are 100% collateralized by coins held…

Get EOS on more tongues and something special is likely to happen.

Feedback Submission

The ENF approved 17 submissions of community feedback on the Blue Papers. The approved feedbacks each met the minimum criteria and qualified for EOS bounties. The objective is to find areas for enhancement as well as alternative solutions. Feedback was reviewed by the respective working groups that authored the Blue Papers. Those approved not only get EOS rewards, but are also added to the Blue Papers’ “Community Edition”. What a way to involve more of the mainnet community. 

Pomelo Pitches

Speaking about the networking power of the EOS mainnet and the capacity to deliver on what’s good for the community. Pomelo Grants specifically target public goods. As of this week there were nearly 100 grants submitted with more than 50 already approved and less than 10 denied. 22 proposals return from last season. Here’s a few of the more recognized projects:

  • Anchor – team expansion and support for all device platforms
  • EOS Support – ongoing platform development and community collaboration
  • EOSIO Dashboard –  BP API nodes checks, testnet faucet for testnets, and community engagement

Visit Pomelo for more about public goods and how the community stands to benefit from other projects like Immutable Realms: EOS Arts and Culture zine! Or maybe you seek deeper insight via Pomelo Pitch Deck.

Greymass Update

Coinciding with Anchor’s Season 2 Pomelo pitch, team Greymass let known a bit about its operational status:

With a relatively small operations team… it’s going to be a slow process to release and document… but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Good to know that Anchor is using Pomelo to expand. Greymass specifically called attention to the following:

  • Make more services available
  • Welcomed external contributions
  • Run internal processes, custom history, and ancillary services as containers
  • Ease downloads

Remember, Anchor sails as Greymass’ flagship while:

being a completely free and open source product

BP rewards are not enough to run the EOS mainnet at its relative Formula 1 industry performance level. As cost-effective as EOSIO tech is, additional public goods funding must be emphasized. Lacking appropriate, consistent development funding is part of the reason why EOS didn’t maintain its early pace as a top 5 blockchain. Furthermore, making up ground takes more of an effort.

Helios Goes Live with BP, Brock Converts… Others

As of right now, our Helios BP, which is privately funded, is up and running. Our intention remains; to add stability and value to the ecosystem, and especially to continue supporting our most valued public goods.

That’s an onpoint message from The Helios BP – What does it do for EOS? View the registered new block producer API node here. Helios is actively looking for how best to contribute to the ecosystem. The team identified EOS PowerUP as a way to “add immediate value to the network”. Recall this week’s first entry. Would you say our resident Bearded Superhero has company in his commitment to the mainnet alongside the Mighty Brock:

Brock Pierce @brockpierce

@ampersandarrow @liueemm @Patrick74116303 @Trim_Bot @BrendanBlumer @Bullish @EOSIO I, for one, traded all of my shares in B1 (the 240k BTC, Bullish, et al) for EOS tokens. I win with the community or lose with the community. Lots happening. Stay tuned.

March 27th 2022

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What else is there to say? Well, Trim Bot pointed out that Brock isn’t just all in on EOS, he’s also integral to building the ecosystem:

Brock isn’t just buying $EOS and hoping for the best, he’s building on EOS.

Fractally Standup Meetings

Join the weekly stand up meetings. Show your contributions to grow the network of the next gen DAO. Head over to the Telegram chat to find out how to become an alpha tester or just learn more about what it means to be fractally. No blockchain application may ever have this much widespread, multi-chain/-platform implications. Existing members may wish to view the latest Genesis Rank & Respect (March 26). Maybe it’s too early to tout the tech in this way, but the goal of bringing fractal democracy to the world is real and there’s a dedicated team behind it. Are you ready?

Eden Election Scheduled for April 9

A lot has happened since the first official EdenOnEOS election. How much more will we achieve as bugs get worked out and new innovations emerge. Consider the new bylaws proposal and as discussed by Dan Larimer during Chief Delegate meeting #22. Hoping for a record turn out at Eden 2. Members may wish to view the Fireside Chat, Mandel meeting #7, CD meeting #23, and engage in Telegram to prepare for the second election on April 9. Aspiring members can start engaging here and learn more on EdenOnEOS.

MAY 2022

EOSweekly: Yield+, Defibox, Coalition+, Hackathon, Pomelo

May 29

Yield+ Blue Paper (In Full)

The Yield+ Blue Paper is finally here. Maybe you’re wondering about new topics that weren’t outlined in last week’s ENF preview post. When overviewing the program, the ENF tweeted:

Yield+ proposes a custom Liquidity Rewards Program for the #EOS Network. 🚀

Its goal is to adapt and improve upon existing (DeFi related) programs…, bring more activity on-chain, and increase earning opportunities for users.

Yield+ adopts successful strategies for liquidity rewards for the EOS mainnet. As one might expect, EOS’ high performance design allows for unparalleled advantages. Read tge blue paper to dig deeper into last week’s topics:

  • TVL as the primary metric for qualifying dapp projects
  • advanced rewards
  • expanded asset support

The blue paper also discusses pertinent issues like DeFi risks and attacks. There’s a plethora of visual statistics illustrating liquidity incentives. Clear details about the rewards program precedes a discussion about data modeling and risk analysis. An oracle will measure the Total Value Locked (TVL); initial service will incur a fiat structured cost. The final two sections discuss the treasury and deliverables.

Defibox Balances the Scales

Visit Defibox and find a relatively complex array of financial tools. Community sentiment was overwhelming upon launch. EOS low transaction fees are well known. Maybe this is why Defi on EOS excites so many. With Balance officially launched by Defibox, a low slippage, price fluctuation, and impermanent loss solution enters the ecosystem. EOS Nation is also involved in the open source project that was audited by several companies. Current support exists for USDT and USN stable coins as well as user provided liquidity. Functionality as described by the Defibox team:

Balance uses a unique constant product + constant sum function model. With a constant sum model near the price equilibrium point, the liquidity is concentrated near this point and the liquidity depth of stable coins is guaranteed. Therefore, stablecoin transactions on the Balance protocol can reduce users’ slippage losses.

New EOS Hackathon

If you’ve been around EOS long enough then you know the value and excitement surrounding hackathons. Impact projects got started here. Winners are held in high regard. All that was before the new EOSIO era, when B1 was Block.one and a corporate agenda essentially dictated new development. Imagine what a more decentralized and open source focused EOS will attract. Chris Barnes is part of the Helios team. He was the first (non-official) Eden Satoshi (Head Chief Delegate). Chis tweeted the ENF’s pre-sign up and survey for what may prove to be the first EOSIO Hackathon deemed worthy of an unleashed EOS public mainnet.

Coalition+ Reports Some Lift

The Coalition+ team seems set on delivering weekly report. No doubt working groups are better for it. Doubt a dedicated section will live here (never know). Eden and Fractally neighborhoods expect to grow alongside the ecosystem. The ENF as a public advocate and developer may outlive the Coalition’s purpose. Nevertheless, the objectives of working groups need a gathering point. Coalition reports can provide far reaching alignment for all contributing developers as well as onlooking projects. So why the section this week? Check out the ENF’s tweets (1, 2, 3) about:

  • Set priorities
  • Request for proposals for wallet SDKs and finality
  • $2M quarterly dev fund 
  • EOSIO rebrand

Pomelo Stats are Meaningful

Team Pomelo dishes out funding to the broader community. Many well deserved projects find relief here. Still, there’s an air of heightened excitement of receiving funds that seems to overshadow the process of advancing public goods like EOS Costa Rica’s EOSIO Dashboard. Funding by the ENF and Helios teams don’t attract the same attention and neither seems as strictly dedicated to public goods. Maybe this is why the EOS mainnet community enjoys Pomelo stats so much. Here are just a few to you’re encourage to visit the Pomelo blog:

  • 100+ projects approved
  • 1000+ donors
  • 7000+ contributors
  • $900,000+ match funds

Fractally: What’s Possible?

Finding links for fractallyNews aren’t as easy as for Eden. Heck, fractally probably won’t be called fractally. And rumors about a new chain appear true. So if you’re wondering about how to stay in the know about everything fractally, you’ll need to join the weekly standup meetings and engage in the AMA and discussion. As a regular attendee I can say that the community welcomes new members and their ideas. Contributions come in all forms. Networking finds fertile ground. All that without a dedicated platform or streamlined onboarding. Imagine the possibilities.

Around Eden, and the Mainnet Community

Second term Chief Delegate meeting #6 saw a vote to ratify Yves La Rose as ENF President (courtesy of Michael O’Sullivan). Brock Pierce mapped out an ideal system of governance. Seems like Eden’s role as a mainnet governing body has gained some momentum. This section is about Eden and the community it governs. It’s a place to find news like a curated list of resources. Last week’s Mandel (#15) discussion talked about a new developer environment released this week by ENF and team. Termed D.U.N.E., the new environment comes in light of community feedback and needing to replace a docker image for lost native Mac support. View Mandel meeting #16 for more details. The ENF posted about subjective billing and lost transactions. As always, the community got together for another Fireside Chat. MyvoteEOS BP interviews are heating up.

EOSweekly: Eden Funds, Yield+, ENF, Pomelo, Mandel

May 21

More Funding Coming to Eden?

Eden Chief Delegate meeting #5 may prove to be a memorable one. Its ultimate impact may lead to increased Eden’s funding. Chris Barnes listed the key issues. CDs look to request funding from the ENF. A new motion could increase the treasure draw rate by 3 fold. For more details, visit Bywire’s posting of meeting minutes. This wasn’t the only topic on the agenda. Other topics discussed included:

  • individual CD updates
  • a treasury report
  • motion for Eden as a legal trust
  • member services

Present at the meeting were Gracie Lau, Michael O’Sullivan, Chuck MacDonald, and Edgar Fernandez. Brock Pierce was not in attendance. That didn’t stop Helios (of which Brock is CEO) from supporting the initiative via tweet.

Yield+ Nearing Launch Cycle

There’s a lot of excitement around Yield+. Developers believe that incentivized liquidity is key to taking EOS (and DeFi for that matter) to the next level. For a deeper dive, view a recent Everything EOS video with Yves La Rose, Zack Gall, and Denis Carriere. Portal and smart contracts are already funded. This is in anticipation of leveraging the Trust Network. The broader developer community will also be able to hit the ground running. The ENF confirmed that the final format of the Yield+ Blue Paper is nearly ready. It’s release will coincide with Korean and Chinese translations. TrimBot pointed how a lot of recent EOS development is a long time coming:

…The @EosNFoundation is doing everything Block1 should have been doing for EOS, which is why you see lots of devs… returning to build on EOS.

Tapping B1 Locked Funds

Virtually anyone in EOS can speak volumes about the B1 locked token controversy. Well, at least any regular participant in daily chats. For that reason, and to avoid as much of my bias as possible, variously selected tweets will populate this entry. Starting with the ENF about the token unlocking schedule:

“…resolved to dismiss @B1 and cut …(67 million $EOS tokens) that B1 was scheduled to unlock over the following six years.”

ENF on motivation:

“…mistakes that pushed the #EOS Network Foundation (#ENF) and the $EOS community to fight back and try to rebuild the blockchain.”

Industry support:

“Many in the blockchain and #Web3 community wish the #ENF and @BigBeardSamurai good luck in their endeavors in trying to bring justice to the block producers and investors in $EOS…”

Crypto Daily:

…New Hope…

Trim Bot on a caring community:

Block1 didn’t care about EOS…but the community does. The community-led @EosNFoundation has helped revive EOS…

EOS Go excerpt:

..#EOS keeps building…

The Money Team GH concurs that EOS has a lot in the “pipeline” even beyond:

…governance & tech…

More eyes are on EOS. That’s clear. The above illustrates how EOS news continues to expand. Recent media coverage outside of localized EOS mediums comes by way of CoinPedia, Crypto Bulls Club (timeline), Crypto News Flash, ZCrypto, Crypto Daily, and Coin Checkup. That’s in addition to The Money Team’s and other twitter threads.

It’s Pomelo Reporting Day!

Season 2 of Pomelo has been analyzed and grants appropriately adjusted. Many in the community expressed their excitement over the new stats. Will Pomelo charts become a celebrated thing? They are indeed important in that the team determines critical metrics to address the following:

  • Quid pro quo
  • Sybil attacks
  • Collusion

Any project found guilty of the above was either disqualified or had their matching pool reduced. The most funding lost amounted to over $100,000. The top winner, EOS Web Wallet Plugin, gaining over $13,000. No wonder why there was so much excitement on Pomelo reporting day! View the full report entitled Pomelo Season 2 Analysis: Matching Pool Distribution on the team’s Medium blog.

Mandel Upgrade Set for September 23

EOS is not like other blockchains. The mainnet community knows this. New users quickly come to understand the same through blazing speed and easy-to-use apps. Such advantages are possible because of EOS’ blockchain innovations. Listen to what Yves La Rose said about the unique way EOS upgrades. In describing how a parameter changes on the mainnet, Yves said the following:

EOS essentially forks continuously… gone through multiple forks

These are considered soft forks. Unlike most other blockchain networks, EOS affords BPs ample time to test and come to consensus on new parameter changes. Confusion lies in misconceptions about expected new token releases. This is often associated with large scale changes in early generation blockchain tech like PoW. He goes on to say:

…Hard fork means something very specific to 99% of blockchain users and it is not the case in EOS

Basically, if the top 21 BPs reach consenus and are capable of implementing the new changes, the system upgrades. The consensus upgrade is scheduled for September 23. The YT video (above) begins at Yves comments about these upgrade differences.

Around fractally, Eden, and the Mainnet Community

Can fractally be incorporated into the Eden decision making process? Some within the community believe so. There’s also been talk of using a fractallyEden standard for the next election. Additionally, a small group is trying to incorporate fractally into informal Eden meetings. Meetings every other week or so have been suggested. Hope by now it’s understood that fractally and Eden are complementary technologies- one focused on governance and the other on consensus. If you’re looking to make a difference or want the inside scope, join a fractally meeting and experience the potential of blockchain consensus. As for what’s going on in Eden besides the motion to increase funding (CD meetign #5– see first entry above), check out this week’s Fireside Chat and Mandel meeting #15 (also discussed above).

EOSweekly: Rebranding, Wired B1, EOS Support, Rate 2.0, Coalition

May 14

Rebranding EOS: Historical Significance and Look Forward

The EOS mainnet community patiently awaits the next upgrade of EOSIO in Mandel. Note that the name Mandel is a placeholder for the rebranded version of EOSIO.  The ENF retweeted $4 Billion DAO’s Medium post. The story looks back at the early success of the mainnet, the issues that led to its fall out of the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap, and its return to form under the leadership of the ENF. Three key issues identified by $4 Billion DAO pertain to:

  • DeFi
  • GameFi
  • in-fighting

While EOS took a relatively lax approach to DeFi and virtually missed out on GameFi, several of the top blockchains aggressively pursued both. In-fighting among prominent mainnet developers made success difficult for those who wished to produce in both arenas. Now, under the ENF’s leadership, much needed infrastructure begins to take shape. This is the main reason why EOS is garnering attention from top media outlets like Forbes.

Yves, Pierce Talk EOS Wired on B1

So you already heard, EOS is rebranding from years under B1. Wired looked at both sides, that of Block.one (now rebranded as B1) and those directly developing the EOS mainnet. Pierce might not initially seem like he belongs in the dev chat, but he’s no stranger to getting new crypto tech off the ground. In fact, Wired states:

…Pierce suggested rescuing EOS through the launch of an investment firm called Helios, which would be endowed with the newly acquired tokens. “I’m no longer a [Block.one] shareholder, which means I don’t have any limitations,” Pierce told WIRED in November. “I’m free to do whatever I think is necessary for the ecosystem at this point. “

Yves La Rose’s perspective on the launch of Bullish:

…“They are essentially getting away with $9 billion,” he says. “And they did it in a legal way.”

As for the B1 side, their strongest argument seems to be centered around legal challenges. Several B1 developers have left to help make EOS the best it can be.

EOS Support CMC Registering and Survey

EOS Support continues its pursuit of making EOS more accessible. Its latest endeavor is a proposal to manage traffic from Coin Market Cap. The team would register contact@eossupport.io on the CMC website at coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eos/. This would help align the old EOS dynamic with core development done exclusively by the community. EOS support is also conducting a survey of the platform and its developers. Add these two initiatives to ongoing services like coordinating the Mandel upgrade, and EOS Support demonstrates a knack for onboarding.

EOS Rate 2.0

Voting for block producers would have little meaning for average users without tools like those provided by EOS Rate. Provided by EOS Costa Rica, EOS Rate 2.0 is open source and made to connect all members of the mainnect community more closely to their active BPs. Token holders have access to a rating system that aids in discerning among the most valude BPs. The tool is also a voting portal. Here are some of the new changes in EOS Rate 2.0:

  • Likes (and dislikes)
  • User comments
  • general code refactoring
  • Improved home page

Here’s a direct link to the EOS Rate homepage; click “start rating” to begin.

Ecosystem News Growth

One of the positives that goes virtually unnoticed since the ENF took over for B1 is EOS news. EOS Nation’s Hot Sauce is regular again. Everything EOS’ weekly report is back under the directive of the ENF. And then there’s new projects like EOS Vision’s monthly report and daily newsletters. EOS Vision is what inspired this section. As always, there’s quick access to Hot Sauce and Everything EOS in COMMUNITY CHATTER (below). EOS Vision’s website is being worked on. A wonderful story of a team working out of Venezuela and the challenges faced in a tough economic climate. Other EOS news outlets include a partnership with Helios and team Helios itself (EOSIO Moments [week and Q1]).

EOSIO+ Coalition Report

Yep, the EOSIO+ Coalition already delivered a report. Here’s what the team of team’s has been doing:

  • Over 20 items up for Coalition funding and more RFPs (Request for Proposal) sought
  • Scalabitly+
  • Rebranding the new EOSIO (Mandel)

The Coalition has an annual budget of $8 million. It wants to attract more developers and teams to join its efforts. Brought to life in the environment of EOS working groups, the Coalition now plans one of its own in Scalability+. Expect a Blue Paper detailing how to take EOS to the masses. Last, but certainly not least, is Mandel. EOSIO needed a rebrand so as to distinguish its capabilities from those imposed by B1. Mandel marks the beginning of the community’s thought process. The new EOSIO will not likely be called Mandel, so the end of Mandel will usher in a new dawn in EOSIO. By the way, has the Coalition considered starting its own fractal?

Around the fractallyEden Ecosystem

The difference between fractally and Eden is one of consensus vs governance. Eden is the governance mechanism for the EOS mainnet. For achieving efficient consensus, fractally is where it’s at, or where it will be at once the tech is operational. There’s a lot going on in fractally, but with tech in-development, you’re encouraged to join the whitepaper discussion (and earn some RESPECT while you’re at it). For members looking for something fractally faster, try Brainstorming Sessions (#8). On EOS, check out Mandel meeting #14, the recent Fireside Chat, and Chief Delegate meeting (#5). This past week, Bywire also introduced Eden Town Halls. Note that Bywire’s Michael O’Sullivan was recently interviewed by Nova Crypto.

EOSweekly: Shareity, Bylaws, Collabs, Dev Spotlight, Yield+, Trust IDE, fractallyEden

May 8

EOS Shareity Monthly Report

Even those new to the EOS community cannot miss an overwhelming drive to do good. Traditional financial incentives are as alive on EOS as anywhere else. That’s what makes charitable contributions all the more impressive. EOS makes it easy to give. Common obstacles like high fees and slow transactions don’t exist here. This means streamlined value transference with immediate global impact. All this comes to light in EOS Shareity’s monthly report. Recent impact includes:

  • Food And Medicine (Santa Lucia Church)
  • Medicine and Medical Supplies 
  • Help2Ukraine Donations

Over 800 EOS was received by 36 individuals, with life altering effects sure to be far greater. The team also launched new NFTs and Shareity Coin. Qualifying for a proof of donation NFT starts at 2 EOS. Or maybe you wish to purchase a Help2Ukraine NFT. Visit the blog post for more details. Thanks to EOS Vision for bringing this project to light.

Eden Chief Delegates Approve Bylaws

If you’ve been following the progress made by Chief Delegates, then you’re aware of the emphasis placed on bylaws. Technical implementation of bylaws was among the key issues during the CDs 4th meeting. Edenia was suggested for the tech role during the 3rd meeting. Bylaws were officially ratified during the 4th meeting. This sets the next election for July 9th. Ratification of the technical lead was hoped to take place alongside the bylaws. This didn’t officially happen.  However, the CDs are confident that their choice for the tech team will satisfactorily implement the bylaws. One of the earliest mentions of the bylaws was on March 26 by Chris Barnes. Here’s a direct link. Also note that Eden discord is now in the hands of the CDs allowing for more elaborate community engagement.

ENF Developer Spotlight Series

It’s good to see attention being given to developers. Non-developer contributions need attention too. It can be argued that EOS token holders dominated mainnet decisions to the point of negative impact. Maybe if contributions were given more attention, B1 would have prioritized core mainnet development. Developers cannot do it all. They need support, creativity, and diversified ideas. However, start with developers and all the pieces can be tied together. Developers and contributors are also less likely to prematurely leave than token holders. The first spotlight is on ENF Director of Engineering Areg Hayrapetian:

“With blockchain, I feel like the critical time for the history of that technology is the present.”

Read the full interview by Brandon Lovejoy. Here’s Brandon on why the new series:

It was a pleasure to interview @AregHayrapetian, a legendary developer and deep thinker, for the debut of my new series with the @EosNFoundation “Architects of Consensus”, highlighting the unseen figures who make the magic of #EOS, #EOSIO, and blockchain in general possible!

Understanding Yield+ Rewards

Yield+ seems to be among the more popular working groups. Its reward mechanism was discussed midway through a recent Fireside Chat. Denis Carriere went into some of the details. Here’s part of an ENF selected quote:

…it’s actual liquidity in the #EOS ecosystem doing DeFi work.” @DenisCarriere on Yield+

The primary objective is to promote active defi protocols. This means it’s entirely liquidity driven. There are no rewards for voting. Liquidity determines activity. EOS and Tether will be initiall supported. Other tokens expect to be added in the near future. Examples of  projects that qualify now include:

  • Pizza
  • Defibox lending
  • Swap pools

Check Defi Llama for a list of other eligible projects.

TrustEVM Token IDE

Later in the same Fireside Chat, Yves explained the value of holding an IDE. In two words (and following with a long pause):

external capital

The pause was indicative of the potential for controversy. It’s about the immediate advantages of an IDE vs. a 100% airdrop. A partial airdrop remains possible. However, the real issue for the EOS community is the value add. EVM tokens via IDE will positively impact EOS token holders and the mainnet economy. ENF’s promise maintains a direct EOS price impact. Yves went on to say that the team is still:

ironing out the details 

The biggest take from the EVM token IDE is the capital influx right from the start. This means EOS will experience a net value increase. Essentially, at least someone will be paid without drawing value out of EOS. Yves was all but certain that a 100% airdrop would result in tokens being initially sold and subsequently devaluing mainnet assets. A couple of things to look out for might be the controlled value-to-use_case of the new EVM token, as well as, to whom the external capital flows.

Collaboration Updates: EOSIO+ Coalition, Vigor Origin, Chintai

Networking opportunities fostered by the EOSIO+ Coalition already show potential. Represented chains include:

… #EOS, @HelloTelos, @WAX_io, and @Network_UX.

Watch the video to see what was said at the April 28 coalition meeting. This past week, Charlie (of Meta Collect community) pointed out a key Vigor protocol update:

0rigin… entered into an agreement with the Vigor DAC… to assume the ongoing development, substantial restructuring, and multi-chain expansion of the Vigor Protocol… accelerate the release of Vigor 2.0…

Chintai may be the last update listed here, but its potential to impact the EOSIO ecosystem is profound. The team announced a partnership with Hubbis. After gauging the sentiment of 96 replies from Asian wealth management professionals, it was found: 

…some private banks and wealth management firms remain sceptical about cryptocurrencies… and …non-fungible tokens, but more positive about digital tokenisation via fractionalisations of underlying physical or financial assets … And ….private banks … and …independent wealth management …believe digital assets are core to our collective futures.

fractally Eden

fractally is not Eden and Eden is not fractally. fractally Eden can be the onset of a new paradigm that ensures the fractal growth of the ecosystem. Many of us meeting attendees hope that fractally can work with Eden governance. An Eden CD expressed interest in fractally tech for elections. Eden must remain on schedule and fractally isn’t ready just yet. fractally may choose EOS as its primary environment. However, it exists as a stand alone communication mechanism that can cross, not just blockchains, but traditional platforms as well. Now wonder why fractally Brainstorming Sessions (#7) continues to gain steam. On the EOS side, this week saw Mandel meeting #13, a scorching Fireside Chat, and a Chief Delegate meeting given its own section this week (see above). Maybe also take note of the chart (above) presented by Eden Capital of Mandel’s increased code activity.

EOSweekly: TrustEVM Token, Unicove, Coalition, Yield+, Chintai, Dapp Map

May 1

TrustEVM and EOS Token Holders

Last week the ENF announced TrustEVM as its first released product. A text transcript of the launch event is now available. In regards to what the EVM means for token holders, Yves La Rose said:

“The $EOS token holders are the largest shareholders of the @TrustEvm product, so there’s direct benefit to #EOS if the $EVM becomes successful.” – @BigBeardSamurai

The ENF’s Zack Gall discussed his conversation with the TrustEVM team in a recent Fireside chat. He goes into the developer experiences both in and outside of blockchain. TrustEVM developers are open minded and dedicated to excellence: 

“… they’re very connected in the Ethereum ecosystem and wider crypto ecosystem … a team that can execute.” …

The ENF is essentially incubating TrustEVM until the project grows large enough to stand on its own. Trim Bot touched upon a new token and expects to examine the topic further in the coming days:

… it’s own token… Tokenomics still TBD… benefits for $EOS token holders (airdrops?). More news soon.

Other news circulating around the ENF includes WordProofio and the EOS Recover+ site.

Greymass Unicove Update

When you’re in EOS long enough, you come to know Greymass as the quiet, productive type. Like the reassurance that an anchor provides a ship amidst rough seas, the wallet developer provides a strong foundation for the mainnet and ecosystem. Check out the latest unscheduled tweet of another potentially impact project, Unicove:

Unicove, the open source web wallet interface our team is building and one of our newest projects, was updated today to match the brand we have been hard at work on.

In the same tweet, Greymass clearly stated its objective:

Our development team continues to push a truly easy to use interface for #EOSIO! Unicove.com

EOS Coalition

How fast did the mainnet community come together once the ENF emerged? The community saw things like EOS PowerUp, Pomelo, EOS Support, and EOS Bees join the party. These new projects began producing from the start. The impact rippled across existing projects and new initiatives. With EOSIO+ Coalition, a new dawn more inline with EOS’ vision is just about complete. Get ready for take off! Read the April Report for more about the newly formed coalition and its $8 million annual fund. In addition to development concerns, the coalition has its sights on:

  • Funding
  • Governance
  • Scalability
  • And more

As Brandon Lovejoy put it:

This is what I imagined, from the genesis of $EOS. It’s been a wild ride, but we’re finally getting there! #EOSIO+ #ReadyToFormVoltron

Form.. blazing sword!

Yield+ Working Group

EOS working groups are not all about development. Take Yield+ for example. Here’s what EOS Nation CTO Denis Carriere had to say about the new working group:

“Yield+ has the goal to create economic incentives that bring more liquidity and yield earning opportunities on $EOS.” …

Advising teams include:

  • Defibox
  • EOS Nation
  • Greymass
  • among others 

Yield+ will support both the TrustEVM  team and the mainnet. Rewards and will be denominated in EOS. Initially, EOS and Tether will be required to claim rewards. Tether acts to stabilize the EOS price. Listen to the Fireside chat (see video) for the full conversation on the planned Yield+ dynamic.

Chintai License

Among teams that wield great power is Chintai. News about a CMS license made it onto Yahoo Finance this past week. The Chintai team tweeted:

Chintai has received in-principle approval for the Capital Markets Services (CMS) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The Yahoo article describes Chintai’s potential within capital markets:

…the issuance of securities and units in a collective investment scheme (CIS).

Chintai is thought to complement the EOS ecosystem alongside power players like the ENF and B1. Though, attention should be given to the similar target market that B1 initially seeks: 

… offer security assets tokenisation to accredited and institutional investors upon fulfilling the requirements set forth by MAS.

The team is aggressively hiring and is working with The National University of Singapore Business School.

Updates: EOS Bees Ecosystem Graphic, Bywire App, Tipbit

Unlike traditional development ecosystems, EOS dApps aren’t easy to keep up with. Even in open source development, flow isn’t as dynamic. From administration and funding to developer networking, EOS dApps are so much more challenging and exciting. This is why the EOS dApp Ecosystem infographic that EOS Bees produced is such a big deal. Unsure about a new project or if it survived the B1 era? Quickly reference the diagram. Afterall, gracefully maintaining one’s train of thought is a big deal. EOS Bees called for community feedback and suggestions alongside posting the infographic. Visit Atomic Hub (EOS) for the dApp ecosystem as an NFT. Speaking about dApps, both Bywire and Tipbit are projects on the rise. Bywire has a new mobile app for news on the go (potentially with AI). Tipbit released a bit of an update related to its extensions, gaming applications and income generation.

Fractally: Evolving the Onboarding Process

Are you interested in what blockchain can do for governance? If so, you’ll want to know what recently took place in the fractally community. Join the Weekly Stand Up meetings to be part of the discussion and view new contributions. Check out Joshua Seymore’s tweet about fractal sovereignty and the need for DAOs in the new world. Joshua has gone above and beyond in his role to make fractally meetings happen. For those inviting new members, expect some recorded format to help the onboarding process soon. This will allow existing members more time to work on new contributions. As for the ties that bind Eden and fractally, check out the additions at Eden Creators.

Around EdenOnEOS

Last week there was some confusion over the recorded Mandel meetings. This week there’s two new recordings (#11 and #12) ready to view. Nice having these types of problems that one might associate with flourishing development. When it comes to the value of Fireside Chats, this week illustrates what it’s all about. The second group of Chief Delegates already conducted meeting #3. It’s the second disseminated on Odysee (above image is from a screen grab at 01:36). Also worth mentioning are MyvoteEOS interviews and fractally brainstorming sessions.


EOSweekly: Bylaws, ZEOS, Scalability+, Fractal Democracy, EOS Support

Jun 26

Daniel Larimer on Fractal Democracy

Dan asked the question:

… If public goods generally require government subsidies how will the market  profitably produce real decentralization ? …

It coincides with his article, What is Fractal Democracy? Voting was paid special attention. Here’s he differentiates between traditional voting processes and what occurs in a fractal:

Typical voting processes have a pre-defined ballot which limits the choice of the people. Using fractal voting there is no need for a pre-defined ballot and all members of a fractal democracy have equal opportunity to be heard.

A government for and by the people was the product of soldiers, warriors and survivalists who initially sought representation. The idea that everyone in the world would have at their fingertips a supercomputer (by 1969 standards) to allow for a fully distributed voting process was unthinkable. In fractally, the base goal is to institute meaningful voting. After all, why cast a vote if one’s presence at a Party’s party will better further one’s political agenda.

Yves and a bit from the ENF

It’s hard to separate Yves from the ENF. This week, Big Beard Samurai seems to be on fire. He commented about:

There’s more from BBS on their twitter. The ENF also had something to chime in on the Yield+ portal preview (actually, quite a big deal is the Yield+ release) and the impact Object Computing has had on EOS development.

EOS Support Giveaways, Meetups and More

Every week EOS Support delivers for the community. The team and its agents are a community asset in more ways than one. Giveaways have been held on Thursdays:

Win up to 50 $EOS and learn all about EOS

Meetups are gaining momentum. Check out the “Get EOS Blockchain Technology” meetup. In that spirit, MyvoteEOS went on a journey to promote EOS. What a way to reach out! EOS Support is a dedicated community with EOS experts. It’s also a network serving to uplift the community. Whether you’re looking for onboarding for yourself or a friend, or more complex applications, EOS Support is the place to start your journey. Take a look at its step-by-step guides like how to create a multisig

Faster Finality

EOS is fast. It’s lightning in a bottle compared to most other blockchains. So what’s the need to get faster? It’s more about finality than base speed. If EOS can finalize transactions quicker, it enables developers to architect longer stung applications. With EOS EVM on the horizon, faster finality will go a long way in supporting new applications. Faster Finality also serves to make EOS more attractive to the Ethereum community of developers and greater ecosystem. This is important considering the negative press EOS has fielded over the past few years.

Eden Bylaws Amendment

Second term Chief Delegates have set their eyes on defining what it means to be Eden. In recent weeks, that took the form of declaring independence. Prior to that, at the beginning of their term, the group sought to pass bylaws. These bylaws were written by first term Chief Delegates. The founding group could not define Eden because they had a lot on their plate- like collecting and allocating the first funding distribution. Second term CDs have looked at and refocused attention on how best to move Eden forward. Thus, we have this week’s amended bylaws proposal for 3rd term CDs to consider. Among the highlighted topics in the video is for consistency. More specifically, a call for future CDs to not act contrary to existing bylaws. Members can find more information through the recaps channel.

Coalition+ Report and Imminent Brand Reveal

It’s been nice having the Coalition+ team keeping the community informed. Coalition+ is one of the fastest growing working groups. Hope for a prosperous future also comes in how this working group spans blockchains. Now with a bit of background, the imminent brand reveal makes more sense. Coalition+ has its sights on the sky. Yes, it’s a working group, but it’s one that’s running. Few continue to run past their young, athletic days (or ICO development phase). For those that do, some get to soar. Coalition+ has always had the runner’s eye. 

Around Eden on EOS

The 11th meeting of second term CDs was discussed above. Voting for the third term happens on July 9. Get ready for the next phase in Eden’s development. BPs, funding, and scope are all hot topics. In other mainnet news, team Mandel met for the 20th time, Fireside Chat, Top 5 EOSIO Moments of the Week, and daily news by EOS Vision. Also previously mentioned, the EOS Support team hosts weekly trivia.

Fractally Consensus

Sorry, I missed this past week’s Saturday meeting. Getting info second hand. Good thing for the recaps channel. What is fractally? It’s a way to achieve fair quick consensus. Fractally can support governance across platforms, industries and sectors. Join the discussion.

EOSweekly: Mandel 3.1 RC, Happy Birthday, Eden Independence, Recover+

Jun 19

Mandel 3.1 Release Candidate #1

It’s been a long time coming, but Mandel is finally here. Baring testing and BPs finding consensus, Mandel 3.1 expects to go live this September. The ENF released a product (Mandel 3.1 Release Candidate #1) for testing on the 4th anniversary of EOS. Anong the features the ENF listed as part of the release candidate are:

… protocol upgrades enabling contracts to get the current block number and to accelerate various cryptographic computation…

In anticipation of the activity that the Trust Network expects to bring, the ENF seeks to hire new talent. 

Happy Birthday EOS

June 14th marks the anniversary of EOS’ first block producers. The blockchain itself was published and actively tested earlier in 2018. However, active block producers means P2P transactions and an open mainnet network. EOS Authority wished the community a:

Happy birthday EOS! 🎉

The veteran team maintains maybe the best known block explorer. Leave it to them to acknowledge the importance of this anniversary:

On June 14th 2018… the $EOS Mainnet was activated. We also produced our first blocks. Original BPs list …

The World Has Another Eden

If you’ve been following Eden on EOS then you know how crucial it is for a blockchain to secure reasonable governance. Eden has shown both promise and growing pains. While Eden on EOS Chief Delegates seek to acquire the keys of the mainnet, another community grows in its shadow. Brighter by the day, Eden China recently held the second independent trial election using Eden technology. Playing a key role is Gracie Lau, a current BP for Eden on EOS.

Yves and ENF

It was a busy week all around. Here’s a few more highlights from the ENF and its Founder and CEO Yves La Rose. The ENF is looking to hire new talent. So is Nathan James. The Yield+ liquidity incentives program continues to gain momentum. Yves discussed carbon markets, the importance of revitalizing the ecosystem, the challenges of the job, and the next wave of DeFi. Both Yves and Blockchain Zack discussed the Trust Network this week. Also be aware of the community discussion around the EOS EVM on Twitter spaces


Lost account? No problem. OK, maybe not as easy as a phone call. Afterall, this is blockchain. Still, what the Recover+ group is working toward is amazing. Imagine having a way, one that you’re comfortable with, to both maintain control over your digital assets while recovering a lost account. The recently released Recover+ Blue Paper goes into what’s possible. Account recovery has been a hot topic in recent months. A variety of methods have been explore, including securing recovery with family and friends. Here’ what Yves La Rose had to say:

…We researched the best solutions to recover hacked funds and ensure #EOS users are protected. DeFi 3.0 will have an insurance layer and it’ll be built on $EOS…

Pomelo Season 3 NFTs

Another season of Pomelo approaches. How do we know? A new set of NFTs are coming. Check out the teams’s Medium post to learn more. 

Eden CDs Declare Independence

This past week may prove to be a turning point for Eden on EOS. Reigning Chief Delegates posted a declaration of independence. It’s not an empty action. The objective is to take ownership of the mainnet’s keys. Daniel Larimer commented on the implications of the Chief Delegates’ declaration of independence. He cited legal concerns. In normally scheduled mainnet news, there was the 10th meeting of this terms CDs, team Mandel meeting #19, Top 5 EOSIO Moments of the Week, daily news by EOS Vision, and as always, the weekly Fireside Chat. You may also wish to catch the brief discussion and giveaways being hosted by the EOS Support team. 

Fractally Consensus

Dan doesn’t publish every week, but when he does, the ground beneath seems to shake. Commenting on the CDs declaration was just one of the impacts his writing had in recent days. Maybe the most powerful, and certainly the most technical was his post on the performance capabilities of the coming fractally database. Excitement continues to grow. Each passing Saturday whitepaper discussion feels more energetic. Now that a second fractal has spawned, there’s even more proof in concept. It’s by no means trivial to have the capacity to achieve meaningful consensus in a short time. Find out more by joining the whitepaper discussion.

EOSweekly: Boid, TrustEVM, Consensus 2022, Yves Interview, Defi, ENF

Jun 11

Consensus 2022

Deemed the biggest festival in crypto, Consensus 2022 is open to mainstream companies like American Express. The premier card company added its first crypto-linked product. The event certainly had its moments. To say the CBDC topic was a heated one would be an understatement. Coindesk covered the controversy: 

You know it’s going to be a fiery conversation when one of the panelists says “F**k the Fed” in his opening statement.

Maybe the topic is a bit dicey for the credit card companies. That didn’t stop financial innovator Circle from voicing its thoughts:

 Dante Disparte, head of policy for stablecoin issuer Circle Internet Financial, called central bank digital currencies (CBDC) a “preposterous idea.”

Brandon Lovejoy is the ENF’s Communications Manager. He represented EOS at Consensus 2022 and recently published a continuation of the discussion Why Block One leaving EOS was the best thing for EOSIO. Who do you think would better help further mainnet development in representing EOS at Consensus 2022, B1 or the ENF?

Pomelo Update: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunities

Team Pomelo is among the most analytical projects on the EOS mainnet. Expect anything less coming out of EOS Nation? Veteran community members know of the team’s relentlessness. On that note, here’s this week’s Pomelo update, a look into the positives and negatives of Season 2. Aspects hoping to find more profound growth during Season 3:

  • Additional donors
  • Increased funding
  • More grants

Things that need refinement:

  • Trust bonus (particularly adoption)
  • Donor participation

Here are a couple of highlights from the Pomelo Medium post:

Grant owners needed opportunities to gain more exposure and promote their grants, especially those who didn’t already have established communities.

Grant donors told us they would like more visibility into a grant’s progress on commitments from the previous season, along with a way to validate the updates are accurate.

Yves La Rose: Executive Director/Founder of the ENF and Blockchain All Star

While Brandon is at the festival in Texas, Yves spreads the word via Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) Eventbright. This will be the 11th interview of a Blockchain All Star. Learn more about Yves and how his passion for blockchain grew over the years. Be sure to join the event on June 14th at 9pm CST. Registration is free. 

EOS and the Future of Defi with Blockchain Zack

Brandon and Yves are not the only ones to watch out for this week. Zack discussed how:

…synergy between Yield+ and Recover+ will drive #TVL on $EOS …

Yield+ will reward defi applications that meet specific requirements. It may very well change the status quo of how EOS defi applications develop. Recover+ brings an added level of assurance, especially for those new to blockchain who may lose access to their assets. Zack believes that the new paradigm may: 

…inspire everyone in #DeFi…

Boid Charity Auction Supports Ukraine Effort

About a day ago, it was made public that the Ukraine military is running out of ammunition. External funding could help solve this problem. Ukraine continues to put up a good fight against a once perceived superior, even insurmountable, invader. It’d be a shame for Ukraine to lose its homeland to empty barrels. Food is also an issue. Enter team Boid. This week saw the Ukraine Boid Avatar Charity Auction. Avatars will be limited to 10. One will be auction per day and:

…All funds raised go to Ukraine support…


If history is any indication, when a blockchain connects to Ethereum, there’s a run on price and assets like NFTs and defi. EOS EVM, dubbed the Trust Network, has already begun testing. The development and support team are actively raising awareness. A Medium post and a part of this week’s Fireside Chat offer basic information and deeper insight.

Explosive Development

What good would be connecting to a new blockchain without advancing the EOS mainnet? Couldn’t such a lack of planned innovation ultimately extract value from both chains? The ENF’s leadership as the developer of core mainnet technology didn’t start with an EVM. Rather, the foundation introduced it following the formation of key working groups and blue papers. On that note, the ENF continues to maintain an open process:

EOS Network Foundation @EosNFoundation

30 Day Recap of the #EOS Github Activity ☑️ 26 developers ☑️ 268 git commits ☑️ 201 files updated #BUIDL 👷‍♂️ #EOSReturns 🚀 github.com/eosnetworkfoun…

June 4th 2022

57 Retweets143 Likes

CD Meetings Back on Schedule

If you read last week’s EOSweekly, then you’re aware that the weekly Chief Delegate meeting was absent. Eden community is back to normal this week with two new publications on Odysee (CD meeting #9 and #8). The CDs also published the Eden Peace Treaty on Odysee.

EdenOnEOS Governance

The EOS public mainnet expects to one day be primarily governed by Eden. With Eden on EOS elections occurring every few months, the community needs a more rapid consensus mechanism. Enter team Fractally. This is the team that gave us Eden and of its same name, fractally consensus meetings. Nice to see a second fractally meeting specific for Eden take place this week. It serves to bring the ecosystem a bit closer together. Following up his star-like into last week, Nathan James asked the community:

Hey #blockchain #developers, what are your favorite tools for development?

As far as regular info mediums, the CD meetings (mentioned above) are back on track, Mandel meeting #18, Fireside Chat, Helios’ Top 5 #EOSIO Moments Of The Week, and for EOS daily news, check out EOS Vision.

Fractally Consensus

Another Saturday fractally meeting in the books. Seems like the community is finding its groove. Want proof? Check out this weeks addons (thanks to bytemaster7):

  • test of first interim council
  • fractally logo for community use

The fractally team seeks to protect development and copyrights while facilitating an open community. Fractally code has been committed for open-source. Until then, the community needs things like an interim process for the governing council. Find out more by joining the whitepaper discussion.

EOSweekly: Developers Wanted, Trust EVM Logo, Scam Warning, Defibox, Greymass

Jun 5

The Hunt for Developers: Spotlight on Nathan James

Those who’ve been around a couple of years probably used Scatter. It was the first EOS wallet. Nathan James was behind Scatter’s development. With the success of the Anchor wallet and other development opportunities, Nathan moved on to develop his own EOSIO-based chain in Ultra. Good news for Mandel in that Nathan is back and working with the EOS Network Foundation. His first mission is to recruit new developers. Other initiatives beyond aiding the ENF’s own development goals include hackathons and developer events, a mentor program, and a variety of documentations, learning initiatives and demonstrations.

New Trust EVM Logo

The new reality of an EOS-ETH ecosystem quickly approaches. Already being tested by both core and dapp developers, EOS EVM (Trust Network) seems to be on schedule. Another sign is the new Trust EVM logo and branding. Read about the logo design strategies, how it’s expected to be used and more at the Trust Network’s Medium blog. Explore the expected benefits of:

  • scaling
  • low gas fees
  • high throughput 
  • security
  • tools and more

Also note that one of the first community testnet applications of EVM token proved successful for me on June 5. The app tested: TrustSwap.

ENF News

Every week the ENF dominates EOS news; every week the ENF delivers something new. The EOS mainnet is in transition and the ENF is leading the way. So it’s no wonder that the community allows it such leeway. It has never demonstrated the complacency of Block.One, nor has it shown signs of slowing down. Besides having a direct hand or influence in other topics presented this week, the ENF released its bi-weekly report for the EOSIO Coalition+. Included in the report was the planned funding of 22 top priorities. The long term-plan and roadmap includes development goals and support. If you’ve stayed current then you’re aware that a mainnet consensus upgrade is scheduled for September. Also scheduled for the end of the same month is Token 2049 in Singapore. The event expects to attract 3,000 members of the crypto community. Also note that the ENF, Coalition+ and Greymass are teaming up specifically to advance Wallet SDKs. Among the objectives are better user experiences and the development environment.

EOS Support Scam Warning

EOS Support provides a variety of services. Onboarding new users is merely one. The team remains diligent about protecting the community and identifying new scams. A new social media scam was found this week. EOS Support described it as an EOS account verification scam on its site. Recommended practices would at least:

  • Never follow any instructions you get via private messages on social media.
  • Never enter your private key on social media or suspicious websites.
  • If you are not 100% sure, you can always ask EOSsupport.io before claiming anything!

You can find a list of known scams here.


Team Defibox took time out this week to talk about stable coins and security. Indeed both should be primary concerns of any defi platform. EOS token holders have come to expect the best from Defibox. Speaking about security the team said it to be its top priority. Defibox thanked a bug hunter for discovered a new threat. A reward was also deemed in order. In fact, a Defibox official added:

We reward experts who invest time and effort in improving the security of Defibox!

When discussing stable coins, Defibox expressed the desire for increased support. USN, USDT, and the Balance protocol were specifically singled out. Advancing liquidity is key for both Defibox and EOS (Yield+) alike.

Greymass Recruiting and the Roles of Anchor and Unicove

The ENF isn’t the only one who’s recruiting. So is Greymass and Team fractally for that matter. In it’s latest progress update (May) Greymass said:

…one of our primary goals this year is growing our small team and to help onboard new developers into the EOSIO ecosystem…

An ideal solution combines the right individuals alongside the building of new tools. Developers that Team Greymass are looking for should be: 

… interested in pushing the boundaries of these new technologies.

Included in the progress report was the new distinction between Anchor and Unicove:

…Anchor working towards being the EOSIO “authenticator” for any application and Unicove being the primary EOSIO “wallet” interface Greymass offers.

This week, Greymass also gave the community a heads up on some unexpected network behavior. A server failure saw users connected to North American relays being prompted to sign the last transaction performed. Greymass said that the request could safely be dismissed. 

‘Covert’ EOS Hackathon in Southern Italy

What is it about EOS Hackathons? Last week this newsletter reported on the ‘ENF’s pre-sign up and survey’ for EOSIO’s first hackathon without Block.one. All the while in Italy EOS took the spotlight at Blockchain Garden. Hope you’re not tired of hearing something along the lines of the following… ‘where most blockchains cater to miners, EOS’ high performance capabilities gravitates power toward developers’. Who values hackathons more, developers or miners/HODLers? It’d seem the former. Thanks to Bywire News for sharing the ItalyOnEOS (not really, just a pun) event. The hakathon exposed 200+ key people and influencers to what both blockchain and EOS have to offer the world.

EdenOnEOS Governance

Sorry readers… at the time of this week’s publication, not found on either EdenOnEOS YT, Odyssey, twitter or telegram chats, was the seventh (2nd term) Chief Delegates meeting. Nor was there a newly posted MyvoteEOS BP interview. Like troopers, the Mandel team held its 17th meeting. And of course, the weekly Fireside Chat went on as scheduled. Not one to readily allow an info network to stagnate, I draw your attention to EOS Vision. The team delivers news daily, albeit in image format. Seemingly inspired by Pomelo, EOS Vision is proving as on topic as any info medium focused on the mainnet. If you’re looking for more, try Helios’ top 5 EOSIO Moments of the Week.

Fractally Consensus

Each week I try to include a bit of new info about fractally and how it can add value to Eden governance. Fractally is about more than achieving quicker consensus than Eden. There’s a whole set of tools to be developed as outlined by the white paper. This week seemed to host one of the more quieter Saturday standup meetings. However, if one considers the potential for a second fractal meeting (with token allocation) this Wednesday, then the week may prove special indeed. Find out more by joining the whitepaper discussion.


July 24, 2022

Briefings: Mandel and Dune, Pomelo Live, Fractally Addendum, Helios Earn, EOS Support, EOS Film

Dune 1.0.0-rc1, Mandel and More

With all the discussions centered around Mandel 3.1-rc2 and an EOS EVM, sometimes important advancements get lost in the mix. It’s understandable considering how development teams focus on the release of key applications in advance of Token2049. So when EOS finally delivers on what outside developers have most criticized, it’ll be all that much sweeter. Dune 1.0.0-rc1 makes developing on EOS much easier for experienced professionals who aren’t familiar with the code. ‘Just try EOS and you’ll be hooked’, is a prevailing sentiment that never caught on with mainstream developers. Dune’s:

  “…Node management, compiling smart contracts, and running tests…”

Radically shifts the development paradigm in EOS’ favor. It comes just as the third version of the mainnet (Mandel) and cross-chain applications to Ethereum (Trust Network EVM) set to go live.

Pomelo Applications: “And They’re Off!”

Pomelo applications are being accepted. Donations open on the 27th. The ENF set aside a $350k+ matching pool. Pomelo is about funding:

  “…free Web3 public goods…”

Also, visit the link above to win NFT prizes. Pomelo NFTs are fun. This season you can launch rockets to exotic destinations. Never took part in a Pomelo Season? The first two were special. Pomelo brings the community together with uplifting, meaningful conversation. Events like Season 3’s first twitter space are as much about finding what the community needs as they are a party. Find out more on EOS Nation’s Hot Sauce #161.

Latest from ENF’s CEO and Founder

Has anyone on EOS been as active as ENF CEO, Yves La Rose? Here’s some highlights of his reports this week:

Bywire to Make an EOS Film

It’s time for an EOS film. Community members would say one is long overdue. Afterall, the EOS mainnet and underlying open source EOSIO software introduced unparalleled speed (combined with security) to the blockchain industry. Core developers came together to show that progress is possible and at a much lower cost than the $4 billion that B1 ran away with. Sounds like as good of a script for a Hollywood movie as there is in blockchain, besides the Bitcoin Pizza story of course. Bywire News is promoting the project as “Reclaiming EOS”.

Helios: Earn EOS via Twitter and 4rth Incubator Wave

You read that right. Both Helios and EOS Bees have a growing presence on Twitter. This week, Helios promoted earning EOS using your twitter account at a recent Twitter Space. Given EOS’ superfast transaction speeds, the concept could really take off. Since EOS transactions are low cost, the sky’s limit to what can be designed. Team Helios specifically mentions EOS Bees’ powerful new swarm technique. There’s more news from the Helios team this week. You’ve heard of hackathons. How about setting aside $75k for an Ideathon. The 4rth wave of the Helios incubator program was also detailed this week. Since the focus is on incubating projects, not much fanfare surrounds the program. Eight teams make up the 4rth wave. Want more? Check out Helios’ Q2 Report.

EOS Support Semi Annual Report

When Yves La Rose takes time to share the spotlight, you know you’re a valued member of the EOS community. Yves mentioned how EOS Support and its live agents are available to help the community. He was responding to EOS Support’s Semi Annual Report. The report details the advancements and outlook for EOS Support’s ticket system, scam prevention, Learning Center, advanced services, community outreach, and more. Another example of EOS Support’s community contributions comes via a recent feedback inquiry. Developers are asked to offer their insights into the EOSIO History Tool.

Eden on EOS

The first couple of weeks of a new term are often quiet around Eden. That is, in terms of actionable events. One thing that stands out this week is the Chief Delegates taking the possession of the edeneos.org domain. It’s not been finalized, but succeeding in the endeavor would put to rest a few things. First off, communicating with new and existing members will be much easier given an actively managed site. There’s also the matter of the issues encountered last election of the substantial amount of time between the smart contract update and site update. Below are links to meetings, events and news relevant to Eden. You can get a feel for where the CDs are by the opening statements of Third Term CDs meeting #2. They begin by discussing the metrics (kpi) by which the group will measure success. A brainstorming session is expected to follow, hopefully leading to a clearer path presented during next week’s meeting.

Go Fractally: Addendum to the Whitepaper Passes

Traditional governance takes way too much time considering available technologies. Eden on EOS is less than a year old and in that time has demonstrated profound advantages. Fractally comes from the same team that gave EOS the EdenOS software. Weekly consensus, rather than months long governance terms, is where Fractally places its focus. Fractally’s mission includes both a means of censensus and an advanced social platform. Additional applications are also in the works. There are currently 3 independent fractals offering their own rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent)
  • Eden (EOS)
  • Alien Worlds (WAX)

This week, the Fractally Genesis meeting saw the passing of the first addendum to the whitepaper. Key topics include an adjustment to the second round and outline of token distribution. Join the discussion and make contributions by applying here, as well as find out more about each fractal.

July 19, 2022

Pomelo, Greymass, ENF, Fractally, GameFi, Bees, Finality and IBC

Pomelo THIS Week

Pomelo’s third season begins on July 19th. That’s when applications are first accepted. Donations open a week later. All key dates and info can be found in Let the Pomelo Season 3 Festivities Begin. Matching grants are integral to Pomelo’s success. These are provided by organizations like the ENF. It’s important to hear what these teams have to say. Thankfully, the ENF values the people behind Pomelo grants:

 “Devs like @mschoenebeck1 need funding so they can do what they do best: BUIDL …”

ENF founder Yves La Rose

Yves goes on to describe how much funding has changed on EOS: 

“Just one year ago it was virtually impossible to get funding to build on #EOS. Now, there’s multiple-ways to receive funding, including @PomeloGrants, Hackathons and Direct Grants…”

Don’t forget about those spicy NFTs.

Greymass Update

What would EOS be without Greymass’ Anchor. The team’s keyman, Aaron Cox, was Eden’s first Head Chief Delegate. He ran on the idea of making account creation more accessible. An overview of user-friendly account creation using the Unicove web wallet is detailed in the first Greymass update since May. Other updates include:

  • New version of Anchor for Android and iOS on the way
  • Proposal to develop a series of SDKs to streamline development and help bring more developers into the ecosystem
  • Improved QA standards and practice

Greymass hired new developers since the last update. The team is still growing and actively looking for new members. See the update for specifics.

ENF Quarterly Report

The ENF Quarterly Report feels different from what Block.One provided over the years. B1 left to pursue its own agenda that seems to focus little on EOS. The ENF maintains a focus on core development and the third generation of its open source software (termed Mandel). There’s a lot packed into the 19 page download. Here’s a few highlights from the report:

  • Social analytics report (p. 3)
  • Coalition+ stands out among amazing teams that comprise the new working group dynamic
  • Working groups accounted for 80 EOS Enhancement Proposals (p. 4)
  • Coalition+ identified 22 top priorities (p. 6)
  • Pomelo season 2 contributions and direct grant framework 
  • Mandel progress report
  • Grant spending accounts for 66% of overall spending (p. 18)

See the last page of the quarterly report for the Q3, Q4 roadmap. In other ENF news:

  • The ENF reach an agreement with the Zaisan team to aid business development in Europe and Dubai
  • Touched upon scaling level 2 applications w/o centralized sequencers as it pertains to EOS EVM
  • How Recover+ will bring an insurance layer to DeFi 3.0
  • Found a way to mention GameFi again 

Faster Finality and IBC

The importance of faster finality and inter-blockchain communications (IBC) have been mentioned in previous newsletters. Both are hot topics on the lips of core developers. They underride several aspects of what working groups like Coalition+ hope to achieve. Dan Larimer discussed IBC with Ivan on Tech back in 2020. Faster finality enables developers to build more complex applications. IBC offers new opportunities and a broader audience. Gnome went on Everything EOS this week to discuss both. He singles out the Coalition as a key player in faster finality and IBC. He believes the irreversibility of EOS transactions can be shrunk from minutes to a few seconds. Achieving this operational speed would benefit both developers and end users. Faster finality also allows for more block producers (perceived better consensus). Since Coalition+ involves several EOSIO chains, it’s expected that inter-blockchain communication, as well as faster finality, will gain momentum across the greater ecosystem, not just on the EOS mainnet.

EOS Bees: Swarming is in Their Nature

If there were a lone marketing arm for EOS beyond the services provided by the ENF, that title might fall to the EOS Bees. One day, swarms that grew out of a Pomelo grant may propel EOS to new heights. The growing community of Bees are active on a daily basis. This week the team announced its entrance into the Beta stage. The news comes just days ahead of Pomelo season three. If you’re interested in promoting EOS in a responsible way, and enjoy connecting with bright blockchain minds, you’re encouraged to explore what the Bees have to offer.

Next Level GameFi

The ENF is methodical in its approach. Combine this with Ironman-like consistency and there’s bound to be a rumbling when a topic spills over into the next week. Gamers demonstrate that there’s no containing creativity. From the beginning, the ENF-GameFi discussion seemed to generate more energy than most topics. Well, the mainstream media did involve itself in the matter. This week’s spill over sees ENF founder, Yves La Rose, revisit how EOSIO chains lead GameFi market share and highlight competitive advantages like:

  • 100m+ daily transactions
  • Virtually free transactions
  • Less than a second latency
  • Dapps that pay for user resources

Read Yves most recent writing about GameFi, DAGGs: The DAO Evolution Of GameFi, published on International Business Times.

EdenOS Governance

Eden Chief Delegates have their own twitter account- brilliant idea. Find the minutes to the first meeting on Bywire and the associate Odysee video in the list below. If you missed the election, or just want a refresher, Felix Ruiz provided a recap of the third election. EOS Vision (link below) continues to deliver high-quality daily EOS news. The Vision team announced this week that it will be “fully supporting the Official EOS Community Reddit”. Other weekly news and events include:

For those not aware, Eden has its very own fractal. Earn EOS AND the new Eden token by sharing your contributions or just participating in consensus. This week introduced discussions about a new UI, teams, a token liquidity pool, and interim consensus process. The document circulating this information loosely ties to Dan Singjoy and Joshua Seymour. Announcements for Eden Fractally coordinate through gofractally.com. Participation in the Genesis Fractally discussion about the whitepaper has not yet been deemed a necessary prerequisite; neither has Eden membership. Just respectfully participate in consensus to be compensated for your time and consideration.

Fractally Consensus

Discussions around Fractally began gaining momentum (beyond the whitepaper) and attracting new members. Recent successes and key adjustments inspire new contributions. In addition to the Eden fractal mentioned in the previous section, a fractal recently appeared on WAX courtesy of Alien Worlds supporters. The first Fractally Newsletter (by the core team) hit the community this week. In other news:

Besides fractally revolutionizing the structure of DAOs and blockchain databases, Bytemaster7 also tweeted about:

For information and notifications about both the AW fractal and the Genesis fractal, join gofractally.com.


July 11, 2022

Briefings: New CDs, Mandel, ENF, Pomelo, Fractally

New Eden Chief Delegates

You’re new, 3rd season Chief Delegates are:

  • Chris Barnes
  • Dan Singjoy
  • Hahn Ryu
  • Luka Percic (Head Chief Delegate chosen by sortition)

The July 9 election had its ups and down. The live stream was hosted by Helios. 2nd season CDs laid groundwork for bylaws. They were also able to claim the Eden website. Season two was maybe the most turbulent. The ENF and Fractally teams continue their aggressive development. Hence, low support for Eden technical meant that CDs had to fend for themselves much of the time. Eden’s challenges were no more evident than during the election. Signing up was an issue as were breakout rooms. At least one member who had a very good chance of becoming a CD, couldn’t access the interface and hence could not participate in round two. All that said, the third term CDs are well-known throughout the community, are a diverse group, and committed to making EOS even greater.

Mandel 3.1 Update

The EOS mainnet upgrade remains scheduled for September. This week the ENF took another step forward. The team announced three versions of the Mandel open source software. Version 3.0.0 introduces the new contract developer toolkit. This was the first sign and hope for a better mainnet presented to the community. By the time Mandel 3.1 release candidate 1 was announced, project developers were ready to share their visions of the future. Now with this past week’s announcement of:

“…shipped three separate release candidates for three different products…”

Mandel’s image as a dynamic, innovative solution is solidified. The product remains in the testing phase and no one can predict what will happen once it goes live. However, it can be said that EOS’ future has never been so bright.

Spotlight on Yves La Rose

ENF founder Yves La Rose methodically tackles topics important to the EOS mainnet. He seems to have a plan for EOS that incorporates ideas beyond mere development. This week it was GameFi. Gaming is important for nothing else than its creative impact. However, as Yves points out, gamers are a key demographic in the blockchain space. He went live on the CryptoCoinShow to discuss the EOS network, its growth, GameFi, EVM and more. His prediction:

“…GameFi is the next big mega trend in crypto and it will onboard millions of people into crypto.”

Yves also discussed the advantages of DAGG for GameFi as a guest contributor on Nasdaq.

Spotlight on ENF Principal Engineer, Bucky Kittinger

There’s more to the ENF than BigBeardSamurai. Really. New to this newsletter’s content is ENF Principal Engineer, Bucky Kittinger. Bucky, as one might imagine an engineer’s words might be, are a bit technical. Here’s him highlighting a key problem with blockchain development:

“There’s a lot more to be had at the blockchain level that just doesn’t exist right now because it’s too expensive, or you can’t do it in time. “

Bucky touches on something that’s meaningful for users as well. Users want performance and low costs. Developers aren’t always users. And some who are, dismiss common challenges that they know how to circumvent. Not Bucky:

“The biggest thing I’ve always wanted to see was the ubiquity of blockchain and where we can take it as a technical product for real everyday people to reap the benefits of this beautiful technology.”

Read more about Bucky in the ENF’s latest Architects of Consensus series (– Determinism At The Root Level With Bucky Kittinger).

Pomelo Season 3 Approaches

Are you ready? Pomelo returns as one of the most anticipated events ever to land on EOS. More new ideas are presented over the course of a Pomelo season than over one or two B1 years. The community believes in Pomelo projects. Donations, not investments, fund ideas. A Pomelo season also offers new networking opportunities. Promoting new projects gave rise to the Pomelo Pitch Deck and regularly invade weekly Fireside Chats. And then there’s those rare NFTs. One day the EOS community will look back on Pomelo seasons and appreciate all the inspirational energy.

EOS Hackathon Hosted by Helios

For those not familiar with Helios, it’s the brainchild of recently retired BP Brock Pierce. Brock isn’t just an EOS celebrity, he’s a child movie star. Team Helios runs with Brock’s passion for blockchain innovation. Helios is many things, an incubator, information resource, networking facilitator, and now the host of an EOS hackathon. The event will occur over several days coinciding with a sort of combined educational/convention theme. Seems to lend to the style of past EOS hackathons, but keep your eye on team Helios. They’ve demonstrated a special kind of resolve.  Specific dates to be announced with the target at the end of the summer or early fall.

EdenOS Governance

New CDs have taken office and already met with ENF CEO, Yves La Rose. Check out the video on Helios YouTube. This past week also saw the 13th, and this time, actual final, meeting of second term CDs. There were a couple moments during the election when concern set in as to whether Eden would be able to elect new CDs. Thankfully, the community was able to come together to get the code to work. Other weekly news and events include:

Fractally Consensus

Fractally differs from EdenOS in its design for faster consensus. Both involve small groups. However, fractally can meet weekly because its aim is to reward contributions, not make promises. Fractally can affect the future. A couple of weeks ago, a bit of a test was run involving those earning the most respect in each group. Instead of Chief Delegates with 3 month terms, fractally proposes a council based on recent rankings. The fractally council expects to find consensus about proposals set before it. In terms of this week, there was a more lax atmosphere. Maybe the community feels a bit more comfortable. Maybe there’s a confident feeling that tangible results are within reach. Makes sense following last week’s glimpse into the new UI. Hope you join the discussion about an amazing new way to network.

July 3, 2022

EOSweekly: Eden Election, Fractalegally, Mandel, Token 2049

Eden Election Scheduling Issue

The third Eden on EOS election is scheduled for July 9th. Note that you may need to reregister. There was a slight issue with the contract. It’s believed to have been resolved. However, a review and testing will precede MSIG approval. It’s not clear when sign up will be official. Edencommunity.org expects not to update the new election date until the contract is finalized. CDs maintain that the election will occur as regularly scheduled for later this week.

Pomelo Season 3

Each Pomelo season promises to outdo the one prior. Like Pomelo NFTs, new funding rounds expect to bring new features. The team works diligently to provide the community with a robust experience and analytical tools. If the past two seasons are any indication, season 3 stats will inspire discussions extending throughout the greater ecosystem. Here’s the season schedule taken directly from the Pomelo Medium announcement:

  • July 19–August 8: Create your grants for public goods. As grants are created, the Pomelo team approves the ones that qualify.
  • July 27–August 17: Donate EOS to your favourite grants and influence the distribution of the matching pool.
  • After August 17: The Pomelo team analyzes results and distributes the matching pool to qualified grants that pass KYC.

More from Dan on Why Fractally Deserves Mainstream Attention

Fractally’s release date has yet to be set. The technology is still in development. Rumors are that a final product is in sight. The focus seems to be on delivering the best possible long term solution. Dan Larmier has been active in presenting issues that impact both fractally and blockchain as a whole. In fact, the subject matters that Dan writes about have far reaching implications on human life as a whole. Last week he dug into the need for fractal democracy. The previous week previewed the fractally database. Persistent discussions in the crypto space often relate to regulation. This week Dan expanded on some ideas he touches upon in weekly fractally meetings, that of the legal stand of a DAO. Fractally is unique in the crypto space. It’s being developed with both the latest technical ideas and regulatory concerns in mind.

Mandel to Fix Lost Transactions

Cryptocurrencies can be intimidating for new users. Non-technical individuals often wonder about lost keys and transactions. Traditional banking relies strongly on relationships to resolve matters. Blockchain is supposed to be better than such guesses. The new EOSIO (Mandel 3.1) tackles lost transactions and account recovery. Most blockchains avoid these topics until a rollback becomes the only viable option. Mandel will bring “powerful new tools” for optimizing the user experience as well as solve issues related to subjective billing and lost transactions. Account recovery was touched from time to time earlier this year. Essentially, users may soon have the ability to authorize family and friends or a combination of protocols to reinstate their account. The only option currently available is to put in a request at the BP level, a rather daunting, if not futile, endeavor.

Token 2049 Approaches with TrustEVM in the Spotlight

Mandel isn’t just the third generation of the EOS mainnet. It’s the first time the community has had true input into development. For years the mainnet community has voiced, even demanded, greater development. Oftentimes these cries went unheard. No so now that Mandel is here. Development on EOS has proceeded beyond most wildest dreams. All the effort and energy comes to an apex this December as Mandel sets to go live. 

 happens the same month. A mostly covert EOS team leaks tidbits of their event agenda. Not surprising that TrustEVM (as well as Recover+) are already fueling discussions.

EdenOS Governance

The week prior to an Eden on EOS election has typically been quiet. Given the issue with the election smart contract, preparations for the third election feels more like the first one. And then there’s the recently declared independence and request for the blockchain keys. Keep a mindful ear, especially if you’re planning on participating. Regularly scheduled weekly news and events include:

Fractally Consensus

Fractally differs from EdenOS in its design for faster consensus via small groups. This week saw a test version of the new UI. As promised, the in-development video technology is a decentralized solution. A few advantages were touched upon, like remaining an independent participant even if one’s connection is lost. The new UI wasn’t used during this Saturday’s meeting. Instead a clip of a breakout group showed how much easier, faster, and streamlined consensus meetings can be. Saturday’s meeting had several breakout rooms. Hope to see you join the discussion of an amazing new way to network.


August 28, 2022

Briefings: Antelope, ENF Marketing, IBC, Earn Pop, Rate 2.0, Eden NFTs, Fractally

Antelope Spotting, a new sport originating in September of 2022 drawing nostalgic trackers through the new year and returning for legendary Leaping events. Pop go the tokens for ENFers. Roadies prepare, this is the real deal. IBC, the next Leap for blockchain, finds a now solution in EOS. Come to a Yield+ project- it’s time. Antelope sure covers a lot of ground; there’s a lot more to see down there.

The Week After the First Antelope Spotting 

Antelope was announced as the brand to replace EOSIO last week. The final release of the version 3.1 (termed Leap) appears on schedule for the September 21 launch. With a runway landing in sight, ENF founder and CEO Yves La Rose provided the community with specifics in a Twitter thread

…rebuilding a vision that was largely lost under its previous leadership. …now it’s impossible to ignore #TheNewEOS!

If EOS Antelope Leap 3.1 is impossible to ignore, imagine the added attention from:

  • EVM
  • DeFi liquidity program
  • IBC

Furthermore, GameFi’s action oriented community may be the use case that proves EOS superiority:

…(55%) of GameFi users are on $EOS + $WAX for a reason! …infinite scalability and high throughput…

Yves also confirmed that talent and positive sentiment are returning to the ecosystem. Loss of talent due to a lack of incentive to innovate was among the most voiced concerns during the B1 era. For a deeper dive, view the Yves interviews on Fireside Chat and Coffee with Legends. Note too Everstake’s testnet node upgrade to 3.1.0-rc4.

ENF on Tour 

‘No stone unturned’ became the ENF’s overriding theme in the wake of B1. Complaints over B1’s lack of enthusiasm no longer clouds mainnet discourse. Each new ENF project, working group, and initiative are distinctly analyzed for what they bring to the ecosystem. In terms of promotion, Leap 3.1 months long marketing effort seems systematically developed. With 20+ major conferences scheduled, the “new” EOS go-to-market strategy includes:

  • Sponsorships
  • Exhibition Booths
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Panel Discussions
  • Technical Workshops
  • Business Development

IBC, DUNE, and Helios’ Discovery Tool

Where D.U.N.E. changes how outside developers see EOS, Inter-Blockchain Communication promises to change how users interact with blockchains. You can still favor a blockchain, but the days of isolated P2P communities are coming to an end. EOS’ speed and agility make this possible. Leap 3.1 makes IBC a reality. Yves La Rose reassured the community that: 

…IBC is coming, and it’s coming soon.

He talked about new possibilities, using the example of WAX NFTs operating on EOS. The vision for Antelope is:

…one massive, interconnected blockchain…

Antelope leverages use cases from independent chains while maintaining sovereignty. Combine IBC with DUNE’s streamlined app development and EOS’ future is brightest among blockchains. EOS Support asked the community to share their early experiences with DUNE. Also note Helios’ announcement of Discover EOSIO

Pop Tokens for the Community

The new EOS on Leap 3.1 will bring a wealth of opportunities to the community. Yield+ likely grabs early headlines- even before the consensus upgrade. Pop Tokens, while unrelated, illustrate just how much change is coming to the mainnet. An NFT-based reward program, Pop Tokens incentivize engagement while offering value to participants. Read the Pop Token Guide to find out more about how to earn from being an active community member. Just sign up with your EOS account (note that signups may only be available during the weekly Fireside Chats on Wednesday between 3-5pm UTC -4).

TrustEVM Hackathon Update

Where the EOSIO+ Coalition broadens mainnet applications, TrustEVM provides opportunities for the whole Antelope (EOSIO) ecosystem. EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine. EOS’s version of an EVM bridge is termed the Trust Network (or just TrustEVM). Initial benefits of TrustEVM expect to include offloading Ethereum and paying for fuel costs with EOS. The TrustEVM GameFi Hackathon is ongoing into its second week. The first round continues through September 12 with a prize pool of $150,000. Registration remains open at DoraHacks

Yield++Recovery+ Confirmed for HODLrs Rewards

A primary factor in the devaluation of EOS is a lack of liquidity. Enter Yield+, a liquidity incentive program coming to the EOS ecosystem on August 28. Yves La Rose addressed Yield+ in a Twitter thread. Its goal:

…is to boost DeFi activity on $EOS, grow TVL, and give holders more yield-generating opportunities. 

Yield+ supports 11 protocols with over $22M in total locked value (TVL). A contract account will be needed to register a project on Yield+. Users will be glad to know that all registered projects must also enroll with Recover+. Thus, EOS doesn’t just gain the best liquidity advantage, but also the most secure DeFi solution in the space.

EOS Rate 2.0

Among the most trusted EOS metric tools is EOS Rate. This week, EOS Costa Rica released version 2 of EOS Rate. Its list of improvements include:

  • Rating comments
  • Comment likes/dislikes
  • Redesigned homepage

The site also underwent “significant performance updates & general bug fixes”. Promote your favorite BPs on EOS Rate. EOS Costa Rica was co-founded by Edgar Fernandez, a former Eden on EOS Chief Delegate. The organization develops custom blockchain solutions among other business services. In addition to EOS Rate, EOS Costa Rica runs:

Eden on EOS

Anchor wallet means as much to EOS users as any other app. This week, its founder and former Chief Delegate, Aaron Cox, joined the weekly Fireside Chat (clip) to reveal things to come. Team Helios seems to be positioning itself ahead of the Leap 3.1 launch. Helios hosted a Twitter discussion on Antelope, Yield+, Eden and other things EOSIO. With the 5th Helios Incubator Light program now taking applications, the time is ripe for Eden projects to expand. Operating quietly in the background is the Eden NFT working group. In-development, standardized Eden NFTs were sent out to members the last two weeks. They are backed by EOS. That’s in addition to the EOS and Eden tokens earned for attending Eden fractal meetings. Join us on Eden discord and GoFractally to see how the community prepares to Leap into the future. Here’s the list of regularly scheduled community events and info:

Fractally: Addendum Update Vote Next Week, 5 Fractals?

Next week’s meeting is scheduled to vote on an update to Addendum I: Interim Group Consensus Process. It’s the next step to getting the Genesis fractal aligned with core principles of the Fractally whitepaper. Last week there were 3 ‘official’ fractals alongside the blossoming Bitshares team. At least 3 new members committed to forming a Bitshares team on the Genesis fractal. The Bitshares fractal itself aims to grow in accord with standard practices through Fractally deployment. The expectation is that, once deployed, independent fractals will be more able to customize features without degrading the consensus mechanism. This week, Fractal de Habla Hispana held its first meeting. Jorge Ramos, a key figure in founding the new fractal, describes the vision as:

En este fractal se reencuentran personas de pueblos hermanos, unidos por una misma lengua y por historias que se sobrelapan de mil maneras las unas sobre las otras. Acá nos reencontramos para, desde el frío antártico hasta el húmedo calor del caribe, cruzando por la mítica Cordillera Andina y la salvaje Amazonía contribuir, de a una reunión a la vez, lo que será el destino de nuestros pueblos.

So that makes for a total of 5 developing fractals, with the Genesis and Eden fractals leading the way in terms of trial-and-error approaches from which the others can draw. Of course, the Genesis fractal will make or break Fractally’s future. However, the Eden fractal has already looked into streamlining EdenOS for more fractallyesk purposes (i.e. weekly, rather than seasonal, meetings). Note that EOS Respect (an EOS Support initiative) also works to adapt EdenOS. Alien Worlds, Bitshares, and Hispana fractals have expressed desires to add their own style to the fractal ecosystem. If you visit the “Fractals” page on GoFractally, you’ll see several other fractals (BTC, ETH, Telos, etc.) that, because of their differences (e.g. PoW, PoS, etc.) may choose to further alter Fractally software. A lot of speculation without even a finished demo- seems a very good sign. Each fractal below offers their own participation rewards across different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) – learn consensus fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) – contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) – a gaming DAO experiment
  • Bitshares (on its takeoff roll) – exchange on seasoned DPoS tech
  • Hispana (held first recorded meeting – for Spanish speakers

For those wanting to learn more, check out recent Hive articles by merivercap and highsteam1900. Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.

August 21, 2022

Briefings: Antelope Leap v3.1, DUNE, Yield+, Telos Nation, Jeff, Fractally UI

It’s here. OK, just the name. Still, we’re Leaping for joy. DUNE, Yield+, and Telos embrace EOS’ new antlers. Team ENF’s future is bright (and busy). Pomelo began its tally and analysis. Fractally teases a UI. Who is this Jeff guy? Telos Nation?

Antelope and the Coming Upgrade

The community got its first look at the September 21 hardfork delivering the 3rd generation of EOS. Mandel has officially been replaced by Antelope. To avoid past confusion associated with the C++ implementation of EOSIO, a distinct name will be given to new versions. Leap v3.1 will serve as:

…the first community-run implementation of the Antelope protocol…

Visit the Antelope website to learn more. The codebase is introduced as:

…an open framework for building next-generation Web3 products and services.

ENF CEO Yves La Rose talks more about the tech upgrades in a thread. EOS Nation goes into a deep dive into Antelope with him on Twitter Spaces.

DUNE, Yield+ Take the First Leaps for Antelope

Those who follow ENF working groups might have guessed which two names are most closely associated with Antelope during its first week. DUNE and Yield+ appear ready to keep pace on takeoff. DUNE:

DUNE v1.0.0-RC2 has been released to our new @AntelopeIO Github repo!

DUNE facilitates development on EOS. While Yield+ wasn’t spotlighted alongside Antelope, the liquidity initiative recently began taking registrations. Yield+ rewards commence on August 28. Telos is another one to keep an eye on. It appears the most interested, or at least active, of the other three Coalition blockchains. Though, Yves did touch upon a EOS-WAX NFT bridge

On the Horizon for the ENF

The ENF began the Antelope tour in its home country, Canada, at the recent Blockchain Futurists Conference. Next month, the ENF takes its show to South Korea.  At the end of September, following the Leap v3.1 hardfork, the ENF will speak at possibly the most anticipated crypto event, Token 2049. While September expects to be explosive, who knows how much momentum EOS will have going into the London conference (November). Here’s another Yves thread going into more detail about Antelope and what it means for EOS. Antelope is indeed about speed. However, developing EOS EVM alongside causes speculation about adaptability. Yves says:

…Antelope becomes a Swiss-army framework, with tools all use cases.

Pomelo Season 3 Closes with a Bang: Thank You Helios

Helios founder Brock Pierce helped close out Pomelo Season 3 on a very positive note. With 38 contributions and more than $17,000, Brock Pierce finished the season as 2nd all-time highest contributor. Among the recipients were the Briefings project for this newsletter. Most would likely agree with Helios that:

…With many amazing proposals this season, it was in our opinion the best so far…

While Season 3 donations are closed, the Pomelo team conducts a rigorous analysis. The community is encouraged to report suspicious behavior. Pomelo also reminded that Trust Bonuses can still be boosted.

ByWire Continues to Press for Mainstream Blockchain

Few players on EOS have ByWire’s reach. The numbers speak for themself:

ByWire provides both mainstream and crypto content. However, at its core is advancing blockchain technology. Stagnation can kill a venture. Diversifying how a platform connects with its users can be powerful, especially when care and critical thinking underpins every effort. Don’t let the cartoon nature of Jeff vs The Metaverse fool you. Creativity, artists, and NFTs are an integral part of blockchain’s future. Also, ByWire has a new show.

Coalition+: EOS Nation Elected as Standby BP on Telos

EOS’ most influential block producer, EOS Nation, comes to Telos as a standby BP. Coalition+ directs inter-blockchain collaboration for the ecosystem. Its impact upon development, and the days following Antelope activation, will surely be eventful. Now, with EOS Nation on Telos, the two blockchain communities are closer than ever. EOS and Telos already share a kinship. However, projects with assets that cross both chains are lacking. The advent of Antelope, as well as EOS Nation, promises to help bridge the gap.

New Fractally UI

For those wondering how much Fractally shares with EOS, know that Dan Larimer leads the team using an enhanced version of EOSVM. Hopefully Fractally and EOS will grow into a symbiotic relationship. Dan acknowledges his value of EOS from week-to-week. Most recently:

It is encouraging to see the positive narrative shift on EOS.

The new Fractally UI was used with mixed results. Issues were identified with promising solutions. All and all, Fractally UI exhibits a nimbleness for both blockchain applications and finding consensus among differing points of view. Truly amazing, especially at this early stage. On an emotional level, Dan (and the whole Fractally team) seem to be having fun.

Eden on EOS: Antelope, another Step Closer to September 21

Antelope (EOSIO/Mandel) is not EOS, EOS is not Eden. However, Eden is very much EOS (though EdenOS is open source for other chains to adopt) and EOS block producers will need to sync with Antelope Leap v3.1. September 21, when the first parts of Leap activate, marks a monumental milestone in the future of all three. Since EOS is the central community that brings together Coalition+ partners (Telos, WAX, UX Network), a successful launch invariably extends to the plans and development of the ecosystem. And when EOS launches with powerful new features, it also represents a profound opportunity for Eden. This week’s news was, as one might expect, disrupted by the announcement of Antelope, as well as conferences mentioned last week. Still, the community churned ahead in impressive form:

Go Fractally: UI Tests Positive

Fractally is indeed maturing as a tech, community, and process. The overriding topic during the post discussion was rewarding contributions. Measurements, perspectives, teams, employees vs. volunteers, appropriate allocations, and more heated up the post meeting discussion. All and all, it was a very constructive few hours. And of course, the new UI (discussed above) held the community’s attention. There’s currently 3 independent fractals (and another ready to take flight). Each offers their own participation rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) – learn governing fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) – contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) – are you a gamer?
  • Bitshares (on its takeoff roll) – exchange on seasoned tech

For those wanting to learn more, and or to help start a Bitshares team on the Genesis fractal, check out recent articles by highsteam1900, nudmar, and merivercap. Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.

August 14, 2022 

Briefings: Futurist Conference, Mandel Features, Yield+, EOS Respect, Pomelo Donation

EOS is heating up and the crypto space is ready to explode. The Blockchain Futurist Conference is just the beginning of wild weeks ahead. Hack TrustEVM provides another spark for EOS and ETH. Announcement of Mandel features coincide with Yield+ contract approvals. EOS Respect held its first election. One more week for Pomelo donations.

EOS at Blockchain Futurist Conference

This week, Team EOSIO invaded Canada’s Blockchain Futurist Conference. BigBeardSamurai and BlockchainZack got together to take a timeless photo, invited the community to meet in person, and answered questions about the new EOS. BBS and Barnzooor discussed the work the Coalition+ team has been doing. ENF’s Lead Project Manager laid out primary objectives of Coalition P2P Improvements RFP. BBS was featured on the Crypto Coin Show discussing GameFi, EVM compatibility and IBC. BBS also joined BTS Crypto Night Live to discuss NFTs and gaming. A busy week, and the rocketship EOS is only going to gain more thrust in the days ahead.

Officially Announced Mandel Features 

EOSIO, the software that runs the EOS mainnet and sister chains, finally gets to see its third version (Mandel 3.1) deployed on September 21. It’s a long time coming that brings together “months of research and development”. New features and fixes are years in the making. The whole effort is a testament to the community that took upon itself the responsibility to transcend the stagnation of second generation software. The new standard was discussed across various Blue Papers. This week, the EOS Network Foundation identified key transaction lifecycle tools that the community can look forward too in the coming month, including:

  • Retry
  • Finality Status
  • Resource Cost Estimation
  • Improved Subjective Billing
  • failure tracing with new transaction endpoints

Other tool types adds include:

  • Improved GELF compatibility
  • EVM-related encryption 
  • Improved K1 curve key recovery
  • DUNE multi-OS support
  • And much more

Mandel removes the following:

  • Plugins for history and MongoDB
  • Old build scripts
  • Reversible block database
  • Support for macOS and Linux

As mentioned in the Upgrade Guide, connecting to Mandel will require a coordinated protocol activation. Failing to activate Mandel v3.1 will cause a node to fall out of sync with the rest of the network on launch day.

Impending Launch of Yield+

Imagine an ecosystem of EOS dapps with boundless liquidity. The speeds at which the mainnet outpaces other blockchains gives one chills over what’s possible. How will liquidity come to EOS? In a word, incentives. This is the objective of Yield+. The ENF explains the mission as:

Designed to build economic activity on $EOS through incentivizing DeFi dApps that increase TVL and generate yield.

Registration for Yield+ begins on August 14, with incentives starting two weeks later. Initial rewards will be in EOS and Tether. Requirements will include dapps registering with Recover+ and a minimum of 200k TVL (total value locked). The news follows the Sentnl Team’s audit of Yield+ smart contracts. Yield+ contracts are approved “fit for launch”. 

Introducing EOS Respect

As EOS undergoes its most profound upgrade, one organization quietly works in the background to help onboard new users and assist in advanced concept learning. Now EOS Support, through EOS Respect, provides the community with ambassadors. EOS Respect members elect ambassadors during monthly meetings. In similar fashion to Eden, ambassadors are entrusted with Treasury funds. Each ambassador choses the projects they believe will best add to EOS Suppport’s mission. From the EOS Respect announcement document

EOS Respect empowers community members to pool money and reach a consensus on electing trusted individuals…

Ambassadors report on the projects they select by remaining close to teams during funding periods. EOS Support helps ensure project success by providing dedicated services. Ultimately:

Our goal is to reach consensus, build trust, and, more importantly, support projects affiliated with EOS Support. 

TrustEVM Hackathon

What comes to mind when you read The Trust Network or TrustEVM or EOS EVM? Do you recall how EOS was isolated among other blockchains? Do you remember when Bitcoin was #1 in market cap, Ethereum #2, and EOS #4? Not too long ago, the idea that ETH-EOS communities could play nice would’ve drawn stern looks. But that was before Vitalik Buterin said:

EOS is Ethereum On Steroids.

There’s also Dan Larmier’s comments about the things EOS-ETH can achieve together. Yves La Rose has been vocal as well, highlighting key deliverables introduced by TrustEVM. Both communities should pay attention to the $150k TrustEVM Hackathon starting on August 15. The dev team tweeted an overview of TrustEVM’s full ETH dapp compatibility. Register on DoraHacks to play. 

Pomelo Applications Close at ATH, Donation Still Being Accepted

Season 3 seemed to fly by. Maybe the season’s success is due to a community that has a good handle on what Pomelo offers. Many existing projects matured during this third season. New projects found success as well. While owners of multiple projects were able to clearly identify unique needs and independent objectives. Pomelo reaches across language barriers and sees its funds being well-distributed. Below you’ll find the third unique project list (based on contributors) in as many weeks:

Season 3 closed with an all-time high 162 grants. Note that this Briefings publication also has its own Pomelo grant for the purpose of expanding coverage.

Eden on EOS: Counting Down to Mandel Launch on September 21

A lot of things are coming together very quickly. EOS at the Blockchain Futurist Conference didn’t slow down productivity. Interviews, community shows, the Eden fractally meeting, and project releases all maintained their schedules. The mainnet was actually busier than normal. The prevailing serious tone likely stems from the coalescence of tech in Mandel, TrustEVM, and DUNE. Eden CDs recently took ownership of Genesis Eden. Greater access to treasury funds (up to 15%), as well as help from team Edenia should ensure a smooth transition for the next election; a major stepping stone toward getting Eden in touch with a greater percentage of the community. Weekly Eden relevant news and events include:

Note that EOS, fractally and Eden have their own weekly recaps on telegram.

Go Fractally: Making Noise

Let’s make some noise by sharing Fractally contributions across twitter and Hive; that’s what was on Dan’s mind during this week’s between rounds break. It was the second week of the new multi-round Genesis Fractally format. The process seems to be getting a bit smoother each week. Dan also shared a bit of philosophy:

Science adapts its theory to reality, whereas ideology adapts reality to theory. 

There’s currently 3 independent fractals (and another ready to take flight). Each offers their own participation rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent)
  • Eden (EOS)
  • Alien Worlds (WAX)
  • Bitshares (on its takeoff roll)

For those looking for fresh perspectives, check out merivercap’s recent articles. Join the discussion, make contributions, and find out more about each fractal by applying here.

August 7, 2022

Briefings: New ENF CMO, TrustEVM, Mandel 3.1 RC3, Fractally, DUNE, Pomelo S3 Closing

B1 who? Trusted, show-worthy and workhorse ENF team already busting moves. Fractally networks contagious as Pomelo grants say season 3 good buys. Yep, still trekking through DUNE- and amazingly at a nice cruise.

ENF News: Patty Fisher in at CMO, Learn2Earn 

With Token2049 around the corner, the EOS Network Foundation must be ready to present the new EOS on the world stage. Enter Patty Fisher. Patty leads the public relations mission by stepping in as Chief Marketing Officer. She’s a superstar with experience in both conventional enterprise working with Fortune 100 companies as well as a knowledgeable blockchain professional. Patty is a brand builder. 

Honored to be stepping in as marketing lead for @EosNFoundation and work with @BlockchainZack @BigBeardSamurai @tedcahall!

She’s been working with the ENF as an advisor and held the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing with Block.one. Clearly, Patty is deeply familiar with EOSIO. Her experience with relatable tech companies include:

  • AOL
  • Verisign
  • Sage Software
  • OVHcloud

Patty also has DeFi experience. In other ENF news, Nathan James overviewed the in-development Learn2Earn EOS Developer Hub. And for those who wish to know what kind of leader the community has in BigBeardSamurai:

One year ago I made the biggest decision of my life: I quit my job and started the @EOSNFoundation. At the time, many of my friends told me I was crazy because $EOS was dead. But in hindsight, it was the best decision I ever made. 🧵A thread🧵

Pomelo Season 3 Grant Applications Close on August 8

Time is running out to submit a Pomelo grant application. Monday is the final day for Season 3 applications. Donations will remain open until August 18. Last week’s list of projects spotlighted early top contributor draws. This week’s shortlist selects other projects gaining the community’s: 

A few projects find life on social platforms. Albedo is a first season project that brings together BPs, token holders and fractally for better governance. TipIt continues to heat up. NovaCrypto is as solid and steady as they come, both in disseminating content via mind maps as well as active engagement and participation. Keep an eye on activities emanating from the first Korean pitch session. As for this week’s NFT reveal, it was the Pomelo Astronauts. Please note that Briefings has its own Pomelo pitch. 

Mandel 3.1 RC3 New Additions

Last week, the EOS Network Foundation released the Mandel Upgrade Guide. The ENF again reminded the community of the following:

This week, the ENF released Mandel version 3.1 RC (release candidate) 3. Mandel is the third version of EOSIO software. The upgrade will address several issues. Note that release candidates may be independently better suited for different development objectives. RC3 primarily addresses bug fixes and minor additions. Included are documentation updates, the addition of subjective limits to a specific function, and a build procedure change. The full list of changes from RC2 can be found at the end of the Github doc.

The Enduring Trek through D.U.N.E.

Don’t let this section’s title fool you. D.U.N.E. is about making life easier for developers. It’s just that D.U.N.E. steals a bit of the spotlight from other major developments. Know that neither Mandel, the Trust Network, nor the Coalition’s efforts alone will transform the new EOS. Sure, each offers an impressive function over what exists on the EOS mainnet today. However, it’s their combined efforts that will launch EOS to the Moon. And, it’s D.U.N.E. that’s considered crucial to making EOS attractive to more developers. This week Areg Hayrapetain highlights features of the first D.U.N.E. (1.0.0) release candidate. He mentions platform support and broad advantages. More details can be found in the Github release notes.

TrustEVM Update

How big of an impact will the EOS-Ethereum bridge have on the crypto space and each independent chain? Tough to judge exactly. What is known is that any time a new chain bridges to Ethereum there’s an increase in price activity. At least two reasons underlie this. One being the large community on Ethereum owed to it being the first successful smart contract platform. Another is the perceived respect that coincides with connecting to a recognized community. However, EOS is different from most chains. It’s a developer-centric platform that brings sorely needed scalability to Ethereum. EOS is proven as fast, enduring, and secure as any blockchain in the space. Its applications are diverse. Some believe EOS’ only inhibitors are notoriety and funding. Now factor in all the ENF-led development, and it’s easy to see why an EOS EVM may transcend the blockchain space as it’s known today. For those focused on tokenomics, you’ll want to read the recently published TrustEVM article entitled A Glimpse into the Token Mechanism of Trust EVM(Part I). Quick highlights of the role of EVM tokens as outlined in the article are:

  • Gas Metering: not ERC-20 and can pay gas costs
  • Staking: staking on EOSIO 
  • Governance: used in governance of Trust EVM

Governance expects to maintain EOSIO qualities and will be discussed in a future article. Note that a formal testing version isn’t yet scheduled for at least another couple of weeks. 

Security through Fractal Governance and Some Refined Math

Fractally currently holds weekly face-to-face meetings. As the fractally platform is built, several regular members contribute each week to consensus and test out new models. This week saw part of the first whitepaper Addendum go into action. It was a major change that altered how participants advance to round 2. Given the rapid consensus ideation via video chat, fractally offers the unique ability to securely govern between two independent chains. This hits home to the recent words posted by Vitalik Buterin regarding a blockchain software bug where an attacker:

 …hacked enough keys to take it over…

Dan Larimer also took time to discuss misappropriated time that EOS infrastructure passed on to app developers in “pushing resource management”. He further describes the problem saying that it takes too:

…many dev hours to get it right.

In terms of refined math, Dan posted a followup to the Addendum’s token distribution model (believed in part inspired by Matt Langston).

Eden on EOS: Cruising Into a Mandelian September

Two weeks into the new Pomelo season, shows a more mature, quadratically-funded creator community. Too early to say that EOS is running like a well-oiled machine, but it’s clear that substantial progress has been made in advance of Mandel’s release next month. In terms of our Chief Delegates, they began meeting #4 by discussing relationships. Each then presented their recent contributions. Highlights include block producer interviews, learning initiatives, brainstorming sessions, and costs to ensure the next election. Funding sources discussed include a Pomelo grant application. Bylaws were officially ratified later in the interview [at the 38 minute mark] – link below:

Note that the Eden fractal owes part of its funding and other thanks to NovaCrypto. BTW, both fractally and Eden have their own weekly recaps on telegram.

Go Fractally: Addendum to the Whitepaper Passes

There was a different feel to this week’s Genesis fractally meeting. It was the first time the Addendum procedure for advancing to round 2 was implemented. As expected, first round consensus was faster, needing only to order the contributions of the non-advancing participants. Some who didn’t advance came together in the fractally Hangout room on Discord. Those who advanced to round 2 continued as in past weeks. Noteworthy was a call by Dan Larimer encouraging other fractal members to join Genesis so that the process and inspiration is clearly transmitted- at least during these early stages. Dan had other things to say this week as highlighted in the previous section, Security through Fractal Governance and Some Refined Math. Note that there’s currently 3 independent fractals (and one scheduled to host its first meeting this week). Each offers their own participation rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent)
  • Eden (EOS)
  • Alien Worlds (WAX)
  • Bitshares (1st official meeting scheduled for Tuesday)

Join the discussion and make contributions by applying here, as well as find out more about each fractal.

August 1, 2022


Briefings: Nodeos RFP, Mandel, Greymass’ Captian, Fractally Math, Pomelos, DUNE

A building storm and seasoned captain. A call to the community and enthusiastic support. Innovation from all angles and a plethora of contributions. Once a community of strong bonds; now, focused, fractal communities harnessing independent powers from developers and users alike. It’s August now, so less than two months to prep for the mainstage at Token2049, September 2022.

Mandel 3.1 Update

The EOS Network Foundation confirmed that Mandel 3.1 is set to go live on September 21. This comes in the wake of several tests in recent weeks. To aid the process, the ENF published an Upgrade Guide. All node operators will need to:

upgrade their nodes before September 21 to continue syncing with the network.

Mandel 3.1 promises to be the most profound event in EOS’ history since its founding in 2018. For those unfamiliar with the consensus upgrade process, know that issues can be mitigated or prevented through planning (as detailed in the Upgrade Guide). The guide also details how to prepare a node and includes information about:

  • Binaries
  • System contracts and applications
  • Contract Developer Toolkit

The guide explains that BPs need to:

…activate all of the new features in Mandel 3.1 simultaneously.

Public testnets are available for developers to test new features and ensure dapps will continue to run as expected. If you want an overview of Mandel 3.1, visit:

Note that the Fractally team tasked the ENF with finalizing and deploying Mandel, the third major consensus upgrade of EOSIO. Why? Team Fractally has its own dedicated project looking to take flight in the weeks ahead. Join the fractally whitepaper discussion on Saturdays to see what else might be in store for the EOS community. Also keep in mind the impact of the Trust Network and EOS EVM.

Greymass Update Still Hot

Ahh Greymass… Before the ENF and the enduring events leading to B1’s departure, EOS held fast Anchored to promising potential. Maybe old Aaron Cox is a seafarer at heart, which is why the community awaits so anxiously for news out Greymass like a ship returning from a long voyage with untold treasures. Options for wallets expect to grow as EOS does. EOSIO+ Coalition works with Greymass to open source wallet SDKs. If you’re a WAX user accustomed to a web wallet, maybe take a look at Unicove. Last week Greymass provided the community with an update. This week Aaron heated things up on EOS Fireside chat. Discussed topics include:

  • Ledger Support
  • Anchor
  • Unicove
  • hirings

ENF CEO Highlights

Few people push the envelope as hard as Yves La Rose. He’s always been a top producer, but like a kid who sees Santa’s sleigh approaching, Yves has kicked it up a notch. With Token2049 in EOS’ sights, BigBeardSamurai serves up a storm worthy of NHC monitoring. Now that you have the weather report, here’s a blitz through Yves’ last week in July (we’re about 8 weeks outside of T2049):

Nodeos RNF to be Awarded by EOSIO+ Coalition

The ENF is the primary financier of the EOSIO+ Coalition. The ENF presented a Request for Proposal (RFP) for advancing the nodeos p2p protocol. Proposals need to address: 

…peer node discovery and synchronization processes…

Specific requirements and provisional services are detailed in the 13 page document. The Coalition will determine the full scope of awarded contracts. Responses are ‘intends to bid’ and must be submitted by August 1. Here’s the most recent, relevant tweet.

More about DUNE

Has EOS become the party animal splashing around in the pool? The “splash” is what EOS’ relentless innovation must look like to outsiders (and complacent investors). Innovation, in its many forms, remains essential to the blockchain space. Seen out in the distance, beyond the wastelands of EOSIO 2.0, a sort of saving grace echoes far across the ecosystem. Most EOS discussions currently center around the same Coalition+ projects, an Ethereum bridge (Trust Network), and the third version of the mainet. Another, low key, project might well garner as much excitement from hardcore developers whose main complaint was that EOS seemed unnecessarily hard to build on. If you’ve not guessed the name of the project by now, it was released and covered last week. Termed D.U.N.E., one must wonder if project leaders are fans of the movie or if the acronym coincidently reminds of an apocalyptic wasteland:

…Node management, compiling smart contracts, and running tests has never been easier for $EOS developers! ⚒️…

Pomelo: Community Support Grants

As promised, donations opened on the 27th. Over $350k will be distributed according to how the community supports each project. Amount raised and total contributors will determine a project’s influence in claiming the matching pool provided by the ENF. View a recent Pomelo tweet for an illustration of the power that many small donations advocating for a particular project can have over the matching pool. Below is a list of grants with 40 or more unique contributors as of July 31:

Over this same period, an estimated 63 projects recorded at least 10 unique contributions. Among them is a proposal to expand upon weekly Briefings (like the one you’re reading now) to include project specific briefings and timeline segments of key events. The goal of the new Briefings site is to save the community time by helping individuals stay current and get new/returning members quickly up to speed. For those looking to get their projects more exposure, Pomelo discussions have taken over community chats as in past seasons. You’re encouraged to join in and apply for promotional events like Twitter Spaces Pitch Sessions. Bywire interviewed Pomelo’s Daniel Keys about the latest Season 3 additions like new NFTs.

Daniel Larimer Discussing Meritocracy

Things are getting busier for the Fractally team. Recently, Dan Larimer took time to respond to a Vitalik Buterin tweet by outlining the advantages of true meritocracy. He cites it as being the most democratic option with advantages for blockchain that include:

  • Sybil resistance
  • Free of government ids
  • Power allocation flowing to public goods

Additionally, the community was fortunate to receive two articles from Dan this week. The first discussed fees. The proposed system is a one-way based funding mechanism that once blockchain expenses are purchased, they can’t be resold from the account holder. Dan’s second article was a mathematical analysis for deriving:

… group values from individual values…

Key underpinnings of Dan’s logic is better valuation via pareto distribution. Though, even with such non-linear values, the competitive rankings of determined lower contributions proves quite difficult. Dan highlights the non-transitive aspects of rank order. For those who regularly attend meetings, lower rank challenges might bring to mind the recent Addendum and alteration of round 2. More info about that in the dedicated fractally section below.

Eden on EOS

Seems as if each passing week, the forces of Eden and fractally intertwine a little more. Maybe it just feels that way because of certain Pomelo projects that went live this week. Some exciting project ideas seek to integrate Eden/EOS with what fractally promises to deliver in its open source software. The most notable is to leverage the power of a decision-capable crowd intelligence. Fractals both find better solutions and appropriately reward past contributions. For information solely about Eden, checkout Chief Delegate meeting #3 and/or attend the weekly Eden town hall. Both links are available below as well as Mandel team meeting #25 that’s tasked with delivering the third version of the EOS mainnet: 

BTW, fractally and Eden have their own weekly recaps on telegram.

Go Fractally: Addendum to the Whitepaper Passes

Unless you’re looking to join the fractally discussion (see link at the end of this section), recent info was discussed in the Dan Larimer section above. Though, I did promise to elaborate on round 2 alterations. Details on the new protocol can be found in the Addendum 1 of the whitepaper. To sum up, three participants from each group will move on to the second round. They each now start with the same respect as the highest earner who didn’t advance. Also discussed in this first addendum was the new token structure. Dan goes into more detail about the math involved in the articles he published this week (linked above). Note that there’s currently 3 independent fractals offering their own participation rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent)
  • Eden (EOS)
  • Alien Worlds (WAX)

Join the discussion and make contributions by applying here, as well as find out more about each fractal.


Briefings: Antelope is LIVE, ENF Tour, Pomelo Claims, EVMxIdeathon, New Scam

Antelope Leap 3.1 is Here

EOS Network Foundation CEO, Yves La Rose, described the Antelope development effort as a culmination of a year of painstaking effort. Yves’ words tell the story best:

“The story of the $EOS community taking the power back exemplifies the new power balance created by #Web3. With crypto, the people really are in control!”

Yves called the successful launch a historic day and new beginning. He went as far as to declare an EOS independence day. Makes sense when one realizes Antelope is the first time an EOS upgrade is under the control of the community. For now, the ENF remains under direction from Yves with funds primarily derived from block producers. Note that block producers committed in advance to the network upgrade. For more from Yves, check a recent Good Block interview. 

Hear about what the Antelope upgrade means from others around the community:

  • ENF VP of Communications, Zack Gall, recommends an article by The Block. He described it as likely the best coverage of EOS from outside the ecosystem.
  • Greymass provided an explainer.
  • Dan Singjoy, whose contributions put him at sort of celebrity status around the community, reflected on EOS’ origin and its role as a facilitator of independence.
  • Bywire wrote an informative, celebratory article.

Read about launch day in the ENF’s own words on the foundation’s blog. Watch the live streamed Go/No-go call and monitor Antelope’s active up time.

Near-term Impact

Yves pointed out that EOS proves more decentralized than Ethereum. Antelope allows for an EOS EVM. Thus, EOS will soon help further decentralize the Ethereum network. That’s on top of introducing near-zero cost transactions and much faster operations. Furthermore, during this week’s Fireside Chat, the community heard Zack discuss Trust EVM compatibility. He states that all aspects (every nuance) of Ethereum smart contracts will be accessible through Trust. Amidst all the excitement surrounding the launch, it’s amazing that Hypha DAO was able to steal some of the spotlight. Watch the ENF-Hypha interview to find out why. Oftentimes, art best captures a moment, like an inspired EOS independence day comic by @Kommienezuspadt. Successful yes, perfect no, as when is anything ever? Especially when innovating. But, how frequently do bug fixes happen the next day. The Leap 3.1.1 patch provided several fixes as ENF-led aggressive development progresses forward. 

ENF on Tour

Team ENF’s tour continues following a presentation from its home nation, Canada. Now on two continents, as well as simultaneous representation by Zaisan in Amsterdam, the team gets ready for the big one. Again from this week’s Fireside Chat, the community finds the ENF tour team leaping at the opportunity to squeeze in a South Korean presentation just prior to TOKEN2049. The South Korean event is sponsored by Upbit Global in Busan. The surprise scheduling means that only Yves and another board member were available to man the booth. South Korea is an important market because the nation has outshined the rest of the crypto world at times. Image of an ear-to-ear smiling Big Bear Samurai comes courtesy of EOS Korea. He knows his friends. Image, video and team photo of the New EOS depict an event hosted by W3.Fund and DMexico held in Cologne, Germany. On to TOKEN2049!

Pomelo Funds Distributed

Pomelo season 3 claims opened on September 22, a day after the Antelope Leap 3.1 launch. Claims went to project owners who followed the rules and earned donations which entitled them to share in the matching pool. While technically, Pomelo and Gitcoin are competitors, the passion to spread the ‘magic’ of quadratic funding takes precedence. There’s also the fact that they operate on separate chains. Why bring up Gitcoin? The Pomelo team took the time to help spread an energetic clip by @raven50mm explaining the power of quadratic funding. Spirited momentum continues during the offseason. A goodwill (free) poker party is open to the Pomelo community. Last checked, the free tourney is one member shy of 30 participants. Win NFTs. Join Pomelo Telegram to learn more.


Both Helios and the ENF sponsor the EVMxIdeathon. The event is a combination hackathon and ideation. Anyone who believes they can start or substantially improve a project is welcomed to join. Over the next 5 weeks, the EVMxIdeathon will livestream workshops. The goal of these workshops is to help participants refine their projects. First up is the Design Thinking Workshop. In terms of judging criteria, the Creativity category was spotlighted this week. For more information about judging, or the event in general, visit the EVMxIdeathon Devpost. Helios’ Chris Barnes went live on Fireside Chat to discuss the hackathon/ideathon. 

New Scam Warning the Week

EOS Support may be the most diligent organization when it comes to identifying and warning the community about scams and the like. This week followed with another scam different from the v3 update scam identified last week. The EOS Support team identified a fake Facebook group trying to lure unsuspecting parties via the name “EOS Network”. Actually, the scam is a bit elaborate with a network of fake sites promoting the word “official”. When faced with a scam, EOS Support takes to twitter, as well as provides a detailed account via an article on the EOS Support website

Eden on EOS: Flying with Confidence

The current term Chief Delegates seem to have grown together as a group. Possibly because Eden on EOS has itself matured, or maybe because the community feels more confident now that Antelope is here. In any regard, this term’s CDs appear more focused in their efforts. Recent discussions include:

  • Individual Updates
  • Raising funds for Open-Source Eden-related code upgrades
  • NFT.Eden account creation
  • Bylaw discussion – Dispute Resolution, Annual Dues

The above list was taken from this week’s meeting tweet. Yes, the Bylaw discussion is a persistent one. However, the group has been working toward lasting change. Maybe the most eye catching item is the raising of funds to upgrade the Eden code. Eden’s open-source software has been left in a sort of limbo during past terms. NFTs prove to be a positive way to connect with the community. Thanks should be given to the weekly congregation of the Eden fractal for sustained interest. Below are consistent providers of mainnet community information:

In addition to the above resources, Helios hosts weekly discussions on emerging topics. 

Fractally Latest

Another week in the books. The Genesis fractal seems to have found a groove. Discussions continue for all members even following second round consensus meetings. Two topics grabbed most of the attention. The first is an ongoing discussion about other fractals. This week, the Roy (Russian) fractal seemed to find a place within the community. Note that the Russian speaking group listed on gofractally.com is NOT the same as Roy. Also note, that Roy fractal remains independent of the gofractally.com information network. The other topic is another persistent one, but maybe less frequently discussed. That is, how best to grow the community, and member demographics. See the current list of fractals (in-development) below:

  • Genesis (independent) – learn consensus fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) – contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) – a gaming DAO experiment
  • Bitshares – exchange, NFTs and onboardings
  • Hispana – a unique process by Spanish speakers
  • Roy (unlisted) – independent Russian community

For those wanting to learn more directly from the community, check out new Hive articles by seymour (Genesis meeting), mikelennie (recaps), auguerrido (Hispania), and highsteam1900 (Bitshares); also, fractally Telegram recaps (same as above). Additionally this week, mattlangston provided an analysis of the group’s structure, thomashallgren looked at public goods with fractally in mind, reports by hachtu and zhenek, and daveju publish a video for Hispana fractal. Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.


Briefings: Antelope Leap 3.1 THIS WEEK, TOKEN2049, IBC+EVM, Scam Warning, Helios, Hypha, EVMxIdeathon

Countdown to the New EOS Consensus Upgrade (Hardfork)

As the community counts down the final days to Antelope Leap v3.1, key personnel begin preparing for their spotlight moments. Huobi X-change interviewed ENF CEO Yves La Rose to discuss the early vision of a small development team, who together, inspired the reinvention of the mainnet. The article also goes into what to expect in the year(s). Yves pointed out that the crypto space fails to recognize EOS’ accomplishments. He goes on to describe how Antelope will turn the table in EOS’ favor. Here’s a quote illustrating EOS in a truer light:

“$EOS is the only DAO, that was exclusively launched, owned, operated, and continues to be governed by token-holders…” – Yves La Rose

In another tweet, Yves discussed GameFi’s bright future, citing the EOS’ ecosystem’s 50+% market share, and highlighted TrustEVM’s impact in this area. Bywire helps the community prepare for the new EOS in a featured article. Node operators may wish to view EOS upgrade FAQs by EOS Support.

Token 2049 and More!

Premier ENF product Trust EVM is a TOKEN2049 title partner. Yves revealed some of what to expect in his upcoming presentation in a tweet:

“Imagine if you could build on Ethereum, but benefit from the performance of #EOS. Well, soon you won’t have to imagine!”

He went on to tout the new EOS EVM as the most performant, reliable, and low-cost solution on the market. All this is made possible by launching Trust EVM following the September 21 hardfork. Bywire, the most downloaded news app in the UK, reported on EOS at the Euro conference. Representing EOS will be Zaisan’s CEO, Rhett Oudkerk. A go-to-market strategy will be among the items discussed. Listen to what Rhett had to say on a recent Fireside Chat. The Zaisan team will also represent EOS in Amsterdam leading up to the day of the launch. EOS Nation connects with young minds at the Université de Sherbrooke Career Fair for Engineering and Computer Science. Btw, EOS Nation is hiring.

IBC and EVM to Follow Hardfork

The ENF confirmed that an IBC product will soon follow this week’s hardfork. An EOS EVM is expected around the same time. Bywire news spotlighted EOS Fireside Chats, the latest of which discussed inter-blockchain communication (IBC) among other things. Increased finality speed and IBC were also among the topics the ENF called attention to this week. Once smart contracts begin operating across different chains, advanced concepts of transaction finality will become substantially more powerful. Imagine designing apps knowing that not only are transactions processed in fractions of a second, but they’re irreversible within a few seconds (rather than a few minutes) as well. Imagine the possibilities.

Helios Investors Report and EVMxIdeathon Update  

Who better to lead Web3 development than EOS. Thanks to Helios, that reality is ever more likely. The Helios Investors Report surfaced this week. Helios is important to the EOS (and the greater ecosystem) for a variety of reasons. Most notably, Helios’ incubator program and marketing efforts are second to none. Individuals can help lead by participating in events like EVMxIdeathon. The combo hackathon-ideation commences on September 19, just two days before Antelope Leap v3.1 goes live. Help the developer community ensure EOS EVM arrives soon after. Watch the EVMxIdeathon opening ceremony on Helios YT.

Hypha DAO: Organizations-in-a-Box

Bywire dug into the $850k ENF grant awarded to Hypha for bringing organizations-in-a-box to the EOS ecosystem. Read the article for details. Highlighted was the introduction of:

“…a robust suite of tools for structuring and managing their DAOs.”

Brandon Lovejoy commented on the plethora of recent development

“Lately, it just feels like Christmas every day for the #EOS Community…”

ENF’s CEO described the introduction of super easy DAO creation on EOS: 

“Starting a DAO …as easy as creating a Facebook group or Discord chat!”

Combine EOS’ speed with virtually instant DAO creation, an IBC, and larger community thanks to an EOS EVM, and very quickly EOS delivers on even some of the most fantastic blockchain dreams.

SCAM WARNING, EOS Respect Election#2 and EOS Support Learning Center

EOS Support identified a new scam asking users to migrate to v3. Don’t fall prey! Only node operators need to participate in the Antelope Leap v3.1 consensus upgrade. Node operators are encouraged to fill out a hardfork upgrade survey. EOS Respect held its second election this past week. 2nd election stats are now available. EOS Respect uses a modified version of EdenOS software for the purpose of providing funding accountability. Members elect delegates who are to be held to their pre-election promises and must also follow-up with fund distributions. EOS Respect was founded by EOS Support squad members. Funding options are limited to those projects that choose to affiliate with EOS Support. 

Eden on EOS: Gliding through the Turbulence

Excitement around Eden currently centers around the Antelope launch. Looks like updating the Eden peace treaty won’t see action until the new EOS is live. With all the turmoil that surrounded the last election, coupled with the chaos of a ‘hardfork’, this term’s delegates really have their work cut out for them. Good thing all are dedicated and well-connected within the community. On the Eden fractal front, a steady gain in momentum seems to occur with each passing week. There’s a clear uptick in interest. Existing members continue to organize themselves, most recently with several proposals for an interim consensus process. Below are consistent providers of community information:

In addition to the above resources, Helios hosts weekly discussions on emerging topics. Members may also wish to check out a bit of Eden history and an Eden election site.

Fractally Latest

As with Eden, the still yet tiny Fractally ecosystem appears drawn into a slumber in the wake of this week’s Antelope launch. A test version of the software is rumored for use in the near future. The development team maintains a somewhat synchronous product release alongside Antelope. Eden fractal was briefly discussed in the previous section. At the most recent Alien Worlds fractal, focus areas were discussed and identified:

  • Bot prevention
  • Security and identity
  • Accountability

In general, key members of the AW fractal and core development team said that the concern is “fairness for all” (for both players and land owners alike). This is the kind of environment that future GameFi can look forward to by employing fractally software. The interim (council) consensus process has been put on hold as the team addresses concerns from the community. The Bitshares fractal finds it best to refocus some of its efforts toward education/onboarding and NFTs. The new initiative comes a week following the announcement of the first Bitshares NFT issuance app. Events surrounding both the Hispania and Russian fractals remain somewhat isolated to those respective communities. Each fractal below offers their own participation rewards across different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) – learn consensus fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) – contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) – a gaming DAO experiment
  • Bitshares (back in the hanger) – exchange, NFTs and onboarding
  • Hispana – a unique process by Spanish speakers

For those wanting to learn more directly from the community, check out new Hive articles by seymour (Genesis meeting), mikelennie (recaps), auguerrido (Hispania), and highsteam1900 (Bitshares); also, fractally Telegram recaps (same as above). Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.


Briefings: OCI, ENF Hiring, Antelope FAQs, Greymass, Chintai, EVMxIdeathon

Countdown Leap 3.1: ENF in the News, Hiring and More

The EOS Network Foundation continues the countdown to Antelope Leap v3.1. It’s at this time that all nodes wishing to remain part of the mainnet need to institute the coordinated, one-time update. In anticipation of all the new features going live at once, the foundation is actively hiring:

  • Marketing Operations & Analytics, Sr Manager
  • Global Events Marketing, Sr Manager
  • Director of Product Marketing

ENF’s global expansion hiring initiative was a key topic on this week’s Fireside Chat. The foundation was again in the news this week on CryptoNewZ

…$EOS focuses on creating a community-driven experience that pushes the potential of blockchain even further than before.

Yves La Rose on Nasdaq

EOS is the first and only DAO that I am aware of that has appointed a centralized leadership. Since this happened, we have had a level of coordination, progress, and sustained momentum that would have seemed impossible previously.

The coming hardfork was also discussed on CryptoDaily. Check out the “and More” in the next section about the recent OCI connection.

ENF Marches Ahead with OCI

This week, the ENF announced a partnership with Object Computing that will last more than 2 years. The contract is valued in the millions. Partnering with OCI enables the ENF to run a firstrate multi-pronged development strategy. The ENF highlighted the strategy behind working with OCI to ensure a bright future for Antelope: 

“… strategic partnership with OCI is a major step towards ensuring #EOS continues to innovate + thrive well beyond our hardfork on Sept 21!”

OCI engineers fill a gap that B1 never did; that is, prioritizing (and accelerating) the needs of EOS. OCI’s talent supports all aspects of ENF’s initiatives, as well as the Antelope coalition. The OCI-ENF collaboration extends back to the very beginning. More recently, OCI works on: 

  • Transaction lifestyle (API) features
  • Backporting EOSIO 2.1+ enhancements
  • Support a multitude of current development from performance and bugs, to migration and proposals

Together, the ENF and OCI don’t just make EOS better, they’re liberating the mainnet to be all that it can be.

Greymass APIs Upgraded

As the September 21 launch approaches, team Greymass let the community know it’s right there in the middle of the action. Last week, Greymass’ founder, Aaron Cox, discussed Web3 wallets on GoodBlock. The week before he joined the community’s Fireside Chat to reveal a bit of what’s to come. This week, Greymass announced the upgrade of all its API nodes. The team also asked the community for feedback regarding any issue related to API services. Known to leave no stone unturned, the team welcomed the community to reach out regarding any connectivity issue to the wallet.

EOS Support’s Consensus Upgrade FAQs

EOS Support continues to work diligently to help the community adjust to the new Antelope age. This week, Dario Cesaro provided a detailed set of FAQs about upgrading to Leap 3.1. Links are available throughout. EOS Support’s new FAQs act as a sort of one stop for those interested and actively seeking to upgrade. Below is a quick overview of the contents:

  • About the name and token
  • Developer info
  • Specifics for nodes
  • Finding code repositories
  • Date, airdrop and advantages

Another recent effort where EOS Support demonstrates its commitment to the community comes in the form of an Antelope Leap 3.1 upgrade survey. Also note that the organization’s monthly report was released this week.

Chintai Connects with Young Leaders

Not always in the spotlight but known to create a splash, that’s how Chintai’s mainnet presence feels. This week the Chintai Network discussed its work with NUS Business School. Together they’re uplifting tomorrow’s fintech leaders. Chintai also cultivates strong partnerships aimed at enduring for the future. Chintai is a leader in helping bridge the divide between traditional financial markets and blockchain technology. Find out more about what the network is doing in this week’s NUS Business School YT video.

EVMxIdeathon Date, Helios Incubator, EOS Blocks (rebranded) 

Two days before the launch of Leap, on September 19, the EVMxIdeathon commences. Sponsorship comes from the ENF. The event is a dual-pronged approach (hackathon and ideation) to help bridge the gap between the mainnet and Ethereum communities. Helios’ Chris Barnes provided details about what to expect and how to compete for $125K in prizes. Another interesting topic out of Helios comes in the form of building a shared internet. Gavriel Shaw interviewed its incubator participant, Nomad Nodes, digging into how users are rewarded for helping build the new internet. Those who know EOS block producers know of EOS Rio. EOS Blocks recognized the radical transformation ushered in by Antelope and took the opportunity to rebrand itself away from EOS Rio. Also note that the team’s monthly reports are back.

Eden on EOS: Peace Treaty Update?

If you’ve been a consistent Eden member from the beginning, then you’re aware of the importance of the peace treaty. Actually, since the original development team came out of Fractally (ClarionOS), is it any wonder that both Eden and the Genesis fractal tightly hold new members to an agreement prior to core token reward distribution. All that intro for simply the following:

The Eden Peace Treaty is seen to be outdated by growing community consensus.

Join the discussion to update the Eden peace treaty.

In addition to the above informational resources, Helios weekly discussions catch emerging topics. Members may also wish to check out what Hypha is doing with Eden.

Fractally: Staying Aligned and Growing Together

On point during this past Saturday meeting was the role the Genesis fractal plays and the impact of new fractals upon the ecosystem as a whole. It’s clear that new fractals help the Genesis fractal grow. In return, Genesis can help with things like guidance and liquidity. Fractals wouldn’t need to seek direct guidance, rather, witness the best use case of the to be released open source software and then adopt for their needs. Russian speakers may wish to know about a new fractal forming with potentially more members than Genesis. Bitshares continues to make inroads into forming a team and integrating with the Fractally ecosystem. Most recently, a Bitshares NFT issuance app was released. No vote yet on the Interim Genesis Fractal Consensus Addendum I or interim consensus for Eden fractal proposals. Each fractal below offers their own participation rewards across different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) – learn consensus fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) – contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) – a gaming DAO experiment
  • Bitshares (on takeoff roll) – exchange on seasoned DPoS tech
  • Hispana – a unique process by Spanish speakers

For those wanting to learn more directly from the community, check out new Hive articles by merivercap,  shakhruz (fractally report), nudimar (infographics updated weekly) auguerrido (Hispania), and highsteam1900 (Bitshares); also, fractally Telegram recaps (same as above). Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.


Briefings: CDT, ENF Anniversary, Leap Countdown, EVM Ideathon, Discord Rewards, Yield+

The New EOS and ENF Anniversary

September 2022 is the month of the new EOS. Antelope Leap v3.1 goes live on the 21st day of this month. Let’s not forget how we got here. Yves La Rose went on Huobi Live to discuss both the new EOS and the Anniversary of the EOS Network Foundation. Yves describes the story of the new EOS in the following way:

If there’s one word that can be used to describe the $EOS community it’s “resilient”…Despite our past struggles, #TheNewEOS is moving forward and we are stronger than ever before…The #EOS story started as a nightmare, but it WILL have a fairy-tale like ending.

The Huobi interview is a must watch for anyone wanting an overview of EOS’ history. The difference between the old and new EOS, as well as the role of B1, are clearly detailed. Backstories and important nuances add life to the present motivation and why the community is so confident for the future.

Counting Down the Leap 3.1 Launch

EVM, CDT, DUNE, IBC, Coalition, Yield+, Gamefi… here lies but the surface of Leap 3.1’s initial impact. The ENF began counting down the September 21 launch this week. The foundation also found the spotlight again ahead of Token2049. From Cryptonews August 31:

…EOSIO provides a way for developers to rapidly set up a blockchain for dApps…the perfect tonic to the network congestion and high gas fees…ENF heralded the launch as a “leap for freedom”, saying it marks a completely new era for EOSIO. This is not an understatement.

From Bitcoinist, September 1:

There has been tremendous excitement regarding EOS and its future direction from day one…developments will bring a breath of fresh air to the EOS ecosystem and all networks under the Antelope Coalition banner. Moreover, now that the community has a bigger say in these matters, the ecosystem can embrace decentralization and open-source code once again.

From LunarCrush, September 1:

…#eos community activity has rapidly increased over the past six months. Social engagements & shared links are up +55.31% & +103.8%…

The word is out. EOS stands out among blockchain technology. Now it’s ready to do more than disrupt. Rather, lead the space on a mainstream invasion.

EVMxIdeathon by ENF – Helios 

Up until recently, the primary marketer for EOS EVM was the ENF. Attracting Helios’ networking influence, capital, and experience might be a sign of what to expect. There’s already a lot of excitement around connecting the EOS mainnet with the Ethereum community. Helios particularly stands out among organizational efforts in that, while it’s dedicated to EOS, the team targets a much broader market. One might even say that Helios operates throughout the whole blockchain space with an EOS heart. The ENF-Helios effort was tabbed an Ideathon. It’s goals include:

…to raise awareness of the EOS Ecosystem, to discover new talented teams and ideas, to inspire and empower the next wave of dApp developers to build amazing applications on Trust EVM.

The 8-week event will combine idea pitches with a hackathon. Just imagine the response as the blockchain world learns what the EOS community already knows. Imagine the potential as the community grows larger and discovers how to masterfully implement Leap 3.1!

Contractor Developer Toolkit

With its latest announcement and release date set for the first iteration of Antelope, the ENF must believe the Contract Developer Toolkit v3.0.0-rc3 is ready. Not much has been said about the new WebAssembly / smart contract toolkit up until this point. As other projects like Yield+, the Trust Network, and the Coalition prepare for Leap 3.1, the quality of the new toolkit remains crucial. Launching Antelope Leap 3.1 must demonstrate substantial mastery over every other EOSIO upgrade of the past. In the ENF’s own words, the CDT is:

…a C/C++ toolchain targeting WebAssembly (WASM) and a set of tools to facilitate development of smart contracts written in C/C++ that are meant to be deployed to an Antelope blockchain.

Also mentioned within the GitHub summary are:

  • Optimizations 
  • Experimental features
  • Ubuntu support
  • Integration
  • Installation 

Sponsored Discord Growth

Earn EOS for helping grow the community Discord. Part celebration of reaching 5K, part motivation to grow to 10K, members compete to win prizes. Chances to win at every 1K new member interval. More than 1K EOS will be distributed to winners. Complete details can be found on the ENF blog. Noteworthy is the leaderboard resets at every 1K interval prize-level, as well as a cumulative reward at 10K. Why is there so much being invested into this community growth competition? Simply, EOS is ready. Antelope leads a development initiative that may very well be unparalleled throughout blockchain. The new EOS finds support for Antelope leap 3.1 across the board. The development team’s confident rollout is illustrated by this extravagant rewards-for-growth competition.

Yield+ Update

EOS’ new liquidity program went live this week. Dennis Carriere and Zack Gall appeared on Fireside Chat to discuss program sign up and important features. For regular users, a key takeaway was the Yield+ beta status. Programs will have ample time to test out their individual reward setups prior to the full release. Timing the beta a few weeks ahead of the launch of Antelope Leap 3.1 has additional advantages for coding and ecosystem adjustments. Both aspects expect to increase in complexity as more options become available. Make no mistake, the new EOS is easier to develop on. However, launching Leap 3.1 will likely be met with an initial adjustment period.

Eden on EOS

Last week, Anchor was mentioned in this section hoping for an official update. Lead developer Aaron Cox was on Around the Block to discuss Web3 wallets. Eden was recently added as a new DAO on Hypha. To login you’ll need Telos configured on Anchor (or Seeds). This could be the beginning of effective governance spreading across the ecosystem. Eden Proxy was just updated. Eden may not seem to be flexing its muscle, but its growing influence is becoming undeniable. Impact occurs on several fronts. Eden community has adjusted Fractally to better fit its needs, CDs have direct impact on more than bylaws, and independent efforts find ways to employ Eden technology. To gauge its full impact, one must also factor in what the mainnet might look like without Eden. Join us on Eden discord and GoFractally to see how the community prepares to Leap into the future. Here’s the list of regularly scheduled community events and info:

Fractally: Membership on the Rise, Demo, and Dashboard

Fractally on the verge of a new team? The Genesis fractal currently has 5 teams (in order of creation):

  • Team fractally
  • EOS Translation Foundation
  • Fractally in Orbit
  • fractally francophonie
  • Eden fractal

A Bitshares fractal seems around the corner. With weekly meetings and three committed members, Bitshares only needs one more diehard to establish representation on Genesis. The Bitshares effort has been gaining attention within the growing fractal community. Bitshares aims to have its own fractal to help govern a fractal token and NFT exchange. Another fractal with high hopes and an amazing use case comes out of Alien Worlds. AW is a hybrid game/DAO. Fractally would bring nextgen governance to one of the most played games in all of blockchain. AW recently announced inaugural elections (specific to the game) for October 10. Exploration opens to the public on September 26. For Genesis fractal fans, know that Matt Langston diligently keeps current his dashboard stats. Note that the vote on the Interim Genesis Fractal Consensus Addendum I was postponed until next week. Each fractal below offers their own participation rewards across different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) – learn consensus fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) – contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) – a gaming DAO experiment
  • Bitshares (on takeoff roll) – exchange on seasoned DPoS tech
  • Hispana – a unique process by Spanish speakers

For those wanting to learn more directly from the community, check out recent Hive articles by merivercapshakhruz (fractally report), auguerrido (Hispania), and highsteam1900 (Bitshares); also, fractally Telegram recaps (same as above). Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.



October 2, 2022

Briefings: TOKEN2049, Bywire DAO, Scalability+, Hackathon Rd1 Winners, Antelope Wk1

TOKEN2049: Introducing the World to the New EOS

A lot can happen in two days. TOKEN2049 was a whirlwind for EOS and Trust EVM. The New EOS was discussed, but it was Trust EVM that stole the show. This makes sense since most users won’t notice a difference in EOS Leap 3.1. It’s the dapps and services that will attract users. Trust EVM instantly connects EOS to a much larger Ethereum community. Worth noting for those yet-to-be EOS users, Trust EVM will make Ethereum a lot faster and more reliable, among other things. No wonder why Trust EVM brochures disappeared nearly as fast as the event started. Get a feel for what transpired in an image of Trust EVM’s spectacular booth. ENF CEO, Yves La Rose discussed RAM and limitations, including those related to conventional hardware, on the panel discussion about Scaling Blockchains. For those not familiar with EOS’ story, Yves described the year’s events on Take the Power Back: The Community Takeover That Brought EOS Independence. View images (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and a video of the orbiting crowd.

Bywire Becomes a DAO

As the UK’s #1 downloaded news app, Bywire has a certain responsibility and respect within the community. Transitioning to a DAO structure makes a lot of sense. With the launch of Antelope, Bywire’s mission to ‘deliver truth, trust and accountability’ becomes that much stronger. Bywire already leverages EOS for security and as a complement to its AI fake news detector. Advancing Bywire blockchain applications has been discussed in recent months. The launch of Antelope Leap 3.1 adds clarity to what the independent news organization can achieve on EOS.  Bywire founder Michael O’Sullivan announced the formation of a DAO on this week’s Fireside Chat. However, the launch party was postponed until after the weekend on Monday, October 3. The event will be livestreamed on the Bywire YouTube channel.

Scalability+ (Blue Paper): All Roads Lead to EOS

EOS’ scalability over what other blockchains are capable of is actually what peaked my interest years ago. EOS is always ahead of the innovation curve; well that statement is true again now that the ENF is in charge. The capacity for EOS to scale made it easy for BigBeardSamurai to shine on a stage among peers. Yves sums up the scalability problem

“If you value scalability and reliability, all roads lead to #EOS…”

He goes on to call EOS “…the most scalable…” with “…0 downtime…” over four years. Solving the blockchain scalability problem is simple; it’s called EOS. Read about the Scalability+ mission and outlook in the recently released blue paper:

“The intent of the recommended improvements to Antelope systems is to ensure that the Antelope ecosystem can support rapid growth of active wallets and adoption of new Web3 applications being deployed and operated.”

Antelope’s First Week

In addition to Scalability+ and TOKEN2049, Antelope’s first week was one of blossoming positivity. It’s a sigh of relief anytime a new innovation goes live. Blockchains are notoriously buggy, and all too often, a token launch (or hardfork) doesn’t go as planned. Antelope deployed seamlessly. The system was uninterrupted as far as users were concerned. The Leap 3.1.1 patch mentioned last week was the only minor tweak. Thanks to the incredible work by Team Antelope, TOKEN2049 was a resounding success. A flawless Antelope was essential to showcase Trust Network EVM in Singapore. Asia Crypto Week is ongoing. ENF representatives are still informing the public about Antelope related products. And if things remain on schedule, next month we may be discussing Trust EVM and IBC in the same way.

EVMxIdeathon: Trust EVM GameFi Hackethon Winners 

Trust EVM has yet to deploy and it’s already impacting GameFi. Both were hot topics at TOKEN2049. For more about Trust EVM’s growing impact, return to the top news segment for this week. As for the Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon, Round 1 winners were just announced. EVMxIdeathon runs through November 14.

ENF Tour: Reporting from South Korea

Yves La Rose expressed how important it is for EOS to have ‘boots on the ground’. He emphasized the detriment of a lack of representation at crypto events and connecting with regulators. Hopefully the community heeds his words and aids the ENF’s efforts beyond the scheduled tour. Before departing for TOKEN2049 in Singapore, Yves mentioned potential partnerships and excitement about returning to Korea.

Community Poker Tournament and Ecosystem Map

Pomelo is more than just a funding mechanism- even as impactful as its quadratic approach is. The team employs long standing members of the community. They are developers and leaders. Pomelo NFTs are nostalgic and functional. The community took part in a fun-to-play community poker tournament. Hopefully it’ll become a new offseason tradition. No bets, so Pomelo fund distributions were never at risk. Just NFTs and EOS for winners to donate. More exclusive rarities went to those that placed highest. Pomelo contributors are encouraged to fill out a brief survey about their season 3 experiences. Also note that .gems (in collaboration with EOS Bees) put together an Ecosystem Map NFT.

Eden on EOS

As one might imagine (after reading the next section), the future of Eden on EOS has changed. Maybe not much will transpire now that Fractally (the developers of EdenOS) shifted efforts away from a governance solution. In any event, Eden continues to work toward independence. That is, financial independence and overreliance on developers. Seems like an answer will come sooner than later given that the next Eden election is just days away (October 8). Note that EOS Support is looking for developer feedback and remains vigilant in defending against scams. Below are consistent providers of mainnet community information:

In addition to the above resources, Helios hosts weekly discussions on emerging topics.

Fractally: Legal Discussion

Instead of breakout rooms, this week’s Genesis fractal looked at the current legal environment. Key regulatory agencies were discussed. Attorneys remained limited in their capacity to advise. Recent trends of the current administration are toward more stringent controls. Because of the current landscape, Daniel Larimer said that a Fractally token would be too risky. A key issue identified was the privacy conundrum of video for blockchain applications. Fractally members would just be too easy a target. What about next week? Fractally will hold meetings. Though, there may be a schedule change. Given all the uncertainty surrounding the fractally ecosystem, the list of fractals and contributors has been discontinued until a measure of stability ensues.

October 9, 2022

Briefings: New CDs, Leap v3.2, ENF in Belfast/Dubai, EVM for Q1, Pomelo S4, Psibase, Qtest, 0-proof

Eden on EOS Elects New Delegates

One gets the feeling that the Eden on EOS community feels a bit more comfortable these days. Its mission and scope is a bit clearer. There’s so much change happening around EOS. From Antelope, an EOS EVM, and the development team (fractally) that brought us EdenOS software, dealing with change at such an early stage would challenge any governance system. Recently departing CDs got off to a rocky start, but ended up delivering more than maybe any other group. Building upon the success of previous terms is how it should be. Get an overview of the the 3rd term CD accomplishments by watching the final (active) meeting. As for the new CDs, they are:

  • Xavier Fernandez (EOS Costa Rica)
  • Rieki Cordon (serving the “Regenerative Renaissance”)
  • Waxa (EOS Marketing – EOSM)
  • Jesse Jaffe (EOS Bees)
  • Chris Barnes (Helios)

By next week the community should have a good idea of what each hopes to accomplish. Note that Chirs Barnes is the most re-elected CD Eden has seen. For those interested in joining Eden on EOS, check out the Eden Community website.

ENF on Tour and Leap Update: v3.2.0-rc1 

This week the ENF found itself at the Belfast conference with Ziasan. DeFi and general info about Antelope were among the topics discussed. Zaisan will also join the ENF at the Future Blockchain summit in Dubai next week. The community just glimpsed another small Leap upgrade with version 3.2.0 (release candidate 1). Unlike the fix following Leap’s debut on EOS’ independence day, v3.2-rc1 introduces new features. According to an ENF tweet, the update delivers:

  • New cleos sub-commands
  • Backports previous EOSIO
  • Introduces leap-util for node users
  • Other performance enhancements

Here’s the release candidate on Github. Get a more detail overview of the upgrade by watching EOS Leap meeting #34. For those looking to revisit TOKEN2049 check out the video of Yves discussing taking the power back through the community’s takeover of the mainnet. 

Trust EVM Update: Roadmap and Delayed Release

The community had hoped to see an EOS EVM within a month following EOS independence day (Antelope Leap launch). Unfortunately, networking with the Ethereum community will have to wait until Q1 of 2023. The Trust EVM team updated its roadmap this week. The first test of the EVM is now planned for December. EOS Go provided more details in Trust EVM Delays Launch for 2023. For those that watched the TOKEN2049 panels, it was clear that Antelope is ahead of the game, well ahead. The ongoing EVM+Ideathon continues through November. So there’s no reason to rush Trust EVM. Delaying the launch also gives hackathon participants more time to better present their projects to an Ethereum community seeing EOS for the first time.

Pomelo Season 4 Announced

Pomelo Season 4 is here! Well, not yet. Applications open in about a month (November 14). The community did find out how much the new matching pool will be. It’s a bit more than last season at just under $400k. Remember, Pomelo is all about developing public goods. For more details on what to expect and how to get involved, read the team’s blog post: Pomelo Season 4: What You Need to Know. BTW, that first statement wasn’t entirely inaccurate; the adventure to collect season 4 NFTs begins on October 11. Also, if you were among the top contributors, you may have earned a badge that can be blended into an NFT.

Zero Knowledge Proof Smart Contracts

Functional privacy solutions, a concept gaining momentum on the mainnet. First ZEOS’ built-in privacy via transactions, and now zero knowledge proofs by EOS Rapid. This means that communication with smart contracts can occur without disclosure. It’s unclear as to the extent of operations that zkSNARKS allows. But one thing is certain, the EOS community takes useful innovations and expands upon them. EOS Rapid is a top 21 block producer. It described zero knowledge proofs:

“… #snarkjs and #circom compatible #zkSNARK enabled contracts for $EOS…”

Watch a basic tutorial of how to create your first zero knowledge proof enabled smart contract on EOS. Here’s the Github readme. The project was funded by the Open Assets Standards Foundation.

GenerEOS Introduces Qtest (JavaScript)

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. GenerEOS just announced Qtest:

“…an open-source Javascript/Typescript-based Antelope smart-contract testing framework…”

The GenerEOS team thanked both the ENF and Pomelo for the opportunity. Qtest will make EOS development a lot more attractive. While C++, EOS’ native coding language, is well known, a JavaScript smart contract option expects to significantly accelerate growth. JavaScript makes building on EOS attractive to more developers. Both the mainnet and ecosystem expect to benefit from Qtest.

Team Fractally’s Psibase

Outside of recent documentation (also see Github), not much is known about Psibase. At this point, Team Fractally’s newly presented vision is easiest understood by developers. From what’s been said, Psibase may be best suited for app hosting and development. Here’s an October 1 thread from Dan Larimer. Read veteran developer Matt Langston’s review of the project. As for fractal governance, the team maintains interest, but won’t support a token until there’s regulatory clarity. Of course, the possibility of a future token will also need to protect member liability. Liability protection is much harder when members are on video. The lack of privacy was another primary reason for discontinuing the token plan.

Eden on EOS: The Start of the 4th Term

Even with team Fractally moving away from a governance solution, the Eden on EOS fractal presses on. Dedicated EdenOS developers are actively being sought. Friends of Eden help maintain elections and provide modest development. This week was the final (active) meeting of third-term CDs. Past delegates have aided the transition of new ones. For information about the new CD’s, revisit the first section (above). EdenElections.com is a side project that may better serve the community in organizing future elections. Thenewlegend proposed a member directory. Beware of a Twitter scam alert. Bywire published an article, Eden – Changing the Election Game, in honor of the fourth Eden election. Another article of interest might be Mastering EOS: A Practical Guide For Beginners and Advanced. Below are dedicated providers of mainnet community information:

In addition to the above resources, Bywire regularly posts EOS current events and Helios hosts weekly discussions on emerging topics.

October 16, 2022

Briefings: Yield+ WG++, ENF in Dubia, Trust EVM Reviewed, EOS Respect, EVMXIdeathon, Pomelo Moon Base

Working Groups: Yield+ Full Launch, Recover+, and Scalability+

If there was one article a DeFi investor needs to read this year, it might just be the September 2022 Yield+ Report. Listen to what the ENF had to say about the full launch:

“After 6 weeks of operating under its pilot phase, Yield+ will be transitioning to FULL LAUNCH on October 17. That means 5x reward emissions for $EOS and $USDT TVL on qualifying #EOSDeFi protocols!🚀”

Qualifying protocols (like Defibox), turn their attention from preparedness to action. Keep in mind that Yield+ and Recover+ go hand-in-hand as a conservative approach. Yield+ is good for both the EOS token and the ecosystem. It allows for more DeFi options. Here’s a list of all currently accepted DeFi protocols. Coinciding with liquidity and security is the Scalability+ working group. The team recently outlined how it’s responding to the demand for Web3 apps. Scalability advancements are discussed in a thread about instant finality, IBC, and horizontal solutions. Want to learn more about developing on EOS and the new Dev Hub? A Fireside Chat with Nathan James is a good place to start.

ENF on Tour: Dubia

The ENF world tour might just continue through the launch of Trust EVM (anticipated for Q1 2023). The energy, excitement and remnants of the team’s dedicated, in-person efforts surely will. The months-long tour aims to inform, inspire, and facilitate development on the New EOS. This week, Ziasan again joined the ENF at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubia. For a detailed account of the tour thus far, and vibrant images of TOKEN2049, visit ENF Launches Global Conference Strategy for EOS with Major Events Across Europe & Asia. The Medium article is an account of the ENF looking back on the first stage of its strategy. And here’s the list of scheduled events through December. Note that the ENF is willing to make scheduling adjustments as it did in South Korea just before TOKEN2049.

Trust EVM Review

Trust EVM is a big part of the ENF’s tour. Trust EVM will likely play a pivotal role in building the next generation of Web3 apps. Of course there are other EVMs, but none running with Trust’s performance capabilities. Read an early review of Trust EVM’s title sponsorship at TOKEN2049 in Singapore. Key highlights were:

  • A well received booth
  • CEO, Yves La Rose’s, stage presence 
  • Enterprising opportunities
  • Mainnet countdown

Quick notes for developers were provided in a thread. Basically, a new, flexible timestamp mapping was used in place of block mapping for the purpose of compatibility and maintaining philosophical consistency with a trade off in speed. Given the new methods’ flexibility, EOS can more easily revisit any future speed issues.


Surely, among the most excited about Trust EVM are those competing in the hackathon/ideathon. If only the community were granted daily insight into advancements being made at the event. For those needing more inspiration to join EVMxIdeathon, there’s still $125k in prizes up for grabs. It’s also the ideal place to show off your technical skills. More than that, EVMxIdeation is an extended networking event for blockchain developers around the world. Learn more on the team’s Devpost.com.

EOS Respect Election and More from EOS Support

This week, the EOS Respect community will hold its 3rd election. The group formed out of EOS Support to help bring accountability to community-funded projects like those on Pomelo. EOS Respect’s treasury was recently increased by EOS Support. If you’d like to help the community track projects on Pomelo, then you’re encouraged to read an overview about EOS Respect. The project is also accepting donations to help fund worthwhile projects and infrastructure to uphold high standards.

EOS in Mainstream News 

Good to see the EOS Network Foundation in mainstream news while still early in its world tour. Here’s a list of sites that picked up the action:

  • CRYPTO NEWS FLASH – “Bullish for EOS: ENF announces new liquidity incentive program and…”
  • ENTREPRENEUR – “How This Blockchain Network Is Taking Its Power Back”
  • FINANCE FEEDS – “EOS Network reveals liquidity reward and security schemes, Recover+ and Yield+”

There’s so much going on around the New EOS, one must wonder how the ENF keeps track of it all. Those working groups discussed in the first section are but three of nine. Maybe even more amazing is getting all these efforts and associated products to work in harmony. There’s something special going on here and the world (albeit still just a small part) is taking notice.

Pomelo NFT Builds: Moon Base

With Pomelo Season 4 announced last week, now it’s time to focus on this season’s NFTs. Pomelo NFTs seem to get more elaborate with each season. The astronaut theme replaced Season 1’s tree-and-fruit theme. Starting off Season 4 are Moon Rocks. Grant Collectable Packs will soon be released. The ultimate goal of Pomelo Season 4 NFTs? Well, if Season 3’s aim was to launch a rocket ship, then Season 4 is to build a Moon Base. Remember, Pomelo’s sole purpose for being is as the premier quadratic funding platform. The team meticulously checks each season’s grant applicants, donations, and final tally for errors and bad actors. Join Pomelo as a grant applicant and/or donator.

Eden on EOS: Times of Transition

The ENF’s tour is shaking things up. Antelope and Trust EVM developers are acclimating to new standards. There’s so much more going on on the New EOS. So, what are we to expect from our new, fourth term Chief Delegates? They’ve yet to make some noise. Hopefully, by next week the community will have a better idea of what to expect over the next few months. Below are regular, consistent sources of EOS mainnet information. Maybe you noticed a couple missing. Even during these hectic times of transition, the community has handled itself gracefully.

October 23, 2022

Briefings: CDs Meet with ENF, EOS Respect #3, Yield+, Pomelo, Trust, ENF Q3 Report, TOKEN2049 Europe

New CDs Meet with Yves La Rose, Bywire, and NovaCrypto

ENF CEO Yves La Rose again took the time to meet with this quarter’s Chief Delegates. The interview was moderated by Bywire founder, Michael O’Sullivan. Each delegate briefly introduced themselves and gave an overview of what they plan to accomplish this term. Novacrypto also interviewed each delegate independently; actually, Novacrypto’s interviews occurred first, immediately following the election. The new Chief Delegates did meet on their own this week. You’ll find a summary and link to their first meeting on Odysee here. Fourth term CD’s have moved slower than others of the past, but nevertheless, appear just as committed. Who knows, maybe a more carefully planned early-go will pan out. CDs IV do have more to work with, building off of the efforts of past administrations.

ENF Q3 Report

The EOS Network Foundation’s Q3 report was released this week. It outlines and overviews:

  • The New EOS
  • Antelope re-branding
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Funding (Pomelo and direct grants)
  • Ecosystem investments (HyphaDAO, .gems, EOS Support, EVMxIdeathon, OCI)
  • Working Groups
  • Coalition+
  • Leap v3.1, CDT, DUNE
  • Operations and Financials

Each of the topics above have been discussed in previous EOS Briefings weekly newsletters. The ENF nicely organizes and composes the quarter’s events for the community to gain a clearer picture of what’s possible now and what can be accomplished in the future. At the end of the report, you’ll find highlights for Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. Also note that Yves La Rose took time this week to discuss DeFi, the ineffectiveness of bridges when compared to IBC, and securing brand-named VCs.

EOS Respect Holds 3rd Election

There was another community election this week. EOS Respect Election #3 shined brighter than the previous 2. View statistics on EOS Support. Note that EOS Respect holds monthly elections as compared to Eden’s quarterly ones. Both EOS Respect and EOS Support are actively pursuing easily measurable metrics for the EOS Network and growing ecosystem. Note that EOS Respect is independent of EOS Support. EOS Support is a company, a community too, but a private one. EOS Respect is an independent community. In terms of the impact of ER election #3, the effort began as a smaller enterprise than Eden on EOS. The starting treasury was also much smaller than Eden- albeit it recently increased. EOS Respect’s community is more selective than Eden’s. The focus is on active, measurable contributions and affiliated projects. EOS Respect monitors professional behavior among both its members and community-funded projects like Pomelo grants.

Pomelo Season 4 Update

Speaking of Pomelo, Grant Collection (NFT) packs went on sale this week. Pomelo NFTs can be used as avatars on the funding platform. Thus, collectors demonstrate their previous impact and commitment to the community. Learn more about how this season’s NFTs compare to previous seasons. A lot can be done with NFTs. Pomelo employs mixing and matching to construct rare NFTs. Also, while Pomelo has stated (in past seasons) that NFTs offer no rewards of substance, there remains opportunities to leverage community commitment. The opportunity also exists for independent community efforts to make use of Pomelo-linked veteran contributions.

Trust EVM Update

Trust EVM will likely remain the focus of weekly news topics through its launch. There’s just so much to look forward to. Trust EVM has already demonstrated better performance numbers than other Ethereum Virtual Machines. Since Ethereum has a larger community and market cap that’s more than hundred times the size of EOS, there’s a real opportunity to further blockchain mass adoption. Also note that EOS was once ranked among the top 5 blockchains (in terms of market cap). So, a radical transformation of the EOS Network is neither unprecedented nor unwarranted. Projects built on EOS are nimble and innovative by default. Here’s some of this week’s Trust EVM highlights:

Yield+ Update

Where Trust EVM encourages development, Yield+ makes the token ecosystem more attractive. Campaigning exchanges to list EOS/USDT was among the ENF’s first objectives. Huobi and Binance exchanges were discussed this week. Zack Gall, Yves, and  Denis Carriere explained the need for Yield+ in the video, Accelerating EOS DeFi Adoption with Native USDT Exchange Listings:

“…with Yiled+ we’re going to be adding on-chain incentives to attract liquidity providers … and (for that) you need Tether…” [4:15]

Also discussed was getting EOS to the point that it’s a rail for moving value on and off Ethereum. On October 17, Yield+ smart contracts were updated to subsidize earning by 5%. Yield+ transferred 300,000 EOS on its official launch day. Remember, it was just last week that the September 2022 Yield+ Report was released just ahead of last week’s full launch.

ENF on Tour: TOKEN2049 London

Does the ENF ever take a break? Maybe for an hour or so or to sleep. On a weekly basis though, even going on tour is a relentless pursuit. Don’t believe it? Check the tour schedule. You can verify past events via ENF twitter and/or previous EOS Briefings’ newsletters. Marketing for the November 9-10 event in London began this week. For those that recall TOKEN2049 in Singapore, the global impact still resonates. The ENF must be doing something right, because Yves is now listed among the European speakers. Visit TOKEN2049 Europe to view a schedule of events and partners.

Eden on EOS

Eden on EOS is in transition on a couple of fronts. The most obvious is getting new CDs to synchronize their efforts. You can view initial attempts to do just that in the first entry above in the interview with Yves, and/or viewing the first meeting of the new CD below. Christ Barnes, the most decorated Eden on EOS CD, was first to discuss his plan for this fourth term. The other front upon which Eden is transitioning likely determines the future of underlying technology (EdenOS). The Fractally team developed EdenOS for the community and recently concluded its (scheduled) participation of weekly Saturday meetings. Now, bear in mind that Fractally had already yielded EdenOS development to the community. However, the potential to adopt a Fractally operating system (or parts of it) is no longer an option. The team did leave the future open and maintains that a lack of regulatory clarity ultimately determined its decision. Note that EOS Support identified a new scam. Read more about what’s going on around Eden on EOS and the mainnet community:

October 30, 2022

Briefings: Busan, South Korea VCs Partnership, Yield+, R+, EVMxIdeathon, Trust-Multichain Parnership

New VC Partnership in Busan, South Korea

This week saw the greatest mainstream coverage of EOS since the emergence of the EOS Network Foundation. It might even prove to surpass anything B1 ever achieved on its own. Media outlets continue to report on the new ENF-Busan VC partnership. In ENF CEO Yves La Rose’s own words:

“Words cannot overstate how big of a deal this partnership is for $EOS.”

He went on to tweet:

“This is by far the most significant partnership in $EOS history and is an absolute gamechanger for us!”

Why is it such a big deal? Is it the collective $700 million dollar backing? Yes and no. Leading up to the announcement, Yves explained that the value VCs bring extend beyond their money. It’s infrastructure, notoriety and mainstream networking that EOS needs. All come along with VC backing. Other key terms for when visiting the ENF blog post are memorandum of understanding (MoU) and Venture Capital Alliance of Busan Blockchain (VCABB). To be clear, it was the ENF that signed the MoU and it’s the VCABB that holds $700 million under management and is allocating $100 million for blockchain-related companies. So we don’t know the details, or how much financial interest the city has in EOS. It’s still early, but you’re encouraged to read on… both the ENF blog post and the next section about Busan and South Korea.

About Busan

So about those VC intangibles. What kind of impact can a city of VCs have? Sure, only 6 organizations committed to the VCABB, but other eyes are surely scoping out the landscape. Busan is South Korea’s second largest city. Both Busan and South Korea are considered leaders in the crypto space. Busan is home to: 

“… a thriving #Web3 ecosystem with 400+ blockchain-related businesses in the city…”

Busan understands the value of establishing a blockchain regulatory-free zone. Dedicating such an area is advantageous for Web3 development in general. The city’s mayoral initiative underling the ENF-VC partnership has a grand objective of attracting and supporting development in Busan to build a global, digital financial hub. Besides the EOS VC partnership, Busan is working with Huobi Global, Binance, FTX, and Gate.io to develop its blockchain infrastructure. Even beyond recent investments, South Korea has been a proven leader in the blockchain space- through thick and thin. (Kind of sounds similar to innovative efforts made by a group of core developers.)

ENF on Tour: Zaragoza, Lisbon, Barcelona

The intangibles brought by VC partnerships were touched upon in the previous section. Intangibles and networking is what the ENF’s month’s long tour is all about. In a way, EOS is running on a new blockchain (Antelope). The core development team’s mission greatly differs from B1. So it makes sense to treat the world tour as sort of a groundbreaking launch. Events leading up to part 2 of TOKEN2049 in London include:

  • October 26 -27: at the Blockchain Expo in Zaragoza, Spain
  • November 1-4: at the Web and Wow Summits in Lisbon, Portugal
  • November 7-10: at the Gartner IT / XPO Symposium in Barcelona, Spain

This week’s Blockchain Expo coincided with a DeFi Congress. Check the tour schedule for future events. Zaisan continues to represent the ENF. Zaisan brings some exciting innovation to the table, particularly in DeFi and GameFi. The tweet’s source post may be a few months old, but the topic is as hot as it gets.

Yield+ Update

Yield+ is a long term program. Its ultimate aim is to foster innovation, not merely support existing DeFi applications. The recent Yield+ launch really was just a taste of what’s to come. There’s a lot of work still needed to be done to deliver the community the complete vision. Yield+ was never meant to be merely a subsidy program. Goals include the development of new DeFi applications with unique features. EOS is already seeing new applications inspired by Yield+. Not all registered projects are ready to participate given the staked asset requirements. Yield+ is said to be a decentralized process in that 7 out of 10 teams needed to approve the launch. Exciting things still to come as both Yield+ and new DeFi applications figure out how best to proceed. Watch the video excerpt from this week’s Fireside Chat with Denis Carriere and Zack Gall for the full recap.

Recover+ Update

“Someone should come along and issue an ERC20 called “Reversible Ether” that is 1:1 backed by ether but has a DAO that can revert transfers within N days.”

The above Vitalic Butern tweet is from 2018. Yet, it’s on topic given the current environment. Given recent market events, regulation, young infrastructure, and plethora of scams, blockchain needs decisive insurance and security. Recover+ is a manageable solution that’s ready today; and, it works with Yield+. Together, these ENF products reassure investors that their money is safe. So how does R+ deliver on what most blockchains seem to think impossible? The key is in:

“…leveraging the unique properties of EOS account permissions and its Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm.”

R+ is considered a new insurance-layer on the EOS Network. Yield+ projects are required to participate in R+. The new insurance-layer isn’t mandatory for participation in EOS and projects like ZEOS. Rather, R+ is a voluntary option for both DeFi applications and investors. Though, rewards are already proving quite attractive.

EVMxIdeathon and Trust EVM Update

October 31 is the last day for project submission for the EVMxIdeathon. The event went a long way toward demonstrating the potential of Trust EVM. The latest news out of the Trust team is a partnership with Multichain. The Multichain team cites its growing number of EVMs/chains (66) and Ethereum bridges (approaching 3,000) as motivation for becoming:

“…the ultimate router for web3.”

Below are some highlights that Multichain offers Trust EVM:

  • promotes interoperability across networks
  • facilitates assets and transfers for cross-chain architecture
  • seamless data/message transmission for cross-chains dApps
  • Non-custodial 
  • No-slippage Swap

EVMxIdeathon saw nearly 600 participants. Team Helios revealed the final judge this week (like there was any doubt). Watch the closeout ceremony here on November 14. Yep, that’s the same day that Pomelo begins accepting grant applications.

Pomelo Update

About another two weeks to go before Pomelo grant applications open (on November 14). Given the aggressive development of ENF working groups and recent product releases, Pomelo’s 4th season promises to be something special. Among the most inspiring of the ENF’s products is Yield+. Here’s a list of projects gearing up for season 4: 

Note that there’s many projects building new applications and features with Antelope tools. Also note that Defibox is one of a growing number of DeFi projects looking to take advantage of Yield+. EOS Bees subsidized swarms (thanks in part to Pomelo funds) are a great opportunity for projects looking to get some more notoriety. As for Pomelo’s S4 NFTs:

“Craft your Robot Potion and then start claiming your Moon Bots! 🛠”

Eden on EOS

The community around Eden remains strong as a day-to-day networking environment. Headlining this week’s Eden news is Eden Korea and its successful internal mainnet test (see bloks.io). Adopting an altered form of EdenOS is trending among the ecosystem’s diverse communities. Novacrypto got together with some recognizable names to hold Antelope Workshop #16. EOS Support continues to make inroads into connecting with mainstream information sources; this time it was in gaining early access to CoinMarketCap’s Live Discussion Boards for EOS. Helios’ DAO Debate discussion (#4) continues, and again finds participation from at least 2 Eden CDs. Read more about what’s going on around Eden on EOS and the mainnet community:

What happened to CDs meeting #2? Good question. Here’s the Odysee link to the first meeting.



Nov 27

Briefings: Antelope 3.2, ENV, Pomelo, EOS Respect, Greymass’ Wharf, ENF DCENTRAL

Antelope 3.2 Released

Antelope is the underlying code upon which the EOS Network and other chains are built. It replaces EOSIO. The ENF developed Antelope and this week announced version 3.2. For clarity, the name ‘Leap’ was given to the version used by the EOS Network. Leading the new features of Antelope 3.2 is:

“…new unified command-line interface (CLI) tool called leap-util to support users operating Leap nodes…”

Node operators have been in the spotlight of late with weekly Leap meetings being renamed to Leap EOS Node Operator Roundtable. Other new features include:

  • cleos sub-commands
  • performance enhancements
  • backported EOSIO pull requests (PRs)

Find out more on the AntelopeIO Github.


According to the ENF’s schedule, its Global Conference Strategy for EOS comes to an end next week. Remaining events are DCENTRAL Miami on November 28 and 29, and TECHEX Blockchain EXPO on December 1 and 2. This past week, the ENF was scheduled to appear in London on November 21 and 22 for Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference. News released out of the ENF continued to center around TOKEN2049. Unscheduled and while closely associated with the foundation, was EOS Nation presenting in Montreal. The ENF team is willing to grab opportunities when presented. The surprise visit and subsequent VCAB agreement out of South Korea illustrate the ENFs readiness and preparedness to respond to the needs of the space. A combined strategy of close adherence and responsive awareness has served both the foundation and EOS quite well.

EOS Network Ventures

The surprise passage of EOS Network Ventures feels a bit like a mini-series. Last week, community concerns were heard to the tune of action (updated permissions). The week prior was the announcement that led to the raising of community voices. This week on the ENV, Yves stole most of the spotlight on the weekly Fireside Chat. He went into the relationship between the ENF and ENV. Yves discussed how the ENV doesn’t exist yet in response to the question of who’s leading the new community VC arm. He laid out how the ENV will differ from the Busan agreement. Much-needed clarity also came in the form of a blog post entitled “The Road to EOS Network Ventures — Community FAQ”. For those wanting to glimpse the end of the story, Yves reiterated a statement made on November 12:

“…The ecosystem fund will be managed by EOS Network Ventures, and will exclusively be investing in #EOS projects. Nothing else.”

Pomelo Rapid Fire, Collections, and More

Season 4 firmly supplants Pomelo as a fixture of the EOS Network. Season 1 saw just a fraction of the participants of Season 2. By Season 3, a few projects had already demonstrated the effectiveness of cumulative Pomelo quadratic funding. But it’s the dynamic around Season 4, about a year following Pomelo’s founding, that’s really taken hold. An evolving environment of ENF grants, Helios funding, and even EOS Respect allocations all help service needs that make Pomelonian lives a bit more comfortable. Team Pomelo has responded with new features and efforts like:

Don’t forget about Pomelo NFTs. It’s an exciting future for Pomelo and projects providing a public good for the EOS Network. 

EOS Respect Election #4

Election #4 is in the books for EOS Respect. What is EOS Respect? It’s a private group that forked the EdenOS software for the specific purpose of rewarding and accounting for value creation on the EOS Network. All projects wishing to be considered for funding must apply and be accepted as an EOS Support affiliate. Members are selected from the community who provide value to EOS within a predetermined scope of operations. Criteria are similar to the public goods recognized by Pomelo. However, all project managers need to be reachable for a report on accountability. EOS Respect becomes more relevant with each passing election, illustrated by a recent, generous donation to the treasury from EOS Support. This month’s delegates are:

  • Nicolas Davoine
  • Sebastian Beyer
  • Jin Terry
  • Marco Gonzalez

Greymass Introduces Wharf

Once the main presence (besides B1) around the community, Team Greymass got its wish to develop unencumbered. What that has meant for the EOS Network is substantially more value being produced and a Greymass team seemingly operating in the shadows. The introduction of Wharf is another testament to Greymass. Though, few around the community discussed Wharf this past week. That’s not to say that the “…next generation of web tooling for the @AntelopeIO ecosystem…” will be any less impactful. Read and/or watch  Exploring Antelope Web Client SDKs with Aaron Cox of Greymass for answers to what Wharf makes possible and why the name was chosen.

EOS Detective

Team Helios is a valued member of the EOS Network. Its specialty is in seeing the big picture of how EOS fits into the Web3 revolution. Where the ENF focuses on core development and expands from there, Helios takes an external view on how best to employ EOS and Antelope applications to solve problems of more traditional needs. EOS Detective is among those tools identified by Helios that cater to the greater ecosystem. Get to know EOS (and WAX) by visiting EOS Detective to experience:

“…easy-to-understand visual representation of transactions.”

EOS Network Updates

This weekly section has been renamed from Eden on EOS. Eden still exists as quarterly, monthly, and weekly (Wednesday) meetings- albeit of different organizations. Discussion is as vibrant as ever in Telegram chats like Eden NFTs. Eden fractal remains committed to advancing the technology. And quarterly elections of Eden on EOS delegates maintain a vision for the future. However, the excitement has waned over EdenOS software. Few still envision Eden somehow becoming the new mechanism that governs significant operations on EOS. This section will continue to consider Eden efforts in reporting and critiquing weekly events on the EOS Network. For details, readers are encouraged to also consider the resources below. Note that this end section of EOS Briefings seeks to touch upon what it felt like to be part of the EOS Network community this week. Read more about what’s going on around the EOS Network community:











Nov 20

Briefings: ENV AMA, Pomelo, Websummit Highlights, and EVMxIdeathon Finals

EOS Network Ventures AMA

With everything going on around the community, for EOS Network Ventures to garner most of the attention this week is telling of how important the newly passed proposal is. Maybe the biggest takeaway from recent events is that the community voiced its concerns and were heard. The effort amounted to changing eosio.fund account permissions from 2/3 to 4/7. Yves said the new requirement makes funds more secure while holding the ENV to greater accountability. Yves also was present on Fireside Chat to field questions from the community in AMA format. The exchange lasted for 2 hours. Given all that was discussed, Fireside Chat host, Stephane Bisson, did as well as can be expected in compiling a quick recap. His lightning recap starts here. For the full AMA, you’re encouraged to listen to this week’s Fireside Chat.

Pomelo Applications Open

Pomelo applications are now open. Season 4 promises to outdo the last quarter, as has become typical of each Pomelo round. The team remains professional, innovative, and engaged with the community. From helping new projects find their way to listening to the community’s needs and even hosting a fun NFT collection, Team Pomelo is as integral to the success of EOS’ future as any organization. Illustrating Pomelo’s importance are improvements made by EOS Bees, RECAPS and Immutable Realms. Pomelo impacts individual creators more than any other effort on EOS. For those wishing to get involved, there’s still more than enough time to set up a solid proposal for Season 4. Check out Pomelo’s Medium blog, especially the recent post on Rules. New in Season 4 is Collections. Already having some fun with that.

ENF Tour: Websummit and TOKEN2049 Feedback

Actions taken by the ENF are calculated, but that doesn’t mean the foundation shies away from spontaneity. Passing the ENV proposal and holding the EVMxIdeathon final ceremony just as TOKEN2049 (London) commences illustrates both traits. Coordinating efforts between ENF working groups, Helios, and Ziasan is another profoundly impactful talent that’s helping take EOS mainstream. Check out some of the feedback from the Euro Websummit:

EVMxIdeathon Final Ceremony

For those who didn’t follow the EVMxIdeathon from the beginning, the part hackathon/ideation explores what’s possible between the New EOS and its Ethereum Virtual Machine. Tabbed the Trust Network, EOS EVM is faster, cheaper, and as secure as any other solution. EVMxIdeathon participants prove it. This week saw the final ceremony. Top projects were selected and allotted time to make last pitches before the judges made their final decisions. Helios founder, Brock Pierce, also attended and spoke to the community. Watch the EVMxIdeathon Final Ceremony in its entirety on Helios VC YouTube.

Ecosystem Project Spotlight: Bountyblock and Psibase

Two projects lingering around the EOS ecosystem are Bountyblock and Psibase. Psibase is EOS-friendly coming from the original DPoS mind, Dan Larimer. Watch the highly anticipated Bywire interview with Dan discussing what Psibase has to offer. Bountyblock made news around EOS for its progress over the past couple of years. Among the blockchains Bountyblock serves are EOS, WAX, Polygon, Proton, and Hedera (soon). Listed tools are:

  • Distribution Tool
  • Enterprise APIs
  • Contest/Giveaway Tool
  • Gift NFT

ENF Updates

Leading other ENF news this week is a new version of Antelope Leap. At the weekly Leap meeting, the team announced that Leap v3.2 is near ready for release. It took years for the old EOS (under the leadership of B1) to complete a couple of version updates. The ENF just had its first anniversary and already built a new blockchain and is ready to deliver on a 3rd, improved, version. Amazing what can be accomplished when blockchain is done right. In other ENF news:

Eden on EOS

Weekly Eden meetings have taken on a bit of a different form. Yes, we still deliberate via breakout rooms and reward for past contributions. Characteristic of meetings now is a sort of transformation/evolution (opposed to establishing a new community). Probably a testament to the fractal process’ nimble dynamic, Eden efforts rarely stagnate. It’s a good thing too, considering how fast the ENF and Antelope move. Eden on EOS is still refining what it means to participate in weekly meetings. The increasing focus of Consortium is an example. An idea for matching gaming with engagement is another. Come join a meeting and share your vision of EOS. Note that weekly Leap developer meetings were rebranded to ‘Leap EOS Node Operator Roundtable’. Read more about what’s going on around Eden on EOS and the mainnet community:










Briefings highlight recent news and key projects within the EOS ecosystem.

Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for expansive Web3 networks.

Nov 15

EOS Network Ventures $100M Funding Solely for EOS Development

The EOS Network Foundation announced $1F00M for an EOS ecosystem fund headed by EOS Network Ventures. The amount printed to this point is 68,277,906 in EOS (valued at less than $1 when minted). The multisig transaction was executed on November 9th. The ENF described the ENV’s mandate as making:

“…strategic equity & token-based investments into tech startups across the Web3 space…”

Key areas identified were: 

  • GameFi
  • Metaverse
  • eSports
  • NFTs
  • Fintech

Reception was mostly positive but there were concerns. Among the issues was the procedure taken to pass the proposal. Helios made a symbolic gesture to bring awareness to the speed and lack of notification that the multisig took place. Read the brief discussions (1, 2) thus far. Eden Capital and GenerEOS also asked for clarity (1, 2).

ENF on Tour: TOKEN2049 London

The ENF continues to build upon a successful tour. At TOKEN2049 in London, CEO Yves La Rose again showed his prowess on the stage while discussing the Future of Blockchain Protocols. Throughout the tour, attendees flock to the team’s booth to find out what’s going on with the New EOS. See the crowd gathering to find out how to: 


Zaiasan joined the party in London and shared the booth with the ENF. Here’s some of the key faces and more onsite images.

Recover+ Successfully Corals Varmints for a $2M+ Warrant

There’s a lot of confidence in the ENF. When the foundation says it’s launched a product, the community believes it will live up to expectations. For good reason too; the ENF’s track record is pristine. This week’s successful Recover+ recovery is a perfect illustration. EOS as a blockchain has never been hacked. Unfortunately, few centralized entities use EOS to secure their operations. R+ was designed (partially) with this in mind. As reported by ENF CEO Yves La Rose:

“On November 5th, Pando Rings, a lending platform was exploited for more than $70M. Pando Rings is not an $EOS application, but the attacker was able to steal more than 2M #EOS tokens. The Recover+ team quickly intervened and froze the stolen funds.”

Amazing! And with this, EOS sets another new standard for blockchain.

Hypha Still Making Waves

A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. It’s a company, foundation, or group of like minds who’s governance is determined by a blockchain’s keyholders. Participant authority is determined by the rules of the blockchain. Hypha automates the process of creating a DAO. It’s a game changer on EOS given unmatched agility, functionality and security. Projects can now make their visions a reality much quicker while holding the power to protect their investments. Hypha has been among the most talked about organizational efforts outside of the ENF. It’s been a nice surprise and universally recognized as a positive for EOS and the ecosystem. The ENF recognized Hypha with an $850K grant for the purpose of bringing an organization-in-a box product suite to EOS. Revisit the September interview on the ENF YT.

Pomelo 1 Year Anniversary

This week marked the 1 year anniversary of Pomelo. In celebration, the team prepared a series of videos showcasing successful grants. EOS Support got things rolling. Pitch sessions are back for season 4. Accepted grant applicants can present their project pitches to the community in a variety of ways:

Pomelo Rapid Fire Pitch Sessions (15 projects over 60-90 minutes each week):

  • Nov. 24
  • Dec. 1
  • Dec. 8
  • Dec. 13

Pomelo Pitch Sessions (hosted by EOS Nation Asia) Chinese Edition and Korean Edition (with Max from Eden Korea)

  • Nov. 26
  • Dec. 3
  • Dec. 10

There’s also Pomelo Pitch Deck Interviews hosted by GenerEOS where projects get 20–30 minutes each to present an overview. Team Helios holds a Pitch Deck Workshop for helpful tips. Visit the Pomelo Pitch Session Medium post for how to apply, important dates and other key information. 

Yield+ October Report

The verdict is in for Yield+, well a small one at least. The first report, October, recorded 11 participating dapps. Note that 7 dapps were considered in good standing through the month with 4 others qualifying after the full launch (or fluctuating). Yiield+ emerged from its testing phase on October 17. The attention it’s received, while impressive, merely scratches the surface of what’s expected. Inspiring innovations in DeFi remains a key objective. October allocations of Yield+ subsidies amounted to $50K EOS. Another 300K EOS was recently added to the treasury.

ENF Updates

Can’t say it enough: there’s a lot going on at the EOS Network Foundation. The team gracefully managed a modestly, controversial VC fund while reaching the peak of its months-long tour at TOKEN2049 in London. This section is about more regular ENF news. Though, the foundation has been so active at the start that one must wonder if any month will ever feel ‘regular’. Noteworthy events include:

  • RFP for reprioritizing Antelope Coalition goals to improve P2P discover across chains
  • Defibox Vault (sToken)
  • New CTO, Bart Wyatt, intro
  • Build on EOS
  • Accelerating blockchain adoption with the VCABB (an independent venture from the ENV)
  • (looking back) Architects of Consensus series: Director of Engineering, Areg Hayrapetian

Eden on EOS

Pomelo is as big a part of EOS as any organization. Eden members increasingly turn to Pomelo quadratic funding to provide public goods that are good for both EOS and the growth of Eden. This week’s Eden fractal meeting felt a bit laid back. Maybe it was a focus on Pomelo. In any regard, the fractal process demonstrated its effectiveness in agreeing to a new meeting time, 16 UTC. The hope is that the later start will allow others to join. There’s also been a call for a weekend meeting when people typically have more time on hand. A brainstorming session is already in the works. Feel free to inquire further at Eden on EOS telegram or discord. Read more about what’s going on around Eden on EOS and the mainnet community:










Briefings highlight recent news and key projects within the EOS ecosystem.

Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for expansive Web3 networks.

Nov 6

Briefings: Websummit 2022, Greymass, ENF Grants, POP, Edenia, Devcon, EVMxIdeathon, Pomelo

ENF on Tour: Websummit, Devcon and More

Nathan James is the EOS Network Foundation’s Director of Developer Relations. This week he spearheaded the foundation’s presence at Europe’s largest crypto event, Websummit 2022 in Lisbon. He was able to reach over 70,000 people in a discussion about EOS. ENF Chief Marketing Officer, Patty Fisher, was also in attendance. Check out images of activity around EOS’ booth. And here’s a video shared by Nathan James. Across the pond, Team Edenia (be sure to check out their other work below) led EOS efforts at Devcon VI in Bogota. For highlights of the mid-October event, read Edenia’s Medium blog. In a video tweet from the Future Blockchain Summit, Team Ziason also presented reasons why:

“… the community role in this process led by @EOSnFoundation… potential #EOS comeback to the top 10! 

And finally, but certainly not least, a preview of TOKEN2049 (in London this time)- where the EOS Network Foundation is now considered an ‘event partner’. Nice to see the ENF’s tour efforts paying off, both in influence and recognition. We’ve come a long way over a very short time. Remember the mood at the end of September in Singapore?

Greymass Halloween Fun: Wallet Security

Team Greymass is among the hardest working organizations in EOS- and in crypto for that matter. When Greymass speaks, it’s often to deliver news of an important new product or update. This Halloween 🎃, Greymass had some fun introducing a new feature for Anchor wallet, Anchor’s Owner Key Certificate. The effort was a response to the dilemma of an estimated quarter of the world’s Bitcoin being locked up in lost wallet accounts:

“…never lose access to your wallet again.”

The Owner Key Certificate is the result of combining best practices to minimize risk. For example, Anchor makes it possible to use only the last 6 words (of 34) that make up a private key. Learn how to use the new Owner Key Certificate by visiting Greymass’ Medium blog.

Pomelo Update

Team Pomelo goes above and beyond for the EOS community. This week the team announced that it wants to help you write your Pomelo grant. Okay, just kidding- team Greymass really set the mood with its Halloween blog post. Each season, Team Pomelo seems to focus on a specific initiative towards improving community-led development. Season 4 appears to be focused on improving the quality of grant applications:

“Write your grant quicker & easier!”

Pomelo even introduced a step-by-step guide and grant template. Read Your Guide to a Clear and Direct Pomelo Grant for:

  • Tips on what to focus on
  • How to present a public good
  • about the template

Team Pomelo also reminded the community of how important it is to apply for funding as a public good (see July post).

ENF Grant Framework

Another, lesser-known, funding option comes in the form of multi-level grants provided by the EOS Network Foundation. Though, the foundation has been making more of an effort to make its grant options known throughout the community. Here’s an overview of the grant framework:

  • Individuals – Up to $10,000
  • Teams – Up to $50,000
  • Companies – Over $50,000

The foundation cites the multi-level grant program as part of its mission to grow the ecosystem. Get the full breakdown by reading the ENF’s github Grant Framework post. There you’ll find information about grant types (New, Maintenance, RFP) and more. Hypha DAO is among the ENFs most recent large investment initiatives. The foundation dedicated $850k for the purpose of integrating Hypha tooling in the support of the expanding ecosystem. Allocations made to Hypha are milestone-based that lend to coordinated development while insuring funds are well spent. For an in depth look into Hypha DAO and what it means for EOS, revisit last month’s ENF discussion: Going Deep with Hypha DAO—Exploring the Tools and Synergies of Hypha on EOS.

ENF Week’s Highlights

The ENF is always busy. B1 often sought to portray that image. In contrast, ENF efforts are carefully scheduled because its immediate concerns and visions exceed available time. That’s why last week’s Busan VC partnership was such a big deal. EOS and the Antelope ecosystems need to grow; and now is the time for bright eyed, inspired minds to join in the efforts. This week, the ENF spotlighted its Principal Engineer, Bucky Kittinger and Wandering Bort. Brandon Lovejoy interviewed Bucky over the Summer. He was part of the Architects of Consensus series. Bart Wyatt (Wander Bort) is the ENF’s new CTO. Bart commented on how:

“We made a layer one blockchain that is rock-solid, but we’ve yet to realize its true potential…”

ENF CEO, Yves La Rose, called Bart:

“… a unicorn – an incredibly gifted builder, architect, and visionary…”

The ENF also tweeted about its developer resources and official channels.

POP, Edenia, and Bytemaster7

The team behind Fractally (and EdenOS) remain together. Weekly meetings are ongoing, albeit under a transformation. So of course, Dan Larimer remains focused on helping bring about a better world through agile blockchain technology, revolutionary governance ideas, and the like. Dan was recently interviewed by Bywire. The first part of the interview was teased this week (video). POP tokens add a bit fun to community engagement. The ENF announced October results this week. Learn about POP tokens and how to earn them in How To Earn POP Tokens By Participating in EOS Community Events! Team Edenia is among the key developers that have responded to the emergence of Antelope. This week, Edenia announced the rebranding/refocus of EOSIO Dashboard to Antelope Tools. Web3 information will undoubtedly be more meaningful in general. Info tools should be trustworthy and save time. Team Edenia is on top of that for EOS and the greater ecosystem on Antelope.

EVMxIdeathon Final Judging Begins

While the community awaits November 14, the day Pomelo S4 grants are first accepted and the EVMxIdeathon closing ceremony, let’s take a look at the Project Gallery:

  • Antecard (spend anywhere, instantly)
  • Subdeeply (dsocial)
  • Social Media Platform (for Web3)
  • Weave Financial (auto/optimize)
  • Obelisk Game 
  • CryptoBlessing (NFTs)
  • Water Monitor
  • Zombie Smash
  • GameFi Marketing on Antelope
  • Engagement to Earn (NFTs)
  • Peer Pay
  • DAMS (movie studio)

The above project list is my own selection of project ideas that stood out during a flyby. It by no means has any impact on judging, level of contribution of any kind, nor is it a comprehensive analysis. I can say that, if the majority of projects demonstrate at least some functionality then, I’ve seen nothing as impressive around EOS, or crypto for that matter. EVMxIdeathon judging has begun. A total of 656 participants and 178 entries entered the hackathon/ideation. It was a tremendous effort by all involved including the sponsors, the combined team of Helios and the ENF.

Eden on EOS

Information from this week’s Eden on EOS meeting comes second hand since I missed Wednesday’s fractal gathering. Good thing we have the recaps channel. Worth noting were consensus discrepancies; something that in all my weeks of near-perfect attendance that I’ve never been a part of to the degree described by Dogman. Also, I’d like to thank EOS Vision (an EOS Support team member) for posting Eden on EOS meeting #4. If there’s something that Eden quarterly elections need is a better system for disseminating updates/highlights throughout the community. The situation has reached a critical point nearing the faultline associated with conventional web insiders. If nothing else, know that the destabilization of p2p (info) exchanges weakens the foundation of blockchain technologies; at that point, decentralized efforts essentially become irrelevant and conventional solutions a more logical pursuit. Read more about what’s going on around Eden on EOS and the mainnet community:











Briefings highlight recent news and key projects within the EOS ecosystem.

Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for expansive Web3 networks.


November 17 through December 11

EOS Support Bi-monthly: Binance USDT, Doc Overhaul, Vault Add, WG+, Pomelo, Reports

Binance Supports EOS/USDT

Did you know that EOS was once ranked among the top five blockchains (by market cap)? Binance’s recent support for EOS marks a turning point under the leadership of the EOS Network Foundation. Binance officially announced the completion of USDT integration on EOS on December 7. What has followed has been amazing, including EOS breaking into the top 40 coins (by market cap). The ENF touted the Binance news as a “big holder(s)” on-ramp and community workers off-ramp, something that EOS sorely needs. The foundation also called the Binance factor the “missing piece” and “a ton of new economic opportunity“. Read more about what the ENF had to say on its blog.

EOS Developer Document Overhaul

Making smart contracts easier to develop on EOS has been at the heart of the ENF’s efforts from the beginning. The challenging nature of the endeavor was identified as a key inhibitor of EOS adoption. Among the first deliverables to these ends was DUNE (for Antelope networks). EOS has the speed, flexibility, and security to lead blockchain innovation. The ENF highlighted key Web3 areas of interest as:

  • DeFi
  • NFTs
  • GameFi
  • SocialFi

Learn about core concepts, consult API references, and explore the glossary of the overhauled EOS Network’s developer docs. The production is a foundational element for growth.

Defibox’s Vault to Add New Pool

If you’ve read through the above sections then you can guess that Vault’s new pool must involve USDT. It went live on December 7. The Defibox team describes its Vault product in the following way:

“The Vault protocol is the first single-token lossless yield protocol launched by Defibox.”

Minimum staking is 1 USDT with accumulation occurring every 10 minutes. Read the post to find out about Vault’s revenue source, management fee, and the platform’s sUSDT. 

WG+: Antelope Coalition RFP, Yield+ Report, Scalability+ Feedback

Yield+, the ENF working group tasked with driving economic activity on the EOS Network, released its monthly report. Topics discussed include:

  • Total Value Locked (TVL)
  • Performance metrics and positive growth
  • Treasury 
  • Recommendations

One of the greatest challenges facing EOS (and the blockchain industry in general) is the ability to scale. Scalability+ is a core ENF working group concerned specifically with taking EOS to the masses. The group’s research has already determined action points for Antelope networks. The Antelope Coalition should be considered another important group leading to the wider adoption of the EOS Network. The ENF published an RFP on behalf of the coalition to research RAM limitations. Key dates are listed on the proposal’s schedule.

Community Highlights: , Greymass’ WARF, ENV, EOS Support Report

Greymass doesn’t make headlines often. However, its new product announcements, like WARF, are usually profound for the whole community. WARF is a web client SDK sponsored by the Antelope Coalition. Greymass recently announced the Wharfkit Twitter account. EOS Network Ventures manifested alongside one of the most exciting events in EOS’ history, a partnership with the city of Busan (South Korea). EOS Network Ventures continues to grab mainstream attention. EOS Support is one of the most active members of the community. The team continues to add new features, targeted support (i.e. affiliated projects that facilitate accountable funding), and monthly reports

Pomelo: Season 4 Closing and More Testimonials

Community (quadratic) crowdfunding during Pomelo season 4 found some stability. A few projects have matured to already greatly impact the EOS Network. Take Defibox’s Vault grant proposal. It ranks among the top projects this season. Besides DeFi, information technology, marketing, and privacy are all popular in the community. Check out some testimonials from the first year and explore how projects grow with the help of Pomelo.

ENF Updates: Health Report, Grants, and Yves on USDT

Buzz still surrounds the ENF’s new grants. The foundation’s monthly Program & Operations Health Report is ready. Yves raved about the advantages that USDT adds to the EOS ecosystem (1, 2, 3). In terms of moving USDT-related assets, Yves describes EOS as an all-in-one solution for the security and speed currently handled by the combination of Ethereum and Solana/Tron respectively. He went on about DeFi, TVL, and discussed the Canadian regulatory environment (1, 2). The ENF might be winding down its world tour, but there’s no sign of slowing down as evidenced by new hires, and of course consistent development.

ENF and Friends on Tour

The ENF has been on tour since September. Reports are still coming in from TOKEN2049. December has seen Zack Gall speak at DCENTRAL Miami (1, 2) and the Ziasan team at the Blockchain Expo in London. Also, note the Helios team (Eden’s Chris Barnes and CEO Brock Pierce) and Luke Stokes at Blockchain Week in Puerto Rico.

Eden’s Fund Grows by 500,000 EOS 

With the help of Helios, B1 sent 500,000 EOS to Eden on EOS. B1 let Helios do most of the talking. Funding for community governance has stagnated of late. Helios cited treasury limitations as the reason why Eden has been slow to develop. The tweet goes on to say that the half-million in EOS comes with “no-strings-attached”. 

EOS Network Community Updates

All things considered, one must conclude that the state of the EOS Network is indeed positive. There’s a lot to get excited about from the positive response to public outreach and rampant development to mainstream recognition. First, the city of Busan, South Korea, and now Binance, have shown interest in EOS. That’s before the EVM (Trust Network) goes live and the crypto market rebounds. Early December has also seen EOS move up several places in the market cap rankings to break into the top 40 altcoins. Here are more resources for exciting info from around the community:


Veteran News Sources




Other Articles, Opinions, and Announcements











A bi-monthly newsletter produced by w3briefs.com. Coverage spans from November 17 through December 11 highlighting recent events and key projects within the EOS ecosystem.

Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for expansive Web3 networks.

December 11 through December 30 

EOS Support Bi-monthly: Learning Portal, EOY, Boid 2.0, Defibox, TrustEVM R3, EOS Respect, and Eden Election

ENF Update

The ENF is hosting a holiday contest. EOS Learning Portal advances the ENF’s initiative to bring greater awareness and accuracy about EOS’ performance capabilities. The developer relations year in review and overhaul of documents does much of the same. The foundation is both broad and specific in its community awareness initiative. For example, WordProof was revisited and updates were provided for CDT (3.1) and the foundation’s multi-level grant framework. In case you were wondering about the ENF’s world tour, Yves La Rose was at SeoulWeb3 on December 19. Yves was also recently interviewed by Binance.

EOS Respect Election #5 and EOS Support Updates

EOS Respect joins the ENF, Pomelo, and Helios in their quest to responsibly fund the network. The organization held its 5th election on December 27. View the delegates helping bring accountability to EOS by tracking affiliated projects on Pomelo:

Updated statistics about EOS Respect can be found here. Also, note that the treasury recently received a generous donation. EOS Support had a profound role in founding EOS Respect. Other news from the network’s concierge service involved issuing a scam warning, discussing self-custody alongside Greymass, and working with Now Nodes for a community giveaway.  

Looking Back on EOS in 2022 and Other News

Every year the EOS community takes a look back on the previous year. EOS Support (by way of w3briefs.com) publishes a year-in-review as does EOS Nation’s Hot Sauce. DeCafe both looked back on 2022 and forward to what’s in store for 2023. EOS Go focused on events that closed out the year. In other news, Telos celebrated its 4th anniversary, Goodblock and Libre are holding a fair launch event that can be accessed via Anchor, and Bywire partnered with Edenia

B1 Returns to EOS?

Yes, the ENF is still suing Block.One. And yes, B1 still looks to the underlying open-source code of the EOS Network for its products. The Voice NFT platform upgraded to Leap 3.1 in November. A few weeks earlier, B1 sent 500,000 EOS to Eden on EOS. Helios’ Chris Barnes went on Crypto Dunker to discuss B1’s return to EOS.

Boid 2.0 for the New Year

Boid is one of the network’s oldest projects. It has brought together research, community voices, and NFTs. Now get ready for a new platform and rewards program. Also, look out for some dynamic NFT plans to complement the science-based blockchain application.

Defibox Holiday Mining Event

DeFi on EOS is often led by Defibox. There are certainly other options like the PIZZA Finance platform. Defibox’s recently released Vault product has $5M TVL in its sights. Defibox also announced details of its new data analysis page. In partnership with Pomelo, Defibox offers the community a special mining event this holiday season.

EVMxIdeathon Round 3

Trust Network hackathons have been quite successful over the first 2 rounds. Round 3 began on November 21 and will run through February 28. This time, $150,000 is up for grabs. Entry requirements, detailed scheduling, and more information can be found on the Trust EVM Medium post.

Pomelo Update

Collections were a new feature on Pomelo in season 4. The new set of NFTs continues to advance the story. Pomelo pitch sessions closed with an open mic forum. Grant owners were invited to another season-ending, fun poker tournament. Donations closed on December 14. Analyzing season 4 expects to continue through January with a new season projected to commence in February/March.

Mainstream Recognition

Rarely a week goes by that the EOS Network doesn’t grab at least a bit of mainstream attention. It’s a factor that was sorely lacking over the two years prior. In recognition of both EOS’ recent development and past success, Analytics Insight called EOS a “sleeping giant”. The ENF commented with the request that the community shares their favorite milestones.

EOS Network Community Update: Eden Election on January 7

Closing out the year sure was fun this year. Holiday crypto events on EOS are second to none. What about the potential return of B1 with its massive resources and its targeting of Eden? One can only imagine the kind of attention received if the ENF wins its court case. Dan Larimer also shared his thoughts on Eden’s progress. As for the meeting groups utilizing some form of EdenOS or fractally software… The weekly fractal dedicated time to a community-ready mission statement. Monthly meetings of EOS Respect were already mentioned. Quarterly meetings of Eden on EOS look forward to a January 7 election with a new website and some of the new B1 funding at stake. Note that Fireside Chats are paused for the next couple of weeks and in its place was held the first Eden community “fireside” chat. Here are more resources for exciting info from around the community:

  • EOS Node Operator Roundtable (Dec. 14)
  • Antelope Coalition meeting on (Dec. 15)
  • Fireside Chat (Dec. 14)
  • The Giveaway Show (Dec. 15, 22)
  • 4th Term Eden on EOS Chief Delegates shared three meetings since the last report 1, 2, 3
  • Daily news by EOS Vision, EOS Go, Bywire, dNews, and Helios 
  • EOS / Eden weekly recaps on telegram


Veteran News Sources




Other Articles, Opinions, and Announcements










A bi-monthly newsletter produced by w3briefs.com. Coverage spans from December 11 through December 30 highlighting recent events and key projects within the EOS ecosystem.

Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for expansive Web3 networks.