Overview of the EOS Network

Founding of the EOS Network

Inspiration, motivation, and vision (01, 02, 03, 04, 05), the founding of EOS purposely moves forward with careful consideration, battle-tested developers, and spirited investors.

Proof of Concept

The year EOS invited the world to take a $4 billion look at blockchain- as an innovative, functional, P2P networking solution.

Growing Pains

Hope persists amidst the network's diminishing reputation. SEC orders are but the tip of the iceberg.

Unfulfilled Promises

Lead developer Block.one goes on with business as usual lagging new development. Underneath the surface, community dissent grows. (01, 02)

Renewed Hope

Turmoil gives rise to the first foundation on EOS. Introducing the EOS Network Foundation.


Relentless innovation consistently shuttles out of the ENF and independent community members. Network independence declared with Antelope Leap 3.1.

The Arrival

Even early in the year, EOS begins to demonstrate unparalleled functionality suitable for nextgen web3. Check out EOS EVM: The First 30 Days.