January 2023

:: adapted from: [12:30-01.13] EOS Support Bi-monthly: IBC Executed, New CDs, Scorching Fireside Chat, ENF Marketing, HuFi ::

Looking Back on 2022

What a year! The establishment of a foundation began at the end of 2021. Independence as an unencumbered public blockchain was declared in September with the launch of AntelopeIO. A world tour introduced diverse minds to EOS and what’s possible with blockchain. The forming of a multi-blockchain coalition was the first step toward a highly performant IBC. Several key working groups continue with specific agendas that will make EOS the blockchain of choice for years to come. A lot of innovation took place on the EOS Network in 2022, maybe more than had occurred throughout its previous history. Read an exhaustive EOY review here.

IBC Executed

Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) has been among the primary concerns ever since the first iteration (Leap v3.1) of AntelopeIO went live back in September. On January 12, Yves announced the execution of the MSIG that created the needed accounts. This action means Antelope IBC is just around the corner. The community awaits the UX Network’s configuration of contract settings. More than $10M was invested into a Coalition to help bridge ideas across chains that plan to use AntelopeIO software. Return on that investment begins now- and likely in a big way. Check out a recent discussion to get a better understanding of how blockchains can talk to each other. Next on the agenda is the Trust Network, an EOS EVM.

Maybe the Hottest Fireside Chat Ever 

January 11, 2023, may have been the hottest Fireside chat ever; well, at least for a week where there was no hard fork. It was a week introduced by updates like plugin features that expect to make for a more active ecosystem. There were a few words from each newly elected Eden on EOS delegate. However, what made this Fireside chat stand out was the host’s reading of details of potential threats to the EOS Network. Accusations were made based on interpreted events prior to the election. A notable response was the chance for all sides to prepare arguments. As was how the situation already had changed. Still, the host felt the need to share an illustration of potential immediate and future threats.

ENF Updates

The ENF wished the community a Happy New Year. Commenting on the new year, CEO Yves La Rose said:

“2022 was the year the #EOS community seized the power back. 2023 will be the year of the EOS Comeback!”

ENF’s holiday giveaway continued with a January survey (1, 2) and more opportunities to earn POP Tokens. The foundation released its Program & Operations Health Report (1, 2) for December. Also on topic for mid-January was funding mechanisms and, with the help of Hypha tools, making EOS “the home of DAOs”. Vlad Tereshkov is the latest spotlight on the Architects of Consensus. Don’t forget to check out the new informative series DeCafe for Building a Development Community and How to Get a Job in Web3.

Eden on EOS Election #5

The excitement leading up to the election certainly didn’t disappoint. Eden on EOS successfully held its 5th election, albeit with some rooms (including a run for a Chief Delegate) not reaching consensus. The missing 5th CD was acknowledged by the community, but other issues attracted more attention. There’s the inconsistency in the bylaws and the desire to publish them on-chain. Eden has always been concerned with attacks. In this election, the proposed Smart Proxy was at the center of suspected foreign interest. Below you’ll find the new CDs:

  • Joseph (Head Chief)
  • Joshua Seymour
  • Patrick Bernard Schmid | NovaCrypto
  • Nathan James 

Watch the recording of the main room here. Visit EdenElections to find out more and/or join. 4th-term CDs successfully handed off the keys to the new CDs. The ceremony is also a chance for past and present CDs to discuss the most crucial matters expected to survive the transition. 

Eden on EOS Delegates Coordinate Efforts

This section covers some of the early conversations ongoing in the Telegram channels. For the first time, Level-1 Eden delegates are (substantially) coordinating their efforts. Current topics gaining momentum are a clearly defined Eden purpose (and broader strategy), bylaws, and regular meetings. If you’re an Eden member, you may wish to inquire with your associated L1 delegate or join the Eden Community Telegram channel to stay informed. More people are getting involved this term than ever before. If you’re not a part of Eden on EOS, feel free to inquire at EdenElections.com.

ENF Marketing Team Gearing Up 

An ENF marketing initiative took the world by storm with a ‘boots on the ground’ world tour that extended through the end of 2022. So, sit back and reap the rewards like the previous administration, right? Not on your life. Nine faces put their reps on the line in a commanding presence with the reassurance that in 2023 EOS will show the whole world what it can do. Post-it notes w/blockchain- still feels like ‘boots on the ground’. EOS, as a community, is more personable than other blockchains. P2P exchanges and all kinds of smart contract applications occur fastest on the EOS Network. Performance appears to be a core mandate of the EMT (ENF Marketing Team) working with a resuscitated and high-spirited new EOS running AntelopeIO.

HuFi Movement Takes Off in 2023?

Is HuFi just another word for DeFi or P2P? Does an email carry the same weight as a live chat with a long-time friend? EOS PGL.MLT BP tweeted (about HuFi):

“The blockchain acts as a bank, the code as the accounting services.”

A bright new year, IBC execution, rampant innovation (on EOS), and another tweet by EOS PGL.MLT BP inspired this section:

“The #HuFi Movement has started ’23 with a 💥. The summit is individuals taking control over credit creation…”

HuFi satisfies needs on a human level. Would a trip to store_A be more worthwhile than a trip to store_B? Messages secured through blockchain can help add value to such decisions. Like, what if a comment displaying a storefront were secured by Twitter’s blockchain experiment (see SiliconANGLE). Another on topic comment involved:

 “creating liquidity through HU-FI tools…”. 

Maybe the best comment capturing how the HuFi movement will impact society:

“Hufi came like a dream and became a reality 💯 up up Hufi”

And for good measure, here’s a comment displaying “we accept EOS”.

EOS TVL Surpasses Bitcoin

Ethereum’s total value locked (TVL) outpaces all other chains. Bitcoin still holds a dominant lead in market cap. EOS was once part of the discussion of top 5 chains. On January 10th, it sort of was again as it surpassed Bitcoin in TVL. At the time of this writing, BTC and EOS TVL rankings have been see-sawing. With everything that DeFibox is doing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see EOS soon on the heels of Ethereum, BSC, and Tron.

EOS Network Community Update: Happy New Year

The holiday break seemed short this year. That’s what happens when excitement and innovation overtake a community. Add to that a lively election the first week in January and 2023 already feels like someone threw gasoline on the fire. Leave it to the ENF to find some jet fuel by announcing the execution of IBC accounts and advancing marketing efforts. Eden delegates didn’t seem to need motivation- it’s their time to get more involved. And how about HuFi getting some real momentum? 👇 more resources for exciting news from around the community:


:: adapted from [01.14-01.28] EOS Support Bi-monthly: 1st IBC Transfer, EVM Runs on EOS, Pomelo Analysis, Learn&Earn, Yield+ Report ::

ENF Updates

The big stories for the second half of January are the first IBC transfer and a native EOS token on EVM (see the following sections). Several other projects are ready to break out as well. Consider how GameFi will benefit from DAGGs, Wordproof is helping create the trusted web, and the blockchain solutions discussed on DeCafe. Increased economic activity and TVL are examined in the December 2022 Yield+ report (01, 02). When ENF CEO Yves La Rose returned from Asia, he had important findings to share with the community. Watch as he discusses how to:

“…bridge the communication gap between different timezones through the EOS ecosystem.”

Yves was also recently interviewed on the TheBit podcast. Millions of dollars of funding are available through PomeloGrants, ENF Direct Grants, and (soon) EOS Network Ventures. Yves highlighted three projects funded through ENF Direct Grants:

  • Research for Building Rust Antelope CDT
  • The Smart Contract Developer’s Handbook
  • NFT Collection Manager 

Independent projects certainly can make a difference in EOS. Also, note the Lunar New Year Giveaway continues. 

First AntelopeIO IBC Token Transfer (… also, IF News)

Inter-blockchain communication became official with the wrapped token transfer between EOS and the UXNetwork (01, 02, 03, 04). A fully decentralized protocol should be released soon. IBC on EOS is the combined effort of builders across the AntelopeIO ecosystem. Visit the ENF’s blog to dig deep into IBC and seamless horizontal scaling. GenerEOS and Genki also provided reviews. Reports and status updates from around the ecosystem will become more important now that IBC is here. For example, there’s the recent Telos Annual Report and WAX (01, 02) updates. What good is an interconnected ecosystem without improved efficiency? Learn how IBC and IF (instant finality) work together directly from the developers.

EOS EVM Breaks Records Clocking In at 800+ tps

There’s bound to be lots of discussion leading up to the official release of EOS EVM. The community just learned how much speed EOS brings to Ethereum. At 800+ transactions per second, EOS EVM runs more than thrice as fast as the current leader. EOS EVM comes with Silkworm-backed infrastructure and pre-compiled support. However, the biggest news was that EOS will be the native utility token! The ENF pointed out that EOS EVM is designed to “enable” Ethereum. Get insight from both ENF founders in the #EOS EVM Update video.

Greymass Report, Dune v1.1, and EOS Quest Updates

Greymass’ January 2023 progress report comes with several updates and many features on the horizon. Using Anchor in multiple languages will soon be a reality on both Android and iOS. Other features users can expect are improved security, upkeep, and quality of life improvements. Integrating the Wharf Session Kit may prove the most brilliant feature Greymass adds this year as it enables web2-type functionality on web3. The ENF’s release of Dune v1.1 employs several features that aid node management, testing, and aspects of smart contract development on Leap. A new update to EOS Quest (01, 02) includes a free powerup feature, information, and UI improvements.

Class on How to Get Community Funds

As Pomelo’s 4th season closes, a new course is available for the community. Hosted by the EOS Network Foundation, the course “Pomelo: Get community funding” outlines how to leverage quadratic funding. EOS Nation is the course instructor. Other funding is available on EOS, like ENF grants. However, Pomelo is often the best place to launch new projects. Also, included in EOS Network’s Learn and Earn courses are:

  • Getting started with EOS
  • Smart Contract Development with Programming Stack
  • Getting Started with EOS DApp Development

The ENF wishes to help community members change their lives by not only learning new web3 skills but also:

“…make it easy… [and] utilize your new skills to earn money.”

Pomelo Season 4 Analysis 

Each season Pomelo analyzes donations and checks for fair play. Season 4’s analysis was released with improved statistics. Not surprising since the Pomelo team methodically refines its process. For season 4, nearly $100K was reallocated from 14 projects that were either disqualified or had their matching funds reduced. Projects that played fair can look forward to increased donations (see the Public Summary) following the appeal week. Also, note that there will be a new rule change regarding self-donation (see proposed rules section). And for NFT lovers, Pomelo Astronauts

“…built their moon bases and started exploring the surface. Today they’ve received a mysterious video transmission. 😱”

EOS Listed Among Top On-chain Governance

Justin Bons is the founder of Cyber Capital, Europe’s oldest crypto fund. He identified EOS among blockchains that have:

“successfully implemented on-chain governance”

EOS stood out among nine of the top 50 cryptocurrencies (by market cap). Yves La Rose added that the ENF:

“…will soon be releasing its industry-leading EVM.”

Yves also pointed out how a $100M+ ecosystem fund and IBC will help EOS reach its full potential and ultimately revolutionize the entire space.

EOS Community Updates: Working Together

For the first time, delegates from both level 1 and level 2 (CDs) coordinated their efforts. Visit the telegram group to find out the latest information from bylaws and strategies to suggesting topics or just joining the conversation. Factor in the now-live IBC and an EOS EVM due to be released in a month, and EOS may quickly become the blockchain of choice. Oh yeah, and check out an EOS Nation tweet about National Hot Sauce Day?! 👇 more resources for exciting news from around the community:


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