:: adapted from: [12:30-01.13] EOS Support Bi-monthly: IBC Executed, New CDs, Scorching Fireside Chat, ENF Marketing, HuFi ::

Looking Back on 2022

What a year! The establishment of a foundation began at the end of 2021. Independence as an unencumbered public blockchain was declared in September with the launch of AntelopeIO. A world tour introduced diverse minds to EOS and what’s possible with blockchain. The forming of a multi-blockchain coalition was the first step toward a highly performant IBC. Several key working groups continue with specific agendas that will make EOS the blockchain of choice for years to come. A lot of innovation took place on the EOS Network in 2022, maybe more than had occurred throughout its previous history. Read an exhaustive EOY review here.

IBC Executed

Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) has been among the primary concerns ever since the first iteration (Leap v3.1) of AntelopeIO went live back in September. On January 12, Yves announced the execution of the MSIG that created the needed accounts. This action means Antelope IBC is just around the corner. The community awaits the UX Network’s configuration of contract settings. More than $10M was invested into a Coalition to help bridge ideas across chains that plan to use AntelopeIO software. Return on that investment begins now- and likely in a big way. Check out a recent discussion to get a better understanding of how blockchains can talk to each other. Next on the agenda is the Trust Network, an EOS EVM.

Maybe the Hottest Fireside Chat Ever 

January 11, 2023, may have been the hottest Fireside chat ever; well, at least for a week where there was no hard fork. It was a week introduced by updates like plugin features that expect to make for a more active ecosystem. There were a few words from each newly elected Eden on EOS delegate. However, what made this Fireside chat stand out was the host’s reading of details of potential threats to the EOS Network. Accusations were made based on interpreted events prior to the election. A notable response was the chance for all sides to prepare arguments. As was how the situation already had changed. Still, the host felt the need to share an illustration of potential immediate and future threats.

ENF Updates

The ENF wished the community a Happy New Year. Commenting on the new year, CEO Yves La Rose said:

“2022 was the year the #EOS community seized the power back. 2023 will be the year of the EOS Comeback!”

ENF’s holiday giveaway continued with a January survey (1, 2) and more opportunities to earn POP Tokens. The foundation released its Program & Operations Health Report (1, 2) for December. Also on topic for mid-January was funding mechanisms and, with the help of Hypha tools, making EOS “the home of DAOs”. Vlad Tereshkov is the latest spotlight on the Architects of Consensus. Don’t forget to check out the new informative series DeCafe for Building a Development Community and How to Get a Job in Web3.

Eden on EOS Election #5

The excitement leading up to the election certainly didn’t disappoint. Eden on EOS successfully held its 5th election, albeit with some rooms (including a run for a Chief Delegate) not reaching consensus. The missing 5th CD was acknowledged by the community, but other issues attracted more attention. There’s the inconsistency in the bylaws and the desire to publish them on-chain. Eden has always been concerned with attacks. In this election, the proposed Smart Proxy was at the center of suspected foreign interest. Below you’ll find the new CDs:

  • Joseph (Head Chief)
  • Joshua Seymour
  • Patrick Bernard Schmid | NovaCrypto
  • Nathan James 

Watch the recording of the main room here. Visit EdenElections to find out more and/or join. 4th-term CDs successfully handed off the keys to the new CDs. The ceremony is also a chance for past and present CDs to discuss the most crucial matters expected to survive the transition. 

Eden on EOS Delegates Coordinate Efforts

This section covers some of the early conversations ongoing in the Telegram channels. For the first time, Level-1 Eden delegates are (substantially) coordinating their efforts. Current topics gaining momentum are a clearly defined Eden purpose (and broader strategy), bylaws, and regular meetings. If you’re an Eden member, you may wish to inquire with your associated L1 delegate or join the Eden Community Telegram channel to stay informed. More people are getting involved this term than ever before. If you’re not a part of Eden on EOS, feel free to inquire at EdenElections.com.

ENF Marketing Team Gearing Up 

An ENF marketing initiative took the world by storm with a ‘boots on the ground’ world tour that extended through the end of 2022. So, sit back and reap the rewards like the previous administration, right? Not on your life. Nine faces put their reps on the line in a commanding presence with the reassurance that in 2023 EOS will show the whole world what it can do. Post-it notes w/blockchain- still feels like ‘boots on the ground’. EOS, as a community, is more personable than other blockchains. P2P exchanges and all kinds of smart contract applications occur fastest on the EOS Network. Performance appears to be a core mandate of the EMT (ENF Marketing Team) working with a resuscitated and high-spirited new EOS running AntelopeIO.

HuFi Movement Takes Off in 2023?

Is HuFi just another word for DeFi or P2P? Does an email carry the same weight as a live chat with a long-time friend? EOS PGL.MLT BP tweeted (about HuFi):

“The blockchain acts as a bank, the code as the accounting services.”

A bright new year, IBC execution, rampant innovation (on EOS), and another tweet by EOS PGL.MLT BP inspired this section:

“The #HuFi Movement has started ’23 with a 💥. The summit is individuals taking control over credit creation…”

HuFi satisfies needs on a human level. Would a trip to store_A be more worthwhile than a trip to store_B? Messages secured through blockchain can help add value to such decisions. Like, what if a comment displaying a storefront were secured by Twitter’s blockchain experiment (see SiliconANGLE). Another on topic comment involved:

 “creating liquidity through HU-FI tools…”. 

Maybe the best comment capturing how the HuFi movement will impact society:

“Hufi came like a dream and became a reality 💯 up up Hufi”

And for good measure, here’s a comment displaying “we accept EOS”.

EOS TVL Surpasses Bitcoin

Ethereum’s total value locked (TVL) outpaces all other chains. Bitcoin still holds a dominant lead in market cap. EOS was once part of the discussion of top 5 chains. On January 10th, it sort of was again as it surpassed Bitcoin in TVL. At the time of this writing, BTC and EOS TVL rankings have been see-sawing. With everything that DeFibox is doing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see EOS soon on the heels of Ethereum, BSC, and Tron.

EOS Network Community Update: Happy New Year

The holiday break seemed short this year. That’s what happens when excitement and innovation overtake a community. Add to that a lively election the first week in January and 2023 already feels like someone threw gasoline on the fire. Leave it to the ENF to find some jet fuel by announcing the execution of IBC accounts and advancing marketing efforts. Eden delegates didn’t seem to need motivation- it’s their time to get more involved. And how about HuFi getting some real momentum? 👇 more resources for exciting news from around the community:

:: adapted from [01.14-01.28] EOS Support Bi-monthly: 1st IBC Transfer, EVM Runs on EOS, Pomelo Analysis, Learn&Earn, Yield+ Report ::

ENF Updates

The big stories for the second half of January are the first IBC transfer and a native EOS token on EVM (see the following sections). Several other projects are ready to break out as well. Consider how GameFi will benefit from DAGGs, Wordproof is helping create the trusted web, and the blockchain solutions discussed on DeCafe. Increased economic activity and TVL are examined in the December 2022 Yield+ report (01, 02). When ENF CEO Yves La Rose returned from Asia, he had important findings to share with the community. Watch as he discusses how to:

“…bridge the communication gap between different timezones through the EOS ecosystem.”

Yves was also recently interviewed on the TheBit podcast. Millions of dollars of funding are available through PomeloGrants, ENF Direct Grants, and (soon) EOS Network Ventures. Yves highlighted three projects funded through ENF Direct Grants:

  • Research for Building Rust Antelope CDT
  • The Smart Contract Developer’s Handbook
  • NFT Collection Manager 

Independent projects certainly can make a difference in EOS. Also, note the Lunar New Year Giveaway continues. 

First AntelopeIO IBC Token Transfer (… also, IF News)

Inter-blockchain communication became official with the wrapped token transfer between EOS and the UXNetwork (01, 02, 03, 04). A fully decentralized protocol should be released soon. IBC on EOS is the combined effort of builders across the AntelopeIO ecosystem. Visit the ENF’s blog to dig deep into IBC and seamless horizontal scaling. GenerEOS and Genki also provided reviews. Reports and status updates from around the ecosystem will become more important now that IBC is here. For example, there’s the recent Telos Annual Report and WAX (01, 02) updates. What good is an interconnected ecosystem without improved efficiency? Learn how IBC and IF (instant finality) work together directly from the developers.

EOS EVM Breaks Records Clocking In at 800+ tps

There’s bound to be lots of discussion leading up to the official release of EOS EVM. The community just learned how much speed EOS brings to Ethereum. At 800+ transactions per second, EOS EVM runs more than thrice as fast as the current leader. EOS EVM comes with Silkworm-backed infrastructure and pre-compiled support. However, the biggest news was that EOS will be the native utility token! The ENF pointed out that EOS EVM is designed to “enable” Ethereum. Get insight from both ENF founders in the #EOS EVM Update video.

Greymass Report, Dune v1.1, and EOS Quest Updates

Greymass’ January 2023 progress report comes with several updates and many features on the horizon. Using Anchor in multiple languages will soon be a reality on both Android and iOS. Other features users can expect are improved security, upkeep, and quality of life improvements. Integrating the Wharf Session Kit may prove the most brilliant feature Greymass adds this year as it enables web2-type functionality on web3. The ENF’s release of Dune v1.1 employs several features that aid node management, testing, and aspects of smart contract development on Leap. A new update to EOS Quest (01, 02) includes a free powerup feature, information, and UI improvements.

Class on How to Get Community Funds

As Pomelo’s 4th season closes, a new course is available for the community. Hosted by the EOS Network Foundation, the course “Pomelo: Get community funding” outlines how to leverage quadratic funding. EOS Nation is the course instructor. Other funding is available on EOS, like ENF grants. However, Pomelo is often the best place to launch new projects. Also, included in EOS Network’s Learn and Earn courses are:

  • Getting started with EOS
  • Smart Contract Development with Programming Stack
  • Getting Started with EOS DApp Development

The ENF wishes to help community members change their lives by not only learning new web3 skills but also:

“…make it easy… [and] utilize your new skills to earn money.”

Pomelo Season 4 Analysis 

Each season Pomelo analyzes donations and checks for fair play. Season 4’s analysis was released with improved statistics. Not surprising since the Pomelo team methodically refines its process. For season 4, nearly $100K was reallocated from 14 projects that were either disqualified or had their matching funds reduced. Projects that played fair can look forward to increased donations (see the Public Summary) following the appeal week. Also, note that there will be a new rule change regarding self-donation (see proposed rules section). And for NFT lovers, Pomelo Astronauts

“…built their moon bases and started exploring the surface. Today they’ve received a mysterious video transmission. 😱”

EOS Listed Among Top On-chain Governance

Justin Bons is the founder of Cyber Capital, Europe’s oldest crypto fund. He identified EOS among blockchains that have:

“successfully implemented on-chain governance”

EOS stood out among nine of the top 50 cryptocurrencies (by market cap). Yves La Rose added that the ENF:

“…will soon be releasing its industry-leading EVM.”

Yves also pointed out how a $100M+ ecosystem fund and IBC will help EOS reach its full potential and ultimately revolutionize the entire space.

EOS Community Updates: Working Together

For the first time, delegates from both level 1 and level 2 (CDs) coordinated their efforts. Visit the telegram group to find out the latest information from bylaws and strategies to suggesting topics or just joining the conversation. Factor in the now-live IBC and an EOS EVM due to be released in a month, and EOS may quickly become the blockchain of choice. Oh yeah, and check out an EOS Nation tweet about National Hot Sauce Day?! 👇 more resources for exciting news from around the community:


::  adapted from: [01.29-02.13] EOS Support Bi-monthly: ENF Quarterly, GameFi, IBC, Pomelo Claims Open, Reports  ::

ENF Updates: Quarterly and Yield+ Reports, Yves on The Bit, and Scheduled Binance AMA

It’s time again for the ENF Quarterly Report. Check out the new milestones reached and EOY initiatives like:

  • Introducing Monthly Operation & Health Reports
  • A new marketing team
  • Key hirings
  • Statistics and more

The Yield+ working group also provided its monthly report for January. The group’s success can be seen in an increase in network TVL (total value locked). In recognition, the ENF extended the program to a tune of 300K EOS. Other ENF updates center around marketing. CMO Patty Fisher joined a recent Fireside Chat. Yves was interviewed on The Bit (01, 02) and is scheduled for an AMA on Binance Earn (Feb. 17). Also, note that the Lunar New Year Giveaway has come to a close.

GameFi Unlimited Scalability on EOS

Gamers probably care more about multi-chain assets than the average crypto user. Creativity, competition, and excitement drive gamers to be explorative by nature. Introducing NFTs that exist on more than one chain opens up Web3 beyond even the vast ecosystem of the current web. Upland and Atomic Hub lead the way in demonstrating Web3’s potential. Yves La Rose also mentioned Upland alongside Hypha in their impact on the gaming economy. Is it any wonder why the ENF recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance? A lot of innovations are interrelated. Check out Zack Gall’s list of “Why #EOS?” Likewise, the success and growth of DeFi combined with cross-chain NFT assets offer symbiotic benefits.

More about IBC

IBC remains the hottest topic lingering around EOS chats. Maybe it’s the involvement of a growing multi-chain community or the inclusion of new chains like WAX. NFTs on WAX are second to none. So the potential for profound social impact is great. IBC at its core provides a way for near-limitless scaling for AntelopIO-powered chains. TLOS and UTX demonstrate IBC potential by already using EOS as a liquidity hub for their trading pair. The power of IBC combined with instant finality was discussed by Brandon Lovejoy and others. The EOS ecosystem has become a blockchain developer’s dream environment. Cryptowisser recognized EOS’ hard work and recent growth. For more information, check out last month’s deep dive into Antelope IBC.

Everything EOS (new) Monthly Report

Everything EOS was crucial to both the early growth of the network and its transition to independence. That’s why it’s a pleasure witnessing its continued operation alongside the ENF. From weekly podcasts and festive events to becoming an integral member of the foundation, Everything EOS provides a certain reassurance through reliable information. Now, as a monthly report, Everything EOS joins the ENF in its mission to provide the community with a bird’s-eye-view of events. Read the first edition of Everything EOS’ monthly report for January 2023. A podcast version is available on all major platforms.

EOS Respect Election and EOS Support Monthly Report

EOS Support has provided for its accountability since its first day of operation. Read the January report to examine stats like:

  • Number of tickets EOS Support agents responded to
  • How it help the community
  • Content dissemination
  • Impact through millions of social engagements

Independent, yet closely associated with EOS Support, is EOS Respect. The community just held its 6th election. 5 delegates were elected. More stats can be viewed in a statistical report. For those wishing to join an election or submit a project for affiliation, visit the EOS Respect website and/or contact an EOS Support Live agent.

Pomelo Fund Claims Open

The appeal period is over. Bad actors have been corralled. Fair players can now claim matching pool funds. If you participated in season 4, you’re encouraged to share your experiences. For those wishing to learn more about Pomelo and what qualifies as a public good, the team provides a wealth of helpful information and support. Read What’s a Public Good? and join the Telegram channel to get up to speed. Team Pomelo recognizes the benefits of a fun-loving environment. NFTs help in this regard (see S4 Grant Collectibles). For more analysis of season 4 and expectations for season 5, view Hot Sauce 186

Standout Community Project News

With all the development by the ENF and funding/networking facilitated by Pomelo, one should expect more news than can reasonably be presented within a single newsletter. Below you’ll find a few bullets of projects that have recently stood out. I believe listing team Greymass as a bullet (rather than a dedicated section) illustrates just how far EOS has come.

  • EOS Asia proposed an MSIG allowing for direct, ongoing funding from the eosio.savings account
  • Greymass dedicated a new post on key security
  • Word proof recorded a new podcast discussing trust solutions through mathematics 
  • Explore how EOS DAO tooling (e.g. Hypha) can level the playing field for GameFi (01, 02)

EOS Community Updates: Keeping Promises

Chief Delegates, Level-1 delegates, and other members of Eden continue to coordinate their efforts. One project worth extra attention is #Recaps Eden_Delegate_Commitments which lists each new delegate’s promise. The telegram group is the brainchild (election promise) of Lennie Niit. Further evidence of a community working together was seen on a recent BP call. Delegates of all levels still meet for what was once solely held for CDs. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:

::  adapted from: [02.14-02.26] EOS Support Bi-monthly: EVM CBC, Yves on Binance, Facings, EVMNS, Pomelo S5  ::

EOS Update: Canada Blockchain Consortium

When the EOS Network Foundation joined the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, it opened up the network to broader gaming opportunities. More recently, the ENF joined the Canada Blockchain Consortium (CBC). The CBC seeks to unite diverse blockchain interests. EOS brings more functionality to the effort. As EVM sets to go live, IBC and IF remain hot topics. The ENF also just released its January Program & Operations Health Report. Want to know how an obscure group lifted the New EOS out of turmoil? How about gaining insight into where the EOS Network is heading? Read Towards A More Robust and Autonomous EOS Ecosystem to learn about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

EOS EVM Launch Date Announcement Coming

Just a quick update. Expect an announcement this Tuesday out of the ENF for the date when EOS EVM will go live on the mainnet.

Yves Ranks #46, Binance AMA, and L&E Partnership

Yves La Rose has done a lot to improve the image of the EOS Network. In addition to ranking #46 on Cointelegraph’s Top 100 Influencers in Crypto and Blockchain, Yves joined Binance for an AMA. Larry of Binance Earn joined Yves during the live stream. Check out this clip. The community got some news and 5,000 EOS in participation rewards. The timing is ideal as Binance renews interest in its Learn & Earn program. EOS rewards are available from Feb 16 through March 2. It’s only the beginning of EOS’ expansion. EOS EVM will launch with a live IBC. Imagine EOS on the lips of a community that brings together Ethereum, BSN, and Antelope-based chains.

Facings, EVMNS, and RFP Award

EOS preparation for mass adoption is ahead of the curve. In this section are select projects adding value to key elements of the New EOS.

Facings new tools will unlock NFT technology. EOS, with the help of Facings, positions itself to lead nextgen gaming. Learn more about EVMNS and Fudan’s RFP award on the ENF’s GitHub. 

Monthly BP Meetings

One of the ENF’s most profound accomplishments was enticing block producers (BPs) to get more involved in mainnet development. Unfulfilled promises of the previous lead developer did more than dishearten the community. Developers were among the hardest hit given the minuscule funds made available. Top BPs still earned, but the EOS Network of a couple of years ago was not what most signed up for. Enter the ENF. Among the most recent efforts is to improve communication between the foundation and the top 30 BPs. Read about the EOS Top 30 Block Producer Monthly Call Recap. It was the first meeting of its kind and should fit in nicely with the weekly Node Operator Roundtable and regular Antelope Coalition meetings.

The DAO of DAOs: Bywire DAO, DAO Universe, and Hypha

Was it Dan Larimer who first called EOS “the DAO of DAOs”? A few DAO projects are worth mentioning this week. Bywire DAO is an in-development empowerment mechanism for news providers and their readers. Bywire just minted NFTs for the Jeff vs The Metaverse series. The series is an animated satire about the future of the blockchain industry. DAO Universe brings together non-profit organizations that value Mother Earth and societal welfare. Club DAO will gather together in Bali for a month between March 30 and April 30 to kick off the incubation of heart-based projects with global impact. View the brochure for more information. When it comes to DAO tooling, Hypha DAO is leading the way for distributed human organizations (DHO) in the information age. Hypha is making a strong impact on EOS. EOS Respect (monthly elections), EOS Audit (accounting), and EOS Synergy (live updates) are rapidly developing.

More About IBC

As previously mentioned, inter-blockchain communication remains a hot topic. Assets running on multiple chains are the future. IBC is live on EOS and other Antelope-based chains. The bridge can be easily accessed via the Alcor Exchange. Defibox recently held an AMA about IBC and everything Telos. Vault (on Defibox) offers several benefits for EOS users including exchanging sEOS and USN. Combined with instant finality (IF), IBC is key to EOS’ leadership role in bringing crypto to the masses. Learn more by watching last month’s Let’s Talk Instant Finality & Inter-Blockchain Communication!

Pomelo Season 5 Grant Applications Open

Season 5 applications opened on February 22. Donations begin on March 1. The ENF kicked off the matching pool with $150,000. The Pomelo team recommended learning more about quadratic funding from the NEWFORUM webcast. Telegram users will be glad to see a new sticker pack. Chapter 5 of The Chronicles of Pomelo was recently added. Learn about recent updates and claiming Pomelo astronauts. The team proposed an astronaut airdrop strategy for NFT lovers. Remember, proceeds from NFTs go to the matching pool.

EOS Community Updates

A 100 EOS reward pool was distributed at EOS Nigeria Community week. H3rnan interviews Charles Bishop on Web3 Creators Podcast about EOS Support. Boid is back. Enter the new frontier. A member of the community known to all- Lovejoy’s Valentine NFT airdrop. Chief delegates and L1 delegates continue to coordinate their efforts. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:


::  adapted from: [02.27-03.15] Newsletter EOS Support Bi-monthly: Conference Schedule, IWD, EVM, BBS, Greymass, Scam Warning  ::

ENF Updates: EVM Roadmap, Yields, and BBS

DeFi yields remain among the EOS Network Foundation’s top priorities as highlighted by the February 2023 Yield+ Report. EOS EVM’s last major update occurred on January 20. The community also learned that EOS would be the native utility token. EVM status remains:

  • Final Testnet (March 27) and Mainnet Beta (April 14) 

According to the road map, expect a security audit between March 27 and the launch of the mainnet beta on April 14. Get up to speed with EOS EVM by watching a recent Everything EOS podcast. Other ENF blog posts this period include:

Note that BBS (which utilizes EOS) resurrected bulletin board services on a decentralized network.

ENF in the Media and Conference Schedule

EOS Community can expect increased mainstream attention (01, 02, 03) as the EVM launch approaches and the ENF continues to meet with the public face-to-face. Yves La Rose’s Binance AMA highlights (01, 02, 03) still actively resonate with the community. The ENF departs ETH Denver on a ‘mountain high’ note following discussions about:

The much-hyped Blockchain Summit in DC expects to deliver even more excitement. Visit the March Conference Schedule for more information. Also, check out the Gaming Developers Conference and IWD 2023 (also in DC) mentioned below.

Greymass Update

Greymass described its in-development Wharf Session Kit in the following way:

“Integrating Antelope web apps with Wharf will help bring a better end user experience while also easing the burden on developers.”

New advancements include:

  • graphical user interface capable of managing a session alongside a customizable prompt system for plugins
  • functionality for session management helpers like login and restore logic
  • localization engine that supports multiple languages, API changes, and plugin logic
  • Several new plugins that aid app development

Visit Greymass’ follow-up technical preview, An early look integrating the Session Kit with a web app, to learn more.

Gaming on EOS, Everywhere

The ENF revisited an Everything EOS podcast with Facings when stressing the important role that gaming will play in bringing web3 to the masses. On that note, the ENF took part in a Blockchain Gaming Alliance’s New Members Presentation represented by Chief Communications Officer, Zack Gall. The BGA’s goal to “spread awareness” is just what the EOS Network needs. Of course, there’s a lot more involved with BGA membership. More recognition will follow as the ENF continues reaching out to the whole blockchain community. This March the foundation will attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Upland, on EOS, is a top metaverse game with 20,000 daily active addresses (and growing), according to a recent Messari Report.

International Women’s Day and NFTs

Visit the ENF’s blog to read Empowering Women in Web3: Celebrating International Women’s Day. Valerie Sindal is the ENF’s Digital Marketing Director. She describes the importance of Women’s History Day as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate:

“…the significant impact we have made in various fields, such as science, tech, art, sports, and many others, despite facing numerous challenges and barriers.”

ENF CMO Patty Fisher is the woman behind the Wonder Patty NFT Air Drop. 100 special edition NFTs were dropped randomly to holders of the EOS Community Collection to commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD). Highlights of an on-topic March 8 Fireside Chat are recorded on the ENF’s YT. The ENF will attend the DC IWD event where the blockchain community can meet with EOS representatives like Valerie and the ENF’s Manager of Technical Writing, Virginia Glass, to discuss The New EOS. Other impact players on the ENF’s roster include:

  • Sapana Shah, VP of Product Marketing
  • Stacye Broce, VP of Human Resources
  • Alysha Mims, Senior Business Process Analyst

Pomelo Update: Grant Applications Closing

Pomelo grant applications closed on March 15. Donations will remain open for another week (until March 23). Pomelo Grant Collections serve as a way for the community to aid in curation. Pomelo NFTs have been to the Moon. Now you can launch your astronaut off to the first blockchain joining in the wave of Bitcoin Ordinals. Grant owners should also be aware that pitch session applications will close soon. If you miss your chance to register for Pitch Sessions (classic), then look out for another surprise Pitch Sessions Speed Dating. ENF CEO Yves La Rose supports the community in a variety of ways, including a surprise visit to Fireside Chat with rewards for Speed Dating presenters. Yves and Pomelo have their eyes on community producers. Also, there’s mention of starship crafting, but Team Pomelo may have unintentionally leaked that, so shh…

EOS Support Scam Warning and EOS Respect #7, EOS Audit, Learn&Earn

EOS Support does a lot for the community including issuing scam warnings:

  • a scam website and Telegram group using the fake “@EOSnFoundation” tag
  • “Do not click or engage with content from👇🐍www.eos-glxz.[com] or 🐍[Telegram] Eosglxzgroup”

Find out more about the most recent EOS Network scam by reading New Scam: Fake Investment Group Pretending to be Related to EOS Network Foundation. Also, visit EOS Support for news, events (like The Giveaway Show), and to read its monthly report. Closely related but operating as an independent entity is EOS Respect. The growing community recently held its 7th (monthly) election. Check out the updated election statistics. Get to know the new Learn&Earn initiative by listening to EOS Nigeria on Twitter spaces and donating to the grant on Pomelo. Another rising endeavor is EOS Synergy. Synergy focuses on video content covering the most pertinent topics of the day, like green blockchain initiatives, P2E gaming, and transforming global business for developing nations. Check out the Synergy Pomelo grant, and the EOS Audit grant, to discover what else is on the horizon.

EOS Community Updates

A mature EOS community is taking the imminent EVM launch in stride. Work continues around Leap 4.0.0 with an RC coming soon. Look out for a Trust Swap airdrop and learn about the “fastest DEX platform” in the ecosystem. Bees now have mini swarms. Extra hot Pomelo pitch speed sessions were a lot of fun. Chief Delegates again invited L1 delegates and the community to listen in on the weekly discussion. Doesn’t look like the proposed new set of bylaws will pass. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:

::  adapted from: [03.16-03.29] Newsletter: $20M for GameFi Development, EVM Live on Testnet, Leap 4.0.0rc2, Multichain, WAX Hardfork  ::

ENF Updates: Leap 4.0.0 RC-2 

It’s amazing how fast development happens on EOS. The EOS Network Foundation announced Leap 4.0.0 release candidate version 2 on March 23. Features listed were:

  • Increased Performance w/Multi-Threading
  • Reduced Latency & Faster Block Propagation
  • More control & Visibility Around State & History Data

Technical details are available on GitHub. The most recent ENF Monthly Program & Operations Health Report became available on March 16. Read about new initiatives, milestones, status updates, and much more. The ENF reminded the community that:

“Starting April 15th the Yield+ program will require that participating protocols receive an audit from a reputable firm”

ENF CEO, Yves La Rose, commented on the failure of reserve banking and how EOS EVM will set a new standard. EVM news is up next.

EVM Completed, Testnet Live, Multichain Partnership, and WAX Hardfork

EOS EVM will likely be live before publishing the next newsletter. Much will happen by then. Already many events and new projects coincide with the beta going live on April 14. Below is a quick list of what took place during the second half of March:

EOS EVM sets to complete a security audit before going live on the mainnet. Join the ENF telegram channel to see for yourself all the activity and excitement happening on the EOS Network.

Conference Updates

ENF CEO Yves La Rose joined a panel discussing the future of web3, gaming, and the metaverse at Paris Blockchain Week. ENF representatives connected with industry professionals and innovative thinkers in DC at the International Woman of Blockchain celebration. Representatives also joined a blockchain summit hosted by the Chamber of Digital Commerce. GameFi is a central focus of the EOS EVM launch. San Francisco Game Developers Conference offered abundant opportunities to connect with like minds. March 24 marks the final ENF conference attendance until EVM launches on April 14. That’s not stopping the community from preparing for Consensus 2023 in Texas on April 26. Sponsored by Coindex, the event is touted as the biggest in Web3. News about EOS EVM is getting around.

ENV Commits $20M to GameFi

On March 19, Yves La Rose announced that EOS Network Ventures would make a:

“…formal commitment to invest $20M directly into $EOS EVM and GameFi projects!”

He went on to describe the unparalleled potential to impact the future of crypto:

“In addition to being BY FAR the fastest EVM, EOS EVM will also have the most funding available for builders.”

That statement says it all. However, for those looking to gauge popular opinion, breaking news articles include those by CoinDesk, CryptoSavingExpert, and Coinbold. The ENF has yet to release details about its plan to coordinate with ENV beyond responding to early feedback. Note that $100M was the initial funding target.

Bountyblok’s New Features for Bitcoin Ordinals

Bountyblok exists to advance web3 as a marketing engagement tool. It’s a free-to-use, easy deployment tool for NFT drops and management. It was integrated as an EOS distribution tool in 2021. Stephane Bisson of EOS Nation outlined some of bountyblok’s new features for inscribing Bitcoin Ordinals. The video is a short clip from a recent Fireside chat where Stephane outlines new social tasks and rewards for holding Bitcoin Ordinals. While there were no new EOS-specific features, Stephane did hint at potential bonus tasks for holding Pomelo Bitcoin Ordinals. He concluded by saying “there’s just more options now” in describing how bountyblok’s new features elevate the space as a whole. For example, the new features coincide with NFTs for billboards in the promotion of Earth Day. Stephane also mentioned that (EOS) projects wishing to get on the bountyblok whitelist could reach out to him.

Pomelo: S5 Closes, Poker, and More

Bitcoin Ordinals were a bit of a surprise for the crypto space. Their meteoric rise makes them the ideal destination for Pomelo Astronauts. Pomelo’s fifth season has concluded. The next step is a comprehensive analysis before distributing the matching fund pool. An unexpected announcement was Pomelo possibly accepting other tokens besides EOS. It’s a consideration in light of successful inter-blockchain communication (IBC). The end-of-season Pomelo Poker tournament went on as scheduled. The event proves to be a fun way for grant owners to interact and win rewards.

Upland Hackathon

With the rise of GameFi and EOS EVM coming soon, Upland is making a push to take gaming to the next level. Upland Hackathon 2023 is an opportunity for “…developers, blockchain enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who loves stacks of cash and the jingle of UPX coins…” to earn “serious prizes and opportunities to bring unique experiences into Upland.” Participants can choose from three tracks:

  • FIFA World CupTM Track
  • Innovation Track
  • Design Track

Ideas may be submitted without any coding or blockchain knowledge. Participants get the chance to collaborate with the Upland team, the ENF, and meet developers during an “Upland Tools 101” session. Registration ends on May 12 with submission closing on May 26. Find out more on the Upland blog.

EOS Community Updates

With the community focused on the EVM launch, new partnerships, GameFi funding, and glimpsing Leap 4.0, it’s easy to overlook more isolated projects. Noteworthy, albeit no mention of AntelopeIO or Leap, was Sentinel.io announcing:

“…self-hosted GitHub Action that automatically evaluates EOSIO smart contracts for potential vulnerabilities with every push request.”

Note that the March 22 Node Operator Roundtable was canceled. Eden on EOS continues to discuss issues across delegation levels (on telegram) in advance of the next election scheduled for April 8. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:



::  adapted from: [03.30-04.13] Newsletter: EOS EVM Live, Leap 3.2.3, DWF Labs and HK Investments  ::

EVM Successfully Launched on April 13

EOS EVM Mainnet Is Live! Among the last actions before completing the launch was a security audit. The ENF strategically finalized partnerships around the launch of EOS EVM including:

EOS EVM acts as a layer 1 option to seamlessly handle CEX bridges. It employs a 100% burn mechanism from the RPC node profits. The ENF commented on the advantages of Ethereum infrastructure:

“$EOS EVM allows Solidity developers to take advantage of the high performance of EOS 💪🏻 This opens the ecosystem up to the vast libraries and SDKs available in the Ethereum community 🥳”

ENF CEO Yves La Rose said:

“Our goal is to create an interoperable future where the gaps between blockchains, developers and end users are bridged. #EOS EVM does just that”

Find out more as Zack Gall and Nathan James talk about EOS EVM. Dig deeper by reading EOS EVM Tokenomics Deep Dive and EOS EVM Architecture Deep Dive.

ENF Update: DWF Labs and InvestHK and More

DWF Labs announced a $60M+ strategic partnership. $45M will go to purchasing EOS tokens and $15M will be invested into EOS projects. It’s both the largest investment DWF has ever made and the most external capital ever committed to EOS. Other ENF press releases include the monthly Yield+ report and event highlights for March. Before 2022, the ENF secured a partnership with the city of Busan. Then, Multichain and ENV would make commitments as the community awaited EOS EVM. The DWF Labs deal coincided with the release of EOS EVM, a product of 6 months of negotiation. Most recently, Yves La Rose informed the community about the positive negotiations with the Hong Kong government to create synergy between the ENF and ENV. The EOS Network should expect to benefit from:

“Millions of dollars in investments, support, and subsidies available for developers in Web3 in HK.”

Also, note the potential for EOS to leverage a suite of services provided by New World Development. Services already mentioned include green storefronts and HK Dollars

Consensus 2023 and Events Update

This section looks a bit deeper at the aforementioned March events highlights as the crypto industry gets ready for Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas on April 26. The ENF has already scheduled a kickoff party for the New EOS and EOS EVM at Consensus’23. Joining the ENF will be representatives from Upland, the Blockchain Game Alliance, and Hello Telos. Specific event recaps are available for ETHDenver and the Paris Blockchain Week summit.

EOS in News

EOS made it onto Altcoin Daily as “The Biggest Comeback Story of 2023”. Both EVM and the new investments were captured by the mainstream media. The Block and many others praised the commitment of EOS developers with the addition of Ethereum interoperability through an innovative EVM. The DWF Labs partnership was covered by Cointelegraph and other popular news outlets as well. Yves La Rose again made his presence felt following an already impactful March:

Leap 3.2.3

The EOS community has held to its commitment that it would pursue rampant development once Block.one was out of the picture. After EOS EVM, developer talks center around Leap 4.0.0. The fourth version of the EOS mainnet doesn’t expect to require a consensus upgrade. That’s probably because version 5.0 is scheduled for sometime in the early Autumn. Still, that didn’t stop the Antelope team from releasing a third iteration of Leap 3.2. Leap 3.2.3 is a patch that fixes SHiP (state_history_plugin) forking. 

New Eden on EOS CDs and Another EOS Respect Election

Quietly flying under the radar are advancements to upvote models initially developed by Dan Larimer’s Clarion team. From the quarterly elections of Eden on EOS to the weekly games of Eden.fractal, upvote consensus on EOS continues to advance upon the ideas contained within More Equal Animals. Several other iterations remain active. Eden on EOS elected two new Chief Delegates. They were kind enough to meet with previous and existing delegates. However, the community must wait until next week for their first official meeting. EOS Respect recently held its 8th election. EOS Respect has brought attention to accountable funding on EOS as well as assisted and supported the launching of other communities. Five new Chief Delegates were elected for EOS Respect. Explore details of how EOS Respect is making a difference in EOS Respect monthly updated numbers and statistics

Pomelo Bounties, Defibox, and Upland

Each season the Pomelo team seems to add a new feature or functionality to its platform. Collections were among the most recent. Next season expect to see bounties. As the community awaits the next analysis and distribution of the matching pool, check out Pomelo NFTs, view the interview on bounties, and catch up on new rules that went into effect this past season. Defibox leads innovation in financial products on EOS, the most performant blockchain to date. The ENF recently published an article praising Defibox: How Defibox Enables Scalable & Secure DeFi – #PoweredByEOS. Upland is the most visible game on EOS. Together with the ENF and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Upland is sponsoring a multi-month hackathon. Registration ends on May 12 with the final presentation taking place on June 9. 

EOS Community Updates

Hard to imagine reporting on anything as exciting as EOS EVM going live this week. Then the ENF goes and surprises us with a record-breaking investment via DWF Labs. The foundation also has us looking forward to an investment opportunity with the Hong Kong government just as it hosts a kickoff party at Consensus 2023. New Eden on EOS CDs will have their hands full with a growing and evolving community. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:

::  adapted from: [04.14-04.28] Newsletter: Leap 4.0.0, Consensus 2023, EOS EVM Update, Chintai, Pomelo  ::

Leap v4.0.0 Released

The EOS Network Foundation announced the release of Antelope Leap v4.0.0 in its blog post entitled Antelope Leap v4.0.0 Released: Delivering Speed, Scalability, and Reliability. Version v.3.1 was released last December alongside the declaration of EOS’ independence. Now, version 4.0.0 touts:

  • higher performance w/multi-threading
  • reduced latency and faster block propagation
  • more control and visibility for state and history data

ENF CEO, Yves La Rose, laid out the vision moving forward:

“We are continuously improving the @AntelopeIO codebase that powers #EOS with one goal in mind being the optimal infrastructure to power mass adoption.”

A combination of positive media presence (e.g. Consensus 2023), expanded networking (EVM and IBC), and ongoing development (e.g. instant finality) support the growth of the EOS Network alongside v.4.0.0. 

Consensus 2023 Report

The ENF continues to present new AntelopeIO-based technology at global events. Every new regional event seems to coincide with a major upgrade or investment. This time Consensus 2023 and version 4.0.0 made news at the same time. Below is a list of Twitter tags (01, 02, 03, 04) that joined the ENF at Consensus 2023:

  • @HelloTelos
  • @HelikaAnalytics
  • @AlienWorlds
  • @UplandMe
  • @BGameAlliance 
  • Individuals:  @BlockchainZack, @brandonlovejoy, @Dannyhbrown, @The_JUDii, Patty Fisher, Saro McKenna, Anton Umnov

Visit the ENF blog for a few words about a kick-off meeting and event details. As mentioned by the foundation, Consensus 2023 is a grand place to network and share insights. The ENF also shared team photos (01, 02). Can’t wait for the full report and more event photos.

ENF Updates

Consensus 2023 is as big a crypto event as there is in America. While the ENF focuses its attention via boots on the ground, here are a few ongoing discussion topics:

The ENF continues to uphold accountability with its regular reports. Block producer recaps facilitate communication and smooth operations. Check out the latest BP meeting recap for information about the future of Leap v4.0, IBC, HK update, and more. With inter-blockchain communication (IBC) becoming more important, so will the work being done by the Antelope Coalition. ENF grants (e.g. Alphaday) support an expanding EOS Network. Look back on event highlights to see how far the network has come. Yves La Rose drew specific attention to swaps as a tps metric and in-game microtransactions for penny assets.

EOS EVM Updates

EOS EVM went live on April 13. It was open-sourced just 14 days later. A mind map of EOS EVM is available by Hokentech on Gitmind. Given the technological capacity, an open-source EVM sets the stage for DEXes that run like CEXes. It makes it easier for developers to run RPC nodes. AntelopeIO chains participating in IBC will find it easier to launch their own EVM. EOS EVM also liberates Solidity developers from performance limitations. Current assets operating on EOS EVM include “BNB, DAI, USDC, USDT, WBTC, WETH”, and more coming soon. Developers are encouraged to report any bugs they may find and make recommendations. EOS EVM was a spectacular achievement in many ways. Watch a clip of a recent Fireside Chat detailing the significance of first-time, no bugs found during auditing.

Chintai #PoweredByEOS

The latest PowerByEOS explores advancements made by Chintai and future potential. In the article How Chintai Utilizes EOS to Revolutionize Digital Assets! – #PoweredByEOS readers will find information about:

  • solving regulatory challenges
  • how to transition traditional assets  
  • unique advantages of the AntelopeIO ecosystem

Chintai enables the tokenization of real-world assets on a regulated platform. Among the advantages are secondary markets alongside automated compliance. The team adapted AntelopeIO’s “highly configurable account permission structures” to solve “complexities required by regulatory compliance”. Chintai holds two financial licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. For those unfamiliar with Chintai, or just want a historical refresher, watch The Evolution of Chintai: From EOS Leasing Exchange to DeFi Pioneer!

Pomelo Analysis

The Pomelo Season 5 Analysis Report has been released. Results show substantially fewer bad actors. Only three grants were penalized with just one receiving a maximum (or near max) penalty. Adjustments to the funding distribution have been made. Now the grant owners await the appeal period before claiming their funds. Brandon Lovejoy and Daniel Keyes talked about Pomelo after 5 seasons. Topics discussed include:

  • building trust and reputations
  • the value of open-source tools
  • new rules and features
  • rewarding good behavior
  • bounties, adding new currencies, and incentivizing multichain funding (IBC)
  • Pomelo NFTs and gamification
  • EOS Detective and PINAX 

The Pomelo Bitcoin Ordinal portal closed on April 20. Few know what’s in store for our Astronauts. Check out Chapter Six of The Chronicles of Pomelo: A New Dawn. Starship crafting entered the final stage. Don’t forget about the Cryo Sleep Chamber. 

Hypha DAO, Upland, and EOS Audit Report

The Hypha team announced the launch of a beta program waitlist in Hypha DAO: Empowering Web3 Innovators on EOS. Registration is open for both those interested in the beta and remains open for the hackathon. Hypha provides “organizations-in-a-box” to aid aspects like scaling a team. The Upland team was among those joining the ENF at Consensus 2023. Upland’s Idan Zuckerman and the ENF’s Zack Gall and Brandon Lovejoy discussed Upland’s partnerships (e.g. FIFA, NFLPA, UNICEF), the game’s developer platform, chat integration, and vision for the future. Watch the YT video, Exploring Upland: The Real-World Metaverse on EOS. The Audit Report Q1/Q2 2023 – Pomelo Season 5 is now available through EOS Support. Learn about EOS Audit Quarterly Reports and how the EOS Audit team “provides a comprehensive review and analysis of Pomelo and affiliated EOS Support projects.”

EOS Community Updates

Community spirits are up even if EOS prices remain sluggish. In addition to the assets listed above, several other tokens are held by hundreds of wallets. See the EOS EVM block explorer for more information. Also, note the growing TVL via DefiLlama. Check out some live moments from Consensus 2023 thanks to Hot Sauce by EOS Nation. Around the 10-minute mark, the Pinax team mentioned a contest and having a ball at Consensus 2023 (see Twitter photos). 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:

[04.29-05.14] Newsletter: Q1 Report, Consensus 2023, EOS EVM, Ziasan Webinar, WombatX


ENF Updates

The ENF Q1 2023 Quarterly Report details the year’s progress including:


  • Q1 Overview and message from the CEO
  • EOS EVM launch
  • partnerships (Messari, Binance, and other highlights)
  • development (Leap 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, and DUNE)
  • global event presence and growing media influence 
  • financials and road map for Q2 and Q3


One cannot help but be impressed by the networking and impact the ENF has made just this year. Recent notable efforts include coordinating with Yield+, Ziasan, and Hong Kong. Yield+ released its monthly report. Ziasan is hosting an impact webinar to discuss EOS EVM (more info below). Hong Kong expects to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of web3. The April Everything EOS Monthly Report is out.

Consensus 2023

ENF CEO Yves La Rose gave insight into his travels in the quarterly report:


“As I travel to events around the world, the message is clear, the momentum is building, 

the mood is changing.” p.3 


Read more about strategic efforts to raise awareness (p12) and growth strategies of the Antelope brand (p.21) in the report. Consensus 2023 made several inroads including:



Part 2 of “Inside Web 3 Gaming” is scheduled for June. Dive deeper into Consensus 2023 by reading EOS Represents At Consensus 2023.

EOS EVM Updates

Innovating how dapps are built and the services offered is where EOS EVM will shine. The ENF tabs EOS EVM ‘the Ethereum enabler’. This means that Solidity (Ethereum) developers and other EVM networks gain access to “unmatched performance and scalability”. In terms of dapps in the news, Owlando and Neutroswap highlight GameFi and DeFi respectively. Owlando is both a UGC (user-generated content) game supported by the whole chain and a metaverse working with the Map Protocol for cross-chain applications. Neutroswap took second place on May 3 for weekly TVL increase. Learn about what open-sourcing the EOS EVM code means for web3 in a recent Fireside Chat clip with Yves. The foundation’s CEO takes a firm stance on open-sourcing web3. Also, the ENF announced a May 8 EVM Hotfix (01, 02). 

Ziasan Webinar to Discuss EOS EVM 

It’s clear that the New EOS wants to show the world what it can do. From the recent quarterly report and Consensus 2023 to live chats, EOS EVM’s performance begs to be unleashed. Enter Ziasan and a refreshing webinar focused on leveraging innovation. The ENF’s Director of Development, Nathan James, will join team Ziasan and Matias Romeo to discuss:


  • real-world use cases
  • performance comparisons and unique features
  • how to start building


The May 18 webinar is entitled How to Supercharge Your Ethereum Dapps. EOS EVM is a breath of fresh air in a world overwhelmed by a stagnating Web2 and crypto networks that timidly test web3 waters.

IBC, BBS, Multichain, Hypha, Pomelo

BBS Network’s web3 social solution is gaining momentum. Like EOS, development appears rampant. Eyal Hertzog is the founder and CEO of BBS (and co-founder of Bancor). He talked about the BBS “operator model” and EOS that deliver users greater control over their data. Also, note a series of scheduled global debates. UX Network was among the first to implement IBC to connect to EOS. OCI has been a key partner (see 01, 02) in aiding the ENF’s redevelopment of the New EOS. OCI’s Phillip Mesnier dug into AntelopeIO’s IBC:


“…the nature of IBC, that it is mainly concerned with sharing blockchain consensus between paired chains by way of the bridge objects”


Multichain will launch a $100M ecosystem fund. What does that mean for EOS? The goal is to empower developers to build dapps that run seamlessly across multiple blockchains. EOS EVM is here and ready to lead seamless development. Hypha DAO hosts a Twitter Spaces event entitled The Rise of DAOs on EOS. Several project leaders including those from the ENF and dotGems expect to attend. Pomelo added multiple matching pools following a successful Telos community vote.


Web3 gets another boost from Wombat working with the ENF. The Wombat X Accelerator Program aims to:


  • empower web3 gaming mentorship
  • rapid user acquisition
  • infrastructure support 


Other partners include Cronos, Avicenna, Lifty, Beamable, and Newcoin. Game studios and accelerator programs are invited to check out the WombatX app. Requirements, information about the founding partners, socials, and general questions, as well as preferred tokens, are listed on the app website. Visit the blog for details about what’s going on in Wombat in general.

Upland Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for the Upland Hackathon is about to close (on May 26). 2 million UPX and $10,000 USD are at stake. View a recent video where the ENF explores Upland’s vision. Past partnerships include:


  • NFL Players Association
  • FIFA


Those are big names, and there are many more. Imagine what’s to come out of a new wave of innovation and insight from the latest gathering of minds in the Upland Hackathon 2023. Also, note that Upland Developer Tools will be used, like:


  • user mapping
  • escrow service 
  • read-only APIs


Presentations to finalists happen at the Sahara Casino and Resort, Las Vegas on June 9. That means even more attention for Upland (and EOS)!

Community Update

As EOS EVM ingrains itself into the community, discussions take flight about a more open, profound, and growing ecosystem. Media attention like Myra Wang representing ENF China on Binance Live and others mentioned above are now commonplace. Growth means EOS needs more leaders to distinguish themselves whether through EOS Respect, GenesisEden, and the Eden fractals or others like Fractal de la Lengua Hispana. GenesisEden calls all Level-1 Delegates and members to participate in restructuring. Daily calls and information via chat are as alive as ever. Both fractals maintain weekly meetings. EOS Respect’s new website will be available soon to offer members unique opportunities. Remember, avoid scams by turning to the EOS Support team. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:




[05.15-5.28] Newsletter: CEO Letter, EVM v0.4.2, Hypha, WordProof+Shopify, Respect #9

ENF Updates: Letter from the CEO

EOS Network Foundation CEO, Yves La Rose, sent an open letter to the community to hold B1 to its $1B promise. The two options presented:


  • legal (including a class action)
  • a hard fork to exclude B1 tokens 


Yves encourages anyone who bought tokens before September 21 to email legal@eosnetwork.com. At the end of June (20-30), Yves is scheduled to speak at IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto, Japan. The event is dubbed the largest crypto conference in Japan. Yves will also take part in a Binance AMA on May 31. Other ENF updates include:


EOS EVM Update: v0.4.2

Version 0.4.2 of EOS EVM was released on May 15. It fixes a critical security vulnerability. Prior to the public release, mainnet contract components, nodes, and RPCs had already been patched. Visit the ENF GitHub for details. EVM Name Service has been around for a few months. The ENF reminds the community that EVMNS is a tool that offers seamless connectivity, information, dapps, and more. Also, note that Mesonfi, Coinhub, and FoxWallet recently joined the EOS EVM ecosystem. They bring more options for cross-chain networking via EOS EVM.

EOS to Celebrates 5th Anniversary with 21 EOS Moments NFTs

The EOS Network turns five on June 8. The network runs uninterrupted through 1800+ consecutive days. In honor of the anniversary, the ENF is minting 21 EOS Moments NFTs. Participate in a Bounty Block contest between March 26 to June 2 to earn boxes. Glimpse the first ten moments via tweets:



Collect them all. Feedback from the community is encouraged. Join the Fireside Chat unboxing party to reveal your NFTs and earn more rewards. Everyone may join the special Fireside Chat on June 7.

Hypha, The Rise of DAOs, and Free EOS Account 

Hypha DAO continues to gain recognition from the ENF. This time the spotlight (PowereByEOS article) is on Hypha’s 10 new features for its beta program. The list includes innovations in speed, management, consensus, engagement, and discovering opportunities. Watch clips of a recent Twitter Space [01, 02] for more. Watch the full episode, The Rise of DAOs on EOS, for all the details. Hypha’s OTC DAOs offer unique opportunities for ecosystem growth. A service from EOS Quest should ease onboarding for new users. The service incorporates Google login to create free accounts.

DeFi and Gamefi Updates

DeFi was the first project type out of the gate once EOS EVM went live. Noah held a first-round airdrop. Neutroswap went live with its vault. Defibox, while not on EVM just yet (beyond an RPC node), continues to grow [01, 02]. The ENF pointed out the advantages offered by Yield+ and how it helps DeFi’s growth. As far GameFi, Yves La Rose said:


“There are less than 10 million people who use crypto regularly. But there are more than 1 billion people who game, and most of them can be on-boarded into crypto…”


Telos is playing a crucial role in Antelope IBC, and with its Hypermove partnership, the future of GameFi. Then there’s Upland, the GameFi innovation leader on EOS. The ENF wrote an article entitled How Upland Utilizes EOS to Revolutionize Virtual Real Estate! – #PoweredByEOS.

In the Media: WordProof Connects with Shopify 4.3 Million and More

The most profound advancement for the crypto space is for independent users to realize the power of P2P networking. Enter WordProof and Shopify’s 4.3 million users. The ENF’s Yves La Rose said:


“WordProof Timestamp is a model example of the power of #EOS being felt, but not seen. Shopify store owners can effortlessly timestamp their content, enhancing trust and security. The best part? You don’t need to be a blockchain expert to use it. That’s how we get mass adoption!”


Crypto retail rewards seem like an obvious step forward. Thanks to Binance, rewards are available for taking an EOS quiz. In other news, the EOS Mexico team attended CriptoMexico (May 24-27). The team helped onboard by discussing the New EOS and the network’s history. While the Chinese government prepares for web3 (via white paper), Myra Wang represented the ENF on Coindesk as the media outlet initiated support for the Chinese-speaking community.

Pomelo Season 6

Community funding expects to become a pillar of web3. While the ENF provides substantial funding in its own right, it’s impossible for the foundation to analyze all EOS projects in need of funding. That’s why the foundation again contributed to Pomelo to the tune of $158,000 for public goods development. Pomelo Season 6 is the first time that funding opportunities extend beyond EOS (i.e. 140,000 TLOS and matching pools). It’s the beginning of diversified web3 innovation and it starts at the heart of the EOS community. If you’re new to Pomelo or just wish to refine your season 6 grant, try:



Successful grants may wish to join the Pomelo team’s new TicTock account.

EOS Respect Election #9

Launched by EOS Support several months ago, EOS Respect successfully held its ninth straight monthly election. Six new delegates were elected. Each delegate received a portion of the growing EOS Respect treasury. EOS Respect complements Pomelo by providing accountability and additional funding opportunities. Members have a new website to look forward to. The greater EOS Network benefits from the work being done by EOS Respect and its extended community. Check out monthly updated numbers and how the team works to provide accountability for its members and affiliated projects.

Around the EOS Network Community

The network gets busier with each passing week. Applications become more diverse as development comes from a variety of venues. Beyond EOS EVM DeFi and the wallets mentioned above, Antelope IBC inspires the likes of scaling WAX. The ENF’s Nathan James discussed new opportunities (especially for developers). As mentioned earlier, EOS Quest offers a free account service. Alcor exchange is covering transaction costs. EOS Bees and NovaCrypto work together to bring the community EOSDEN. Monitor network metrics via Messari. The Pomelo team reminded the community about the annual Crypto Pizza Day. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community: